Gent/PersonatgesNobby Nobbs

Obres (11)

Feet of Clay de Terry PratchettCorporal, City Watch, C. W. St. J Nobbs, son of Sconner Nobbs & Maisie of Elm Street, grandson of Slope Nobbs
The Fifth Elephant de Terry PratchettCorporal
Guards! Guards! de Terry Pratchett
Hogfather de Terry PratchettCorporal
Jingo de Terry PratchettCorporal, Ankh-Morpork City Watch
Men at Arms de Terry Pratchett
Night Watch de Terry Pratchett
Raising Steam de Terry Pratchett
Snuff de Terry Pratchettanother long-timer in the Watch, Corporal C.W. St. John Nobbs
Terry Pratchett's Hogfather [2006 TV movie] de Vadim JeanNicholas Tennant
Thud! de Terry PratchettCorporal