Gent/PersonatgesLuke, the Evangelist, physician

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The Abingdon Bible Commentary de Frederick Carl EiselenLuke, Acts 1-28
Africa Bible Commentary: A One-Volume Commentary Written by 70 African Scholars de Tokunboh Adeyemo Acts 1-28
Archaeological Commentary on the Bible: From Genesis to Revelation de Gonzalo Báez CamargoActs 1-28
Bible Commentary de E. M. ZerrLuke, Acts
Bible Exposition Commentary Set (Volumes 1 & 2) de Warren W. WiersbeLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
The Bible Exposition Commentary: New Testament (Vol.1) de Warren W. WiersbeLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
Bible Knowledge Commentary (2 Volume Set) (Bible Knowledge Series) de John F. Walvoord & Roy B. ZuckActs 1-28
The Bible Knowledge Commentary : an exposition of the scriptures [2-volume set] de John F. WalvoordActs 1-28
The Bible Knowledge Commentary: The New Testament de John F. WalvoordLuke, Acts
Biblical Encyclopedia and Museum (15 vols.) de James Comper GrayActs 1-28
The Broadman Bible Commentary - 12 Volume Set de Clifton J. AllenActs 1-28
Calvins Commentaries (22 Volume Set) de John Calvin Acts 1-28
The Christ in the Bible Commentary: 4 Volume Set de A. B. SimpsonActs 1-28
Christian Workers' Commentary on the Old and New Testaments de James M. GrayActs 1-28
Christian Workers' Commentary on the Whole Bible de James M. GrayActs 1-28
Clarke's Commentary: Matthew Revelation de Adam ClarkeLuke, Acts
A Commentary on the Holy Bible (Volume 3): Matthew--Revelation de Matthew PooleLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
A Commentary: Critical, Experimental, and Explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments, Vol. Two, Job - Malachi de Robert JamiesonLuke,Acts 1-28
The Concise Bible Commentary de James M. GrayActs 1-28
The Dartmouth Bible de Roy Bullard ChamberlinLuke ∙ Acts 1-28
The Didache Bible: With Commentaries Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church de Ignatius PressLuke ∙ Acts 1-28
Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible de James D. G. DunnActs 1-28
Ellicott's Commentary on the Whole Bible de Charles John EllicottActs 1-28
The Essential Everyday Bible Commentary: With the Complete Text of the New King James Versions de Warren W. WiersbeActs 1-28
ESV MacArthur Study Bible (Hardcover) de John MacArthur Acts 1-28
ESV Outreach New Testament (Paperback) de ESVLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
The ESV Study Bible de ESV Bibles by CrosswayLuke,Acts 1-28
The Expositor's Bible Commentary 5-Volume New Testament Set: Vols. 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 de Frank E. GaebeleinLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
The Expositor's Bible Commentary [Complete] de Frank E. GaebeleinActs 1-28
The Expositor's Bible Commentary, Vol. 1: Introductory Articles de Frank E. GaebeleinActs 1-28
F. B. Meyer Bible Commentary de F. B. Meyer26-28
Global Bible Commentary de Daniel Patte Acts 1-28
God's New Covenant: A New Testament Translation de H. W. CassirerLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
God's Word: The New Testament de New TestamentLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
The Goodspeed Parallel New Testament, The American Translation and The King James Version de Edgar J. GoodspeedLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
Greek-English New Testament de Alfred MarshallLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
The Guideposts Parallel Bible: King James Version, Modern Language Bible, Living Bible, Revised Standard Version de Guideposts26-28
Harper Study Bible: Revised Standard Version de Harold Lindsell26-28
HarperCollins Bible Commentary de James L. Mays26-28
The HarperCollins Study Bible de Wayne A. Meeks 26-28
HCSB Study Bible de Holman Bible Staff Acts 1-28
Holman New Testament Commentary - Acts de Kenneth GangelActs 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
Holy Bible de Adam BroombergLuke,Acts 1-28
Holy Bible (New International Version) de NIVLuke,Acts 1-28
Holy Bible : Revised VersionLuke,Acts 1-28
THE HOLY BIBLE and Concordance..(Revised Standard Version) Containing The Old and New Testaments. de BibleActs 1-28
The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: The Text Printd from the Most Correct Copies of the Present Authorized Translation, Including the Marginal Readings and Parallel Texts. de Adam ClarkeActs 1-28
The Holy Bible, King James Version (LDS Edition) de The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsActs 1-28
The Holy Bible, New Revised Standard Version de NRSVLuke,Acts 1-28
The Holy Bible: English Standard Version (ESV) de Crossway BiblesLuke,Acts 1-28
The Holy Bible: New American Bible (NAB) de Thomas NelsonLuke,Acts 1-28
The Holy Bible: Revised Standard Version (RSV) de Thomas Nelson & SonsLuke,Acts 1-28
Interpretation : A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching de James L. MaysActs 1-28
The Interpretation of the Acts of the Apostles de R. C. H LenskiActs 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
The Interpreter's Bible: A Commentary in Twelve Volumes de George Arthur ButtrickActs 1-28
Irwin's Bible Commentary de Clarke Huston IrwinActs 1-28
The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament de Craig S. KeenerLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
John Wesley's Commentary on the Bible de G. Roger SchoenhalsActs 1-28
John, Acts: Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary de Clinton E. ArnoldActs 1-28
King James Version Bible Commentary de Edward E. HindsonActs 1-28
King James Version The Complete Wordstudy New Testament with Greek Parallel de World PublishingLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
KJV Cameo Reference Edition (Black Calfskin Leather) de Cambridge Acts 1-28
KJV New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with the Apocrypha de David Norton Acts 1-28
The KJV Parallel Bible Commentary de Jerry FalwellActs 1-28
KJV/Amplified Parallel Bible de Zondervan Acts 1-28
The Layman's Bible Commentary (Complete) de Balmer H. Kelly Acts 1-28
The Layman's Parallel New Testament (KJV, Amplified, Living, RSV) de ZondervanLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
The MacArthur Bible Commentary de John MacArthur Acts 1-28
The MacArthur New Testament Commentary: Unleashing God's Truth, One Verse at a Time de John MacArthurLuke, Acts
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible de Matthew Henry Acts 1-28
Matthew Poole's Commentary on the Holy Bible 3 Volume Set de Matthew Poole Acts 1-28
Matthew, Mark, and Luke: James and Jude (Calvin's New Testament Commentaries) de John CalvinLuke
The Moody Bible Commentary de Michael Rydelnik Acts 1-28
The New Bible Commentary de Donald Guthrie Acts 1-28
The New Collegeville Bible Commentary: New Testament de Daniel DurkenLuke, Acts 1-28
New Commentary on the Whole Bible: New Testament Volume de J. D. DouglasLuke ∙ Acts
New International Bible Commentary de F. F. Bruce Acts 1-28
The New Interpreter's Bible [Complete] de Leander E. KeckActs 1-28
The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Revised Standard Version, Expanded Edition (Hardcover 8910A) de Herbert G. May Acts 1-28
New Testament (Ignatius Catholic Study Bible) de Scott HahnLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
The New Testament and Wycliffe Bible commentary de Everett Falconer HarrisonLuke, Acts
The New Testament octapla; eight English versions of the New Testament in the Tyndale-King James tradition de Luther Allen WeigleLuke, Acts
New Testament with Psalms (NRSV: New Revised Standard Version) de George E. MorrisLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
The New Testament: King James Version (KJV) de Richard BancroftLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
New Testament: The Four Translation New Testament (KJV, NASB, Williams, Beck/AAT) de World Wide PublicationsLuke 1-24, Acts 1-6,7-12,13-18,19-25,26-28
NIV Compact Bible Commentary de John H. Sailhamer Acts 1-28
Notes on the Old and New Testaments, Explanatory and Practical de Albert BarnesActs 1-28
NRSV Children's Bible de Abingdon PressLuke 1-24, Acts 1-28
The One Volume Bible Commentary de John R. Dummelow Acts 1-28
The Oxford Bible Commentary de John Barton Acts 1-28
Pamphlet Bible series; a commentary and complete text of the Old and New Testaments de Neil J. McEleneyLuke, Acts 1-28
Peake's Commentary on the Bible de Matthew Black Acts 1-28
The Seventh-Day Adventist Bible Commentary 10 Volume Set de Francis D. NicholActs 1-28
The speaker's Bible de James HastingsLuke ∙ Acts 1-28
Theological Bible Commentary de Gail R. O'Day Acts 1-28
Thru the Bible: Genesis through Revelation de J. Vernon McGee Acts 1-28
With the Word: The Chapter-by-Chapter Bible Handbook de Warren W. WiersbeLuke ∙ Acts 1-28
The Women's Bible Commentary de Carol A. Newsom Acts 1-28
The Wycliffe Bible Commentary de Charles F. Pfeiffer Acts 1-28
Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary Set de Clinton E. ArnoldLuke, Acts
Zondervan NIV Bible commentary de Kenneth L. Barker Acts 1-28
Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary, Volume 2: New Testament (Premier Reference Series, an Abridgment of The Expositor's Bible Commentary) de Kenneth L. BarkerLuke, Acts
Zondervan NIV Matthew Henry Commentary de Matthew HenryActs 1-28