BookCrossing 2018 Reduce MTBR and Other Challenges

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This group is for all BookCrossers who would like to reduce MTBR (mountain of to-be-read books) or participate in other BookCrossing-related challenges in 2018!

Here is how it works:
1. Start a thread with your name as part of the title.
2. Declare the goals that you wish to achieve in 2018.
3. Post progress reports throughout the year.

The most popular challenge in the past years has been to reduce MTBR. You can list all the books on your TBR list or just the ones you plan to finish in 2018. You can add tickers to track your progress. Many here count only books registered by other people but some count their own as well. You are free to structure your challenge any way you like!

Some members here have kept track of their other BookCrossing-related challenges, including various release challenges. Anything goes, as long as it helps motivate you to read and release more BC books!

TemaTemaMissatgesÚltim missatge 
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September Goals and Progress8 no llegits / 8mathgirl40, setembre 2018
August Goals and Progress7 no llegits / 7mathgirl40, setembre 2018
July Goals and Progress10 no llegits / 10gypsysmom, agost 2018
June Goals and Progress14 no llegits / 14mathgirl40, juliol 2018
May Goals and Progress12 no llegits / 12gypsysmom, maig 2018
Non-challenge news and chat63 no llegits / 63SqueakyChu, abril 2018
April Goals and Progress7 no llegits / 7gypsysmom, abril 2018
March Goals and Progress10 no llegits / 10mathgirl40, abril 2018
February Goals and Progress24 no llegits / 24SqueakyChu, abril 2018
January Goals and Progress6 no llegits / 6SqueakyChu, gener 2018
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