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Esdeveniments: Bronze Age

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The Aegean from Bronze Age to Iron Age: Continuity and Change Between the Twelfth and Eighth Centuries BC de Oliver Dickinson
Age of Bronze Volume 1: A Thousand Ships de Eric Shanower
Age of Bronze Volume 2: Sacrifice de Eric Shanower
Age of Bronze Volume 3.A: Betrayal Part 1 de Eric Shanower
The Age of Myth: The Bronze Age As the Cradle of the Unconscious (Mandala Books) de Tom Chetwynd
The Age of Stonehenge de Colin Burgess
The Aidonia Treasure: Seals and Jewellery of the Aegean Late Bronze Age de Katie Demakopoulou
Ancient Chinese and Southeast Asian Bronze Age Cultures : the proceedings of a conference held at the Edith and Joy Lond de David Bulbeck
The Ancient Near East, c. 3000–330 BC [2-volume set] de Amélie Kuhrt
Archaeology and the Iliad the Trojan War in Homer and history de Eric H. Cline
Art of the Bronze Age : Southeastern Iran, Western Central Asia, and the Indus Valley de Holly Pittman
Ban Chiang: Discovery of a Lost Bronze Age de Joyce C. White
Bronze Age Fashion de Hans Christian Broholm
The Bronze Age in Barbarian Europe : from the megaliths to the Celts de Jacques Briard
The Bronze Age in Europe de Jean-Pierre Mohen
The bronze age in Europe : an introduction to the prehistory of Europe c.2000-700 B.C. de J. M. Coles
Bronze Age Metalwork in Southern Britain (Lifelines) de Susan Pearce
The Bronze Age round barrow in Britain de Paul Ashbee
Bronze Age War Chariots de Nic Fields
Bronze Age Warfare de Richard Osgood
Bronze-Age America de Barry Fell
A catalogue of British and Irish prehistoric bronzes in the Royal Ontario Museum de Royal Ontario Museum
Chariot of the Sun and Other Rites and Symbols of the Northern Bronze Age (Aldine Pbs.) de Peter Gelling
China in the Early Bronze Age: Shang Civilization de Robert L. Thorp
Chine, l'énigme de l'homme de bronze : archéologie du Sichuan (XIIe-IIIe siècle av. J.-C.) : Hôtel de ville de Paris de Anne-Sylvie Schneider
Chronology at the Crossroads: The Late Bronze Age in Western Asia de Bernard Newgrosh
Collapse of the Bronze Age: The Story of Greece, Troy, Israel, Egypt, and the Peoples of the Sea de Manuel Robbins
Concise encyclopedia of archaeology: from the Bronze Age de Georges Ville
Cornish Archaeology: No. 20 1981 (Hendhyscans Kernow) de Charles Thomas
Cornish Archaeology: No. 58 2019 (Hendhyscans Kernow) de Graeme Kirkham
The Cure at Troy: A Version of Sophocles' Philoctetes de Seamus Heaney
The Discovery of the Greek Bronze Age de J. Lesley Fitton
The Early Bronze Age ll Period in the Aegean: l Metallurgy, Pottery, Foreign Connections de Michael B. Cosmopoulos
English Heritage Book of Bronze Age Britain de Michael Parker Pearson
Farmers Temples and Tombs: Scotland in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age de Gordon Barclay
The First Heroes: New Tales of the Bronze Age de Harry Turtledove
From period III to period IV: Chronological studies of the Bronze Age in Southern Scandinavia and Northern Germany (Publications of the National Museum. Archeological-historical series, 15) de Klavs Randsborg
From the silent earth, a report on the Greek bronze age de Joseph Alsop
Gods and Heroes of Bronze Age Europe: The Roots of Odysseus de Jørgen Jensen
Gods and Heroes of the European Bronze Age de Katie Demakopoulous
The Greek World: Classical, Byzantine, and Modern de Robert Browning
The Greeks in Ionia and the East de J. M. Cook
Hecuba [in translation] de Euripides
Homeric Moments: Clues to Delight in Reading the Odyssey and the Iliad de Eva Brann
The horse, the wheel and language de David W. Anthony
Identifying changes : the transition from Bronze to Iron Ages in Anatolia and its neighbouring regions : proceedings of the International Workshop, Istanbul, November 8-9, 2002 de Bettina Fischer
In Search of the Trojan War de Michael Wood
An index to the late Bronze Age : Aegean pottery from Syria-Palestine de Albert Leonard
Inside the Walls of Troy: A Novel of the Women Who Lived the Trojan War de Clemence McLaren
Island in the Sea of Time de S. M. Stirling
The late bronze age settlement and early iron age sanctuary de Catherine Morgan
The Legend of Odysseus (Rebuilding the Past) de Peter Connolly
The Making of Bronze Age Eurasia de Philip L. Kohl
Mead and wine; a history of the bronze age in Greece de Jean Zafiropulo
The Memoirs of Helen of Troy de Amanda Elyot
Minoans: Life in Bronze Age Crete de Rodney Castleden
Neolithic and Bronze Age Scotland: An authoritative and Lively Account of an Enigmatic Period of Scottish Prehistory (Historic Scotland Series) de P. J. Ashmore
The Oxford Handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean de Eric H. Cline
The Oxford Handbook of the European Bronze Age de Harry Fokkens
People of the Sea: The Search for the Philistines de Trude Dothan
The Principal Antiquities of the Land's End District de Charles Thomas
Seahenge: A Quest for Life and Death in Bronze Age Britain de Francis Pryor
Spain at the Dawn of History: Iberians, Phoenicians and Greeks (Ancient Peoples and Places) de Richard J. Harrison
Treasures from the bronze age of China : an exhibition from the People's Republic of China de Katharine Stoddert Gilbert
Trojan Horse (DK Readers: Level 4) de David Clement-Davies
The Trojan War: A New History de Barry S. Strauss
The Trojan War: Literature and Legends from the Bronze Age to the Present de Diane P. Thompson
Walled Up to Heaven: The Evolution of Middle Bronze Age Fortification Strategies in the Levant de Aaron A. Burke
War and the Iliad de Simone Weil
The War at Troy de Lindsay Clarke
The War That Killed Achilles: The True Story of Homer's Iliad and the Trojan War de Caroline Alexander

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