The Haunted Soda: A Yarn in 3 Parts by the Literati of LT

Aquest grup està oficialment inactiu. Són coses que passen. Si vols reviscolar aquest grup o bé crear-ne un de nou sobre el mateix tema mira aquesta pàgina.

In this thread, people add five words per post to the story to create an award winning novel that will eventually win the prestigious Booker Prize. Hahaha!

It can be a thriller . . . perhaps the soda is irradiated or there's a homing device embedded in the barcode! Or it can be a horror story! Perhaps the soda is haunted. It can be a romance! Perhaps the soda was brewed with tears (a la "Like Water for Chocolate). It can be a comedy. Perhaps we can tell the story from the soda's point of view as its canned in China! Yes, it can be a travel book. It could be science fiction. Perhaps the can is made up of some alien metal that sings when it stands near ketchup.

It may even take years before a can shows up in this story! It could be all these . . . all at the same time.

Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of story . . . book lovers come up with.

Here We Go!

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Chapter Nine: The Haunted Soda321 no llegits / 321quartzite, desembre 2008
Chapter 8: The Haunted Soda315 no llegits / 315beatles1964, octubre 2008
Chapter 7: The Haunted Soda274 no llegits / 274quartzite, juliol 2008
Chapter 6: The Haunted Soda317 no llegits / 317quartzite, juny 2008
Chapter 5: The Haunted Soda334 no llegits / 334quartzite, abril 2008
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