CBC Books - Canada's 100 (+ bonus 10): Which have you read? 110

In building this list, CBC Books considered everything from cultural impact and critical reception to reader response to choose these titles. The authors all call or once called Canada home, and the novels are all in print. Canada has a wealth of writers telling today’s tales, revisiting our past and imagining our future. Literary or mystery, comic or graphic, historical or out of this world, the 100 novels on our list are must-read books. http://www.cbc.ca/books/books100.html BONUS 10: On July 1, we revealed the CBC Books 100: Novels that make you proud to be Canadian. The response was overwhelming - thank you! We received so many tweets, emails and Facebook comments about the list from passionate readers all over the world. But what we heard again and again were recommendations for great Canadian novels that didn't make our list. That got us thinking. We wanted the CBC Books 100 to inspire a conversation about Canadian literature, about the novels on the list and beyond. So we looked at the recommendations and have put together what we are calling the CBC Books 100: Bonus 10. These are novels that popped up repeatedly in the comments we received from readers. http://www.cbc.ca/books/2014/07/the-cbc-books-100-bonus-10-novels-that-make-you-even-prouder-to-be-canadian.html
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