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Premis literaris: American Horticultural Society Book Award

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Obres (85)

The Collector's Garden: Designing with Extraordinary Plants de Ken Druse1997
North American Landscape Trees de Arthur Lee Jacobson1997
Plants That Merit Attention: Shrubs (Plants That Merit Attention) de Janet Meakin Poor1997
Breaking Ground: Portraits of 10 Garden Designers de Page Dickey1998
A Gardener's Encyclopedia of Wildflowers: An Organic Guide to Choosing and Growing over 150 Beautiful de C. Colston Burrell1998
The Gardens of Ellen Biddle Shipman (Library of American Landscape History) de Judith B. Tankard1998
Hollies: The Genus Ilex de Fred C. Galle1998
Moss Gardening: Including Lichens, Liverworts and Other Miniatures de George H. Schenk1998
Taylor's Dictionary for Gardeners de Frances Tenenbaum1998
A Tree Is Growing de Arthur Dorros1998
A Year of Roses de Stephen Scanniello1998
A Celebration of Heirloom Vegetables: Growing and Cooking Old-Time Varieties de Roger Yepsen1999
Earth on Her Hands: The American Woman in Her Garden de Starr Ockenga1999
The Savage Garden: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants de Peter D'Amato1999
The Tropical Look: An Encyclopedia of Dramatic Landscape Plants de Robert L. Riffle1999
The Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses: Sedges, Rushes, Restios, Cat-Tails and Selected Bamboos de Rick Darke2000
Creating and Planting Garden Troughs de Joyce Fingerut2000
The Pressed Plant de Andrea DiNoto2000
Washington's Gardens at Mount Vernon de Mac Griswold2000
Growing Home: Stories of Ethnic Gardening de Susan Davis Price2001
Making More Plants: The Science, Art, and Joy of Propagation de Ken Druse2001
The Once and Future Gardener: Garden Writing from the Golden Age of Magazines, 1900-1940 de Virginia Tuttle Clayton2001
Passionate Gardening: Good Advice for Challenging Climates de Lauren Springer2001
Armitage's Manual of Annuals, Biennials and Half-Hardy Perennials de Allan M. Armitage2002
Bulbs of North America de Mary Jane McGary2002
The Cactus Family de Edward F. Anderson2002
The Greater Perfection: The Story of the Gardens at Les Quatre Vents de Francis H. Cabot2002
Insects and Gardens: In Pursuit of a Garden Ecology de Eric Grissell2002
The American Woodland Garden: Capturing the Spirit of the Deciduous Forest de Rick Darke2003
An Encyclopedia of Shade Perennials de W. George Schmid2003
Grounds for Pleasure: Four Centuries of the American Garden de Denise Otis2003
Melons for the Passionate Grower de Amy Goldman2003
Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines: A Guide to Using, Growing, and Propagating North American Woody Plants de William Cullina2003
An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms de Robert Lee Riffle2004
Ken Druse: The Passion for Gardening de Ken Druse2004
Time and the Gardener: Writings on a Lifelong Passion de Elisabeth Sheldon2004
Tropical Flowering Plants: A Guide to Identification and Cultivation de Kirsten Albrecht Llamas2004
Your House, Your Garden: A Foolproof Approach to Garden Design de Gordon Hayward2004
American Household Botany: A History of Useful Plants, 1620-1900 de Judith Sumner2005
The Compleat Squash: A Passionate Grower's Guide to Pumpkins, Squashes, and Gourds de Amy Goldman2005
Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants de Greg Speichert2005
Plants And Landscapes For Summer-dry Climates Of The San Francisco Bay Region de Nora Harlow2005
Understanding Orchids: An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World's Most Exotic Plants de William Cullina2005
The Art of the Japanese Garden de Michiko Kimura Young2006
California Native Plants for the Garden de Carol Bornstein2006
Growing Hardy Orchids de John Tullock2006
The Wild Braid: A Poet Reflects on a Century in the Garden de Stanley Kunitz2006
Yard Full of Sun: The Story of a Gardener's Obsession That Got a Little Out of Hand de Scott Calhoun2006
Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime de Kenneth I. Helphand2007
Hellebores: A Comprehensive Guide de C. Colston Burrell2007
Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest de Mark Turner2007
Foliage de Nancy J. Ondra2008
A Natural History of North American Trees de Donald Culross Peattie2008
Perennial Vegetables: From Artichokes to Zuiki Taro, A Gardener's Guide to Over 100 Delicious and Easy to Grow Edibles de Eric Toensmeier2008
Viburnums: Flowering Shrubs for Every Season de Michael A. Dirr2008
Hardy Succulents: Tough Plants for Every Climate de Gwen Moore Kelaidis2009
The Heirloom Tomato: From Garden to Table: Recipes, Portraits, and History of the World's Most Beautiful Fruit de Amy Goldman2009
Native Ferns, Moss, and Grasses: From Emerald Carpet to Amber Wave, Serene and Sensuous Plants for theGarden de William Cullina2009
Plant-Driven Design: Creating Gardens That Honor Plants, Place, and Spirit de Scott Ogden2009
The Brother Gardeners: Botany, Empire and the Birth of an Obsession de Andrea Wulf2010
The Explorer's Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials de Daniel J. Hinkley2010
Parks, Plants, and People: Beautifying the Urban Landscape de Lynden B. Miller2010
Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities de Amy Stewart2010
Armitage's Vines and Climbers: A Gardener's Guide to the Best Vertical Plants de Allan M. Armitage2011
Edible Landscaping de Rosalind Creasy2011
From art to landscape : unleashing creativity in garden design de W. Gary Smith2011
Gardening for a Lifetime: How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older de Sydney Eddison2011
The Holistic Orchard: Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way de Michael Phillips2012
Putting Down Roots: Gardening Insights from Wisconsin's Early Settlers de Marcia C. Carmichael2012
Small Green Roofs: Low-Tech Options for Greener Living de Nigel Dunnett2012
Writing the Garden: A Literary Conversation across Two Centuries de Elizabeth Barlow Rogers2012
The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener: How to Grow Your Own Food 365 Days a Year, No Matter Where You Live de Niki Jabbour2012
"A Rich Spot of Earth": Thomas Jefferson's Revolutionary Garden at Monticello de Peter J. Hatch2013
The California Wildlife Habitat Garden: How to Attract Bees, Butterflies, Birds, and Other Animals de Nancy Bauer2013
A Guide to Bearded Irises: Cultivating the Rainbow for Beginners and Enthusiasts de Kelly D. Norris2013
The Organic Seed Grower: A Farmer's Guide to Vegetable Seed Production de John Navazio2013
The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food de Janisse Ray2013
World's Fair Gardens: Shaping American Landscapes de Cathy Jean Maloney2013
Apples of North America: Exceptional Varieties for Gardeners, Growers, and Cooks de Tom Burford2014
The Four Season Farm Gardener's Cookbook de Barbara Damrosch2014
The Resilient Farm and Homestead: An Innovative Permaculture and Whole Systems Design Approach de Ben Falk2014
Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide de Heather N. Holm2018
Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest, and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms de Erin Benzakein2018
The Trees of North America: Michaux and Redoute's American Masterpiece de Susan Fraser2018
The Food Explorer: The True Adventures of the Globe-Trotting Botanist Who Transformed What America Eats de Daniel Stone2019

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