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The 51st highland division de Roderick Grant
Black Watch: The Inside Story of the Oldest Highland Regiment in the British Army de John Parker
Darlan: Admiral and Statesman of France, 1881-1942 de George E. Melton
"Wildcats" Over Casablanca: U.S. Navy Fighters in Operation Torch (Aviation Classics) de M. T. Wordell1943-05-13
015 They Sought Out Rommel de Sean Fielding1943-05-13
21ST PANZER DIVISION: Rommel's Afrika Korps Spearhead (Spearhead Series) de Chris Ellis1943-05-13
7th Armoured Division : The Desert Rats de George Forty1943-05-13
The 8.15 To War. Memoirs Of A Desert Rat de Peter Roach1943-05-13
The 9th Australian Division versus the Africa Corps : an infantry division against tanks--Tobruk, Libya, 1941 de Ward A. Miller1943-05-13
The African Trilogy de Alan Moorehead1943-05-13
The Afrika Korps de Christopher Nicole1943-05-13
Afrika Korps de Major K.J. Macksey1943-05-13
Afrika Korps de A. J. Barker1943-05-13
L'Afrika Korps de Erwan Bergot1943-05-13
Das Afrika Korps: Erwin Rommel and the Germans in Africa, 1941-43 de Franz Kurowski1943-05-13
Afrika Korps: German military operations in the Western Desert, 1941-42 (Wehrmacht illustrated, no. 1) de Peter Chamberlain1943-05-13
Afrika-Korps: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives de Ian Baxter1943-05-13
Afrikakorps 1941-43 de Gordon Williamson1943-05-13
Afrikakorps Self Portrait de Dal McGuirk1943-05-13
Afrikakorps;: An illustrated history de Peter Stahl1943-05-13
Airpower and Ground Armies : Essays on the Evolution of Anglo-American Air Doctrine, 1940-43 de Daniel R. Mortensen1943-05-13
Alamein de Stephen Bungay1943-05-13
Alamein de C. E. Lucas Phillips1943-05-13
Alamein de Jon Latimer1943-05-13
Alamein de Iain Gale1943-05-13
Alamein 1933-1962 de Paolo Caccia Dominioni1943-05-13
Alamein and the desert war de Derek Jewell1943-05-13
Alamein to Zem Zem de Keith Douglas1943-05-13
Alamein: The Australian Story (The Australian Army History Series) de Mark Johnston1943-05-13
Armor in the Western Desert - Armor Series 8 de Walter J. Spielberger1943-05-13
An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942–1943 de Rick Atkinson1943-05-13
The Army at War : Tunisia1943-05-13
Artillery in the Desert (FMFRP 12-3) de U.S. Marine Corps1943-05-13
The Battle for North Africa de John Strawson1943-05-13
The Battle for North Africa, 1940-43 de W. G. F. Jackson1943-05-13
Battle Group!: German Kampfgruppen Action of World War Two de James Lucas1943-05-13
The Battle of El Alamein: Decision in the Desert de Correlli Barnett1943-05-13
The Battle of El Alamein: Fortress in the Sand de Fred Majdalany1943-05-13
Battle Stations! de United States Navy1943-06-13
Battleaxe Division: From Africa to Italy with the 78th Division 1942-45 (British Army at war) de Ken Ford1943-05-13
Battles for Wargamers: World War II The Western Desert de Terence Wise1943-05-13
The Big Red One: novel de Samuel Fuller1943-05-13
BIO: KINNIARD, Diary of William KINNIARD - 2/3rd Field Company - Tobruk - WWII de William Kinniard1943-05-13
Bir Hacheim, Desert Citadel de Richard Holmes1943-05-13
Bloody Road To Tunis: Destruction of the Axis Forces in North Africa, November 1942-May 1943 de David Rolf1943-05-13
Brazen Chariots de Robert Crisp1943-05-13
British Eighth Army, North Africa, 1940-43 (Key uniform guides ; 3) de Robin Adair1943-05-13
British Tanks in N. Africa 1940-42 (Vanguard) de Bryan Perrett1943-05-13
Campaign Books. Raiders: Desert Strike Force, Sicily, Breakout, Defeat in Malaya, France Summer 1940, New Guinea, Carpathian Disaster, Operation Torch. Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II & Illustrated History of Violent Century.1943-05-13
The Campaign for North Africa de Jack Coggins1943-05-13
Citizen Soldier de Robert J. Berens1943-05-13
Counterattack: Stalingrad, Midway, El Alamein and the Turning of the Tide de Abraham Rothberg1943-05-13
The Crucible of War: Auchinleck's Command: The Definitive History of the Desert War - Volume 2 de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
The Crucible of War: Montgomery and Alamein: The Definitive History of the Desert War - Volume 3 de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
The Crucible of War: Western Desert 1941 de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
The Crucible of War: Year of Alamein, 1942 Bk. 2 de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
Crusader, The Relief Of Tobruk de John Sandars1943-05-13
The Curtain Rises de Quentin Reynolds1943-05-13
Darby's Rangers: We Led the Way de William O. Darby1943-05-13
Death of the Wehrmacht: The German Campaigns of 1942 de Robert M. Citino1943-05-13
Decisive Battles: The Turning Point of World War II de Len Cacutt1943-05-13
Desert Adversaries: Elite Attack Forces de Chris Ellis1943-05-13
Desert Air Force at War de Chaz Bowyer1943-05-13
The Desert Air War de Richard Townshend Bickers1943-05-13
Desert Assignment. [Stories of the Author's work with the Special Investigation Branch during World War II. With a de Cyril Victor Hearn1943-05-13
Desert Boys: Australians at War from Beersheba to Tobruk and El Alamein de Peter Rees1943-05-13
The Desert Fox [1951 film] de Henry Hathaway1943-05-13
The Desert Generals de Correlli Barnett1943-05-13
Desert Nurse de Betty C Parkin1943-05-13
Desert prelude : air war in north africa 1940-41 de Håkan Gustavsson1943-05-13
Desert raiders: Axis and Allied Special Forces 1940-43 de Andrea Molinari1943-05-13
The Desert Railway: The New Zealand Railway Group in North Africa and the Middle East During the Second World War de Brendon Judd1943-05-13
Desert Rat, 1940–43: British Commonwealth Troops in North Africa de Tim Moreman1943-05-13
Desert Rats at war de George Forty1943-05-13
The Desert Rats: 7th Armoured Division 1940-1945 de Robin Neillands1943-05-13
Desert Rats: British 8th Army in North Africa 1941-43 (Battle Orders) de Tim Moreman1943-05-13
Desert Rats: The 7th Armoured Division in World War II (Greenhill Military Paperbacks) de G. L. Verney1943-05-13
The Desert War1943-05-13
The Desert War de George Forty1943-05-13
Desert War in North Africa de Stephen W. Sears1943-05-13
The Desert War Then and Now de Jean-Paul Pallud1943-05-13
Desert War: A Unique Photographic Record of the Desert Rats at War de Mike Moore1943-05-13
Desert Warfare: From Its Roman Origins to the Gulf Conflict de Bryan Perrett1943-05-13
Desperate Venture: The Story of Operation Torch, the Allied Invasion of North Africa de Norman Gelb1943-05-13
Destruction of an Army The First Campaign in Libya Sept 1940 - Feb 1941 de Ministry of Information1943-05-13
Dilemmas of the Desert War: A New Look at the Libyan Campaign, 1940-1942 de Michael Carver1943-05-13
Disaster at Kasserine: Ike and the 1st Us Army in North Africa 1943 de Charles Whiting1943-05-13
Du débarquement africain au meurtre de Darlan de Albert Kammerer1943-05-13
The dynamic war; a study in military leadership in the British-German campaigns in North Africa, February 1941-January 1 de Alan Kinghorn1943-05-13
The early battles of Eighth Army : Crusader to the Alamein Line, 1941-42 de Adrian Stewart1943-05-13
The Eighth Army de Robin Neillands1943-05-13
Eighth Army in the Desert (Airfix Magazine Guide 20) de John Sandars1943-05-13
The Eighth Army September 1941 to January 1943 de Ministry of Information1943-05-13
El Alamein de Michael Carver1943-05-13
El Alamein 1942 : The Turning of the Tide de Ken Ford1943-05-13
El Alamein to the River Sangro de Viscount Bernard Law Montgomery Montgomery of Alam1943-05-13
El Alamein: Desert Victory de John Strawson1943-05-13
Endstation El Alamein de Ralf Roland Ringler1943-05-13
Exit Rommel: The Tunisian Campaign, 1942-43 (Stackpole Military History) de Bruce Watson1943-05-13
FDR's 12 Apostles: The Spies Who Paved the Way for the Invasion of North Africa de Hal Vaughan1943-05-13
Fighters over the Desert: The Air Battles in the Western Desert, June 1940 to December 1942 de Christopher F. Shores1943-05-13
The Foxes of the Desert de Paul Carell1943-05-13
From Casablanca to Berlin de Bruce Bliven Jr.1943-05-13
Gazala 1942: Rommel's Greatest Victory de Ken Ford1943-05-13
General Eisenhower's Report on Operation Torch de Dwight Eisenhower1943-05-13
General George Patton : Old Blood & Guts de Alden Hatch1943-05-13
The German Army 1939-45 2: North Africa & Balkans de Nigel Thomas1943-05-13
German Panzers on the Offensive: Russian Front North Africa 1941-1942 (Schiffer Military History Book) de R. H. S. Stolfi1943-05-13
Great Battles of World War II de Chris Mann1943-05-13
The Greatest War, Volume I: From Pearl Harbor to the Kasserine Pass de Gerald Astor1943-05-13
Guerre en Tunisie Première partie: Kasserine (HS25) de Yves Buffetaut1943-05-13
Heroes of Tobruk de David Mulligan1943-05-13
History of the Second World War, Part 013: Romel: The Desert Fox de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
History of the Second World War, Part 020: Duels With the Afrika Korps de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
History of the Second World War, Part 034: Tobruk Falls de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
History of the Second World War, Part 036: First Alamein de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
History of the Second World War, Part 039: Alamein: Montgomer's Desert Triumph de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
History of the Second World War, Part 041: Operation Torch de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
History of the Second World War, Part 046: Tunisia the Noose Tightens; Guadalcanal Slaughter at Sea de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
History of the Second World War, Part 048: Africa the End de Barrie Pitt1943-05-13
Illustrated World War II Encyclopedia 07 de Eddy Bauer1943-05-13
The Italian Army 1940-45 (2): Africa 1940-43 de Philip Jowett1943-05-13
Kasserine de Yves Buffetaut1943-05-13
Kasserine Pass de Martin Blumenson1943-05-13
Kasserine Pass 1943 : Rommel's last victory de Steven J. Zaloga1943-05-13
Kasserine Pass Battles de US Army Center of Military History1943-05-13
Kasserine: baptism of fire de Ward Rutherford1943-05-13
Kasserine: First blood de Charles Whiting1943-05-13
Knight's Cross: A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel de David Fraser1943-05-13
The Landings in North Africa, November 1942 de Charles Moran1943-05-13
The Last Man Standing: Herb Ashby and the Battle of El Alamein de Peter Dornan1943-05-13
The Life and Death of the Afrika Korps de Ronald Lewin1943-05-13
Long Range Desert Group Patrolman: The Western Desert, 1940–43 de Tim Moreman1943-05-13
The Lost Oasis: The Desert War and the Hunt for Zerzura de Saul Kelly1943-05-13
Luftkampf zwischen Sand und Sonne; Luftkampf über Afrika 1940-1942 de Shores C. /Ring H.1943-05-13
M3 Medium Tank vs Panzer III: Kasserine Pass, 1943 (Duel) de Gordon Rottman1943-05-13
Magazine 39-45, Tobrouk défaites et victoire de Georges Bernage1943-05-13
The Mareth Line 1943 : the end in Africa de Ken Ford1943-05-13
Massacre at Tobruk: The British Assault on Rommel, 1942 (Stackpole Military History Series) de Peter C. Smith1943-05-13
Meeting the Fox: The Allied Invasion of Africa, from Operation Torch to Kasserine Pass to Victory in Tunisia de Orr Kelly1943-05-13
Montgomery of Alamein de Ronald W. Clark1943-05-13
Montgomery of Alamein de Alun Chalfont1943-05-13
Montgomery's Desert Army de John Wilkinson-Latham1943-05-13
Monty: The Making of a General : 1887-1942 de Nigel Hamilton1943-05-13
The Ninety Days de Thomas N. Carmichael1943-05-13
No banners, no bugles de Edward Ellsberg1943-05-13
A Noble Crusade: The History of the Eighth Army 1941-45 de Richard Doherty1943-05-13
The North African air campaign : U.S. Army Air forces from El Alamein to Salerno de Christopher M. Rein1943-05-13
The North African Campaign 1940-43 de B. H. Liddell Hart1943-05-13
The North African war de Warren Tute1943-05-13
Northwest Africa: seizing the initiative in the west de George F. Howe1943-05-13
Operation 'TORCH' : An Object Lesson in Diplomacy de J. Rives Childs1943-05-13
Operation Compass 1940: Wavell's whirlwind offensive de Jon Latimer1943-05-13
Operation Crusader 1941: Rommel in Retreat de Ken Ford1943-05-13
Operation Torch de Vincent Jones1943-05-13
Operation Torch (in Postcards - RODRIGUEZ) de Rick Spears1943-05-13
Operation Torch. Novembre 1942 de Yves Buffetaut1943-05-13
Operation Torch: The Allied Gamble to Invade North Africa de William B. Breuer1943-05-13
Operations in North African Waters: October 1942-June 1943 de Samuel Eliot Morison1943-05-13
Le operazioni in Africa settentrionale. Volume II - Tobruk (marzo 1941 - gennaio 1942). de Mario Montanari1943-05-13
Opération " Torch", 8 novembre 1942 (Les Américains débarquent en Algérie, Le rôle décisif de cinq jeunes Français dans le tournant de la guerre) de Michel Junot1943-05-13
The Other Desert War: British Special Forces in North Africa, 1940–1943 de John W. Gordon1943-05-13
Panzer Army Africa de James Sidney Lucas1943-05-13
Panzer Battles: A Study of the Employment of Armor in the Second World War de F. W. Mellenthin1943-05-13
Panzer Commander: The Memoirs of Colonel Hans von Luck de Hans von Luck1943-05-13
Panzers in North Africa de John Healey1943-05-13
Panzers of Kasserine: The Afrika Korps in Tunisia (Campaigns Series) de Claude Gillono1943-05-13
Partners in Command: George Marshall and Dwight Eisenhower in War and Peace de Mark Perry1943-05-13
Patton [1970 film] de Franklin J. Schaffner1943-05-13
Patton and Rommel de Dennis Showalter1943-05-13
Patton, Montgomery, Rommel: Masters of War de Terry Brighton1943-05-13
Patton: The Pursuit of Destiny (The Generals) de Agostino von Hassell1943-05-13
Pendulum of War: The Three Battles of El Alamein de Niall Barr1943-05-13
La Prima Controffensiva Italo-Tedesca In Africa Settentrionale (15 Febbraio-18 Novembre 1941) de Stato Maggiore Esercito Ministero Della Difesa1943-05-13
The Raiders: Desert Strike Force de Arthur Swinson1943-05-13
The Rising Tide de Jeff Shaara1943-05-13
Ritorno a El Alamein: I paracadutisti della " Folgore " in Africa Settentrionale (Testimonianze fra cronaca e storia) de Battista G. Trovero1943-05-13
Road to Tunis de David Rame1943-05-13
Rommel de Desmond Young1943-05-13
Rommel and the Secret War in North Africa: Secret Intelligence in the North African Campaign 1941-43 (Schiffer Military History) de Janusz Piekalkiewicz1943-05-13
The Rommel Papers de Erwin Rommel1943-05-13
Rommel's Afrika Korps: El Agheila to El Alamein de George Bradford1943-05-13
Rommel's Desert Commanders: The Men Who Served the Desert Fox, North Africa, 1941-42 (Stackpole Military History Series) de Samuel W. Mitcham1943-05-13
Rommel's last victory: The Battle of Kasserine Pass de Martin Blumenson1943-05-13
Rommel's Afrika Korps: Tobruk to El Alamein de Pier Paolo Battistelli1943-05-13
Rommel's Army in Africa de Dal McGuirk1943-05-13
Rommel's Desert Army de Martin Windrow1943-05-13
Rommel's Desert War de Samuel W. Mitcham1943-05-13
Rommel's Greatest Victory de Samuel Mitcham1943-05-13
Rommel's North Africa Campaign de Jack Greene1943-05-13
Rommel's War In Africa de Wolf Heckmann1943-05-13
Rommel: Battles and Campaigns de Kenneth Macksey1943-05-13
Salvage Man: Edward Ellsberg and the U.S. Navy de John D. Alden1943-05-13
A Short History of World War II de James L. Stokesbury1943-05-13
Slaget om Tobruk [motion picture] de Václav Marhoul1943-05-13
A Soldier's Story de Omar N. Bradley1943-05-13
The Third Reich: Afrikakorps de Time-Life Books1943-05-13
The Third Reich: The Southern Front de Time-Life Books1943-05-13
The Tiger Kills: The Story of the Indian Divisions in the North African Campaign de Walter George Hingston1943-05-13
To Benghazi de Gavin Long1943-05-13
Tobruk de Peter FitzSimons1943-05-13
Tobruk de Michael Carver1943-05-13
Tobruk 1941 de Chester Wilmot1943-05-13
Tobruk 1941 de Peter Cochrane1943-05-13
Tobruk 1941 : Rommel's Opening Move de Jon Latimer1943-05-13
Tobruk 1941 : the desert siege de Timothy Hall1943-05-13
Tobruk 1941 Der Kampf in Nordafrika de Adalbert von Taysen1943-05-13
Tobruk and El Alamein de Barton Maughan1943-05-13
Tobruk Commando de Gordon Landsborough1943-05-13
Tobruk in the Second World War : struggle and rememberance de Grzegorz Jasiński1943-05-13
Tobruk to Tarakan;: The story of a fighting unit de John G Glenn1943-05-13
Tobruk to Turkey : with the Army of the Nile de Frank Clune1943-05-13
Tobruk's Easter Battle 1941 - the Forgotten Fifteenth's Date with Rommel's Champion de John MACKENZIE-SMITH1943-05-13
Tobruk, Tank Battles in North Africa: 1942 de Harold E. Hock1943-05-13
Tobruk: A Raid Too Far de David Jefferson1943-05-13
Tobruk: Tank Battles in North Africa 19421943-05-13
Tobruk: The Birth of a Legend de Frank Harrison1943-05-13
Tobruk: The Great Siege 1941-42 de William F. Buckingham1943-05-13
Tobruk: The Great Siege Reassessed de Frank Harrison1943-05-13
Tobruk: The Siege de James W. Stock1943-05-13
Tobruk: The story of a siege de Anthony Heckstall-Smith1943-05-13
Together We Stand: America, Britain, and the Forging of an Alliance de James Holland1943-05-13
Tomorrow We Escape de Tom Trumble1943-05-13
TOP-HATS IN TOBRUK de Kenneth Rankin1943-05-13
The Trail of the Fox de David Irving1943-05-13
Triumphant Fox: Erwin Rommel and the Rise of the Afrika Korps (Stackpole Military History Series) de Samuel W. Mitcham1943-05-13
U-Boote vor Tobruk. de Erik Maasch1943-05-13
US Tank Battles in North Africa and Italy 1943-1945 de Steven J. Zaloga1943-05-13
Vom Sand verweht. El Alamein war die Wende de Rudolf Hubalek1943-05-13
The War Against Rommel's Supply Lines, 1942-43 (Stackpole Military History Series) de Alan J. Levine1943-05-13
War as I Knew It de George S. Patton1943-05-13
The War in Europe: From the Kasserine Pass to Berlin, 1942-1945 de J. Phillip Langellier1943-05-13
The War in the Desert de Anthony Farrar-Hockley1943-05-13
The War In The Desert de Richard Collier1943-05-13
War in the Desert: The Eighth Army at El Alamein de James Sidney Lucas1943-05-13
The War, the Whores and the Afrika Korps de Jack Barber1943-05-13
Wavell in the Middle East, 1939-1941 : a study in generalship de Harold E. Raugh1943-05-13
We Were the Rats (Australian War Classics) de Lawson Glassop1943-05-13
West Point '41: The Class That Went to War and Shaped America de Anne Kazel-Wilcox1943-05-13
With Rommel in the Desert de Heinz Werner Schmidt1943-05-13
With Rommel's Army in Libya de Laszlo Almasy1943-05-13
World War II Collector's Set: 6 Films [DVD] de Ray Boulting1943-05-13
World War II Desert Tactics (Elite) de Paddy Griffith1943-05-13
World War II: Europe and North Africa / Asia and the Pacific - 1991 [map] de John B. Garver, Jr.1943-05-13
WWII Battle for Europe - Africa, Our First Offensive, The African Campaign, Rommel Routed, Sicily, Operation Husky1943-05-13
Onward We Charge: The Heroic Story of Darby's Rangers in World War II de H. Paul Jeffers1943-05-24