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Forget Me Not de Ellie Terry2017, Middle Grade Novel
Mustaches for Maddie de Chad Morris2017, Middle Grade Novel
Paper Chains de Elaine Vickers2017, Middle Grade Novel
Under Locker and Key (MAX) de Allison K. Hymas2017, Middle Grade Novel
Genius Loci de Lance LarsenPoetry, 2013
Salt de Susan Elizabeth HowePoetry, 2013
Almost Super de Marion JensenMiddle Grade Novel, 2014
The Bishop's Wife de Mette Ivie HarrisonNovel, 2014
Fetch de Adam Glendon SidwellPicture Book, 2014
Forbidden de Kimberley Griffiths LittleYoung Adult General Novel, 2014
Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story de Ingrid RicksCreative Nonfiction, 2014
Illusions of Fate de Kiersten WhiteYoung Adult Speculative Novel, 2014
In the museum of coming and going de Laura StottPoetry, 2014
On the Fence de Kasie WestYoung adult General Novel, 2014
The Paper Magician de Charlie N. HolmbergYoung Adult Speculative Novel, 2014
Ruins de Dan WellsYoung Adult Speculative Novel, 2014
Seeking the Promised Land: Mormons and American Politics (Cambridge Studies in Social Theory, Religion and Politics) de David E. CampbellReligious Nonfiction, 2014
Signed, Skye Harper de Carol Lynch WilliamsYoung Adult General Novel, 2014
Sky Raiders de Brandon MullMiddle Grade Novel, 2014
Son of War, Daughter of Chaos de Janette RallisonYoung Adult Speculative Novel, 2014
Stronger Than You Know de Jolene PerryYoung Adult General Novel, 2014
The Time of the Fireflies de Kimberley Griffiths LittleMiddle Grade Novel, 2014
To the Mountain: One Mormon Woman's Search for Spirit de Phyllis BarberCreative Nonfiction, 2014
The Tooth Fairy Wars de Kate CoombsPicture Book, 2014
Uncommon Prayer: Poems (Karen and Michael Braziller Books) de Kimberly JohnsonPoetry, 2014
The Unhappening of Genesis Lee de Shallee McArthurYoung Adult Speculative Novel, 2014
Way Below the Angels: The Pretty Clearly Troubled But Not Even Close to Tragic Confessions of a Real Live Mormon Missionary de Craig HarlineCreative Nonfiction, 2014
The World According to Musk Ox de Erin CabatinganPicture Book, 2014
Wrestling the Angel: The Foundations of Mormon Thought: Cosmos, God, Humanity de Terryl L. GivensReligious Nonfiction, 2014
The Accidental Terrorist: Confessions of a Reluctant Missionary de William ShunnCreative Non-Fiction, 2015
Firefight de Brandon SandersonYoung Adult, 2015
Fires of Invention (Mysteries of Cove) de J. Scott SavageMiddle Grade Novel, 2015
Fish Out of Water de Natalie WhippleYoung Adult Novel, 2015
Fresh Courage Take: New Directions by Mormon Women de Jamie ZvirzdinCreative Non-Fiction, 2015
Girls Who Choose God: Stories of Strong Women from the Book of Mormon de McArthur KrishnaPicture Book, 2015
His Right Hand de Mette Ivie HarrisonNovel, 2015
Ink and Ashes de Valynne E. MaetaniYoung Adult Novel, 2015
Job Wanted de Teresa BatemanPicture Book, 2015
Let Me Drown With Moses de James GoldbergPoetry, 2015
A Night Divided de Jennifer A. NielsenMiddle Grade Novel, 2015
The Oxford Handbook of Mormonism de Terryl L. GivensReligious Non-Fiction, 2015
Planted: Belief and Belonging in an Age of Doubt de Patrick Q. MasonReligious Non-Fiction, 2015
Shutter de Courtney AlamedaYoung Adult Novel, 2015
Son of the Black Sword de Larry CorreiaNovel, 2015
A Song for Issy Bradley de Carys BrayNovel, 2015
The Sound of Life and Everything de Krista Van DolzerMiddle Grade Novel, 2015
Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave de Jen WhiteMiddle Grade Novel, 2015
And I Darken de Kiersten WhiteYoung Adult Novel, 2016
Cinnamon Moon de Tess HilmoMiddle Grade Novel, 2016
Daredevils de Shawn VestalNovel, 2016
flicker de Lisa BickmorePoetry, 2016
Immortal for Quite Some Time de Scott H. AbbottCreative Non-fiction, 2016
The Kidnap Plot (The Extraordinary Journeys of Clockwork Charlie) de Dave ButlerMiddle Grade Novel, 2016
The Latter Days: A Memoir de Judith FreemanCreative Non-fiction, 2016
Leviathan de Neil AitkenPoetry, 2016
One Hundred Birds Taught Me to Fly: The Art of Seeking God de Ashley Mae HoilandCreative Non-fiction, 2016
The Passion of Dolssa de Julie BerryYoung Adult Novel, 2016
Red: The True Story of Red Riding Hood de Liesl ShurtliffMiddle Grade Novel, 2016
She Stood for Freedom: The Untold Story of a Civil Rights Hero, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland de Loki MulhollandPicture Book, 2016
Slave Queen (An Omar Zagouri Thriller) de H.B. MooreNovel, 2016
The Vision of All: Twenty-five Lectures on Isaiah in Nephi's Record de Joseph M. SpencerReligious Non-fiction, 2016
What Did You Think? What Would It Be Like? de McArthur KrishnaPicture Book, 2016
White Sand, Volume 1 de Brandon SandersonComics, 2016
Windows Into Hell de James WymoreShort Fiction Collection, 2016
The Burning Point: A Memoir of Addiction, Destruction, Love, Parenting, Survival, and Hope de Tracy McKayCreative Non-Fiction, 2017
Do Clouds Rest?: Dementiadventures with Mom de Michael HicksNotable Mention in Creative Non-Fiction, 2017
The Duke of Bannerman Prep de Katie A. NelsonYoung Adult Novel, 2017
Feeding the Flock: The Foundations of Mormon Thought: Church and Praxis de Terryl L. GivensReligious Non-Fiction, 2017
The Garden of Enid: Adventures of a Weird Mormon Girl, Part Two de Scott HalesComics, 2017
Heroic Stories from the Book of Mormon: A Flashlight Discovery Book de Shauna GibbyPicture Book, 2017
Heterodoxologies de Matthew James BabcockNotable Mention in Creative Non-Fiction, 2017
Last Star Burning de Caitlin SangsterYoung Adult Novel, 2017
Learning to Like Life: A Tribute to Lowell Bennion de George B. HandleyCreative Non-Fiction, 2017
Nothing Left to Lose de Dan WellsNovel, 2017
Now I Rise de Kiersten WhiteYoung Adult Novel, 2017
The OCD Mormon: Finding Healing and Hope in the Midst of Anxiety de Kari FergusonNotable Mention in Creative Non-Fiction, 2017
Open Midnight: Where Ancestors and Wilderness Meet de Brooke WilliamsCreative Non-Fiction, 2017
Perspectives on Mormon Theology: Apologetics de Blair G. Van DykeReligious Non-Fiction, 2017
Prayers in Bath de Luisa PerkinsNovel, 2017
Sins of Empire de Brian McClellanNovel, 2017
Speak Easy, Speak Love de McKelle GeorgeYoung Adult Novel, 2017
The Sun Has Burned My Skin: A Modest Paraphrase of Solomon's Song of Songs de Adam S. MillerReligious Non-Fiction, 2017
A Book about the Film Monty Python and the Holy Grail: All the References from African Swallows to Zoot de Darl LarsenCriticism, 2018
Daughter of the Siren Queen de Tricia LevensellerYoung Adult Novel, 2018
Educated: A Memoir de Tara Westover2018
Faith Is Not Blind de Bruce C. HafenReligious Non-Fiction, 2018
Grump: The (Fairly) True Tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves de Liesl ShurtliffMiddle Grade Novel, 2018
Half-Hazard: Poems de Kristen TracyPoetry, 2018
If da Vinci Painted a Dinosaur de Amy NewboldPicture Book, 2018
If Wendell Had a Walrus de Lori MortensenPicture Book, 2018
The Infinite Future de Tim WirkusNovel, 2018
On Fire in Baltimore: Black Mormon Women and Conversion in a Raging City de Laura Rutter StricklingReligious Non-Fiction, 2018
The Power of Godliness: Mormon Liturgy and Cosmology de Jonathan StapleyReligious Non-Fiction, 2018
Resistance de Jennifer A. NielsenMiddle Grade Novel, 2018
Skyward de Brandon SandersonYoung Adult Novel, 2018
Thou Art the Christ: The Person and Work of Jesus in the New Testament -- The 47th Annual BYU Sidney B. Sperry Symposium de Eric D. HuntsmanReligious Non-Fiction, 2018
The Traitor's Game de Jennifer A. NielsenYoung Adult Novel, 2018
Where the Watermelons Grow de Cindy BaldwinMiddle Grade Novel, 2018
The Cunning Man de D. J. ButlerNovel, 2019
The Glovemaker de Ann WeisgarberNovel, 2019
Irreversible Things de Lisa Van Orman HadleyNovel, 2019