British Science Fiction Association AwardShortlist

Given by British Science Fiction Association (BSFA)

496 obres / 497 Items 24,747 Llibres 505 Ressenyes ½ 3.8
The BSFA awards are presented annually by the British Science Fiction Association, based on a vote of BSFA members and – in recent years – members of the British national science fiction mostra'n més convention Eastercon. They are fan awards that not only seek to honour the most worthy examples in each category, but to promote the genre of science fiction, and get people reading, talking about and enjoying all that contemporary science fiction has to offer. The award originally included only a category for novels. Categories for short works and artists were added in 1980. The artists category became artwork in 1995 and a category for related non-fiction was added in 2002. A media category was awarded from 1979 to 1992. The current standard award categories are: BSFA Award for Best Novel BSFA Award for Best Short Fiction BSFA Award for Best Non-Fiction BSFA Award for Best Artwork mostra'n menys
Tots, Winner (120), Shortlist (497)
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Shortlist 497

The Red Scholar's Wake de Aliette de BodardArtwork2022
Song of the Mango and Other New Myths de Vida Cruz-BorjaArtwork2022
Shoreline of Infinity 32: Science fictional fairy tales and myths (Science Fiction Magazine) de Adam RobertsArtwork2022
Africa Risen: A New Era of Speculative Fiction de Sheree Renee ThomasArtwork2022
Parsec 4 de VariosArtwork2022
The Way The Light Bends de Lorraine WilsonArtwork2022
Unraveller de Frances HardingeBook For Younger Readers2022
Violet Made of Thorns de Gina ChenBook For Younger Readers2022
Her Majesty's Royal Coven de Juno DawsonBook For Younger Readers2022
Mindwalker de Kate DylanBook For Younger Readers2022
Illuminations de T. KingfisherBook For Younger Readers2022
Only a Monster de Vanessa LenBook For Younger Readers2022
Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor de Xiran Jay ZhaoBook For Younger Readers2022
Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes: The Official Biography de Rob WilkinsNon-Fiction2022
Management Lessons from Game of Thrones: Organization Theory and Strategy in Westeros de Fiona MooreNon-Fiction2022
City of Last Chances de Adrian TchaikovskyNovel2022
Stars and Bones de Gareth L. PowellNovel2022
The This de Adam RobertsNovel2022
The Coral Bones de E.J. SwiftNovel2022
Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances de Aliette de BodardShort Fiction2022
Luca de Or LucaShort Fiction2022
Ogres de Adrian TchaikovskyShort Fiction2022
Iron Widow de Xiran Jay ZhaoBook For Younger Readers2021
The Raven Heir de Stephanie BurgisBook For Younger Readers2021
Redemptor de Jordan IfuekoBook For Younger Readers2021
A Snake Falls to Earth de Darcie Little BadgerBook For Younger Readers2021
Utterly Dark and the Face of the Deep de Philip ReeveBook For Younger Readers2021
Worlds Apart: Worldbuilding in Fantasy and Science Fiction de Francesca T BarbiniNon-Fiction2021
The Anthropocene Unconscious: Climate Catastrophe Culture de Mark BouldNon-Fiction2021
Cyberpunk Culture and Psychology: Seeing through the Mirrorshades (Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies) de Anna McFarlaneNon-Fiction2021
Diverse Futures: Science Fiction and Authors of Color (New Suns: Race, Gender, and Sexuality) de Joy Sanchez-TaylorNon-Fiction2021
Shards of Earth de Adrian TchaikovskyNovel2021
A Desolation Called Peace de Arkady MartineNovel2021
The Green Man's Challenge de Juliet E. McKennaNovel2021
Purgatory Mount de Adam RobertsNovel2021
Skyward Inn de Aliya WhiteleyNovel2021
Blackthorn Winter de Liz WilliamsNovel2021
Fireheart Tiger de Aliette de BodardShort Fiction2021
O2 Arena {novelette} de Oghenechovwe Donald EkpekiShort Fiction2021
Light Chaser de Peter F. HamiltonShort Fiction2021
It's the End of the World: But What Are We Really Afraid Of? de Adam RobertsNon-Fiction2020
Ties That Bind: Love in Fantasy and Science Fiction de Francesca T BarbiniNon-Fiction2020
The Unstable Realities of Christopher Priest de Paul KincaidNon-Fiction2020
Science Fiction and Climate Change: A Sociological Approach de Andrew MilnerNon-Fiction2020
The City We Became de N. K. JemisinNovel2020
Threading the Labyrinth de Tiffani AngusNovel2020
Piranesi de Susanna ClarkeNovel2020
The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again de M. John HarrisonNovel2020
Light of Impossible Stars de Gareth L. PowellNovel2020
The Ministry for the Future de Kim Stanley RobinsonNovel2020
Club Ded de Nikhil SinghNovel2020
The Doors of Eden de Adrian TchaikovskyNovel2020
Comet Weather de Liz WilliamsNovel2020
Water Must Fall de Nick WoodNovel2020
Ivory's Story de Eugen BaconShort Fiction2020
Red_Bati [short fiction] de Dilman DilaShort Fiction2020
Ife-Iyoku, the tale of Imadeyunuagbon de Oghenechovwe Donald EkpekiShort Fiction2020
Wourism And Other Stories (The Harvester Series) de Ian WhatesArtwork2019
Pleasant Profession of Robert A. Heinlein de Farah MendlesohnNon-Fiction2019
Sideways in Time: Critical Essays on Alternate History Fiction (Liverpool Science Fiction Texts & Studies) de Glyn MorganNon-Fiction2019
About Writing de Gareth L. PowellNon-Fiction2019
H.G. Wells : a literary life de Adam RobertsNon-Fiction2019
Children of Ruin de Adrian TchaikovskyNovel2019
The Green Man's Foe de Juliet E. McKennaNovel2019
Atlas Alone de Emma NewmanNovel2019
Fleet of Knives de Gareth L. PowellNovel2019
The Rosewater Insurrection de Tade ThompsonNovel2019
This Is How You Lose the Time War de Amal El-MohtarShort Fiction2019
To Be Taught, If Fortunate de Becky ChambersShort Fiction2019
Ragged Alice de Gareth L. PowellShort Fiction2019
The Survival of Molly Southbourne de Tade ThompsonShort Fiction2019
Concrete Faery: Book I of the Troutespond Series de Elizabeth PriestArtwork2018
Paris Adrift de E.J. SwiftArtwork2018
Unholy Land de Lavie TidharArtwork2018
Publishing the Science Fiction Canon: The Case of Scientific Romance de Adam RobertsNon-Fiction2018
Embers of War de Gareth L. PowellNovel2018
Europe at Dawn de Dave HutchinsonNovel2018
Revenant Gun de Yoon Ha LeeNovel2018
Before Mars de Emma NewmanNovel2018
Rosewater de Tade ThompsonNovel2018
Time Was de Ian McDonaldShort Fiction2018
The Gift of Angels de Nina AllanShort Fiction2018
The Land of Somewhere Safe de Hal DuncanShort Fiction2018
Exit Strategy de Martha WellsShort Fiction2018
Phosphorus: A Winterstrike Story de Liz WilliamsShort Fiction2018
Iain M. Banks (Modern Masters of Science Fiction) de Paul KincaidNon-Fiction2017
The Rift de Nina AllanNovel2017
Dreams Before the Start of Time de Anne CharnockNovel2017
Sortida a Occident de Mohsin HamidNovel2017
Provenance de Ann LeckieNovel2017
The Enclave de Anne CharnockShort Fiction2017
Uncanny Valley de Greg EganShort Fiction2017
The Murders of Molly Southbourne de Tade ThompsonShort Fiction2017
Central Station de Lavie TidharArtwork2016
Disturbed Universes de David L. ClementsArtwork2016
Black Static 53 de Andy CoxArtwork2016
The Sunlight Pilgrims de Jenni FaganArtwork2016
The Iron Tactician de Alastair ReynoldsArtwork2016
The 1000 Year Reich de Ian WatsonArtwork2016
100 African Writers of SFF de Geoff RymanNon-Fiction2016
Then: Science Fiction Fandom in the UK: 1930-1980 de Rob HansenNon-Fiction2016
Europe in Winter de Dave HutchinsonNovel2016
Daughter of Eden de Chris BeckettNovel2016
A Closed and Common Orbit de Becky ChambersNovel2016
Occupy Me de Tricia SullivanNovel2016
Azanian Bridges de Nick WoodNovel2016
Liberty Bird de Jaine FennShort Fiction2016
Taking Flight de Una McCormackShort Fiction2016
Apologists de Tade ThompsonShort Fiction2016
The Arrival of Missives de Aliya WhiteleyShort Fiction2016
Pelquin's Comet de Ian WhatesArtwork2015
Interzone 257 de Andy CoxArtwork2015
Jews vs. Zombies de Rebecca LeveneArtwork2015
Rave and Let Die: The SF and Fantasy of 2014 de Adam RobertsNon-Fiction2015
Letters to Tiptree de Alexandra PierceNon-Fiction2015
The House of Shattered Wings de Aliette de BodardNovel2015
Mother of Eden de Chris BeckettNovel2015
Europe at Midnight de Dave HutchinsonNovel2015
Luna: New Moon de Ian McDonaldNovel2015
Glorious Angels de Justina RobsonNovel2015
Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight [short story] de Aliette de BodardShort Fiction2015
Witches of Lychford de Paul CornellShort Fiction2015
No rez [short fiction] de Jeff NoonShort Fiction2015
Binti de Nnedi OkoraforShort Fiction2015
Ride the blue horse [short fiction] de Gareth L. PowellShort Fiction2015
The Mirror Empire de Kameron HurleyArtwork2014
Wolves de Simon IngsArtwork2014
Mars Evacuees de Sophia McDougallArtwork2014
Bête de Adam RobertsArtwork2014
Greg Egan (Modern Masters of Science Fiction) de Karen BurnhamNon-Fiction2014
Call and Response de Paul KincaidNon-Fiction2014
Ancillary Sword de Ann LeckieNovel2014
The Race de Nina AllanNovel2014
Cuckoo Song de Frances HardingeNovel2014
Europe In Autumn de Dave HutchinsonNovel2014
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August de Claire NorthNovel2014
Lagoon de Nnedi OkoraforNovel2014
The Moon King de Neil WilliamsonNovel2014
The Honey Trap (short story) de Ruth E. J. BoothShort Fiction2014
The Mussel Eater de Octavia CadeShort Fiction2014
Scale-Bright de Benjanun SriduangkaewShort Fiction2014
Dream London de Tony BallantyneArtwork2013
Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction de Jeff VanderMeerNon-Fiction2013
Ancillary Justice de Ann LeckieNovel2013
Ack-Ack Macaque de Gareth L. PowellNovel2013
God's War de Kameron HurleyNovel2013
Evening's Empires de Paul McAuleyNovel2013
The Adjacent de Christopher PriestNovel2013
Spin de Nina AllanShort Fiction2013
Selkie Stories Are for Losers de Sofia SamatarShort Fiction2013
Saga's children [short fiction] de E.J. SwiftShort Fiction2013
Boat in shadows, crossing [short fiction] de Tori TruslowShort Fiction2013
Helix Wars de Eric BrownArtwork2012
Thy Kingdom Come de Simon MordenArtwork2012
Jack Glass de Adam RobertsArtwork2012
Dark Currents de Ian WhatesArtwork2012
The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature de Edward JamesNon-Fiction2012
Jack Glass de Adam RobertsNovel2012
Dark Eden de Chris BeckettNovel2012
Empty Space: A Haunting de M. John HarrisonNovel2012
Intrusion de Ken MacLeodNovel2012
2312 de Kim Stanley RobinsonNovel2012
Adrift on the Sea of Rains de Ian SalesShort Fiction2012
Immersion de Aliette de BodardShort Fiction2012
The Flight of the Ravens de Chris ButlerShort Fiction2012
Song of the body cartographer [short fiction] de Rochita Loenen-RuizShort Fiction2012
Limited Edition (novelette) de Tim MaughanShort Fiction2012
Three Moments of an Explosion: Stories de China MiévilleShort Fiction2012
The Noise Revealed de Ian WhatesArtwork2011
Out of This World: Science Fiction but not as you know it de Mike AshleyNon-Fiction2011
The Unsilent Library: Essays on the Russell T. Davies Era of the New Doctor Who (Foundation Studies in Science Fiction) de Graham SleightNon-Fiction2011
The Islanders de Christopher PriestNovel2011
Cyber Circus de Kim Lakin-SmithNovel2011
Embassytown de China MiévilleNovel2011
By Light Alone de Adam RobertsNovel2011
Osama de Lavie TidharNovel2011
The Copenhagen Interpretation de Paul CornellShort Fiction2011
The Silver Wind [short fiction] de Nina AllanShort Fiction2011
Afterbirth de Kameron HurleyShort Fiction2011
Covehithe de China MiévilleShort Fiction2011
Of Dawn [short fiction] de Al RobertsonShort Fiction2011
Red Plenty: Industry! Progress! Abundance! Inside the Fifties Soviet Dream de Francis SpuffordNon-Fiction2010
The Dervish House de Ian McDonaldNovel2010
The Windup Girl de Paolo BacigalupiNovel2010
Zoo City de Lauren BeukesNovel2010
The Restoration Game de Ken MacLeodNovel2010
Lightborn de Tricia SullivanNovel2010
The Shipmaker [short fiction] de Aliette de BodardShort Fiction2010
Flying in the Face of God de Nina AllanShort Fiction2010
The Things [short fiction] de Peter WattsShort Fiction2010
Arrhythmia de Neil WilliamsonShort Fiction2010
Canary Fever: Reviews de John CluteNon-Fiction2009
A Short History of Fantasy de Farah MendlesohnNon-Fiction2009
The City & The City de China MiévilleNovel2009
Ark de Stephen BaxterNovel2009
Lavinia de Ursula K. Le GuinNovel2009
Yellow Blue Tibia de Adam RobertsNovel2009
The Beloved Time of Their Lives [short fiction] de Ian WatsonShort Fiction2009
Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast de Eugie FosterShort Fiction2009
The Push de Dave HutchinsonShort Fiction2009
Johnny And Emmie-lou Get Married de Kim Lakin-SmithShort Fiction2009
Vishnu at the Cat Circus de Ian McDonaldShort Fiction2009
The Assistant de Ian WhatesShort Fiction2009
Rhetorics of Fantasy de Farah MendlesohnNon-Fiction2008
Superheroes!: Capes and Crusaders in Comics and Films de Roz KaveneyNon-Fiction2008
What it is We Do When We Read Science Fiction de Paul KincaidNon-Fiction2008
The Night Sessions de Ken MacLeodNovel2008
Flood de Stephen BaxterNovel2008
The Gone-Away World de Nick HarkawayNovel2008
Anathem de Neal StephensonNovel2008
Exhalation {short story} de Ted ChiangShort Fiction2008
Crystal Nights de Greg EganShort Fiction2008
Little Lost Robot de Paul McAuleyShort Fiction2008
Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment de M. RickertShort Fiction2008
Brasyl de Ian McDonaldNovel2007
El Sindicat de policies jueus de Michael ChabonNovel2007
The Execution Channel de Ken MacLeodNovel2007
Thirteen de Richard K. MorganNovel2007
The Prefect de Alastair ReynoldsNovel2007
Alice in Sunderland de Bryan TalbotNovel2007
Lighting Out {short story} de Ken MacLeodShort Fiction2007
Terminal (short) de Chaz BrenchleyShort Fiction2007
The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate {novelette} de Ted ChiangShort Fiction2007
The Sledge-Maker's Daughter {novelette} de Alastair ReynoldsShort Fiction2007
The Gift Of Joy [short story] de Ian WhatesShort Fiction2007
The Arthur C. Clarke Award: A Critical Anthology de Paul KincaidNon-Fiction2006
Great British Comics: Celebrating a Century of Ripping Yarns and Wizard Wheezes de Paul GravettNon-Fiction2006
Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century de Justine LarbalestierNon-Fiction2006
Polder: A Festschrift for John Clute and Judith Clute de Farah MendlesohnNon-Fiction2006
James Tiptree Jr: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon de Julie PhillipsNon-Fiction2006
End of the World Blues de Jon Courtenay GrimwoodNovel2006
Nova Swing de M. John HarrisonNovel2006
Icarus de Roger LevyNovel2006
The Last Witchfinder de James MorrowNovel2006
Darkland de Liz WilliamsNovel2006
The Djinn's Wife (short story) de Ian McDonaldShort Fiction2006
Sounding [short story] de Elizabeth BearShort Fiction2006
The Highway Men de Ken MacLeodShort Fiction2006
Signal to Noise [novelette] de Alastair ReynoldsShort Fiction2006
The House Beyond Your Sky [short story] de Benjamin RosenbaumShort Fiction2006
Soundings: Reviews 1992-1996 de Gary K. WolfeNon-Fiction2005
Air: Or, Have Not Have de Geoff RymanNovel2005
9Tail Fox de Jon Courtenay GrimwoodNovel2005
Learning the World de Ken MacLeodNovel2005
Living Next Door to the God of Love de Justina RobsonNovel2005
Accelerando de Charles StrossNovel2005
Magic for Beginners [novella] de Kelly LinkShort Fiction2005
Two Dreams on Trains [short story] de Elizabeth BearShort Fiction2005
Bears Discover Smut de Michael BishopShort Fiction2005
I, Robot [novelette] de Cory DoctorowShort Fiction2005
Soft Apocalypse [short story] de Will McintoshShort Fiction2005
Guadalupe and Hieronymus Bosch [short story] de Rudy RuckerShort Fiction2005
River of Gods de Ian McDonaldNovel2004
Jonathan Strange i el senyor Norrell de Susanna ClarkeNovel2004
Stamping Butterflies de Jon Courtenay GrimwoodNovel2004
Newton's Wake: A Space Opera de Ken MacLeodNovel2004
Century Rain de Alastair ReynoldsNovel2004
Forty Signs of Rain de Kim Stanley RobinsonNovel2004
Mayflower II de Stephen BaxterShort Fiction2004
The Faery Handbag de Kelly LinkShort Fiction2004
Delhi {short story} de Vandana SinghShort Fiction2004
The Wolf-man Of Alcatraz de Howard WaldropShort Fiction2004
The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction de Edward JamesNon-Fiction2003
Hitchhiker: A Biography of Douglas Adams de M.J. SimpsonNon-Fiction2003
Felaheen de Jon Courtenay GrimwoodNovel2003
Pattern Recognition de William GibsonNovel2003
Midnight Lamp de Gwyneth JonesNovel2003
Absolution Gap de Alastair ReynoldsNovel2003
Natural History de Justina RobsonNovel2003
Maul de Tricia SullivanNovel2003
The Wolves in the Walls de Neil GaimanShort Fiction2003
Dear Abbey de Terry BissonShort Fiction2003
Birth Days (short story) de Geoff RymanShort Fiction2003
Nightfall [novelette] de Charles StrossShort Fiction2003
Mapping Mars: Science, Imagination, and the Birth of a World de Oliver MortonNon-Fiction2002
The Separation de Christopher PriestNovel2002
Effendi de Jon Courtenay GrimwoodNovel2002
Light de M. John HarrisonNovel2002
Castles Made of Sand de Gwyneth JonesNovel2002
The Scar de China MiévilleNovel2002
The Years of Rice and Salt de Kim Stanley RobinsonNovel2002
Coraline de Neil GaimanShort Fiction2002
Singleton de Greg EganShort Fiction2002
Voice of Steel de Sean McMullenShort Fiction2002
If Lions Could Speak: Imagining the Alien de Paul ParkShort Fiction2002
Router {short story} de Charles StrossShort Fiction2002
Five British Dinosaurs de Michael SwanwickShort Fiction2002
Omegatropic de Stephen BaxterNon-Fiction2001
Tim Burton (Pocket Essential series) de Michelle Le BlancNon-Fiction2001
Terry Pratchett (Pocket Essential series) de Andrew M. ButlerNon-Fiction2001
Chasm City de Alastair ReynoldsNovel2001
American Gods {original} de Neil GaimanNovel2001
Pashazade de Jon Courtenay GrimwoodNovel2001
Bold as Love de Gwyneth JonesNovel2001
The Secret of Life de Paul McAuleyNovel2001
Lust de Geoff RymanNovel2001
First To the Moon de Stephen BaxterShort Fiction2001
Isabel Of The Fall de Ian R. MacLeodShort Fiction2001
Ash: A Secret History de Mary GentleNovel2000
redRobe de Jon Courtenay GrimwoodNovel2000
Paradox de John MeaneyNovel2000
Perdido Street Station de China MiévilleNovel2000
Revelation Space de Alastair ReynoldsNovel2000
The Suspect Genome de Peter F. HamiltonShort Fiction2000
Destiny on Tartarus [short story] de Eric BrownShort Fiction2000
Singing Each to Each de Paul Di FilippoShort Fiction2000
La Vampiresse de Tanith LeeShort Fiction2000
The Sky Road de Ken MacLeodNovel1999
Thigmoo de Eugene ByrneNovel1999
Headlong de Simon IngsNovel1999
Silver Screen de Justina RobsonNovel1999
Children of God de Mary Doria RussellNovel1999
The White Dog de Maya Kaathryn BohnhoffShort Fiction1999
The Extremes de Christopher PriestNovel1998
Inversions de Iain M. BanksNovel1998
Queen City Jazz de Kathleen Ann GoonanNovel1998
The Cassini Division de Ken MacLeodNovel1998
To Hold Infinity de John MeaneyNovel1998
La Cenerentola de Gwyneth JonesShort Fiction1998
The First Annual Performance Art Festival at the Slaughter Rock Battlefield {short story} de Thomas M. DischShort Fiction1998
The Day Before They Came [short fiction] de Mary Soon LeeShort Fiction1998
The Sparrow de Mary Doria RussellNovel1997
A Son of the Rock de Jack DeightonNovel1997
Signs of Life de M. John HarrisonNovel1997
Earthquake Weather de Tim PowersNovel1997
Jack Faust de Michael SwanwickNovel1997
War Birds [short story] de Stephen BaxterShort Fiction1997
Excession de Iain M. BanksNovel1996
The Memory Palace de Gill AldermanNovel1996
The Stone Canal de Ken MacLeodNovel1996
Blue Mars de Kim Stanley RobinsonNovel1996
Interface de Neal StephensonNovel1996
Holy Fire de Bruce SterlingNovel1996
The Dying Fall de J. G. BallardShort Fiction1996
Community Service de Molly BrownShort Fiction1996
The East {story} de M. John HarrisonShort Fiction1996
The Time Ships de Stephen BaxterNovel1995
The Nano Flower de Peter F. HamiltonNovel1995
Fairyland de Paul J. McAuleyNovel1995
Evolution's Shore de Ian McDonaldNovel1995
Blood de Michael MoorcockNovel1995
The Prestige de Christopher PriestNovel1995
Mister Volition de Greg EganShort Fiction1995
Sunflowers de Kathleen Ann GoonanShort Fiction1995
Warmth (short story) de Geoff RymanShort Fiction1995
Feersum Endjinn de Iain M. BanksNovel1994
Engineman de Eric BrownNovel1994
Permutation City de Greg EganNovel1994
North Wind de Gwyneth JonesNovel1994
Necroville de Ian McDonaldNovel1994
Asylum {novella} de Katharine KerrShort Fiction1994
Sharp Tang de John MeaneyShort Fiction1994
Les fleurs du mal [short fiction] de Brian StablefordShort Fiction1994
Aztec Century de Christopher EvansNovel1993
Harm's Way de Colin GreenlandNovel1993
Ammonite de Nicola GriffithNovel1993
Green Mars de Kim Stanley RobinsonNovel1993
Snow Crash de Neal StephensonNovel1993
The Ragthorn de Robert HoldstockShort Fiction1993
The Welfare Man de Chris BeckettShort Fiction1993
No Better Than Anyone Else de Molly BrownShort Fiction1993
Touching Fire de Nicola GriffithShort Fiction1993
Spare Capacity de Peter F. HamiltonShort Fiction1993
The Science Fiction Encyclopedia de John CluteSpecial Award1993
Red Mars de Kim Stanley RobinsonNovel1992
Hot-head de Simon IngsNovel1992
The Broken Land de Ian McDonaldNovel1992
Lost Futures de Lisa TuttleNovel1992
Doomsday Book de Connie WillisNovel1992
Innocents [novelette] de Ian McDonaldShort Fiction1992
Reification Highway de Greg EganShort Fiction1992
The Sculptor de Garry KilworthShort Fiction1992
The Coming of Vertumnus [short fiction] de Ian WatsonShort Fiction1992
The Fall of Hyperion de Dan SimmonsNovel1991
The Architecture of Desire de Mary GentleNovel1991
Eternal Light de Paul J. McAuleyNovel1991
Bad Timing de Molly BrownShort Fiction1991
Nothing Special de Colin GreenlandShort Fiction1991
Floating Dogs [novelette] de Ian McDonaldShort Fiction1991
Take Back Plenty de Colin GreenlandNovel1990
Use of Weapons de Iain M. BanksNovel1990
Rats and Gargoyles de Mary GentleNovel1990
The Difference Engine de William GibsonNovel1990
Hyperion de Dan SimmonsNovel1990
The Original Dr Shade [short fiction] de Kim NewmanShort Fiction1990
The Pharagean effect [short fiction] de Eric BrownShort Fiction1990
Axiomatic [short story] de Greg EganShort Fiction1990
Learning to Be Me [short fiction] de Greg EganShort Fiction1990
Winning {short story} de Ian McDonaldShort Fiction1990
Pyramids de Terry PratchettNovel1989
A Child Across the Sky de Jonathan CarrollNovel1989
Cyteen de C. J. CherryhNovel1989
The Gold Coast de Kim Stanley RobinsonNovel1989
The Child Garden de Geoff RymanNovel1989
In Translation [short fiction] de Lisa TuttleShort Fiction1989
Tommy Atkins [short fiction] de Barrington J. BayleyShort Fiction1989
The Knot Garden de Mary GentleShort Fiction1989
Once upon a time in the park [short fiction] de Ian LeeShort Fiction1989
Gardenias {short story} de Ian McDonaldShort Fiction1989
Lavondyss de Robert HoldstockNovel1988
Dark Night in Toyland de Bob ShawShort Fiction1988
Grainne de Keith RobertsNovel1987
Love sickness [short fiction] de Geoff RymanShort Fiction1987
The Ragged Astronauts de Bob ShawNovel1986
Blood Music de Greg BearNovel1986
Count Zero de William GibsonNovel1986
Queen of the States de Josephine SaxtonNovel1986
Schismatrix de Bruce SterlingNovel1986
The Winter Market [novelette] de William GibsonShort Fiction1986
And He Not Busy Being Born . . . (Short story) de Brian StablefordShort Fiction1986
Jingling Geordie's Hole [short fiction] de Ian WatsonShort Fiction1986
Helliconia Winter de Brian W. AldissNovel1985
The Anubis Gates de Tim PowersNovel1985
Kiteworld de Keith RobertsNovel1985
The Warrior who Carried Life de Geoff RymanNovel1985
Free Live Free de Gene WolfeNovel1985
Cube Root [short fiction] de David LangfordShort Fiction1985
A Young Man's Journey to Viriconium [short story] de M. John HarrisonShort Fiction1985
The Kitemistress [short fiction] de Keith RobertsShort Fiction1985
O Happy Day! de Geoff RymanShort Fiction1985
The People on the Precipice [short story] de Ian WatsonShort Fiction1985
Mythago Wood de Robert HoldstockNovel1984
L'Imperi del Sol de J. G. BallardNovel1984
Nights at the Circus de Angela CarterNovel1984
Neuromàntic de William GibsonNovel1984
The Glamour de Christopher PriestNovel1984
The Unconquered Country de Geoff RymanShort Fiction1984
The Object of the Attack [short story] de J. G. BallardShort Fiction1984
Unzweifelhaft der Beste: Short Stories de Scott BradfieldShort Fiction1984
Spiral winds [short fiction] de Garry KilworthShort Fiction1984
The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule de Lucius ShepardShort Fiction1984
Tik-Tok de John SladekNovel1983
Helliconia Summer de Brian W. AldissNovel1983
Cat Karina de Michael ConeyNovel1983
Golden Witchbreed de Mary GentleNovel1983
The Citadel of The Autarch de Gene WolfeNovel1983
After-Images [short story] de Malcolm EdwardsShort Fiction1983
The flash! kid [short fiction] de Scott BradfieldShort Fiction1983
The Tithonian Factor [short fiction] de Richard CowperShort Fiction1983
Novelty {story} de John CrowleyShort Fiction1983
Calling all gumdrops [short fiction] de John SladekShort Fiction1983
Helliconia Spring de Brian W. AldissNovel1982
No Enemy But Time de Michael BishopNovel1982
Little, Big de John CrowleyNovel1982
The Divine Invasion de Philip K. DickNovel1982
The Sword of the Lictor de Gene WolfeNovel1982
Kitemaster [short fiction] de Keith RobertsShort Fiction1982
Myths of the Near Future [short story] de J. G. BallardShort Fiction1982
Overture for 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' [short fiction] de Angela CarterShort Fiction1982
The Dissemblers [short story] de Garry KilworthShort Fiction1982
The third Test [short fiction] de Andrew WeinerShort Fiction1982
Time Bandits [1981 film] de Terry GilliamMedia1981
The Shadow of the Torturer de Gene WolfeNovel1981
Hello America de J. G. BallardNovel1981
Where Time Winds Blow de Robert HoldstockNovel1981
The Affirmation de Christopher PriestNovel1981
Mythago Wood [novelette] de Robert HoldstockShort Fiction1981
Treading the Maze de Lisa TuttleShort Fiction1981
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Secondary Phase [sound recording] de Douglas AdamsMedia1980
Timescape de Gregory BenfordNovel1980
Transfigurations de Michael BishopNovel1980
Engine Summer de John CrowleyNovel1980
Beyond the Blue Event Horizon de Frederik PohlNovel1980
Molly Zero de Keith RobertsNovel1980
The Brave Little Toaster de Thomas M. DischShort Fiction1980
Rautavaara's Case [short fiction] de Philip K. DickShort Fiction1980
Die Edlen [Erzählung] de Keith RobertsShort Fiction1980
A World Between de Norman Spinrad1980
The Unlimited Dream Company de J. G. BallardNovel1979
The Fountains of Paradise de Arthur C. ClarkeNovel1979
On Wings of Song de Thomas M. DischNovel1979
Blind Voices de Tom ReamyNovel1979
Aka: A Cosmic Fable de Rob SwigartNovel1979
Palely loitering [novelette] de Christopher PriestShort Fiction1979
Camps de Jack DannShort Fiction1979
Sex Pirates of the Blood Asteroid [short fiction] de David LangfordShort Fiction1979
Crossing into Cambodia [short fiction] de Michael MoorcockShort Fiction1979
Prose Bowl de Bill PronziniShort Fiction1979
Deathbird Stories de Harlan EllisonCollection1978
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Primary Phase [sound recording] de Douglas AdamsMedia1978
A Scanner Darkly de Philip K. DickNovel1978
The Jonah Kit de Ian Watson1977
A Pictorial History of Science Fiction de David A. KyleSpecial Award1976
Brontomek! de Michael G. Coney1976
Orbitsville de Bob Shaw1975
Inverted World de Christopher Priest1974
Billion Year Spree: The True History of Science Fiction de Brian W. AldissSpecial Award1973
Encontre amb Rama de Arthur C. Clarke1973
The Moment of Eclipse [collection] de Brian W. AldissCollection1971
The Jagged Orbit de John BrunnerNovel1970
Stand on Zanzibar de John Brunner1969
Non-Stop de Brian AldissBSFA Fiftieth Anniversary Award - Best Novel of 1958
A Case of Conscience de James BlishBSFA Fiftieth Anniversary Award - Best Novel of 1958
A Clash of Cymbals de James BlishBSFA Fiftieth Anniversary Award - Best Novel of 1958
Who? de Algis BudrysBSFA Fiftieth Anniversary Award - Best Novel of 1958
Have Spacesuit, Will Travel de Robert A. HeinleinBSFA Fiftieth Anniversary Award - Best Novel of 1958
The Big Time de Fritz LeiberBSFA Fiftieth Anniversary Award - Best Novel of 1958


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