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Hating Alison Ashley de Robin Kleinolder readers, 1986
The twenty-seventh annual African hippopotamus race de Morris LurieYounger Readers, 1986
When the Wind Changed de Ruth Park1986
Animalia de Graeme Basepicture storybook, 1987
Sister Madge's Book of Nuns de Doug MacLeodYounger Readers, 1987
Unreal! de Paul JenningsOlder Readers, 1987
My Place de Nadia WheatleyYounger Readers, 1988
Unbelievable!: More Surprising Stories de Paul JenningsOlder Readers, 1988
Where the Forest Meets the Sea de Jeannie BakerPicture Books, 1988
The Cabbage Patch Fib de Paul JenningsYounger Readers, 1989
The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery de Graeme BaseYoung Aust Best Picture Book Award, 1989
Uncanny! de Paul JenningsOlder Readers, 1989
The monster who ate Australia de Michael Salmonpicture storybook, 1990
The Paw Thing (Puffin Books) de Paul JenningsYounger Readers, 1990
Space Demons de Lian HearnOlder Readers ∙ 1990
Counting on Frank de Rod Clementpicture storybook, 1991
Finders Keepers de Emily RoddaYounger Readers, 1991
Round the Twist de Paul JenningsOlder Readers, 1991
Quirky Tails! de Paul JenningsYounger Readers, 1992
Unmentionable! de Paul JenningsOlder Readers, 1992
Window de Jeannie Bakerpicture storybook, 1992
Blabber Mouth de Morris GleitzmanYounger Readers, 1993
The Sign of the Seahorse: A Tale of Greed and High Adventure in Two Acts de Graeme BasePicture Storybook, 1993
Unbearable! de Paul JenningsOlder Readers, 1993
Rowan of Rin de Emily RoddaOlder Readers, 1994
Spooner or Later de Paul JenningsPicture Storybook, 1994
Undone! de Paul JenningsYounger Readers, 1994
Duck for Cover de Paul JenningsPicture Storybook, 1995
The Gizmo de Paul JenningsYounger Readers, 1995
Tomorrow, When the War Began de John MarsdenOlder Readers, 1995
172. Què passa aquí, avi? de David LeggePicture Storybook, 1996
The Gizmo Again de Paul JenningsYounger Readers, 1996
Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo de Tim WintonOlder Readers, 1996
45 & 47 Stella Street and Everything That Happened de Elizabeth HoneyOlder Readers, 1997
Billy the Punk de Jessica CarrollPicture Storybook, 1997
The Bugalugs Bum Thief de Tim WintonYounger Readers, 1997
Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls: No. 1 de Christopher MilneYounger Readers, 1998
Wicked! de Paul JenningsOlder Readers, 1998
Zapt! de Terry DentonPicture Storybook, 1998
Bumface de Morris GleitzmanOlder Readers, 1999
Gasp! de Terry DentonPicture Storybook, 1999
Just Annoying! de Andy GriffithsYounger Readers, 1999
Just Stupid! de Andy GriffithsYounger Readers, 2000
Splat! de Terry DentonPicture Storybook, 2000
Toad Rage de Morris GleitzmanOlder Readers, 2000
Benny: An Adventure Story de Bob GrahamPicture Storybook, 2001
Just Crazy! de Andy GriffithsYounger Readers, 2001
The Day My Bum Went Psycho de Andy GriffithsOlder Readers, 2002
The Pocket Dogs de Margaret WildPicture Storybook, 2002
Tongue-Tied! de Paul JenningsYounger Readers, 2002
Just Disgusting! de Andy GriffithsOlder Readers, 2003
Old Tom's Holiday de Leigh HobbsPicture Storybook, 2003
Old Tom, Man of Mystery de Leigh HobbsPicture Storybook, 2004
TruckDogs de Graeme BaseOlder Readers, 2004
The bad book de Andy GriffithsOlder Readers, 2005
Little lunch Three de Danny KatzYounger Readers, 2005
Mutt Dog! de Stephen Michael KingPicture Storybook, 2005
Dougal The Garbage Dump Bear de Matt DrayPicture Storybook, 2006
Selby's Shemozzle de Duncan BallYounger Readers, 2006
Specky Magee and the Boots of Glory de Felice ArenaOlder Readers, 2006
The Cat on the Mat Is Flat de Andy GriffithsYounger Readers, 2007
Chatterbox de Margaret WildPicture Storybook, 2007
Once de Morris GleitzmanFiction Years 7-9, 2007
Specky Magee and a Legend in the Making de Felice ArenaOlder Readers, 2007
Just Shocking! de Andy GriffithsYounger readers, 2008
The Key to Rondo de Emily RoddaOlder Readers, 2008
Mao's last dancer : Young reader's edition de Cunxin LiFiction Years 7-9, 2008
Uno's Garden de Graeme BasePicture Storybook, 2008
Are We There Yet? A Journey Around Australia de Alison LesterPicture Storybook, 2009
Base Camp de H. I. LarryYounger Readers, 2009
Code Red de H. I. LarryYounger Readers, 2009
High Stakes de H. I. LarryYounger Readers, 2009
Moon Rider de H. I. LarryYounger Readers, 2009
Specky Magee and the Spirit of the Game de Felice ArenaOlder Readers, 2009
Then de Morris GleitzmanFiction Years 7-9, 2009
The Battle for Rondo de Emily RoddaOlder Readers, 2010
The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow de Andy GriffithsYounger Readers, 2010
Boy Overboard de Morris GleitzmanFiction Years 7-9, 2010
Fearless de Colin ThompsonPicture Storybook, 2010