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Absolute Monarchs: A History of the Papacy de John Julius Norwich
Byzantine Matters de Averil Cameron
Byzantium: A Very Short Introduction de Peter Sarris
Centurion de Jeremy Robinson
The Emperor's Winding Sheet de Jill Paton Walsh
God's Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science de James Hannam
В поисках Константинополя. Путеводитель по византийскому Стамбулу и окрестностям de Sergey A. Ivanov
Fifty Days That Changed the World de Hywel Williams1453-05-29
Isabella: The Warrior Queen de Kirstin Downey1453-05-29
Tulipomania : The Story of the World's Most Coveted Flower & the Extraordinary Passions It Aroused de Mike Dash1453-5-29
1453: The Holy War for Constantinople and the Clash of Islam and the West de Roger Crowley1453
50 Battles That Changed the World: The Conflicts That Most Influenced the Course of History de William Weir1453
Byzantine Armies AD 1118-1461 de Ian Heath1453
Byzantium: The Decline and Fall de John Julius Norwich1453
Constantinople: City of the World's Desire, 1453-1924 de Philip Mansel1453
The Dark Angel de Mika Waltari1453
The End of Byzantium de Jonathan Harris1453
The Fall of Constantinople 1453 de Steven Runciman1453
The Gentle Infidel de Lawrence Schoonover1453
The Grand Turk: Sultan Mehmet II-Conqueror of Constantinople and Master of an Empire de John Freely1453
History of the Byzantine Empire: Vol. 2, 324-1453 de Alexander A. Vasiliev1453
The last centuries of Byzantium, 1261-1453 de Donald M. Nicol1453
The Late Byzantine Army: Arms and Society, 1204-1453 de Mark C. Bartusis1453
A Place Called Armageddon: Constantinople 1453 de C. C. Humphreys1453
Siege de Jack Hight1453
The Walls of Constantinople AD 324-1453 de Stephen Turnbull1453
Warfare in Late Byzantium, 1204-1453 de Savvas Kyriakidis1453
What Life Was Like Amid Splendor and Intrigue: Byzantine Empire AD 330-1453 de Ellen Anker1453