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Absolute Monarchs: A History of the Papacy de John Julius Norwich
The Alexiad of Anna Comnena de Anna Comnena
All Things Are Lights de Robert Shea
The Ancient World to the Reformation de Stanley Chodorow
Armies of the Crusades de Terence Wise
The Art of Warfare in Western Europe during the Middle Age: from the Eighth Century to 1340 de J. F. Verbruggen
Aspects of the Crusades de J. J. Saunders
Atlas of Medieval Europe de Angus MacKay
The Atlas of the Crusades de Jonathan Riley-Smith
Balian d'Ibelin: Knight of Jerusalem (Jerusalem Trilogy Book 1) de Helena P Schrader
Big John's Secret de Eleanore M. Jewett
The Book of Saladin de Tariq Ali
Brethren: An Epic Adventure of the Knights Templar de Robyn Young
Byzantium: A Very Short Introduction de Peter Sarris
The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare: The Middle Ages, 768–1487 de Nicholas Hooper
The Cambridge Illustrated History of the Middle Ages: Volume II, 950-1250 de Robert Fossier
Castle (Eyewitness Books) de Christopher Gravett
Champion de Christian Balling
Chronicles of the Crusades de Jean de Joinville
The Church in History de B. K. Kuiper
A Concise History of Italy de Christopher Duggan
Contesting the Crusades de Norman Housley
The Cornerstone de Zoé Oldenbourg
Courts of Love, Castles of Hate: Troubadours & Trobairitz in Southern France 1071-1321 de Aubrey Burl
Crusade de Robyn Young
Crusader Captive de Merline Lovelace
The Crusaders in Syria and the Holy Land de R. C. Smail
The Crusaders: The Struggle for the Holy Land de Régine Pernoud
The Crusades de Michael Paine
The Crusades and the Near East: Cultural Histories de Conor Kostick
The Crusades: A History de Jonathan Riley-Smith
The Crusades: A History From Beginning to End de Henry Freeman
The Crusades: The Authoritative History of the War for the Holy Land de Thomas Asbridge
The Dagger and the Cross de Judith Tarr
Denmark and the Crusades, 1400-1650 de Janus Møller Jensen
England and the Crusades, 1095-1588 de Christopher Tyerman
Europe: A History de Norman Davies
European Jewry and the First Crusade de Robert Chazan
An Eyewitness History of the Crusades (Four Volume Set) de Christopher Tyerman
The Falcon of Palermo de Maria R. Bordihn
The Falcons of Montabard de Elizabeth Chadwick
Fighting Words: The Origins of Religious Violence de Hector Avalos
The First Crusade : the Chronicle of Fulcher of Chartres and Other Source Materials de Edward Peters
The First Crusade: A New History de Thomas Asbridge
The Fortunes of Nigel / Count Robert of Paris de Sir Walter Scott
Four Queens: The Provencal Sisters Who Ruled Europe de Nancy Goldstone
Four Sisters, All Queens de Sherry Jones
Franks and Saracens: Reality and Fantasy in the Crusades de Avner Falk
God Wills It!: Understanding the Crusades de Thomas F. Madden
God's War : A New History of the Crusades de Christopher Tyerman
The Heart of the Lion de Jean Plaidy
The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles: The Rise and Fall of the Age of Chivalry de Ian Barnes
A History of Medieval Europe: From Constantine to Saint Louis de R. H. C. Davis
A History of the Crusades [3-volume set] de Steven Runciman
A History of the Crusades, Volume I: The First Crusade and the Foundation of the Kingdom of Jerusalem de Steven Runciman
A History of the Crusades, Volume III: The Kingdom of Acre and the Later Crusades de Steven Runciman
A History of the Crusades. Volume II. The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East, 1100-1187 de Steven Runciman
History of the Sword de Bruce LaFontaine
Holy Blood, Holy Grail de Michael Baigent
Holy Entrepreneurs: Cistercians, Knights, and Economic Exchange in Twelfth-Century Burgundy de Constance Brittain Bouchard
The Holy Land: 5,000 Years of History and Adventure, to Unlock and Discover (Treasure Chest) de Lynn Brittney
In the Footprints of Francis and the Sultan: A Model for Peacemaking de Kathleen A. Warren
Infidel Kings and Unholy Warriors: Faith, Power, and Violence in the Age of Crusade and Jihad de Brian A. Catlos
Invisible Weapons: Liturgy and the Making of Crusade Ideology de M. Cecilia Gaposchkin
Jerusalem Delivered de Torquato Tasso
Jerusalem: The Biography de Simon Sebag-Montefiore
The Kingdom of Cyprus and the Crusades, 1191-1374 de Peter W. Edbury
Knight Crusader de Ronald Welch
Knight of Jerusalem: A Biographical Novel of Balian d'Ibelin de Helena P Schrader
The Knights of Dark Renown de Graham Shelby
Knights of the Black and White (A Templar Novel) de Jack Whyte
Knights of the Holy Land: The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem de Silvia Rozenberg
Knights Templar de Stephen Howarth
Korstågen : européer i heligt krig under 500 år de Kurt Villads Jensen
Lady of Lyonsbridge de Ana Seymour
THE Leper Crown de George SB Morgan
The Life and Legend of the Sultan Saladin de Jonathan Phillips
The Masterpiece Library of Short Stories Volumes 1 & 2 de J. A. Hammerton
The Medieval Soldier de A.V.B. Norman
Medieval Warfare de Geoffrey Hindley
Medieval Warfare: A History de Maurice Keen
The Medieval World de Janet L. Nelson
Muslims and Christians: A History of Conflict and Conversion de Gregory Miller
My Guardian Angel de Sylvie Weil
The Northern Crusades de Eric Christiansen
Pagan's Crusade de Catherine Jinks
Perdition de James Jackson
The Philosophy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained de Will Buckingham
Pilgrimages: The Great Adventure of the Middle Ages de John Ure
The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England de Dan Jones
Reading the Song of Roland de Eugene Vance
The realm of Prester John de Robert Silverberg
Rebels Against Tyranny: Civil War in the Crusader States de Helena P Schrader
Red Knight Rising de Alex Ironrod
The Religion de Tim Willocks
Requiem de Robyn Young
Return of the Warrior de Kinley MacGregor
Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam de Diane Stanley
The Scarlet Forest: A Tale of Robin Hood de A. E. Chandler
The Song of Roland: On Absolutes and Relative Values (Studies in Mediaeval Literature) de Marianne J. Ailes
The Storm and the Sword de Jeanne Lancour
A Theory of Narrative de Rick Altman
Western Warfare in the Age of the Crusades, 1000-1300 de John France
Why Catholics Are Right de Michael Coren
You Wouldn't Want to Be a Crusader!: A War You'd Rather Not Fight de Fiona Macdonald
The Crusades de Hans Eberhard Mayer1100-1290
The Templars de Piers Paul Read1100-1290
Warriors of the Lord: The Military Orders of Christendom de Michael J. Walsh1100-1290
Wales and the Crusades, c.1095-1291 de Kathryn Hurlock1095-1291
The shorter Cambridge medieval history, volume i : the later Roman empire to the twelfth century de C. W. Previté-Orton1st-3rd