Prime Minister's Literary Award

Given by Australian Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts

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The Australian Prime Minister's Literary Awards (PMLA) were announced at the end of 2007 by the incoming Rudd Ministry following the 2007 election. They are administered by the Minister for the mostra'n més Arts. The awards were designed as "a new initiative celebrating the contribution of Australian literature to the nation's cultural and intellectual life." The awards are held annually and provide a tax-free prize of A$100,000 in each category, making it Australia's richest literary award in total, and among the richest literary prizes in the world. The award is given in the four categories of fiction, non-fiction, young adult and children's fiction, as selected by three judging panels. "The awards are open to works written by Australian citizens and permanent residents. Authors, publishers and literary agents are eligible to enter works, first published in the calendar year prior to the awards."[ mostra'n menys
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Winner 96

Unmaking Angas Downs: Myth and History on a Central Australian Pastoral Station de Shannyn PalmerAustralian History2023
Open Your Heart to Country de Jasmine SeymourChildren's Fiction2023
Cold Enough for Snow de Jessica AuFiction2023
My Father and Other Animals: How I Took on the Family Farm de Sam VincentNonfiction2023
At the Altar of Touch de Gavin Yuan GaoPoetry2023
The Greatest Thing de Sarah Winifred SearleYoung Adult Fiction2023
Semut: The Untold Story of a Secret Australian Operation in WWII Borneo de Christine HelliwellAustralian History2022
Mina and the Whole Wide World de Sherryl ClarkChildren's Fiction2022
Red Heaven de Nicolas RothwellFiction2022
Rogue Forces: An Explosive Insiders' Account of Australian SAS War Crimes in Afghanistan de Mark WillacyNonfiction2022
Human Looking de Andy JacksonPoetry2022
The Gaps de Leanne HallYoung Adult Fiction2022
People of the River: Lost Worlds of Early Australia de Grace KarskensAustralian History2021
Fly on the Wall de Remy LaiChildren's Fiction2021
How To Make A Bird de Meg McKinlayChildren's Fiction2021
The Labyrinth de Amanda LohreyFiction2021
The Stranger Artist: Life at the Edge of Kimberley Painting de Quentin SpragueNonfiction2021
The Strangest Place: New and Selected Poems de Stephen EdgarPoetry2021
Metal Fish, Falling Snow de Cath MooreYoung Adult Fiction2021
Meeting the Waylo : Aboriginal Encounters in the Archipelago de Tiffany ShellamAustralian History2020
Cooee Mittigar de Jasmine SeymourChildren's Fiction2020
The Yield de Tara June WinchFiction2020
Songspirals: Sharing women's wisdom of Country through songlines de Gay'wu Group of WomenNonfiction2020
Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia de Christina ThompsonNonfiction2020
The lost arabs de Omar SakrPoetry2020
How It Feels to Float de Helena FoxYoung Adult Fiction2020
The Bible in Australia: A cultural history de Meredith LakeAustralian History2019
His Name Was Walter de Emily RoddaChildren's Fiction2019
The Death of Noah Glass de Gail JonesFiction2019
Half the Perfect World: Writers, Dreamers and Drifters on Hydra, 1955–1964 (Biography) de Paul GenoniNonfiction2019
Sun Music de Judith BeveridgePoetry2019
The Things That Will Not Stand de Michael Gerard BauerYoung Adult Fiction2019
Pea Pod Lullaby de Glenda MillardChildren's Fiction2018
Border districts de Gerald MurnaneFiction2018
Asia's Reckoning: China, Japan, and the Fate of U.S. Power in the Pacific Century de Richard McGregorNonfiction2018
Blindness and Rage : A Phantasmagoria de Brian CastroPoetry2018
This is my song de Richard YaxleyYoung Adult Fiction2018
John Curtin's War: The coming of war in the Pacific, and reinventing Australia de John EdwardsAustralian History2017
Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga Story de Elizabeth TYNANAustralian History2017
Home in the Rain de Bob GrahamChildren's Fiction2017
Dragonfly Song de Wendy OrrChildren's Fiction2017
Their Brilliant Careers: The Fantastic Lives of Sixteen Extraordinary Australian Writers de Ryan O'NeillFiction2017
Quicksilver de Nicolas RothwellNonfiction2017
Headwaters de Anthony LawrencePoetry2017
Words in Deep Blue de Cath CrowleyYoung Adult Fiction2017
The Story of Australia's People: The Rise and Fall of Ancient Australia de Geoffrey BlaineyAustralian History2016
Let My People Go - The untold story of Australia and the Soviet Jews 1959-89 de Sam [Ed] LipskiAustralian History2016
Sister Heart de Sally MorganChildren's Fiction2016
The Life of Houses de Lisa GortonFiction2016
The Natural Way of Things de Charlotte WoodFiction2016
On Stalin's Team: The Years of Living Dangerously in Soviet Politics de Sheila FitzpatrickNonfiction2016
Thea Astley: Inventing Her Own Weather de Karen LambNonfiction2016
The Hazards (UQP Poetry Series) de Sarah Holland-BattPoetry2016
A Single Stone de Meg McKinlayYoung Adult Fiction2016
Charles Bean de Ross CoulthartAustralian History2015
The Spy Catchers: The Official History of ASIO, 1949-1963 de David HornerAustralian History2015
One Minute's Silence de David MetzenthenChildren's Fiction2015
The Golden Age de Joan LondonFiction2015
John Olsen : an artist's life de Darleen BungeyNonfiction2015
Wild Bleak Bohemia de Michael WildingNonfiction2015
Poems 1957-2013 de Geoffrey LehmannPoetry2015
The Protected de Claire ZornYoung Adult Fiction2015
Broken Nation: Australians in the Great War de Joan BeaumontAustralian History2014
Australia's secret war : how trade unions sabotaged Australian Military Forces in World War II de Hal ColebatchAustralian History2014
The Silver Button de Bob GrahamChildren's Fiction2014
A World of Other People de Steven CarrollFiction2014
The Narrow Road to the Deep North de Richard FlanaganFiction2014
Moving Among Strangers: Randolph Stow and My Family de Gabrielle CareyNonfiction2014
Madeleine: A Life of Madeleine St John de Helen TrincaNonfiction2014
Drag down to unlock or place an emergency call de Melinda SmithPoetry2014
The incredible here and now de Felicity CastagnaYoung Adult Fiction2014
Farewell, Dear People: Biographies of Australia's Lost Generation de Ross McMullinAustralian History2013
Red de Libby GleesonChildren's Fiction2013
Questions of Travel de Michelle De KretserFiction2013
The Australian Moment de George MegalogenisNonfiction2013
Jam Tree Gully: Poems de John KinsellaPoetry2013
Fog a Dox de Bruce PascoeYoung Adult Fiction2013
The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia de Bill GammageAustralian History2012
Goodnight, Mice! de Frances WattsChildren's Fiction2012
Foal's Bread de Gillian MearsFiction2012
An eye for eternity : the life of Manning Clark de Mark McKennaNonfiction2012
Interferon psalms : 33 psalms on the 99 names of God de Luke DaviesPoetry2012
When We Were Two de Robert NewtonYoung Adult Fiction2012
Shake a leg de Boori Monty PryorChildren's Fiction2011
Traitor de Stephen DaisleyFiction2011
The Hard Light of Day: An Artist's Story of Friendships in Arrernte Country de Rod MossNonfiction2011
Graffiti Moon de Cath CrowleyYoung Adult Fiction2011
Star jumps de Lorraine MarwoodChildren's Fiction2010
Dog Boy de Eva HornungFiction2010
The Colony: A History of Early Sydney de Grace KarskensNonfiction2010
Confessions of a Liar, Thief and Failed Sex God de Bill CondonYoung Adult Fiction2010
The Boat de Nam LeFiction2009
House of Exile: War, Love and Literature, from Berlin to Los Angeles de Evelyn JuersNonfiction2009
Drawing the Global Colour Line: White Men's Countries and the International Challenge of Racial Equality de Marilyn LakeNonfiction2009
The Zookeepers War de Steven ConteFiction2008
Ochre and Rust: Artefacts and Encounters on Australian Frontiers de Philip JonesNonfiction2008

Shortlist 300

Unmaking Angas Downs: Myth and History on a Central Australian Pastoral Station de Shannyn PalmerAustralian History2023
Elizabeth and John: The Macarthurs of Elizabeth Farm de Alan AtkinsonAustralian History2023
Saving the Reef: The Human Story Behind One of Australia's Greatest Environmental Treasures de Rohan LloydAustralian History2023
Black Lives, White Law: Locked Up and Locked Out in Australia de Russell MarksAustralian History2023
Justice in Kelly Country: The Story of the Cop Who Hunted Australia's Most Notorious Bushrangers de Lachlan StrahanAustralian History2023
Open Your Heart to Country de Jasmine SeymourChildren's Fiction2023
The Dunggiirr Brothers and the Caring Song of the Whale de Shaa SmithChildren's Fiction2023
My Strange Shrinking Parents de Zeno SworderChildren's Fiction2023
Zadie Ma and the Dog Who Chased the Moon de Gabrielle WangChildren's Fiction2023
Cold Enough for Snow de Jessica AuFiction2023
Losing Face de George HaddadFiction2023
The Lovers de Yumna KassabFiction2023
The Sun Walks Down de Fiona McFarlaneFiction2023
Other Houses de Paddy O'ReillyFiction2023
My Father and Other Animals: How I Took on the Family Farm de Sam VincentNonfiction2023
We Come With This Place de Debra DankNonfiction2023
Indelible City: Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong de Louisa LimNonfiction2023
Shirley Hazzard: A Writing Life de Brigitta OlubasNonfiction2023
A World in a Shell: Snail Stories for a Time of Extinctions de Thom Van DoorenNonfiction2023
At the Altar of Touch de Gavin Yuan GaoPoetry2023
Harvest Lingo de Lionel FogartyPoetry2023
The Jaguar de Sarah Holland-BattPoetry2023
Clean de Scott-Patrick Mitchell (Editor)Poetry2023
The Greatest Thing de Sarah Winifred SearleYoung Adult Fiction2023
Ask No Questions de Eva CollinaYoung Adult Fiction2023
What We All Saw de Mike LucasYoung Adult Fiction2023
Sugar de Carly NugentYoung Adult Fiction2023
The Upwelling de Lystra RoseYoung Adult Fiction2023
Pathfinders: A history of Aboriginal trackers in NSW de Michael BennettAustralian History2021
The Convict Valley: The Bloody Struggle on Australia's Early Frontier de Mark DunnAustralian History2021
Ceremony Men: Making Ethnography and the Return of the Strehlow Collection (SUNY series, Tribal Worlds: Critical Studies in American Indian Nation Building) de Jason M. GibsonAustralian History2021
The Year the Maps Changed de Danielle BinksChildren's Fiction2021
A Treacherous Country de K.M. KruiminkFiction2021
In the Time of Foxes de Jo LennanFiction2021
Lucky's de Andrew PipposFiction2021
The Bass Rock de Evie WyldFiction2021
The Details: On Love, Death and Reading de Tegan Bennett DaylightNonfiction2021
Flight Lines de Andrew DarbyNonfiction2021
Truganini: Journey Through the Apocalypse de Cassandra PybusNonfiction2021
The Altar Boys de Suzanne SmithNonfiction2021
Homer Street de Laurie DugganPoetry2021
Change Machine de Jaya SavigePoetry2021
Shorter Lives de John A. ScottPoetry2021
The F team de Rawah ArjaYoung Adult Fiction2021
The End of the World Is Bigger than Love de Davina BellYoung Adult Fiction2021
When Rain Turns to Snow de Jane GodwinYoung Adult Fiction2021
Loner de Georgina YoungYoung Adult Fiction2021
From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage: How Australia Got Compulsory Voting de Judith BrettAustralian History2020
Sludge: Disaster on Victoria's Goldfields de Peter DaviesAustralian History2020
Progressive New World: How Settler Colonialism and Transpacific Exchange Shaped American Reform de Marilyn LakeAustralian History2020
The Oarsmen de Scott PattersonAustralian History2020
One careless night de Christina BoothChildren's Fiction2020
Catch a Falling Star de Meg McKinlayChildren's Fiction2020
The Death of Jesus de J. M. CoetzeeFiction2020
Exploded view de Carrie TiffanyFiction2020
Wolfe Island de Lucy TreloarFiction2020
The Weekend de Charlotte WoodFiction2020
Enchantment of the Long-haired Rat, The de Tim BonyhadyNonfiction2020
See What You Made Me Do: Power, Control and Domestic Violence de Jess HillNonfiction2020
Hearing Maud : A Journey for a Voice de Jessica WhiteNonfiction2020
The future keepers de Nandi ChinnaPoetry2020
Empirical de Lisa GortonPoetry2020
Heide de PioPoetry2020
The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling de Wai ChimYoung Adult Fiction2020
The Honeyman and the Hunter de Neil GrantYoung Adult Fiction2020
When the Ground Is Hard de Malla NunnYoung Adult Fiction2020
This Is How We Change the Ending de Vikki WakefieldYoung Adult Fiction2020
Deep Time Dreaming: Uncovering Ancient Australia de Billy GriffithsAustralian History2019
Dancing in Shadows: Histories of Nyungar Performance de Anna HaebichAustralian History2019
The Land of Dreams de D. A. KempAustralian History2019
You Daughters Of Freedom: The Australians Who Won the Vote and Inspired the World de Clare WrightAustralian History2019
Sonam and the Silence de Eddie AyresChildren's Fiction2019
Waiting for Chicken Smith de David MackintoshChildren's Fiction2019
Incredible Freedom Machines de Kirli SaundersChildren's Fiction2019
The Feather de Margaret WildChildren's Fiction2019
A Stolen Season de Rodney HallFiction2019
Too Much Lip de Melissa LucashenkoFiction2019
Saudade de Suneeta Peres da CostaFiction2019
Beautiful Revolutionary de Laura Elizabeth WoollettFiction2019
A certain light : a memoir of family, loss and hope de Cynthia BanhamNonfiction2019
Rusted Off: Why Country Australia Is Fed Up de Gabrielle ChanNonfiction2019
The Arsonist de Chloe HooperNonfiction2019
Axiomatic de Maria TumarkinNonfiction2019
Newcastle sonnets de Keri GlastonburyPoetry2019
Blakwork de Alison WhittakerPoetry2019
Between Us de Clare AtkinsYoung Adult Fiction2019
Lenny's Book of Everything de Karen FoxleeYoung Adult Fiction2019
The Art of Taxidermy de Sharon KernotYoung Adult Fiction2019
Cicada de Shaun TanYoung Adult Fiction2019
The Enigmatic Mr Deakin de Judith BrettAustralian History2018
Hidden in Plain View: The Aboriginal People of Coastal Sydney de Paul IrishAustralian History2018
Beautiful Balts: From Displaced Persons to New Australians de Jayne PersianAustralian History2018
Indigenous and other Australians since 1901 de Tim RowseAustralian History2018
Storm Whale de Sarah BrennanChildren's Fiction2018
Feathers de Phil CummingsChildren's Fiction2018
A Long Way from Home de Peter CareyFiction2018
The Life to Come de Michelle De KretserFiction2018
First Person de Richard FlanaganFiction2018
Taboo de Kim ScottFiction2018
Unbreakable de Jelena DokicNonfiction2018
Mischka's War: A Story of Survival from War-Torn Europe to New York de Sheila FitzpatrickNonfiction2018
The Library: A Catalogue of Wonders de Stuart KellsNonfiction2018
No Front Line: Australia's Special Forces at War in Afghanistan de Chris MastersNonfiction2018
Archipelago de Adam AitkenPoetry2018
Chatelaine de Bonny Cassidy (ed)Poetry2018
Domestic interior de Fiona WrightPoetry2018
My lovely Frankie de Judith ClarkeYoung Adult Fiction2018
Living on Hope Street de Demet DivarorenYoung Adult Fiction2018
The ones that disappeared de Zana FraillonYoung Adult Fiction2018
Ruben de Bruce WhatleyYoung Adult Fiction2018
'A Passion for Exploring New Countries' - Matthew Flinders & George Bass de Josephine BastianAustralian History2017
Valiant for Truth: The Life of Chester Wilmot, War Correspondent de Peter BruneAustralian History2017
Evatt: A Life de John MurphyAustralian History2017
A Handful of Sand: The Gurindji Struggle, After the Walk-Off de Charlie WardAustralian History2017
Blue Sky Yellow Kite de Janet A. HolmesChildren's Fiction2017
My Brother de Dee HuxleyChildren's Fiction2017
Figgy and the President de Tamsin JanuChildren's Fiction2017
The Easy Way Out de Steven AmsterdamFiction2017
The last days of Ava Langdon de Mark O'FlynnFiction2017
Waiting de Philip SalomFiction2017
Extinctions de Josephine WilsonFiction2017
Mick: A Life of Randolph Stow de Suzanne FalkinerNonfiction2017
The Art of Time Travel: Historians and Their Craft de Tom GriffithsNonfiction2017
Our Man Elsewhere: In Search of Alan Moorehead de Thornton McCamishNonfiction2017
The Art of Rivalry: Four Friendships, Betrayals, and Breakthroughs in Modern Art de Sebastian SmeeNonfiction2017
Painting Red Orchids de Eileen ChongPoetry2017
Fragments de Antigone KefalaPoetry2017
The Bone Sparrow de Zana FraillonYoung Adult Fiction2017
The Stars at Oktober Bend de Glenda MillardYoung Adult Fiction2017
Forgetting Foster de Dianne TouchellYoung Adult Fiction2017
One would think the deep de Claire ZornYoung Adult Fiction2017
Red Professor: The Cold War life of Fred Rose de Peter MonteathAustralian History2016
Ned Kelly: A Lawless Life de Doug MorrisseyAustralian History2016
Perfect de Danny ParkerChildren's Fiction2016
The greatest Gatsby de Tohby RiddleChildren's Fiction2016
Mr Huff de Anna WalkerChildren's Fiction2016
Forever young de Steven CarrollFiction2016
The World Repair Video Game de David IrelandFiction2016
Quicksand de Steve ToltzFiction2016
Second half first de Drusilla ModjeskaNonfiction2016
Island Home: A Landscape Memoir de Tim WintonNonfiction2016
Net needle de Robert AdamsonPoetry2016
Cocky's Joy de Michael FarrellPoetry2016
Waiting for the Past de Les MurrayPoetry2016
Becoming Kirrali Lewis de Jane HarrisonYoung Adult Fiction2016
Illuminae de Amie KaufmanYoung Adult Fiction2016
In-between Days de Vikki WakefieldYoung Adult Fiction2016
Green Valentine de Lili WilkinsonYoung Adult Fiction2016
The Europeans in Australia: Volume 3: Nation de Alan AtkinsonAustralian History2015
Descent into Hell: The Fall of Singapore - Pudu and Changi - the Thai-Burma Railway de Peter BruneAustralian History2015
Menzies at War de Anne HendersonAustralian History2015
Two wolves de Tristan BancksChildren's Fiction2015
My Dad Is A Bear de Nicola ConnellyChildren's Fiction2015
My Two Blankets de Irena KobaldChildren's Fiction2015
Withering-by-Sea de Judith RossellChildren's Fiction2015
Amnesia de Peter CareyFiction2015
In Certain Circles de Elizabeth HarrowerFiction2015
Golden Boys de Sonya HartnettFiction2015
To Name Those Lost de Rohan WilsonFiction2015
Private Bill: In Love and War de Barrie CassidyNonfiction2015
This House of Grief: The Story of a Murder Trial de Helen GarnerNonfiction2015
Encountering the Pacific in the Age of the Enlightenment de John GascoigneNonfiction2015
Exhibits of the sun de Stephen EdgarPoetry2015
Earth Hour de David MaloufPoetry2015
Are You Seeing Me? de Darren GrothYoung Adult Fiction2015
The Astrologer's Daughter de Rebecca LimYoung Adult Fiction2015
Tigers on the Beach de Doug MacLeodYoung Adult Fiction2015
Flagship: The Cruiser HMAS Australia II and the Pacific War on Japan de Mike CarltonAustralian History2014
Arthur Phillip: Sailor, Mercenary, Governor, Spy de Michael PembrokeAustralian History2014
The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka de Clare WrightAustralian History2014
Song for a Scarlet Runner de Julie HuntChildren's Fiction2014
The Categorical Universe of Candice Phee de Barry JonsbergChildren's Fiction2014
Kissed by the Moon de Alison LesterChildren's Fiction2014
Rules of Summer de Shaun TanChildren's Fiction2014
(CAT).71.CONVIDAT NOCTURN, EL.(NARRATIVES) de Fiona McFarlaneFiction2014
Coal Creek de Alex MillerFiction2014
Belomor de Nicolas RothwellFiction2014
The Lucky Culture And The Rise Of An Australian Ruling Class de Nick CaterNonfiction2014
Citizen Emperor: Napoleon in Power de Philip DwyerNonfiction2014
Rendezvous with Destiny: How Franklin D. Roosevelt and Five Extraordinary Men Took America into the War and into the World de Michael FulliloveNonfiction2014
Tempo de Sarah DayPoetry2014
Eldershaw de Stephen EdgarPoetry2014
1953 de Geoff PagePoetry2014
Pureheart de Cassandra GoldsYoung Adult Fiction2014
Girl Defective de Simmone HowellYoung Adult Fiction2014
Life in Outer Space de Melissa KeilYoung Adult Fiction2014
The First Third de Will KostakisYoung Adult Fiction2014
The Sex Lives of Australians de Frank BongiornoAustralian History2013
Sandakan de Paul HamAustralian History2013
Gough Whitlam : his time : the biography. Volume II de Jenny HockingAustralian History2013
The Censor's Library: Uncovering the Lost History of Australia's Banned Books de Nicole MooreAustralian History2013
What's the Matter, Aunty May? de Peter FriendChildren's Fiction2013
Today We Have No Plans de Jane GodwinChildren's Fiction2013
The Beginner's Guide to Revenge de Marianne MusgroveChildren's Fiction2013
Floundering de Romy AshFiction2013
The Chemistry of Tears de Peter CareyFiction2013
Lost Voices de C. J. KochFiction2013
Mateship With Birds de Carrie TiffanyFiction2013
Bradman's War de Malcolm KnoxNonfiction2013
Uncommon Soldier: The Story of the Making of Today's Diggers de Chris MastersNonfiction2013
The Australian Moment de George MegalogenisNonfiction2013
Plein airs and graces : the life and times of George Collingridge de Adrian MitchellNonfiction2013
Bold Palates: Australia's Gastronomic Heritage de Barbara SantichNonfiction2013
Burning rice de Eileen ChongPoetry2013
The sunlit zone de Lisa JacobsonPoetry2013
Liquid nitrogen de Jennifer MaidenPoetry2013
Crimson crop. de Peter RosePoetry2013
Every Thing Left Unsaid de Jessica DavidsonYoung Adult Fiction2013
The Children of the King de Sonya HartnettYoung Adult Fiction2013
Grace beside me de Sue McphersonYoung Adult Fiction2013
Friday Brown de Vikki WakefieldYoung Adult Fiction2013
1835: The Founding of Melbourne & the Conquest of Australia de James BoyceAustralian History2012
Immigration nation : the secret history of us [videorecording] de Jacob HickeyAustralian History2012
Breaking the Sheep's Back de Charles MassyAustralian History2012
Indifferent Inclusion: Aboriginal People and the Australian Nation de Russell McGregorAustralian History2012
Evangeline, the wish keeper's helper de Maggie AldersonChildren's Fiction2012
The Jewel Fish of Karnak de Graeme BaseChildren's Fiction2012
Father's day de Anne BrooksbankChildren's Fiction2012
Come down, cat! de Sonya HartnettChildren's Fiction2012
All That I Am de Anna FunderFiction2012
Sarah Thornhill de Kate GrenvilleFiction2012
Forecast: Turbulence de Janette Turner HospitalFiction2012
Autumn Laing de Alex MillerFiction2012
A Short History of Christianity de Geoffrey BlaineyNonfiction2012
Michael Kirby: Paradoxes and Principles de A. J. BrownNonfiction2012
Kinglake-350 de Adrian HylandNonfiction2012
When horse became saw de Anthony MacrisNonfiction2012
Ashes in the Air de Ali AlizadehPoetry2012
Armour de John KinsellaPoetry2012
Southern Barbarians de John MateerPoetry2012
A Straight Line to My Heart de Bill CondonYoung Adult Fiction2012
Being Here de Barry JonsbergYoung Adult Fiction2012
Pan's Whisper de Sue LawsonYoung Adult Fiction2012
Alaska de Sue SalibaYoung Adult Fiction2012
Why I Love Australia de Bronwyn BancroftChildren's Fiction2011
Flyaway de Lucy ChristopherChildren's Fiction2011
Now de Morris GleitzmanChildren's Fiction2011
April and Esme Tooth Fairies de Bob GrahamChildren's Fiction2011
Notorious de Roberta LowingFiction2011
When Colts Ran de Roger McDonaldFiction2011
Glissando : a melodrama de David MusgraveFiction2011
That Deadman Dance de Kim ScottFiction2011
Sydney de Delia FalconerNonfiction2011
How To Make Gravy: A to Z, A Mongrel Memoir de Paul KellyNonfiction2011
The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers de Richard McGregorNonfiction2011
Claude Levi-Strauss: The Poet in the Laboratory de Patrick WilckenNonfiction2011
Good Oil de Laura BuzoYoung Adult Fiction2011
The Three Loves of Persimmon de Cassandra GoldsYoung Adult Fiction2011
About a Girl de Joanne HornimanYoung Adult Fiction2011
The Piper's Son de Melina MarchettaYoung Adult Fiction2011
Cicada Summer de Kate ConstableChildren's Fiction2010
The Terrible Plop de Ursula DubosarskyChildren's Fiction2010
Just Macbeth! de Andy GriffithsChildren's Fiction2010
Mr Chicken Goes to Paris de Leigh HobbsChildren's Fiction2010
Running with the Horses de Alison LesterChildren's Fiction2010
Mannie and the Long Brave Day de Martine MurrayChildren's Fiction2010
Tensy Farlow and the home for mislaid children de Jen StorerChildren's Fiction2010
Harry & Hopper de Margaret WildChildren's Fiction2010
Temps d'estiu de J. M. CoetzeeFiction2010
The Book Of Emmett de Deborah ForsterFiction2010
The lake woman : a romance de Alan GouldFiction2010
Ransom de David MaloufFiction2010
Lovesong de Alex MillerFiction2010
As the Earth Turns Silver de Alison WongFiction2010
The Water Dreamers: The Remarkable History of Our Dry Continent de Michael CathcartNonfiction2010
Strange Places: a Memoir of Mental Illness de Will ElliottNonfiction2010
The Life and Death of Democracy de John KeaneNonfiction2010
The Blue Plateau: An Australian Pastoral de Mark TredinnickNonfiction2010
The Ghost at the Wedding: A True Story de Shirley WalkerNonfiction2010
Stolen de Lucy ChristopherYoung Adult Fiction2010
The Winds of Heaven de Judith ClarkeYoung Adult Fiction2010
The Museum of Mary Child de Cassandra GoldsYoung Adult Fiction2010
Swerve de Phillip GwynneYoung Adult Fiction2010
Jarvis 24 de David MetzenthenYoung Adult Fiction2010
Beatle Meets Destiny de Gabrielle WilliamsYoung Adult Fiction2010
The Pages de Murray BailFiction2009
Els Guardians del Llibre de Geraldine BrooksFiction2009
Wanting de Richard FlanaganFiction2009
Everything I Knew de Peter GoldsworthyFiction2009
One Foot Wrong de Sofie LagunaFiction2009
The Boat de Nam LeFiction2009
The Good Parents de Joan LondonFiction2009
Van Diemen's Land de James BoyceNonfiction2009
Doing Life: A Biography of Elizabeth Jolley de Brian DibbleNonfiction2009
Gough Whitlam: A Moment in History de Jenny HockingNonfiction2009
Tall Man: The Death of Doomadgee de Chloe HooperNonfiction2009
The Henson Case de David MarrNonfiction2009
American Journeys de Don WatsonNonfiction2009
Sorry de Gail JonesFiction2008
Burning in de Mireille JuchauFiction2008
The Widow and Her Hero de Thomas KeneallyFiction2008
Jamaica de Malcolm KnoxFiction2008
The Complete Stories de David MaloufFiction2008
El Dorado de Dorothy PorterFiction2008
Napoleon: The Path to Power de Philip DwyerNonfiction2008
A History of Queensland de Raymond EvansNonfiction2008
My Life as a Traitor: An Iranian Memoir de Zarah GhahramaniNonfiction2008
Shakespeare's Wife de Germaine GreerNonfiction2008
Vietnam: The Australian War de Paul HamNonfiction2008
Cultural Amnesia: Necessary Memories from History and the Arts de Clive JamesNonfiction2008


The Australian Prime Minister's Literary Awards (PMLA) were announced at the end of 2007 by the incoming Rudd Ministry following the 2007 election. They are administered by the Minister for the Arts. The awards were designed as "a new initiative celebrating the contribution of Australian literature to the nation's cultural and intellectual life." The awards are held annually and provide a tax-free prize of A$100,000 in each category, making it Australia's richest literary award in total, and among the richest literary prizes in the world. The award is given in the four categories of fiction, non-fiction, young adult and children's fiction, as selected by three judging panels. "The awards are open to works written by Australian citizens and permanent residents. Authors, publishers and literary agents are eligible to enter works, first published in the calendar year prior to the awards."[ (English, Escrit per membres)
The Prime Minister's Literary Award is Australia's richest literary prize. (English, Escrit per membres)


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