EsdevenimentsSecond Persian Invasion of Greece

Obres (35)

300 de Frank Miller479 BCE
300 [2006 film] de Zack Snyder479 BCE
300 Heroes: The Battle of Thermopylae (Edge Books: Bloodiest Battles) de Terri Dougherty479 BCE
The 300 Spartans [1962 film] de Rudolph Maté479 BCE
After Thermopylae: the oath of Plataea and the end of the Graeco-Persian Wars de Paul Cartledge479 BCE
Arrogance: The Conquests of Xerxes de Louis Couperus479 BCE
At the Hot Gates: An Account of the Batle of Thermopylae de Donald Samson479 BCE
The Battle of Salamis: The Naval Encounter that Saved Greece -- and Western Civilization de Barry S. Strauss479 BCE
The Battle of Thermopylae: A Campaign in Context de Rupert Matthews479 BCE
Beyond the Gates of Fire: New Perspectives on the Battle of Thermopylae de Christopher Matthew479 BCE
Blazing Combat de Archie Goodwin479 BCE
The Defence of Greece de J. F. Lazenby479 BCE
Esther: The star and the sceptre : a novel de Gini Andrews479 BCE
Gates of Fire de Steven Pressfield479 BCE
The Greatest Battles in History: The Battle of Salamis de Charles River Editors479 BCE
The Greatest Battles in History: The Battle of Thermopylae de Charles River Editors479 BCE
A history of ancient Persia, from the earliest beginnings to the death of Alexander the Great de Robert William Rogers479 BCE
Història de Herodotus479 BCE
Last Stand of the 300: The Legendary Battle at Thermopylae de David Padrusch479 BCE
Leonidas: Hero of Thermopylae (Leaders of Ancient Greece) de Ian Macgregor Morris479 BCE
Marathon and Salamis de Compton Mackenzie479 BCE
The Olympian de E.S. Kraay479 BCE
Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West de Tom Holland479 BCE
Plataea 479 BC: Greece's Greatest Victory de William Shepherd479 BCE
Salamina de Javier Negrete479 BCE
Salamis 480 BC de William Shepherd479 BCE
Thermopylae 480 BC: Last Stand of the 300 de Nic Fields479 BCE
Thermopylae 480 BC: The Most Unequal Battle in History - Great Battles of the World series (7001) de Dimitris Belezos479 BCE
Thermopylae: The Battle for the West de Ernle Bradford479 BCE
Thermopylae: The Battle That Changed the World de Paul Cartledge479 BCE
The Topography of the Battle of Plataea: The City of Plataea. The Field of Leuctra de G.B. Grundy479 BCE
The World of Athens (Reading Greek) de Joint Association of Classical Teachers
Xerxes' Greek Adventure: The Naval Perspective (Mnemosyne, Bibliotheca Classica Batava. Supplementum, Vol. 264.) (Mnemosyne Supplements) de H. T. Wallinga479 BCE
The Year of Salamis 480-479 B.C. de Peter Green479 BCE
The Year of Thermopylae de Ernle Bradford479 BCE