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"World" and the Christian Attitude to It according to the Sermons of John Henry Cardinal Newman de Dolenc Bogdan
10 People Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Spiritual Giants of the Faith de Warren W. Wiersbe
50 People Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Spiritual Giants of the Faith de Warren W. Wiersbe
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Apologetics as Meant By Newman de Stanley L. Jaki
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Apologia pro Vita Sua [Norton Critical Edition] de John Henry Newman
Atheism: A Reader de S. T. Joshi
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Cardinal Newman de Richard Holt Hutton
Cardinal Newman de William Francis Barry
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The coat of arms, vol. X, no. 76, October 1968 de Heraldry Societyheraldry
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The English Way: Studies in English Sanctity from St. Bede to Newman de Maisie Ward
Etudes Newmaniennes, No. 15 de Pierre Clavel
Ever Yours Affly: John Henry Newman and His Female Circle de Joyce Sugg
Faith Maps: Ten Religious Explorers from Newman to Joseph Ratzinger de Michael Paul Gallagher
Father Faber de Ronald Chapman
First Letter to the Very Rev. J. H. Newman de E. B. Pusey
Freedom within the church : the controversy between William Ewart Gladstone and John Henry Newman in 1874-1875 and its shadows and images over Vatican II de Edward J. Ondrako
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From Oxford to the People: Reconsidering Newman & the Oxford Movement de Paul Vaiss
Giants of the faith; conversions which changed the world de John A. O'Brien
Gladstone de Roy Jenkins
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Heart Speaks to Heart: The Story of Blessed John Henry Newman de Dermot Mansfield
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A historical commentary on the major Catholic works of Cardinal Newman de John R. Griffin
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John Henry Newman de Charles Stephen Dessain
John Henry Newman de F. L. Cross
John Henry Newman de Americo D. Lapati
John Henry Newman de Massimo Marcocchi
John Henry Newman de John Moody
John Henry Newman de J. M. Cameron
John Henry Newman de Michael Rear
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Kindly light : the spiritual vision of John Henry Newman de J. Murray Elwood
Lead Kindly Light: The Life of John Henry Newman de Michael Davies
The Life and Work of John Henry Newman (VIDEO) de Inc. Vision Video
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Makers of modern England; the force of individual genius in history de Giovanni Costigan
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