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Bloodshed and Three Novellas de Cynthia OzickFiction, 1976
Damnable Question: A Study of Anglo-Irish Relations de George DangerfieldGeneral Nonfiction, 1976
Details of a Sunset and Other Stories de Vladimir NabokovFiction, 1976
The gates : poems de Muriel RukeyserPoetry, 1976
Les Germanes Grimes de Richard YatesFiction, 1976
Kicked a building lately? de Ada Louise HuxtableCriticism, 1976
Letters of E. B. White de E. B. WhiteCriticism, 1976
The Mind-Reader de Richard WilburPoetry, 1976
The Names of the Lost: Poems de Philip LevinePoetry, 1976
Representations: Essays on literature and society de Steven MarcusCriticism, 1976
Roots de Alex HaleyGeneral Nonfiction, 1976
Searching for the Ox de Louis SimpsonPoetry, 1976
Simple Justice de Richard KlugerGeneral Nonfiction, 1976
Speedboat de Renata AdlerFiction, 1976
Theory Of Harmony de Arnold ShoenbergCriticism, 1976
World of Our Fathers de Irving HoweGeneral Nonfiction, 1976
A Book of Common Prayer de Joan DidionFiction, 1977
Coming into the Country de John McPheeGeneral Nonfiction, 1977
Dispatches de Michael HerrGeneral Nonfiction, 1977
The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence de Carl SaganGeneral Nonfiction, 1977
Falconer de John CheeverFiction, 1977
The Fuehrer Bunker: The Complete Cycle (American Poets Continuum) de W. D. SnodgrassPoetry, 1977
Houseboat Days: Poems de John AshberyPoetry, 1977
Lucky Life (Classic Contemporary) de Gerald SternPoetry, 1977
Out-Of-The-Body Travel de Stanley PlumlyPoetry, 1977
The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870-1914 de David McCulloughGeneral Nonfiction, 1977
The Professor of Desire de Philip RothFiction, 1977
Union Dues de John SaylesFiction, 1977
And I Worked at the Writer's Trade: Chapters of Literary History, 1918-1978 de Malcolm CowleyCriticism, 1978
The Coup de John UpdikeFiction, 1978
A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century de Barbara W. TuchmanGeneral Nonfiction, 1978
The Dream of a Common Language: Poems 1974-1977 de Adrienne RichPoetry, 1978
El món segons Garp de John IrvingFiction, 1978
The Eye of the Story: Selected Essays and Reviews de Eudora WeltyCriticism, 1978
Final Payments de Mary GordonFiction, 1978
In Search of History: A Personal Adventure de Theodore H. WhiteGeneral Nonfiction, 1978
Injustice: The Social Bases of Obedience and Revolt de Barrington MooreGeneral Nonfiction, 1978
The Late Hour de Mark StrandPoetry, 1978
Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life de Sissela BokGeneral Nonfiction, 1978
Max Perkins: Editor of Genius de A. Scott BergGeneral Nonfiction, 1978
New and Selected Things Taking Place de May SwensonPoetry, 1978
New York Jew de Alfred KazinGeneral Nonfiction, 1978
Orientalism de Edward W. SaidCriticism, 1978
Seeing through Clothes de Anne HollanderGeneral Nonfiction, 1978
The Snow Leopard de Peter Matthiessen1978
Spectral emanations : new and selected poems de John HollanderPoetry, 1978
The World Within the Word: Essays de William H. GassCriticism, 1978
Wrinkles de Charles SimmonsFiction, 1978
African Calliope: A Journey to the Sudan de Edward HoaglandGeneral Nonfiction, 1979
America Revised de Frances FitzGeraldCriticism, 1979
Blue Wine and Other Poems (Johns Hopkins: Poetry and Fiction) de John HollanderPoetry, 1979
Decadence: The Strange Life of an Epithet de Richard GilmanCriticism, 1979
The Executioner's Song de Norman Mailer 1979
The Ghost Writer de Philip RothFiction, 1979
Goshawk, Antelope de Dave SmithPoetry, 1979
Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid de Douglas R. HofstadterGeneral Nonfiction, 1979
King of the Jews de Leslie EpsteinFiction, 1979
A Lion for Love: A Critical Biography of Stendhal de Robert AlterCriticism, 1979
The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination de Sandra M. GilbertCriticism, 1979
Notes from the Castle: Poems de Howard MossPoetry, 1979
The Right Stuff de Tom WolfeGeneral Nonfiction, 1979
Sleepless Nights de Elizabeth HardwickFiction, 1979
The Venetian Vespers: Poems de Anthony HechtPoetry, 1979
The White Album de Joan DidionGeneral Nonfiction, 1979
Abroad: British Literary Traveling between the Wars de Paul FussellCriticism, 1980
Alice James: A Biography de Jean StrouseGeneral Nonfiction, 1980
Being Here: Poetry de Robert Penn WarrenPoetry, 1980
China Men de Maxine Hong KingstonGeneral Nonfiction, 1980
Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality de John BoswellGeneral Nonfiction, 1980
El Lago de E. L. DoctorowFiction, 1980
Henry Adams de R. P. BlackmurCriticism, 1980
Lectures on Literature de Vladimir NabokovCriticism, 1980
Morgan's Passing de Anne TylerFiction, 1980
The Morning of the Poem de James SchuylerPoetry, 1980
Nature and Culture: American Landscape and Painting, 1825-1875 de Barbara NovakCriticism, 1980
A Part of Speech de Joseph BrodskyPoetry, 1980
Scripts for the Pageant de James MerrillPoetry, 1980
The Second Coming de Walker PercyFiction, 1980
So Long, See You Tomorrow de William MaxwellFiction, 1980
Walt Whitman: A Life de Justin KaplanGeneral Nonfiction, 1980
Boccaccio de Thomas G. BerginCriticism, 1981
Brotherly love de Daniel HoffmanPoetry, 1981
Early Auden de Edward MendelsonCriticism, 1981
A Flag for Sunrise de Robert StoneFiction, 1981
For the Sleepwalkers de Edward HirschPoetry, 1981
Forms of Talk (University of Pennsylvania Publications in Conduct & Communication) de Erving GoffmanGeneral Nonfiction, 1981
The Geography of the Imagination de Guy DavenportCriticism, 1981
The Men's Club de Leonard MichaelsFiction, 1981
National Defense de James FallowsGeneral Nonfiction, 1981
No Place of Grace: Antimodernism and the Transformation of American Culture, 1880-1920 de Jackson LearsGeneral Nonfiction, 1981
The Revisionist de Douglas CrasePoetry, 1981
Riddley Walker de Russell HobanFiction, 1981
The Sage of Monticello de Dumas MaloneGeneral Nonfiction, 1981
Sixty Stories de Donald BarthelmeFiction, 1981
What manner of beast: Poems de Donald FinkelPoetry, 1981
Agon: Towards a Theory of Revisionism de Harold BloomCriticism, 1982
All That Is Solid Melts into Air: The Experience of Modernity de Marshall BermanCriticism, 1982
Bronx Primitive: Portraits in a Childhood de Kate SimonGeneral Nonfiction, 1982
The Color Purple de Alice Walker 1982
Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant de Anne TylerFiction, 1982
The Fate of the Earth de Jonathan SchellGeneral Nonfiction, 1982
Finding the Islands (Finding the Islands Ppr) de W. S. MerwinPoetry, 1982
Going to The Dance de Arlene CroceCriticism, 1982
Hundreds of Fireflies de Brad LeithauserPoetry, 1982
Levitation de Cynthia OzickFiction, 1982
Monolithos Poems, 1962 and 1982 de Jack GilbertPoetry, 1982
Nuclear Delusion de George F. KennanGeneral Nonfiction, 1982
Shiloh and Other Stories de Bobbie Ann MasonFiction, 1982
Stolen Lightning: The Social Theory of Magic de Daniel Lawrence O'KeefeGeneral Nonfiction, 1982
All American Music de John RockwellCriticism, 1983
The Anatomy Lesson de Philip RothFiction, 1983
Art and Ardor de Cynthia OzickCriticism, 1983
The Art of Describing: Dutch Art in the Seventeenth Century de Svetlana AlpersCriticism, 1983
Black Apollo of Science: The Life of Ernest Everett Just de Kenneth R. ManningBiography/Autobiography, 1983
Cathedral: Stories de Raymond CarverFiction, 1983
Children of War de Roger RosenblattGeneral Nonfiction, 1983
Distant Water: The Fate of the North Atlantic Fisherman de William W. WarnerGeneral Nonfiction, 1983
During the Reign of the Queen of Persia de Joan ChaseFiction, 1983
Eleni de Nicholas GageBiography/Autobiography, 1983
Erosion de Jorie GrahamPoetry, 1983
The Kingfisher de Amy ClampittPoetry, 1983
Magnetic Field(s) de Ron LoewinsohnFiction, 1983
The Odes of John Keats (Belknap Press) de Helen VendlerCriticism, 1983
Picture Bride (Yale Series of Younger Poets) de Cathy SongPoetry, 1983
Present History de Theodore DraperGeneral Nonfiction, 1983
Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World de David S. LandesGeneral Nonfiction, 1983
The Roots of Treason: Ezra Pound and the Secret of St. Elizabeths de E. Fuller TorreyBiography/Autobiography, 1983
Tar de C. K. WilliamsPoetry, 1983
Thomas Carlyle: A Biography de Fred KaplanBiography/Autobiography, 1983
The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945 de David S. WymanGeneral Nonfiction, 1984
Ball de família de David LeavittFiction, 1984
Brothers and Keepers de John Edgar WidemanGeneral Nonfiction, 1984
Foreign Affairs de Alison LurieFiction, 1984
The Great Cat Massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History de Robert DarntonGeneral Nonfiction, 1984
Ground Work: Before the War de Robert DuncanPoetry, 1984
Hazlitt: The Mind of a Critic de David BromwichCriticism, 1984
Home Before Dark de Susan CheeverBiography/Autobiography, 1984
The Innocent Eye: On Modern Literature and the Arts de Roger ShattuckCriticism, 1984
Josephine Herbst de Elinor LangerBiography/Autobiography, 1984
One Writer's Beginnings de Eudora WeltyBiography/Autobiography, 1984
Other Side of River de Charles WrightPoetry, 1984
Overnight in the Guest House of the Mystic de Dick AllenPoetry, 1984
The Sexuality of Christ in Renaissance Art and in Modern Oblivion de Leo SteinbergCriticism, 1984
Somnis de màquina de Jayne Anne PhillipsFiction, 1984
Son of the Morning Star de Evan S. ConnellGeneral Nonfiction, 1984
Stones for Ibarra de Harriet DoerrFiction, 1984
Walt Whitman: The Making of the Poet de Paul ZweigBiography/Autobiography, 1984
A Wave de John AshberyPoetry, 1984
The Body in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of the World de Elaine ScarryGeneral Nonfiction, 1985
Brigham Young: American Moses de Leonard J. ArringtonBiography/Autobiography, 1985
Distant Neighbors: A Portrait of the Mexicans de Alan RidingGeneral Nonfiction, 1985
Giacometti: A Biography de James LordBiography/Autobiography, 1985
Hard Facts: Setting and Form in the American Novel de Philip FisherCriticism, 1985
House de Tracy KidderGeneral Nonfiction, 1985
The Lamplit Answer de Gjertrud SchnackenbergPoetry, 1985
Late Settings de James MerrillPoetry, 1985
Lonesome Dove de Larry McMurtryFiction, 1985
Louise Bogan: A Portrait de Elizabeth FrankBiography/Autobiography, 1985
Occasional Prose: Essays de Mary McCarthyCriticism, 1985
Opera and Ideas: From Mozart to Strauss de Paul A. RobinsonCriticism, 1985
The Oracle at Stoneleigh Court : Stories de Peter TaylorFiction, 1985
The Past de Galway KinnellPoetry, 1985
Pierrots on the Stage of Desire: Nineteenth-Century French Literary Artists and the Comic Pantomime de Robert F. StoreyCriticism, 1985
The Reign of the Phallus: Sexual Politics in Ancient Athens de Eva C. KeulsGeneral Nonfiction, 1985
Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance de Richard PowersFiction, 1985
What the Light Was Like de Amy ClampittPoetry, 1985
White Noise de Don DeLilloFiction, 1985
Wisconsin Death Trip de Michael LesyBiography/Autobiography, 1985
All of Us Here (Poets, Penguin) de Irving FeldmanPoetry, 1986
The Beet Queen de Louise ErdrichFiction, 1986
Bird of Life, Bird of Death de Jonathan Evan MaslowGeneral Nonfiction, 1986
Bohemian Paris: Culture, Politics, and the Boundaries of Bourgeois Life, 1830-1930 de Jerrold SeigelCriticism, 1986
Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water de Marc ReisnerGeneral Nonfiction, 1986
Cats of the temple : poems de Brad LeithauserPoetry, 1986
Dostoevsky: the stir of liberation 1860-1865 de Joseph FrankBiography/Autobiography, 1986
English Criticism, 1900-1950 de Rene WellekCriticism, 1986
The Frenzy of Renown: Fame and Its History de Leo BraudyCriticism, 1986
The Key to the City (Phoenix Poets Series) de Anne WintersPoetry, 1986
Moon Pinnace de Thomas WilliamsFiction, 1986
The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art de Arthur C. DantoCriticism, 1986
Roger's Version de John UpdikeFiction, 1986
Sapphics Against Anger and Other Poems de Timothy SteelePoetry, 1986
Velazquez: Painter and Courtier de Jonathan BrownBiography/Autobiography, 1986
Voyagers to the West: A Passage in the Peopling of America on the Eve of the Revolution de Bernard BailynGeneral Nonfiction, 1986
War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War de John W. DowerGeneral Nonfiction, 1986
The Age of Grief de Jane SmileyFiction, 1987
An American Childhood de Annie DillardBiography/Autobiography, 1987
And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic de Randy ShiltsGeneral Nonfiction, 1987
April Galleons: Poems de John AshberyPoetry, 1987
Beloved de Toni MorrisonFiction, 1987
The Collected Prose de Robert LowellCriticism, 1987
Democracy Is in the Streets: From Port Huron to the Siege of Chicago, With a New Preface by the Author de Jim MillerGeneral Nonfiction, 1987
Don't Tread on Me: The Selected Letters of S. J. Perelman de S. J. PerelmanBiography/Autobiography, 1987
Every Force Evolves a Form de Guy DavenportCriticism, 1987
La Foguera de les vanitats de Tom WolfeFiction, 1987
The Genius of the People de Charles L. MeeGeneral Nonfiction, 1987
Happy Hour (Phoenix Poets Series) de Alan ShapiroPoetry, 1987
In Other Words: Poems de May SwensonPoetry, 1987
En lloc segur de Wallace Earle StegnerFiction, 1987
Private Domain: An Autobiography de Paul TaylorBiography/Autobiography, 1987
Sight Lines de Arlene CroceCriticism, 1987
The sunset maker: Poems, stories, a memoir de Donald JusticePoetry, 1987
Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle: Myth and Metaphor in the Discovery of Geological Time de Stephen Jay GouldGeneral Nonfiction, 1987
Timebends: A Life de Arthur MillerBiography/Autobiography, 1987
Understanding Toscanini de Joseph HorowitzCriticism, 1987
Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era de James M. McPhersonGeneral Nonfiction, 1988
Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir de Paul MonetteBiography/Autobiography, 1988
A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam de Neil SheehanGeneral Nonfiction, 1988
The Death of Rhythm and Blues de Nelson GeorgeCriticism, 1988
Europeans de Jane KramerGeneral Nonfiction, 1988
Harp Lake de John HollanderPoetry, 1988
Law and Literature de Richard A. PosnerCriticism, 1988
The Letters of T. S. Eliot; Volume 1: 1898-1922 de T. S. EliotBiography/Autobiography, 1988
Libra de Don DeLilloFiction, 1988
Melodious Guile: Fictive Pattern in Poetic Language de John HollanderCriticism, 1988
New and Collected Poems de Richard WilburPoetry, 1988
One Thousand Avant-Garde Plays de Kenneth KochPoetry, 1988
Paris Trout de Pete DexterFiction, 1988
Poetry And The World de Robert PinskyCriticism, 1988
Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877 de Eric FonerGeneral Nonfiction, 1988
The Selected Correspondence of Kenneth Burke and Malcolm Cowley, 1915-1981 de Kenneth BurkeBiography/Autobiography, 1988
Three scientists and their gods de Robert WrightBiography/Autobiography, 1988
Wheat that Springeth Green (New York Review Books Classics) de J. F. PowersFiction, 1988
Where I'm Calling From: New and Selected Stories de Raymond CarverFiction, 1988
America's Rome de William L. VanceCriticism, 1989
Among Schoolchildren de Tracy KidderGeneral Nonfiction, 1989
A Choice of Inheritance: Self and Community from Edmund Burke to Robert Frost de David BromwichCriticism, 1989
Earthquake Weather de August KleinzahlerPoetry, 1989
El Club de la Bona Estrella de Amy TanFiction, 1989
Els Reis del mambo toquen cançons d'amor de Oscar HijuelosFiction, 1989
Enchanted Drawings: The History of Animation de Charles SolomonCriticism, 1989
Fear of Falling: The Inner Life of the Middle Class de Barbara EhrenreichGeneral Nonfiction, 1989
Glenn Gould: A Life and Variations de Otto FriedrichBiography/Autobiography, 1989
God Gave Us This Country: Tekamthi and the First American Civil War de Bil GilbertBiography/Autobiography, 1989
Human Wishes de Robert HassPoetry, 1989
Metaphor & memory : essays de Cynthia OzickCriticism, 1989
Ordinary Love and Good Will de Jane SmileyFiction, 1989
A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East de David FromkinGeneral Nonfiction, 1989
Pyramid of Bone (Callaloo Poetry Series) de Thylias MossPoetry, 1989
The Rainy Season: Haiti Since Duvalier de Amy WilentzGeneral Nonfiction, 1989
Richard Milhous Nixon: The Rise of an American Politician de Roger MorrisBiography/Autobiography, 1989
Spartina de John CaseyFiction, 1989
This Boy's Life de Tobias WolffBiography/Autobiography, 1989
Water Walker de Nancy WillardPoetry, 1989
The Book of Gods and Devils de Charles SimicPoetry, 1990
City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles de Mike DavisGeneral Nonfiction, 1990
Collected Stories of Wallace Stegner de Wallace StegnerFiction, 1990
Disappearing Through the Skylight: Culture and Technology in the Twentieth Century de Jr. O. B. HardisonGeneral Nonfiction, 1990
Essays In Disguise de Wilfrid SheedCriticism, 1990
Family Pictures de Sue MillerFiction, 1990
The Five of Hearts: An Intimate Portrait of Henry Adams and His Friends, 1880-1918 de Patricia O'TooleBiography/Autobiography, 1990
A Hole in the World: An American Boyhood de Richard RhodesBiography/Autobiography, 1990
Middle Passage de Charles JohnsonFiction, 1990
New Poems: 1980-88 de John HainesPoetry, 1990
Notes of a Hanging Judge: Essays and Reviews, 1979-1989 de Stanley CrouchCriticism, 1990
The Politics of Rich and Poor: Wealth and the American Electorate in the Reagan Aftermath de Kevin P. PhillipsGeneral Nonfiction, 1990
Righteous Pilgrim: The Life and Times of Harold L. Ickes, 1874-1952 de T. H. WatkinsBiography/Autobiography, 1990
Samba de Alma GuillermoprietoGeneral Nonfiction, 1990
Selected Writings: 1950-1990 de Irving HoweCriticism, 1990
Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson de Camille PagliaCriticism, 1990
Strong Drink, Strong Language de John EspeyBiography/Autobiography, 1990
The Things They Carried de Tim O'BrienFiction, 1990
The Transparent Man de Anthony HechtPoetry, 1990
Anne Sexton: A Biography de Diane MiddlebrookBiography/Autobiography, 1991
Atles d'un mon dificil de Adrienne RichPoetry, 1991
The Ether Dome and Other Poems (1979-1991) de Allen GrossmanPoetry, 1991
Female Perversions de Louise J. KaplanCriticism, 1991
The Gold Bug Variations de Richard PowersFiction, 1991
Inventing the Middle Ages: The Lives, Works, and Ideas of the Great Medievalists of the Twentieth Century de Norman F. CantorCriticism, 1991
Jaguar of Sweet Laughter: New and Selected Poems de Diane AckermanPoetry, 1991
The Journals of John Cheever de John CheeverBiography/Autobiography, 1991
Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos: The Scientific Quest for the Secret of the Universe de Dennis OverbyeGeneral Nonfiction, 1991
Mating de Norman RushFiction, 1991
Maus II: A Survivor's Tale: And Here My Troubles Began de Art SpiegelmanBiography/Autobiography, 1991
Odd Jobs: Essays and Criticism de John UpdikeCriticism, 1991
Praying for Sheetrock: A Work of Nonfiction de Melissa Fay GreeneGeneral Nonfiction, 1991
Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools de Jonathan KozolGeneral Nonfiction, 1991
Typical American de Gish JenFiction, 1991
Vulgar Modernism: Writing on Movies and Other Media (Culture and the Moving Image Series) de J. HobermanCriticism, 1991
Wartime Lies de Louis BegleyFiction, 1991
What Work Is de Philip LevinePoetry, 1991
Which Side Are You On?: Trying to Be for Labor When It's Flat on Its Back de Thomas GeogheganGeneral Nonfiction, 1991
Black Water de Joyce Carol OatesFiction, 1992
Breaking the Maya Code de Michael D. CoeGeneral Nonfiction, 1992
Can Poetry Matter?: Essays on Poetry and American Culture de Dana GioiaCriticism, 1992
A Chorus of Stones: The Private Life of War de Susan GriffinCriticism, 1992
Clockers de Richard PriceFiction, 1992
The Critics Bear it Away: American Fiction and the Academy de Frederick CrewsCriticism, 1992
Death Without Weeping: The Violence of Everyday Life in Brazil de Nancy Scheper-HughesGeneral Nonfiction, 1992
The Diversity of Life de Edward O. WilsonGeneral Nonfiction, 1992
A Dream of Mind: Poems de C. K. WilliamsPoetry, 1992
The Father de Sharon OldsPoetry, 1992
Home Fires: An Intimate Portrait of One Middle-Class Family in Postwar America de Donald R. KatzGeneral Nonfiction, 1992
Kissinger: A Biography de Walter IsaacsonBiography/Autobiography, 1992
Let the Dead Bury Their Dead de Randall KenanFiction, 1992
Looking for Luck: Poems de Maxine KuminPoetry, 1992
Looking For The Light: The Hidden Life and Art of Marion Post Wolcott de Paul HendricksonBiography/Autobiography, 1992
The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan de Robert KanigelBiography/Autobiography, 1992
Outerbridge Reach de Robert StoneFiction, 1992
The Rascal King: The Life and Times of James Michael Curley, 1874-1958 de Jack BeattyBiography/Autobiography, 1992
Where the Bluebird Sings to the Lemonade Springs: Living and Writing in the West de Wallace StegnerCriticism, 1992
Authors and Owners: The Invention of Copyright de Mark RoseCriticism, 1993
A Different Person: A Memoir de James Ingram MerrillBiography/Autobiography, 1993
Feather Crowns de Bobbie Ann MasonFiction, 1993
French Lessons: A Memoir de Alice KaplanBiography/Autobiography, 1993
Genie: a Scientific Tragedy de Russ RymerGeneral Nonfiction, 1993
The Jade Cabinet de Rikki DucornetFiction, 1993
The Last Panda de George B. SchallerGeneral Nonfiction, 1993
Lenin's Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire de David RemnickGeneral Nonfiction, 1993
The Passion of Michel Foucault de Jim MillerBiography/Autobiography, 1993
The Phantom Empire: Movies in the Mind of the Twentieth Century de Geoffrey O'BrienCriticism, 1993
The Queen's Throat: Opera, Homosexuality, and the Mystery of Desire de Wayne KoestenbaumCriticism, 1993
The Shipping News de E. Annie ProulxFiction, 1993
United States: Essays 1952-1992 de Gore VidalCriticism, 1993
Vindication de Frances SherwoodFiction, 1993
W. E. B. Du Bois, 1868-1919: Biography of a Race de David Levering LewisBiography/Autobiography, 1993
Whoredom in Kimmage: Irish Women Coming of Age de Rosemary MahoneyGeneral Nonfiction, 1993
And All OUr Wounds Forgiven de Julius LesterFiction, 1994
D.H. Lawrence: The Story of a Marriage de Brenda MaddoxBiography/Autobiography, 1994
El Cànon Occidental. Els llibres i l'escola de les edats de Harold BloomCriticism, 1994
A Frolic of His Own de William GaddisFiction, 1994
How We Die: Reflections on Life's Final Chapter de Sherwin B. NulandGeneral Nonfiction, 1994
In the Time of the Butterflies de Julia AlvarezFiction, 1994
My Own Country: A Doctor's Story de Abraham VergheseGeneral Nonfiction, 1994
Naturalist de Edward O. WilsonBiography/Autobiography, 1994
Poetry of Mourning: The Modern Elegy from Hardy to Heaney de Jahan RamazaniCriticism, 1994
The Prince of West End Avenue de Alan IslerFiction, 1994
Reasonable Creatures: Essays on Women and Feminism de Katha PollittCriticism, 1994
Sex and Suits: The Evolution of Modern Dress (Kodansha Globe) de Anne HollanderCriticism, 1994
The Simple Truth: Poems de Philip LevinePoetry, 1994
Strange Justice: The Selling of Clarence Thomas de Jane MayerGeneral Nonfiction, 1994
Sunday Skaters de Mary Jo SalterPoetry, 1994
Toulouse-Lautrec: A Life (Phoenix Giants) de Julia FreyBiography/Autobiography, 1994
The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story from Early America de John Putnam DemosGeneral Nonfiction, 1994
What We Carry (American Poets Continuum) de Dorianne LauxPoetry, 1994
Winchell: Gossip, Power, and the Culture of Celebrity de Neal GablerBiography/Autobiography, 1994
Winter Numbers: Poems de Marilyn HackerPoetry, 1994
After the Fact: Two Countries, Four Decades, One Anthropologist de Clifford GeertzCriticism, 1995
All God's Children: The Bosket Family and the American Tradition of Violence de Fox ButterfieldGeneral Nonfiction, 1995
The All-American Skin Game, or Decoy of Race: The Long and the Short of It, 1990-1994 de Stanley CrouchCriticism, 1995
The Castle of Indolence: On Poetry, Poets, and Poetasters de Thomas M. DischCriticism, 1995
Cortege: Poems de Carl PhillipsPoetry, 1995
Emerson: The Mind on Fire de Robert D. Richardson Jr.Biography/Autobiography, 1995
Galatea 2.2 de Richard PowersFiction, 1995
A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books de Nicholas A. BasbanesGeneral Nonfiction, 1995
In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle de Madeleine BlaisGeneral Nonfiction, 1995
Independence Day de Richard FordFiction, 1995
Kyrie: Poems de Ellen Bryant VoigtPoetry, 1995
The Liars' Club de Mary Karr1995
Moo de Jane SmileyFiction, 1995
Moving Violations de John HockenberryBiography/Autobiography, 1995
Mr. Wilson's Cabinet Of Wonder: Pronged Ants, Horned Humans, Mice on Toast, and Other Marvels of Jurassic Technology de Lawrence WeschlerGeneral Nonfiction, 1995
The Only World: Poems de Lynda HullPoetry, 1995
Paul Celan: Poet, Survivor, Jew (Yale Nota Bene) de John FelstinerCriticism, 1995
A Scattering of Salts de James MerrillPoetry, 1995
The Tent of Orange Mist de Paul WestFiction, 1995
Walt Whitman's America: A Cultural Biography de David S. ReynoldsBiography/Autobiography, 1995
About Schmidt de Louis BegleyFiction, 1996
Art for Art's Sake and Literary Life: How Politics and Markets Helped Shape the Ideology and Culture of Aestheticism, 1790-1990 (Stages) de Gene H. Bell-VilladaCriticism, 1996
Ashes to Ashes: America's Hundred-Year Cigarette War, the Public Health, and the Unabashed Triumph of Philip Morris de Richard KlugerGeneral Nonfiction, 1996
Autobiografia de la meva mare de Jamaica KincaidFiction, 1996
Charles Ives: A Life with Music de Jan SwaffordBiography/Autobiography, 1996
Dancing After Hours: Stories de Andre DubusFiction, 1996
Fame & Folly: Essays de Cynthia OzickCriticism, 1996
From Bondage de Henry RothFiction, 1996
Great Books de David DenbyGeneral Nonfiction, 1996
Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust de Daniel Jonah GoldhagenGeneral Nonfiction, 1996
Imagine the Angels of Bread: Poems de Martín EspadaPoetry, 1996
The Last Happy Occasion de Alan ShapiroBiography/Autobiography, 1996
Loosestrife: Poems de Stephen DunnPoetry, 1996
The Love Affair as a Work of Art de Dan HofstadterCriticism, 1996
Lush Life: A Biography of Billy Strayhorn de David HajduBiography/Autobiography, 1996
The Middle East: 2000 Years of History From the Rise of Christianity to the Present Day de Bernard LewisGeneral Nonfiction, 1996
Music Minus One de Jane ShorePoetry, 1996
Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Biography de Peter ConnBiography/Autobiography, 1996
The True Story of the Novel de Margaret Anne DoodyCriticism, 1996
The Vigil: Poems de C. K. WilliamsPoetry, 1996
American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence de Pauline MaierGeneral Nonfiction, 1997
American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson de Joseph J. EllisBiography/Autobiography, 1997
The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets de Helen Vendler 1997
The Bible as it was de James L. KugelGeneral Nonfiction, 1997
Cold Mountain de Charles FrazierFiction, 1997
Desire de Frank BidartPoetry, 1997
Does Your House Have Lions? de Sonia SanchezPoetry, 1997
El testament francès de Andreï MakineFiction, 1997
The End of the Novel of Love de Vivian GornickCriticism, 1997
La Febre del cim : crònica d'una tragèdia a l'Everest de Jon KrakauerGeneral Nonfiction, 1997
God and the American Writer de Alfred KazinCriticism, 1997
How the Mind Works de Steven PinkerGeneral Nonfiction, 1997
Loose Sugar (Wesleyan Poetry) de Brenda HillmanPoetry, 1997
The Pleasures of the Imagination: English Culture in the Eighteenth Century de John BrewerCriticism, 1997
Questions for Ecclesiastes de Mark JarmanPoetry, 1997
Submón de Don DeLilloFiction, 1997
Virginia Woolf de Hermione LeeBiography/Autobiography, 1997
Walking in the Shade: Volume Two of My Autobiography, 1949–1962 de Doris LessingBiography/Autobiography, 1997
Autobiography of Red: A Novel in Verse de Anne CarsonPoetry, 1998
El professor i el boig: un relat d'assassinats, bogeria i la creació de l'Oxford English Dictionary de Simon WinchesterGeneral Nonfiction, 1998
Everybody Was So Young: Gerald and Sara Murphy: A Lost Generation Love Story de Amanda VaillBiography/Autobiography, 1998
The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Medical History of Humanity from Antiquity to the Present de Roy PorterGeneral Nonfiction, 1998
Hip Hop America de Nelson GeorgeCriticism, 1998
Les hores de Michael CunninghamFiction, 1998
King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa de Adam HochschildGeneral Nonfiction, 1998
King of the World: Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero de David RemnickBiography/Autobiography, 1998
Last Chance for the Tarzan Holler: Poems de Thylias MossPoetry, 1998
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