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Accused: A Retaliation Novel #2 de Yasmin ShirazFiction, 2015
Black Lotus de K'wanFiction, 2015
Black Sheep de Na'ima B. RobertFiction, 2015
Caged Warrior de Alan Lawrence SitomerFiction, 2015
Girls Like Us de Gail GilesFiction, 2015
The Hit de Melvin BurgessFiction, 2015
How It Went Down de Kekla Magoon**Fiction, 2015
The Innocence Device (Rapid Reads) de William KowalskiFiction, 2015
Kinda Like Brothers de Coe BoothFiction, 2015
Knock Knock: My Dad's Dream for Me de Daniel BeatyFiction, 2015
The Lure de Lynne Ewing*Fiction, 2015
The Old Neighborhood: A Novel de Bill HillmannFiction, 2015
On the Edge de Allison Van DiepenFiction, 2015
Rabbit Ears de Maggie De VriesFiction, 2015
Ruby de P.D. Workman*Fiction, 2015
The Saints de Lex ThomasFiction, 2015
Throwaway Girl de Kristine ScarrowFiction, 2015
The Way Back (Orca Soundings) de Carrie MacFiction, 2015
When I Was the Greatest de Jason Reynolds *Fiction, 2015
Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings de Michelle KnightNonfiction, 2015
From God's Monster to the Devil's Angel:: Life of a Chicago Gang Member de Pacc Butler*Nonfiction, 2015
The Griots of Oakland: Voices from the African American Oral History Project de Angela Zusman*Nonfiction, 2015
Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave de Shyima HallNonfiction, 2015
The High Price I Had To Pay 2: Sentenced To 30 Years As A Non-Violent First Time Offender de Michelle Miles*Nonfiction, 2015
Homeless at Age 13 to a College Graduate: An Autobiography de Anthony D. RossNonfiction, 2015
Hustle de David Tomas MartinezNonfiction, 2015
Left For Dead de Ebony Canion**Nonfiction, 2015
Let Me Live: Voices of Youth Incarcerated (Poetry Behind The Walls) de Save the KidsNonfiction, 2015
Lionheart: Coming From Where I'm From de Rayshawn L Wilson*Nonfiction, 2015
Prison Baby: A Memoir de Deborah Jiang-SteinNonfiction, 2015
Real Justice: Jailed for Life for Being Black: The Story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (Lorimer Real Justice) de Bill SwanNonfiction, 2015
Runaway Thoughts:The First Annual P.O.P.S. (Pain of the Prison System) Anthology de Amy FriedmanNonfiction, 2015
Shards: A Young Vice Cop Investigates Her Darkest Case of Meth AddictionHer Own de Allison MooreNonfiction, 2015
Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America de Jill Leovy 2016
All American Boys de Jason Reynolds Fiction, 2016
Bleed Like Me de C. DesirFiction, 2016
Burn Baby, Burn Baby de Kevin CraigFiction, 2016
The Burnouts de Lex ThomasFiction, 2016
Dime de E. R. Frank*Fiction, 2016
Down by Law (Throwback Diaries) de Ni-Ni SimoneFiction, 2016
Gabi, a Girl in Pieces de Isabel QuinteroFiction, 2016
Hard Knocks High: Project Windows de Kevin BrownFiction, 2016
Little Peach de Peggy Kern*Fiction, 2016
Monster: A Graphic Novel de Walter Dean MyersFiction, 2016
Noble Warrior (Caged Warrior) de Alan Lawrence SitomerFiction, 2016
On the Other Side of the Bridge de Ray VillarealFiction, 2016
Orbiting Jupiter de Gary D. SchmidtFiction, 2016
The Outside Circle de Patti Laboucane-Benson*Fiction, 2016
Rose: A Modernization de F. FreemanFiction, 2016
Size of a Fist de Tara GereauxFiction, 2016
Still Waters de Ash ParsonsFiction, 2016
Tap Out (Orca Soundings) de Sean RodmanFiction, 2016
Tattooed Teardrops de P.D. Workman**Fiction, 2016
Teeny Little Grief Machines (Gravel Road) de Linda Oatman HighFiction, 2016
We'll Never Be Apart de Emiko JeanFiction, 2016
All The Way: My Life on Ice de Jordin TootooNonfiction, 2016
America's massacre : the audacity of despair and a message of hope de Tewhan Butler**Nonfiction, 2016
Being Bad: My Baby Brother and the School-to-Prison Pipeline (The Teaching for Social Justice Series) de Crystal T. LauraNonfiction, 2016
Betty: The Helen Betty Osborne Story de David Alexander RobertsonNonfiction, 2016
Billie: A Memoir de Billie KingNonfiction, 2016
The Boy Who Carried Bricks -- A True Story of Survival de Alton Carter*Nonfiction, 2016
Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography de Rick RossNonfiction, 2016
Ghetto Brother: Warrior to Peacemaker (Biographies) de Julian VolojNonfiction, 2016
Ghetto By The Sea: The Second Annual P.O.P.S. (Pain of the Prison System) Anthology de Amy FriedmanNonfiction, 2016
Girls in Justice de Richard Ross***Nonfiction, 2016
Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland de Amanda BerryNonfiction, 2016
Neon Aliens Ate My Homework: And Other Poems de Nick CannonNonfiction, 2016
Slugg: A Boy's Life in the Age of Mass Incarceration de Tony Lewis Jr.Nonfiction, 2016
Street God: The Explosive True Story of a Former Drug Boss on the Run from the Hood--and the Courageous Mission That Drove Him Back de Dimas SalaberriosNonfiction, 2016
The Triangle: A Year on the Ground with New York's Bloods and Crips de Kevin Deutsch*Nonfiction, 2016
Urban Tribes: Native Americans in the City de Lisa CharleyboyNonfiction, 2016
American Flowers de Michael A McLellan*Fiction, 2017
Ask Me How I Got Here de Christine HeppermannFiction, 2017
The Boy Who Killed Grant Parker: A Novel de Kat SpearsFiction, 2017
Burn Baby Burn de Meg MedinaFiction, 2017
Burning de Danielle RollinsFiction, 2017
Calling Maggie May de AnonymousFiction, 2017
Dear Yvette (Throwback Diaries) de Ni-Ni Simone*Fiction, 2017
Don't Fail Me Now de Una LaMarcheFiction, 2017
Dream Things True de Marie MarquardtFiction, 2017
Girl in Pieces de Kathleen Glasgow*Fiction, 2017
Light of Day de Allison Van DiepenFiction, 2017
Little miss somebody de Christy Lynn Abram**Fiction, 2017
The Missing de Melanie FlorenceFiction, 2017
Other Broken Things de C. Desir*Fiction, 2017
Peas and Carrots de Tanita S. DavisFiction, 2017
This Way Home de Wes MooreFiction, 2017
Throw Away Sisters de Debbie Winnekins Deutsch Fiction, 2017
Traffick de Ellen HopkinsFiction, 2017
The Truth de Jeffry W. Johnston*Fiction, 2017
Aging out de Alton Carter**Nonfiction, 2017
Original Gangstas: The Untold Story of Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, and the Birth of West Coast Rap de Ben Westhoff*Nonfiction, 2017
Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools de Monique W. MorrisNonfiction, 2017
Teenage Degenerate de S. C. Sterling*Nonfiction, 2017
The Untold Story Of The Real Me: Young Voices From Prison de Free Minds Writers*Nonfiction, 2017
Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? Police Violence and Resistance in the United States de Maya Schenwar***Nonfiction, 2017
Dear Martin de Nic Stone2018
Ahgottahandleonit de Donovan MixonFiction, 2018
Allegedly de Tiffany D. JacksonFiction, 2018
I Am Alfonso Jones de Tony Medina*Fiction, 2018
As the Crow Flies de Melanie GillmanFiction, 2018
The Biker's Brother de Peter Edwards*Fiction, 2018
Breaking Faith de E. GrazianiFiction, 2018
Chloe de P.D. WorkmanFiction, 2018
The Day Tajon Got Shot de Beacon House Writers*Fiction, 2018
Endless Change de P.D. WorkmanFiction, 2018
Girls Like Me de Nina Packebush Fiction, 2018
The Hate U Give de Angie Thomas Fiction, 2018
Jumped In (Rapid Reads) de William Kowalski*Fiction, 2018
Long Way Down de Jason ReynoldsFiction, 2018
Long Way Home (Thunder Road) de Katie McGarryFiction, 2018
Lunch Money Can'Äôt Shoot (Morgan James Fiction) de Michael Graubart LevinFiction, 2018
Miles Morales: Spider-Man (A Marvel YA Novel) de Jason ReynoldsFiction, 2018
The Pain Eater de Beth Goobie*Fiction, 2018
Rickie Trujillo de Nicholas. BradleyFiction, 2018
The Row de J.R. JohanssonFiction, 2018
Saving Stevie: A Novel de Eve RichardsonFiction, 2018
Vigilante de Kady CrossFiction, 2018
When Daronte's Father Went to Prison de Kimberly BallouFiction, 2018
White flight : a novel in verse de Christopher Paslay*Fiction, 2018
White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism de Robin DiAngelo**Fiction, 2018
#NotYourPrincess: Voices of Native American Women de Lisa CharleyboyNonfiction, 2018
100 things every black girl should know : for girls 10-100 de Taura Stinson*Nonfiction, 2018
Be the One: Six True Stories of Teens Overcoming Hardship with Hope de Byron PittsNonfiction, 2018
Broken Flowers (Robert M. Drake/Vintage Wild) de Robert M. Drake*Nonfiction, 2018
Gone 'Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island de Lil WayneNonfiction, 2018
Junkbox Diaries: a day in the life of a heroin addict de Herbert StephersonNonfiction, 2018
One Cut (Simon True) de Eve Porinchak**Nonfiction, 2018
A Stone of Hope: A Memoir de Jim St. GermainNonfiction, 2018
We Can't Be Friends: A True Story de Cyndy EtlerNonfiction, 2018
Ghost Boys de Jewell Parker Rhodes 2019
Hard knocks high : darkskin and redbones de Kevin BrownFiction, 2019
After the Fire de Will Hill Fiction, 2019
After the Shot Drops de Randy RibayFiction, 2019
All Out of Pretty de Ingrid PalmerFiction, 2019
Being Fishkill de Ruth LehrerFiction, 2019
Better Together de B.L. MaxwellFiction, 2019
Carry Me Home de Jessica TherrienFiction, 2019
The Cartel 7: Illuminati: Roundtable of Bosses de Ashley ColemanFiction, 2019
The Closest I've Come de Fred AcevesFiction, 2019
The Competition de Cecily WolfeFiction, 2019
Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut de Derrick Barnes Fiction, 2019
The Diamond Empire: A Novel (A Diamonds Novel) de K'wanFiction, 2019
The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary de NoNieqa Ramos *Fiction, 2019
A Girl Called Echo, Vol. 1: Pemmican Wars de Katherena VermetteFiction, 2019
Illegal de Eoin Colfer*Fiction, 2019
Jaya and Rasa. A Love Story de Sonia PatelFiction, 2019
The Marrow Thieves de Cherie Dimaline Fiction, 2019
Queenpin de 2EG,*Fiction, 2019
Ride or Die de Wanda Lauren TaylorFiction, 2019
Ronnie de P.D. WorkmanFiction, 2019
Sacred Smokes: Stories de Theodore C. Van AlstFiction, 2019
Saving Grad de Karen Spafford-fitzFiction, 2019
Trell de Dick LehrFiction, 2019
Tyler Johnson Was Here de Jay ColesFiction, 2019
Where I Live de Brenda RufenerFiction, 2019
The 57 Bus de Dashka Slater Nonfiction, 2019
The Audacity to Try: A Memoir de Sean MatthewsNonfiction, 2019
The Autobiography of Gucci Mane de Gucci ManeNonfiction, 2019
Black Boy Poems: An Account of Black Survival in America de Tyson AmirNonfiction, 2019
Hey, Kiddo de Jarrett J. Krosoczka*Nonfiction, 2019
Hillbilly Drug Baby: The Poems de Jesse-Ray LewisNonfiction, 2019
Motherless Child: A Journey of Growing Up and Forgiving de Valencia Griffin-Wallace*Nonfiction, 2019
My Midnight Years: Surviving Jon Burge's Police Torture Ring and Death Row de Ronald KitchenNonfiction, 2019
Raw: My Journey into the Wu-Tang de Lamont "U-God" Hawkins*Nonfiction, 2019
Shine On You Crazy Junkie: a Memoir (Sweet Melissa) (Volume 6) de Susan Segovia-MunozNonfiction, 2019
Super Late Bloomer: My Early Days in Transition de Julia KayeNonfiction, 2019
The teen sex trade : my story de Jade BrooksNonfiction, 2019
Tell Me about When Moms and Dads Come Home from Jail de Judi Goozh*Nonfiction, 2019
Tell Me about When Moms and Dads Go to Jail de Judi Goozh*Nonfiction, 2019
They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us de Hanif AbdurraqibNonfiction, 2019
Things That Make White People Uncomfortable de Michael BennettNonfiction, 2019
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Boy de Tony MedinaNonfiction, 2019
To Hell and Back: A Former Hells Angel's Story of Recovery and Redemption de Joe CalendinoNonfiction, 2019
Voces Sin Fronteras: Our Stories, Our Truth (Bilingual) (Spanish Edition) de Latin American Youth Center Writers**Nonfiction, 2019
When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir de Patrisse Khan-CullorsNonfiction, 2019