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Premis literaris: CBCA Book of the Year

Les cobertes dels títols premiats

Obres (215)

The Story of Karrawingi the Emu de Leslie ReesBook of the Year, 1946
Shackleton's Argonauts de Frank HurleyBook of the Year, 1948
Whalers of the midnight sun de Alan VilliersBook of the Year, 1950
Verity of Sydney Town de Ruth C. WilliamsBook of the Year, 1951
The Australia book de Eve PownallBook of the Year, 1952
Aircraft of today and tomorrow de James Henry MartinBook of the Year, 1953
Good Luck to the Rider de Joan PhipsonBook of the Year, 1953
Australian Legendary Tales de K. Langloh ParkerBook of the Year, 1954
The first walkabout de Norman B. TindaleBook of the Year, 1955
The Crooked Snake de Patricia WrightsonBook of the Year, 1956
The Boomerang Book of Legendary Tales. de Enid Moodie HeddleBook of the Year, 1957
Piccaninny Walkabout: A Story of Two Aboriginal Children de Axel PoignantPicture Book, 1958
Sea menace de John GunnBook of the Year, 1958
Tiger in the Bush de Nan ChauncyBook of the Year, 1958
Devil's Hill de Nan ChauncyBook of the Year, 1959
All the proud tribesmen de Kylie TennantBook of the Year, 1960
Tangara de Nan ChauncyBook of the Year, 1961
The Racketty Street Gang de L. H. EversBook of the Year, 1962
Rafferty Rides a Winner de Joan WoodberryBook of the Year, 1962
The Family Conspiracy de Joan PhipsonBook of the Year, 1963
The green laurel de Eleanor SpenceBook of the Year, 1964
Hugh's Zoo de Elisabeth MacIntyrePicture Book, 1965
Pastures of the Blue Crane de Hesba BrinsmeadBook of the Year, 1965
Ash Road de Ivan SouthallBook of the Year, 1966
The Min-Min de Mavis Thorpe ClarkBook of the Year, 1967
To the Wild Sky de Ivan SouthallBook of the Year, 1968
Sly Old Wardrobe de Ivan SouthallPicture Book, 1969
When Jays Fly to Barbmo de Margaret BaldersonBook of the Year, 1969
Uhu de Annette Macarthur-OnslowBook of the Year, 1970
Bread and Honey de Ivan SouthallBook of the Year, 1971
Waltzing Matilda de A. B. PatersonPicture Book, 1971
Longtime Passing de Hesba BrinsmeadBook of the Year, 1972
Family at The Lookout de Noreen ShelleyBook of the Year, 1973
The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek de Jenny WagnerPicture Book, 1974
The Nargun and the Stars de Patricia WrightsonBook of the Year, 1974
The man from Ironbark : poem de A. B. PatersonPicture Book, 1975
Fly West de Ivan SouthallBook of the Year, 1976
The Rainbow Serpent de Dick RoughseyPicture Book, 1976
The October Child de Eleanor SpenceBook of the Year, 1977
The Ice Is Coming de Patricia WrightsonBook of the Year, 1978
John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat de Jenny WagnerPicture Book, 1978
The Plum-Rain Scroll de Ruth ManleyBook of the Year, 1979
The Quinkins de Percy TrezisePicture Book, 1979
Displaced Person de Lee HardingBook of the Year, 1980
One Dragon's Dream de Peter PaveyPicture Book, 1980
Playing Beatie Bow de Ruth ParkBook of the Year, 1981
Rummage de Christobel MattingleyJunior, 1982
Sunshine de Jan OrmerodPicture Book, 1982
The valley between de Colin ThieleBook of the Year, 1982
Master of the grove de Victor KelleherBook of the Year, 1983
Thing de Robin KleinJunior Book, 1983
Who Sank the Boat? de Pamela AllenPicture Book, 1983
Bernice knows best de Max DannJunior Book ∙ 1984
Bertie And The Bear de Pamela AllenPicture Book, 1984
A Little Fear de Patricia WrightsonBook of the Year, 1984
Something Special de Emily RoddaJunior Book ∙ 1985
The True Story of Lilli Stubeck (Puffin Plus) de James AldridgeBook of the Year, 1985
Arkwright (Young Hylander) de Mary Q. SteeleJunior Book, 1986
Felix and Alexander de Terry DentonPicture Book, 1986
The Green Wind de Thurley FowlerBook of the Year, 1986
All We Know de Simon FrenchOlder Readers, 1987
Kojuro and the Bears de Junko MorimotoPicture Book, 1987
Pigs might fly de Emily RoddaYounger Readers, 1987
Crusher is Coming de Bob GrahamPicture Book, 1988
My Place de Nadia WheatleyYounger Readers, Eve Pownall Award, 1988
So Much to Tell You de John MarsdenOlder Readers, 1988
The Best-Kept Secret de Emily RoddaYounger Readers, 1989
Beyond the Labyrinth de Lian HearnOlder Readers, 1989
Drac and the Gremlin de Allan BailliePicture Book, 1989
The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery de Graeme BasePicture Book, 1989
Came Back to Show You I Could Fly de Robin KleinOlder Readers, 1990
Pigs and Honey de Jeanie AdamsYounger Readers, 1990
The Very Best of Friends de Margaret WildPicture Book, 1990
Finders Keepers de Emily RoddaYounger Readers, 1991
Greetings from Sandy Beach de Bob GrahamPicture Book, 1991
Strange Objects de Gary CrewOlder Readers, 1991
The House Guest de Eleanor NilssonOlder Readers, 1992
The Magnificent Nose and Other Marvels de Anna FienbergYounger Readers, 1992
Window de Jeannie BakerPicture Book, 1992
The Bamboo Flute de Garry DisherYounger Readers, 1993
Looking for Alibrandi de Melina MarchettaOlder Readers, 1993
Rose Meets Mr. Wintergarten de Bob GrahamPicture Book, 1993
Tjarany Roughtail: The Dreaming of the Roughtail Lizard and Other Stories told by the Kukatja de Gracie GreenEve Pownall Award, 1993
Angel's Gate de Gary CrewOlder Readers, 1994
First Light de Gary CrewPicture Book, 1994
The Gathering de Isobelle CarmodyOlder Readers, 1994
Rowan of Rin de Emily RoddaYounger Readers, 1994
V for Vanishing: An Alphabet of Endangered Animals de Patricia MullinsEve Pownall Award, 1994
Alternative pets : from budgies and yabbies to rabbits and rats de Robin E. StewartEve Pownall Award, 1995
Ark in the Park de Wendy OrrYounger Readers, 1995
Foxspell de Lian HearnOlder Readers, 1995
The Watertower de Gary CrewPicture Book, 1995
The First Fleet : a new beginning in an old land de John NicholsonEve Pownall Award, 1996
The Hunt de Narelle OliverPicture Book, 1996
Pagan's Vows de Catherine JinksOlder Readers, 1996
Swashbuckler de James MoloneyYounger Readers, 1996
A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove de James MoloneyOlder Readers, 1997
Hannah Plus One de Libby GleesonYounger Readers, 1997
Killer Plants and How to Grow Them (Picture Puffin Fact Books) de Gordon CheersEve Pownall Award, 1997
Not a Nibble (Little Ark Book) de Elizabeth HoneyPicture Book, 1997
Eye to Eye de Catherine JinksOlder Readers, 1998
A home among the gum trees: The story of Australian houses de John NicholsonEve Pownall Award, 1998
Someone Like Me de Elaine ForrestalYounger Readers, 1998
The Two Bullies de Junko MorimotoPicture Book, 1998
Deadly, Unna? de Phillip GwynneOlder Readers, 1999
My Girragundji de Meme McDonaldYounger Readers, 1999
The Rabbits de John MarsdenPicture Book, 1999
48 Shades of Brown de Nick EarlsOlder Readers, 2000
Fishing for Islands: Traditional Boats and Seafarers of the Pacific de John NicholsonEve Pownall Award, 2000
Hitler's Daughter de Jackie FrenchYounger Readers, 2000
Jenny Angel de Margaret WildPicture Book, 2000
Fox de Margaret WildPicture Book, 2001
Olympia: Warrior Athletes of Ancient Greece de Dyan BlacklockEve Pownall Award, 2001
Two Hands Together de Diana KiddYounger Readers, 2001
Wolf on the Fold de Judith ClarkeOlder Readers, 2001
You'll Wake the Baby! de Catherine JinksEarly Childhood, 2001
"Let's Get a Pup!" Said Kate de Bob GrahamEarly Childhood, 2002
Forest de Sonya HartnettOlder Readers, 2002
My dog de John HeffernanYounger Readers, 2002
An Ordinary Day de Libby GleesonPicture Book, 2002
The Papunya School Book of Country and History de Nada WheatleyEve Pownall Award, 2002
In Flanders Fields de Norman JorgensenPicture Book, 2003
Iron in the blood : convicts and commandants in colonial Australia de Alan TuckerEve Pownall Award, 2003
Jo sóc el missatger de Markus ZusakOlder Readers, 2003
Rain May and Captain Daniel de Catherine BatesonYounger Readers, 2003
A Year on Our Farm de Penny MatthewsEarly Childhood, 2003
Animal Architects de John NicholsonEve Pownall Award, 2004
Cat and Fish de Joan GrantPicture Book, 2004
Dragon Keeper de Carole WilkinsonYounger Readers, 2004
Grandpa and Thomas de Pamela AllenEarly Childhood, 2004
Saving Francesca de Melina MarchettaOlder Readers, 2004
Are We There Yet? A Journey Around Australia de Alison LesterPicture Book, 2005
The Running Man de Michael Gerard BauerOlder Readers, 2005
To the Moon and Back de Jackie FrenchEve Pownall Award, 2005
Where Is the Green Sheep? de Mem FoxEarly Childhood, 2005
Annie's Chair de Deborah NilandEarly Childhood, 2006
Helicopter Man de Elizabeth FenshamYounger Readers, 2006
Scarecrow army : the Anzacs at Gallipoli de Leon DavidsonEve Pownall Award, 2006
The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley de Colin ThompsonPicture Book, 2006
The Story of Tom Brennan de J. C. BurkeOlder Readers, 2006
The Arrival de Shaun TanPicture Book, 2007
Being Bee de Catherine BatesonYounger Readers, 2007
Half a World Away de Libby GleesonEarly Childhood, 2007
The Penguin Book - Birds in Suits de Dr. Mark NormanEve Pownall Award, 2007
Red Spikes de Margo LanaganOlder Readers, 2007
Dragon Moon de Carole WilkinsonYounger Readers, 2008
The Ghost's Child de Sonya HartnettOlder Readers, 2008
Parsley Rabbit's Book About Books de Frances WattsEve Pownall Award, 2008
Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley de Aaron BlabeyEarly Childhood, 2008
Requiem for a Beast de Matt OttleyPicture Book, 2008
Alive in the Death Zone: Mount Everest Survival de Lincoln HallEve Pownall Award, 2009
How to Heal a Broken Wing de Bob GrahamEarly Childhood, 2009
Perry Angel's suitcase de Glenda MillardYounger Readers, 2009
Tales from Outer Suburbia de Shaun TanOlder Readers, 2009
Australian backyard explorer de Peter MacinnisEve Pownall Award, 2010
Bear and Chook by the Sea de Lisa ShanahanEarly Childhood, 2010
Darius Bell and the Glitter Pool de Odo HirschYounger Readers, 2010
The hero of Little Street de Gregory RogersPicture Book, 2010
Jarvis 24 de David MetzenthenOlder Readers, 2010
Hamlet : William Shakespeare's Hamlet staged on the page de Nicki GreenbergPicture Book, 2011
Maudie and Bear de Jan OrmerodEarly Childhood, 2011
The Midnight Zoo de Sonya HartnettOlder Readers, 2011
Mirror de Jeannie BakerPicture Book, 2011
The red wind de Isobelle CarmodyYounger Readers, 2011
The Return of the Word Spy de Ursula DubosarskyEve Pownall Award, 2011
Un autobús caigut del cel de Bob GrahamPicture book, 2012
Crow Country de Kate ConstableYounger Readers, 2012
The Dead I Know de Scot GardnerOlder Readers, 2012
One small island : the story of Macquarie Island de Alison LesterEve Pownall Award, 2012
The Runaway Hug de Nick BlandEarly Childhood, 2012
The Brides of Rollrock Island de Margo LanaganOlder Readers, 2013
The Children of the King de Sonya HartnettYounger Readers, 2013
The Coat de Julie HuntPicture Book, 2013
The Terrible Suitcase de Emma AllenEarly Childhood, 2013
Tom the outback mailman de Kristin WeidenbachEve Pownall Award, 2013
The Baby Swap de Jan OrmerodEarly Childhood ∙ 2014
How to Catch a Bogle de Catherine JinksYounger Readers, 2014
Jeremy de christopher failleEve Pownall Award, 2014
Rules of Summer de Shaun TanPicture Book, 2014
Wildlife de Fiona WoodOlder Readers, 2014
A-Z of Convicts in Van Diemen's Land de Simon BarnardEve Pownall Award, 2015
The Cleo Stories: The Necklace and the Present de Libby GleesonYounger Readers, 2015
Go to Sleep, Jessie! de Libby GleesonEarly Childhood, 2015
My Two Blankets de Irena KobaldPicture Book, 2015
The Protected de Claire ZornOlder Readers, 2015
Cloudwish de Fiona WoodOlder Readers, 2016
Flight de Nadia WheatleyPicture Book, 2016
Lennie the legend : solo to Sydney by pony de Stephanie Owen ReederEve Pownall Award, 2016
Mr HuffEarly Childhood, 2016
Soon de Morris GleitzmanYounger Readers, 2016
Amazing animals of Australia's national parks de Gina M. NewtonEve Pownall Award, 2017
Go home, cheeky animals! de Johanna BellEarly Childhood, 2017
Home in the Rain de Bob GrahamPicture Book, 2017
One would think the deep de Claire ZornOlder Readers, 2017
Rockhopping (The Adventures of Clancy and Uncle Egg) de Trace BallaYounger Readers, 2017
Do Not Lick This Book de Idan Ben-BarakEve Pownall Award, 2018
How to Bee de Bren MacDibbleYounger Readers, 2018
Rodney Loses It! de Michael Gerard BauerEarly Childhood, 2018
Take Three Girls de Cath CrowleyOlder Readers, 2018
a walk in the bush de Gwyn PerkinsPicture Book, 2018
Between Us de Clare AtkinsOlder Readers, 2019
Chalk Boy de Margaret WildPicture Book, 2019
Here Comes Stinkbug! de Tohby RiddleEarly Childhood, 2019
His Name Was Walter de Emily RoddaYounger Readers, 2019
Mediterranean de Armin GrederPicture Book, 2019
The little wave de Pip HarryYounger Readers, 2020
My friend Fred de Frances WattsEarly Childhood, 2020
I NEED a Parrot de Chris McKimmiePicture Book, 2020
This Is How We Change the Ending de Vikki WakefieldOlder Readers, 2020
Young Dark Emu: A Truer History de Bruce PascoeEve Pownall Award, 2020
Aster's good, right things de Kate GordonYounger Readers, 2021
Dry to Dry: The Seasons of Kakadu de Pamela FreemanEve Pownall Award, 2021
The End of the World Is Bigger than Love de Davina BellOlder Readers, 2021
How To Make A Bird de Meg McKinlayPicture Book, 2021
No! Never!Early Childhood, 2021

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