North Carolina Book Awards

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Altres noms: AAUW Award (Anglès), AAUW NC Young People's Literature Award (Anglès), Mayflower Cup (Anglès), Patterson Cup (Anglès), Ragan Old North State Award for Nonfiction (Anglès), Roanoke-Chowan Award for Poetry (Anglès), Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction (Anglès)
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The North Carolina Book Awards are a collective name for several awards celebrating literary works by or about the people of North Carolina. They include:

  • Nonfiction: the Ragan Old North State
mostra'n més Award for Nonfiction (since 2003)
  • Youth Literature: AAUW NC Young People's Literature Award (since 1953)
  • Poetry: Roanoke-Chowan Award for Poetry (since 1953)
  • Fiction: the Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction (since 1952)
  • Mayflower Cup: Active 1931-2002, this award primarily was granted to nonfiction titles, but began as a multidisciplinary award. Because of this, it's left as its own category.
  • Patterson Cup: This award was active 1902-1922.
  • See other descriptions on this award page for more details about each award, and links to further reading.
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    Indigo Field de Marjorie HudsonFiction2023
    A Consequential Life: David Lowry Swain, Nineteenth-Century North Carolina, and Their University (Coates University Leadership Series) de Willis P. WhichardNonfiction2023
    A Long Time to Be Gone (Carnegie Mellon University Press Poetry Series) de Michael McFeePoetry2023
    Blind Fairy: Zahra of the Uwharries de Micki BareYouth Literature2023
    In the Lonely Backwater de Valerie NiemanFiction2022
    Beyond Slavery's Shadow: Free People of Color in the South de Warren Eugene MilteerNonfiction2022
    Light at the Seam: Poems de Joseph BathantiPoetry2022
    Society of the Sentinelia: Zahra of the Uwharries de Micki BareYouth Literature2022
    Hell of a Book de Jason MottFiction2021
    Central Prison: A History of North Carolina’s State Penitentiary de Gregory S. TaylorNonfiction2021
    Dark Side of North de Anthony S. AbbottPoetry2021
    List of Ten de Halli GomezYouth Literature2021
    Still Come Home de Katey SchultzFiction2020
    From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century de William A. DarityNonfiction2020
    In the Sunroom with Raymond Carver de Dannye Romine PowellPoetry2020
    The Trouble with Shooting Stars de Meg CannistraYouth Literature2020
    Across the Great Lake de Lee ZachariasFiction2019
    The Rise and Fall of the Branchhead Boys: North Carolina's Scott Family and the Era of Progressive Politics de Rob ChristensenNonfiction2019
    The Fisher Queen: New & Selected Poems de Kathryn KirkpatrickPoetry2019
    Going Down Home with Daddy de Kelly Starling LyonsYouth Literature2019
    The Last Ballad de Wiley CashFiction2018
    Louis Austin and the Carolina Times: A Life in the Long Black Freedom Struggle de Jerry GershenhornNonfiction2018
    Women Disturbing the PeacePoetry2018
    Schomburg: The Man Who Built a Library de Carole Boston WeatherfordYouth Literature2018
    The Last Road Home de Danny JohnsonFiction2017
    Gertrude Weil : jewish progressive in the New South de Leonard RogoffNonfiction2017
    Separate Flights de Patricia HooperPoetry2017
    The Ethan I Was Before de Ali StandishYouth Literature2017
    That Bright Land de Terry RobertsFiction2016
    Bad Girls at Samarcand: Sexuality and Sterilization in a Southern Juvenile Reformatory de Karin Lorene ZipfNonfiction2016
    Elegies for Small Game de Shelby StephensonPoetry2016
    The Odds of Getting Even de Sheila TurnageYouth Literature2016
    Soon de Pam DurbanFiction2015
    The Political Career of W. Kerr Scott: The Squire from Haw River (New Directions In Southern History) de Julian M. PleasantsNonfiction2015
    This Miraculous Turning de Joseph MillsPoetry2015
    Anybody Shining de Frances O'Roark DowellYouth Literature2015
    Guests on Earth de Lee SmithFiction2014
    Greater than Equal: African American Struggles for Schools and Citizenship in North Carolina, 1919-1965 de Sarah Caroline ThuesenNonfiction2014
    Concertina : Poems de Joseph BathantiPoetry2014
    Little Red Writing de Joan HolubYouth Literature2014
    A Short Time to Stay Here de Terry RobertsFiction2013
    The Fire of Freedom: Abraham Galloway and the Slaves' Civil War de David S. CecelskiNonfiction2013
    Descent : poems de Kathryn Stripling ByerPoetry2013
    Tea Cakes for Tosh de Kelly Starling LyonsYouth Literature2013
    Nightwoods de Charles FrazierFiction2012
    James Madison: A Son of Virginia and a Founder of the Nation de Jeff BroadwaterNonfiction2012
    Long Division (Tupelo Masters) de Alan ParkerPoetry2012
    The White City de John Claude BemisYouth Literature2012
    The Dry Grass of August de Anna Jean MayhewFiction2011
    It Happened On the Way to War: A Marine's Path to Peace de Rye BarcottNonfiction2011
    The Book of Men: Poems de Dorianne LauxPoetry2011
    Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile de Gloria HoustonYouth Literature2011
    By Accident de Susan KellyFiction2010
    Thomas Day: Master Craftsman and Free Man of Color de Patricia Phillips MarshallNonfiction2010
    Restoring Sacred Art de Joseph BathantiPoetry2010
    The Nine Pound Hammer de John Claude BemisYouth Literature2010
    Serena de Ron RashFiction2009
    Without Precedent: The Life of Susie Marshall Sharp de Anna R. HayesNonfiction2009
    The Serial Killer's Daughter de Pat Rimiere-seelPoetry2009
    Wild Things de Clay CarmichaelYouth Literature2009
    Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician de Daniel WallaceFiction2008
    The Paradox of Tar Heel Politics: The Personalities, Elections, and Events That Shaped Modern North Carolina de Rob ChristensenNonfiction2008
    Spill de Michael ChitwoodPoetry2008
    About Habitats: Wetlands de Cathryn SillYouth Literature2008
    Magic Time: A Novel de Doug MarletteFiction2007
    Encyclopedia of North Carolina de William S. PowellNonfiction2007
    The Memory of Gills de Catherine CarterPoetry2007
    Celeste's Harlem Renaissance de Eleanora E. TateYouth Literature2007
    The World Made Straight de Ron RashFiction2006
    Solo: My Adventures in the Air de Clyde EdgertonNonfiction2006
    Selected Poems de James ApplewhitePoetry2006
    Blue de Joyce Moyer HostetterYouth Literature2006
    A Southern Tragedy, In Crimson And Yellow de Lawrence NaumoffFiction2005
    Zoro's Field: My Life in the Appalachian Woods de Thomas Rain CroweNonfiction2005
    Tantalus in Love: Poems de Alan ShapiroPoetry2005
    Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-Ins de Carole Boston WeatherfordYouth Literature2005
    Last Lessons of Summer de Margaret MaronFiction2004
    Favored by Fortune: George W. Watts and the Hills of Durham de Howard E. CovingtonNonfiction2004
    Beyond Reason de Kathryn KirkpatrickPoetry2004
    The Anchor: P. Moore Proprietor de Blonnie Bunn WycheYouth Literature2004
    Plant Life de Pamela DuncanFiction2003
    Mount Mitchell and the Black Mountains: An Environmental History of the Highest Peaks in Eastern America de Timothy SilverNonfiction2003
    Gospel Road going: Poems de Michael ChitwoodPoetry2003
    Jasper de Michelle GroceYouth Literature2003
    The Practical Heart: Four Novellas de Allan GurganusFiction2002
    The Waterman's Song: Slavery and Freedom in Maritime North Carolina de David S. CecelskiMayflower Cup2002
    Song and Dance: Poems de Alan ShapiroPoetry2002
    Remember the Bridge de Carole Boston WeatherfordYouth Literature2002
    Body of a Girl de Leah StewartFiction2001
    Free Speech, "The People's Darling Privilege": Struggles for Freedom of Expression in American History de Michael Kent CurtisMayflower Cup2001
    Family Gathering: Poems de Fred ChappellPoetry2001
    Earthly (Poetry Series) de Michael McFeePoetry2001
    A Perfect Friend de Reynolds PriceYouth Literature2001
    The Slow Way Back: A Novel de Judy GoldmanFiction2000
    Black Judas: William Hannibal Thomas and the American Negro de John David SmithMayflower Cup2000
    Granite Dives (The New Issues Press Poetry Series) de Margaret RabbPoetry2000
    Eleanor Hill de Lisa Williams KlineYouth Literature2000
    Freedom's Altar de Charles F. PriceFiction1999
    North Carolina women : making history de Margaret Supplee SmithMayflower Cup1999
    The river I know you by de Stephen KnauthPoetry1999
    Bright Freedom's Song: A Story of the Underground Railroad de Gloria HoustonYouth Literature1999
    Where Trouble Sleeps de Clyde EdgertonFiction1998
    Closing: The Life and Death of an American Factory de Bill BambergerMayflower Cup1998
    Black Shawl: Poems de Kathryn Stripling ByerPoetry1998
    The Jukebox Man de Jacqueline K. OgburnYouth Literature1998
    Cold Mountain de Charles FrazierFiction1997
    A Guide to the Historic Architecture of Eastern North Carolina de Catherine W. BishirMayflower Cup1997
    Open Field, Understory: New and Selected Poems de James L. SeayPoetry1997
    Littlejim's Gift de Gloria HoustonYouth Literature1997
    What the Deaf-Mute Heard de G. D. GearinoFiction1996
    Schooling the New South: Pedagogy, Self, and Society in North Carolina, 1880-1920 (Fred W. Morrison Series in Southern Studies) de James L. LeloudisMayflower Cup1996
    Spring Garden: New and Selected Poems de Fred ChappellPoetry1996
    Freedom's Fruit de William H. HooksYouth Literature1996
    Cured by Fire de Tim McLaurinFiction1995
    William Friday: Power, Purpose, and American Higher Education de William A. LinkMayflower Cup1995
    The Pendulum: New and Selected Poems de Robert WatsonPoetry1995
    Sody Sallyratus de Joanne ComptonYouth Literature1995
    The Geographical Cure: Novellas and Stories de Michael ParkerFiction1994
    William Faulkner and Southern History de Joel WilliamsonMayflower Cup1994
    Wanting to know the end : poems /by Judy Goldman de Judy GoldmanPoetry1994
    Ashpet: An Appalachian Tale de Joanne ComptonYouth Literature1994
    Favorite Sons de John RussellFiction1993
    The Paradox of Southern Progressivism, 1880-1930 de William A. LinkMayflower Cup1993
    A History of the River: Poems de James ApplewhitePoetry1993
    The Dream of the Stone de Christina AskounisYouth Literature1993
    Forms of Shelter de Angela Davis-GardnerFiction1992
    Keeper of the Moon de Tim McLaurinMayflower Cup1992
    The Angel of Obsession (Arkansas Poetry Award Series) de Julie SukPoetry1992
    Wings de Bill BrittainYouth Literature1992
    A Cure for Dreams de Kaye GibbonsFiction1991
    Magician: Stories de Peter TurchiFiction1991
    North Carolina Architecture de Catherine W. BishirMayflower Cup1991
    Guest on Mild Evenings de Charles Edward EatonPoetry1991
    Where Are You When I Need You? (A Puffin Book) de Suzanne NewtonYouth Literature1991
    Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All de Allan GurganusFiction1990
    Black, White, and Southern: Race Relations and Southern Culture, 1940 to the Present de David R. GoldfieldMayflower Cup1990
    Collected Poems of Sam Ragan de Sam RaganPoetry1990
    Talking Turkey de Lila HopkinsYouth Literature1990
    Fair and Tender Ladies de Lee SmithFiction1989
    North Carolina through Four Centuries de William S. PowellMayflower Cup1989
    First and Last Words de Fred ChappellPoetry1989
    The Nightwalker de Belinda HurmenceYouth Literature1989
    The Magic We Do Here de Lawrence RudnerFiction1988
    William Woods Holden: Firebrand of North Carolina Politics (Southern Biography Series) de William C. HarrisMayflower Cup1988
    Musings While Adrift : Poems by Lochlin Walker de Lochlin WalkerPoetry1988
    Eating Crow de Lila HopkinsYouth Literature1988
    Bobby Rex's Greatest Hit de Marianne GingherFiction1987
    Turners and Burners: The Folk Potters of North Carolina de Charles G. Zug, IIIMayflower Cup1987
    New and Selected Poems, 1942-1987 de Charles Edward EatonPoetry1987
    Permanent Connections de Sue Ellen BridgersYouth Literature1987
    Kate Vaiden de Reynolds PriceFiction1986
    Many Excellent People: Power and Privilege in North Carolina, 1850-1900 de Paul D. EscottMayflower Cup1986
    Ode to the Chinaberry Tree and Other Poems de James ApplewhitePoetry1986
    Golden Girl de Nancy TillyYouth Literature1986
    Last One Home de John EhleFiction1985
    The Crucible of Race: Black-White Relations in the American South since Emancipation de Joel WilliamsonMayflower Cup1985
    Castle Tzingal de Fred ChappellPoetry1985
    The summer that lasted forever de Catherine PetroskiYouth Literature1985
    Private Contentment de Reynolds PriceFiction1984
    My Own, My Country's Time: A Journalist's Journey de Vermont RoysterMayflower Cup1984
    Nettles de Betty AdcockPoetry1984
    Tancy de Belinda HurmenceYouth Literature1984
    Oral History de Lee SmithFiction1983
    Cotton Fields and Skyscrapers: Southern City and Region de David R. GoldfieldMayflower Cup1983
    Vital Provisions de Reynolds PricePoetry1983
    Wild Appaloosa de Glen RoundsYouth Literature1983
    Lessons de Lee ZachariasFiction1982
    The Liam poems de Thomas HeffernanPoetry1982
    M. V. Sexton Speaking de Suzanne NewtonYouth Literature1982
    The Source of Light de Reynolds PriceFiction1981
    John Dos Passos: A 20th-century Odyssey de Townsend LudingtonMayflower Cup1981
    Following Gravity: Poems (Virginia Commonwealth University series for contemporary poetry) de James ApplewhitePoetry1981
    Flim-Flam Man Yarns and Other Cape Fear Stories de Guy OwenFiction1980
    Civilities and Civil Rights : Greensboro, North Carolina, and the Black Struggle for Freedom de William H. ChafeMayflower Cup1980
    Wind Mountain : a poem de Fred ChappellPoetry1980
    Safe as the Grave de Caroline B. CooneyYouth Literature1980
    Cora de Daphne AthasFiction1979
    Slavery Remembered: A Record of Twentieth-Century Slave Narratives de Paul D. EscottMayflower Cup1979
    Bloodfire: A Poem de Fred ChappellPoetry1979
    Reubella and the Old Focus Home de Suzanne NewtonYouth Literature1979
    All Angels Cry de Mary SheppardFiction1978
    The Wary Fugitives: Four Poets and the South de Louis D. Rubin Jr.Mayflower Cup1978
    Seasons & days : poems de Mary Louise MedleyPoetry1978
    What Are You Up To, William Thomas? de Suzanne NewtonYouth Literature1978
    Shadow of the mountain : a novel de Sylvia WilkinsonFiction1977
    Democratic Promise: The Populist Movement in America de Lawrence GoodwynMayflower Cup1977
    The Distance: New and Selected Poems (1928-1977) Pembroke Magazine: Number 9 de Norman MacLeodPoetry1977
    City Rose de Ruth W. MillerYouth Literature1977
    The Surface of Earth de Reynolds PriceFiction1976
    The Development of English Glassmaking, 1560-1640 de Eleanor S. GodfreyMayflower Cup1976
    River : a poem de Fred ChappellPoetry1976
    Mr. Yowder and the Lion Roar Capsules de Glen RoundsYouth Literature1976
    Changing of the Guard de John EhleFiction1975
    The Loneliness at the Core: Studies in Thomas Wolfe (Southern Literary Studies) de C. Hugh HolmanMayflower Cup1975
    Another Light de Marion CannonPoetry1975
    The Magic Meadow de Alexander KeyYouth Literature1975
    Beasts of the Southern Wild and Other Stories de Doris BettsFiction1974
    Beautiful lofty people de Helen BevingtonMayflower Cup1974
    Coming out even de Campbell ReevesPoetry1974
    C/o Arnold's Corners de Suzanne NewtonYouth Literature1974
    The Gaudy Place (Voices of the South) de Fred ChappellFiction1973
    The Pre-Raphaelite Poets de Lionel StevensonMayflower Cup1973
    The casketmaker; selected shorter poems, 1960-1970, de Ronald H. BayesPoetry1973
    The people of North Carolina de Barbara M ParramoreYouth Literature1973
    Entering Ephesus de Daphne AthasFiction1972
    North Carolina's Moravian Potters: The Art and Mystery of Pottery-Making in Wachovia de Stephen C. ComptonMayflower Cup1972
    World Between the Eyes: Poems de Fred ChappellPoetry1972
    Time of Drums de John EhleFiction1971
    Ordeal of ambition; Jefferson, Hamilton, Burr de Jonathan DanielsMayflower Cup1971
    The Ladder of Love de Paul B. NewmanPoetry1971
    Purro and the prattleberries de Suzanne NewtonYouth Literature1971
    Journey for Joedel de Guy OwenFiction1970
    The Confederate Negro: Virginia's Craftsmen and Military Laborers, 1861-1865 de James H. BrewerMayflower Cup1970
    On the edge of the knife (The Abelard poets) de Charles Edward EatonPoetry1970
    The Crackajack Pony de Mebane Holoman BurgwynYouth Literature1970
    The Nazi Hunter de Bynum ShawFiction1969
    A History of the American Revolution de John R. AldenMayflower Cup1969
    The white stallion,: And other poems de Guy OwenPoetry1969
    Bugles at the Border de Mary GillettYouth Literature1969
    Killing Frost de Sylvia WilkinsonFiction1968
    The Emergence of the New South, 1913-1945 de George Brown TindallMayflower Cup1968
    The cheetah and the fountain; [poems] de P. B NewmanPoetry1968
    A Biography of Thomas Wolfe de Neal F. AustinYouth Literature1968
    The Road de John EhleFiction1967
    Leon Blum: Humanist in Politics de Joel ColtonMayflower Cup1967
    Leaves before the wind;: New and selected poems from two decades de Walter BlackstockPoetry1967
    The Snake Tree de Glen RoundsYouth Literature1967
    Tenants of the house de Heather Ross MillerFiction1966
    Zeb Vance: champion of personal freedom de Glenn TuckerMayflower Cup1966
    Spur line de Thad StemPoetry1966
    North Carolina Parade: Stories of History and People de Richard WalserYouth Literature1966
    The Scarlet Thread de Doris BettsFiction1965
    The Free Men de John EhleMayflower Cup1965
    The Lost World de Randall JarrellPoetry1965
    The Forgotten Door de Alexander KeyYouth Literature1965
    The Land Breakers de John EhleFiction1964
    Dawn like thunder; the Barbary wars and the birth of the U. S. Navy de Glenn TuckerMayflower Cup1964
    Reap Silence de E.S. GreggPoetry1964
    The Bat-Poet de Randall JarrellYouth Literature1964
    The Sand Pebbles de Richard McKennaFiction1963
    A Sigh is the Sword de Herman SalingerPoetry1963
    Dulcie's whale de Julia Montgomery StreetYouth Literature1963
    A Long and Happy Life de Reynolds PriceFiction1962
    When found, make a verse of de Helen BevingtonPoetry1962
    Rifles at Ramsour's Mill; a tale of the Revolutionary War de Manly Wade WellmanYouth Literature1962
    The fleet rabble; a novel of the Nez Percʹe War de Frank Borden HanesFiction1961
    Thomas Wolfe and his family, de Mabel Wolfe WheatonMayflower Cup1961
    Wind Song de Carl SandburgPoetry1961
    Beaver Business: An Almanac de Glen RoundsYouth Literature1961
    On A Lonesome Porch de Ovid Williams PierceFiction1960
    The Negro Vanguard. de Richard BardolphMayflower Cup1960
    Stonewall Jackson de Jonathan DanielsYouth Literature1960
    Band of Brothers de Ernest FrankelFiction1959
    To Appomattox: Nine April Days, 1865 de Burke DavisMayflower Cup1959
    The Spotted Hawk de Olive Tilford DarganPoetry1959
    Captain Ghost de Thelma Harrington BellYouth Literature1959
    Maggie-Now de Betty SmithFiction1958
    The Hatterasman de Ben Dixon MacNeillMayflower Cup1958
    Moods and Memories de Paul BartlettPoetry1958
    The Secret Circle de Ina B. ForbusYouth Literature1958
    Tall houses in winter de Doris BettsFiction1957
    George Bernard Shaw: man of the century de Archibald HendersonMayflower Cup1957
    Ten Angels Swearing de Dorothy Edwards SummerrowPoetry1957
    Taffy of Torpedo Junction de Nell Wise WechterYouth Literature1957
    A piece of luck ; [Stories] de Frances Gray PattonFiction1956
    Tecumseh: Vision of Glory de Glenn TuckerMayflower Cup1956
    A Change of Sky and Other Poems de Helen BevingtonPoetry1956
    Fiddlers Fancy de Julia Montgomery StreetYouth Literature1956
    Good Morning, Miss Dove de Frances Gray PattonFiction1955
    The South in American literature, 1607-1900 de Jay B. HubbellMayflower Cup1955
    The plantation de Ovid Williams PierceFiction1954
    North Carolina: The History of a Southern State de Hugh Talmage LeflerMayflower Cup1954
    THE JACKKNIFE HORSE. de Thad StemPoetry1954
    The Finer Things of Life de Frances Gray PattonFiction1953
    Miracle in the hills de Mary T. Martin SloopMayflower Cup1953
    Abel Anders : A Narrative by Frank Borden Hanes de Frank Borden HanesPoetry1953
    Peanut de Ruth CarrollYouth Literature1953
    The papacy, a new appraisal de John P. McKnightMayflower Cup1952
    The Man of Independence de Jonathan DanielsMayflower Cup1951
    Debby de Max SteeleMayflower Cup1950
    The woman who rang the bell; the story of Cornelia Phillips Spencer de Phillips RussellMayflower Cup1949
    The Development of Southern Sectionalism, 1819-1848 de Charles S. SydnorMayflower Cup1948
    This great and wide sea: An introduction to oceanography and marine biology (Harper torchbooks) de R. E. CokerMayflower Cup1947
    Mexican Village de Josefina NiggliMayflower Cup1946
    The Wilson era; years of peace, 1910-1917 de Josephus DanielsMayflower Cup1945
    The Road to Salem de Adelaide L. FriesMayflower Cup1944
    No day of triumph de J. Saunders ReddingMayflower Cup1943
    The history of Quakerism de Elbert RussellMayflower Cup1942
    The Mind of the South de W. J. CashMayflower Cup1941
    The Good Old Days: A History of American Morals and Manners as Seen Through the Sears, Roebuck Catalogs de David L. CohnMayflower Cup1940
    PURSLANE:A Story so deeply regional that it touches profound depths of American Life. de Bernice Kelly HarrisMayflower Cup1939
    A southerner discovers the South de Jonathan DanielsMayflower Cup1938
    Development of Modern Medicine: An Interpretation of the Social and Scientific Factors Involved de Richard Harrison ShryockMayflower Cup1937
    Roll River de James BoydMayflower Cup1935
    World resources and industries : a functional appraisal of the availability of agriculture and industrial materials de Erich Walter ZimmermannMayflower Cup1934
    Human geography of the South; a study in regional resources and human adequacy de Rupert Bayless VanceMayflower Cup1933
    Bernard Shaw, playboy and prophet, de Archibald HendersonMayflower Cup1932

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    The North Carolina Book Awards are a collective name for several awards celebrating literary works by or about the people of North Carolina. They include:

    • Nonfiction: the Ragan Old North State Award for Nonfiction (since 2003)
    • Youth Literature: AAUW NC Young People's Literature Award (since 1953)
    • Poetry: Roanoke-Chowan Award for Poetry (since 1953)
    • Fiction: the Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction (since 1952)
    • Mayflower Cup: Active 1931-2002, this award primarily was granted to nonfiction titles, but began as a multidisciplinary award. Because of this, it's left as its own category.
    • Patterson Cup: This award was active 1902-1922.

    See other descriptions on this award page for more details about each award, and links to further reading.

    (English, Escrit per membres)

    PLEASE NOTE: This award listing combines several awards that were previously listed individually. These awards are collectively referred to as the North Carolina Book Awards in the annual press releases announcing the award, and this term will help users find award winners. Awards are administered primarily by one organization in partnership with various other entities, and they are announced together each year. While each award is distinct and has its own history, trying to maintain individual award pages for each one resulted in a lot of unnecessary duplication and makes it more difficult for users to find related awards.

    (English, Avís tècnic/desambiguació)

    Ragan Old North State Award for Nonfiction: Given for achievement in non-fiction, this award honors Sam Ragan, poet, critic, publisher, and the first secretary of the present North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. It was Established in 2003 as the successor to the Mayflower Cup, which in turn was successor to the Patterson Cup.

    (English, Concessor del premi)

    Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction: Awarded in recognition of the most significant work of original fiction writing published over the course of the last year by a North Carolina author.

    (English, Concessor del premi)

    AAUW NC Young People's Literature Award: Since 1953, AAUW of North Carolina has partnered with the NC Literary and Historical Association to present an award in recognition of the most significant work of original juvenile literature published over the course of the last year by a North Carolina author. The judges include a representative from Lit & Hist, one from AAUW NC, and a librarian familiar with young people’s literature. The deadline for the award nominations is July 15 of each year, with the award presented at the fall meeting of the Literary and Historical Association.

    (English, Concessor del premi)

    Roanoke-Chowan Award for Poetry: Awarded in recognition of the most significant work of original poetry published over the course of the last year by a North Carolina poet.

    (English, Concessor del premi)

    The AAUW NC Young People's Literature Award was not given in either 1981 or 1972.

    (English, Avís tècnic/desambiguació)

    For a detailed history of how these awards are intertwined, see the 2016 article "Mayflower Cup, R.I.P." which covers the history of the Patterson Cup, the Mayflower Cup, its gradual evolution to focus on nonfiction, and the shift to the Ragan Old North State Award.

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