Where LibraryThing leads...

Aquest grup està oficialment inactiu. Són coses que passen. Si vols reviscolar aquest grup o bé crear-ne un de nou sobre el mateix tema mira aquesta pàgina.

Since joining LibraryThing I've noticed I am more likely to buy a book, join a website or check out a new place I've read about here than on any other site I participated in before LT. This site, the offshoot sites, books and ideas I've discovered because of it, are now the inspiration for about 70% of my leisure time. I can't be the only one.

So, how has LibraryThing inspired you?

What things, places and websites have you tried because of something you saw on LibraryThing?

What books have you learned about and obtained because of a fellow Thingamabrarian?

Has one of those books caused you to try a new hobby or craft? Or inspired you to pursue a new avenue of thought you hadn't previously?

Is there a place, a specific library, restaurant, bookshop, coffeehouse, etc., which you learned of on LT and went to explore for yourself? Have you started attending more book sales or had a sharp increase in biblio-acquisition since joining?

What other sites, either cataloging or otherwise, which you found via LT and are now a regular part of your life?

Basically, without being overly dramatic, how has being a Thingamabrarian changed your life?
...(and might it spawn a new religion?) okay, maybe that's a bit overboard.

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