2022 Category Challenge

In the Category Challenge, the only rule is that there are no rules. Every member sets their own categories (as many as they want, on whatever topics they want), so every member’s challenge is going to look different. Some members use the same categories every year and change the theme. Some members put aside their challenges halfway through the year and start over. Whatever works for you!

We host optional year-long theme reads called CATs and KITs, as well as a BingoDOG. The planning of these challenges begins in October 2021. See the welcome post, the pinned posts, and the list of wikis for more details.

The challenge officially starts January 1, 2022, but you’re welcome to start earlier or later!

TemaTemaMissatgesÚltim missatge 
AncoratMay - What are we reading?64 no llegits / 64pamelad, Ahir 4:12pm
AncoratMay Bingo Dog reads32 no llegits / 32lowelibrary, Ahir 11:38pm
AncoratMay RandomKIT: May Flowers45 no llegits / 45pamelad, dijous 5:58pm
AncoratMay CATWoman: Classics Written by Women52 no llegits / 52Robertgreaves, Ahir 2:31am
AncoratMay ShakespeareCAT: Shakespeare's Kings & Medieval History29 no llegits / 29MissWatson, maig 17
AncoratMay SFFKIT: Invasion!29 no llegits / 29Robertgreaves, dijous 6:31pm
AncoratMay ScaredyKit: Short Stories, Novellas & Anthologies35 no llegits / 35lowelibrary, Ahir 11:41pm
AncoratMay MysteryKIT - Detectives in Translation42 no llegits / 42Tanya-dogearedcopy, diumenge 8:53pm
AncoratMay AuthorCAT - Authors From Your Own Country62 no llegits / 62lowelibrary, Ahir 11:49pm
AncoratMay AlphaKIT - O and D49 no llegits / 49soelo, dijous 9:54am
AncoratAudiobooks43 no llegits / 43LibraryCin, maig 17
AncoratAlphaKIT - Yearlong X and Z17 no llegits / 17LibraryCin, maig 15
Ancorat2022 CATWoman Linking Thread7 no llegits / 7sallylou61, maig 14
Ancorat2022 SFFKIT Planning Thread54 no llegits / 54Kristelh, maig 15
Ancorat2022 MysteryKIT Main Thread16 no llegits / 16Tanya-dogearedcopy, maig 15
Ancorat2022 RandomKIT Main Thread15 no llegits / 15LadyoftheLodge, maig 16
Ancorat2022 CATWoman Planning Thread87 no llegits / 87sallylou61, gener 1
Ancorat2022 AuthorCat Planning Thread68 no llegits / 68LibraryCin, maig 14
Ancorat2022 ShakespeareCAT Planning94 no llegits / 94MissWatson, maig 17
Ancorat2022 RandomKIT Planning Thread36 no llegits / 36Helenliz, març 13
Ancorat2022 ScaredyKIT Planning Thread43 no llegits / 43sturlington, maig 13
AncoratMysteryKIT Planning Thread 202245 no llegits / 45LadyoftheLodge, novembre 2021
Ancorat2022 AlphaKIT Main Thread20 no llegits / 20majkia, maig 15
Ancorat2022 CAT Planning Thread172 no llegits / 172pamelad, novembre 2021
Ancorat2022 BingoDog planning thread89 no llegits / 89madhatter22, gener 1
AncoratWelcome to the 2022 Category Challenge!107 no llegits / 107LadyoftheLodge, març 4
Pamelad in 2022282 no llegits / 282pamelad, Avui 2:13am
DeltaQueen Relies on Friends in 2022 - Page 3199 no llegits / 199DeltaQueen50, Ahir 11:53pm
VivienneR reads the Language of Flowers part 388 no llegits / 88VivienneR, Ahir 9:39pm
susanna.fraser hits the books in 2022115 no llegits / 115susanna.fraser, Ahir 8:56pm
rabbitprincess has a hard day's night in 2022152 no llegits / 152rabbitprincess, Ahir 8:47pm
RidgewayGirl Reads Books in 2022, Part Two100 no llegits / 100RidgewayGirl, Ahir 5:33pm
CBL looks for balance in 2022 - Part 259 no llegits / 59cbl_tn, Ahir 5:11pm
Charl08 reads words with pictures in 2022 #367 no llegits / 67charl08, Ahir 5:00pm
Christina reads 2+0+2+2 series174 no llegits / 174christina_reads, Ahir 4:29pm
mstrust Invites You to Pick Your Poison - Third One Is Always Trouble109 no llegits / 109mstrust, Ahir 4:27pm
LadyoftheLodge reads in 2022221 no llegits / 221LadyoftheLodge, Ahir 3:06pm
Nickelini's Category Challenge 2022130 no llegits / 130VivienneR, Ahir 2:16pm
Tess Reads What She Wants! Page 2117 no llegits / 117Tess_W, Ahir 9:03am
NinieB Enjoys the Roses in 2022135 no llegits / 135NinieB, Ahir 9:02am
Helenliz turns a second 50 pages127 no llegits / 127Helenliz, Ahir 7:22am
Marell is Booked for 202297 no llegits / 97marell, dijous 9:24pm
lindapanzo simplifies her reading for 2022--part 170 no llegits / 70lindapanzo, dijous 8:18pm
Jackie's Very Hungry Cat---egory Challenge112 no llegits / 112pamelad, dijous 7:11pm
MissWatson enjoys her elevenses – second helping43 no llegits / 43Chrischi_HH, dijous 1:12pm
Chrischi_HH's year of the (Olympic) rings 202233 no llegits / 33Chrischi_HH, dijous 11:59am
JayneCM Reads Too Much In 2022227 no llegits / 227JayneCM, dijous 11:19am
Lisa's 2022 Category Challenge Reads144 no llegits / 144lsh63, dijous 8:06am
Tafadhali's Musical 2022 Category Challenge27 no llegits / 27Tafadhali, dimecres 9:49pm
Clue 2022 Here Comes The Sun!73 no llegits / 73clue, dimecres 9:05pm
Betty (Dudes22) Finds the Librarian In 2022179 no llegits / 179dudes22, dimecres 4:48pm
LowProfile Has Some Reading Fun 202232 no llegits / 32Tess_W, dimecres 3:54pm
Amber's (scaifea) 2022 Category Challenge159 no llegits / 159scaifea, dimecres 10:58am
Threadnsong Reads in the 21st Century85 no llegits / 85Tess_W, dimecres 4:36am
June CATWoman: Books Set in Cities by Women Authors14 no llegits / 14Tess_W, dimecres 4:26am
June MysteryKIT - Historical Fiction16 no llegits / 16DeltaQueen50, dimarts 9:45pm
June RandomKit: "Cookin' the Books"24 no llegits / 24lsh63, dimarts 8:16am
June AuthorCAT: Nonfiction Authors31 no llegits / 31Jackie_K, dimarts 5:30am
Kristel's "The List Goes On" in 2022118 no llegits / 118Kristelh, dilluns 10:50pm
Shannon Keeps It Simple in 2022 (sturlington)82 no llegits / 82sturlington, dilluns 7:07pm
Cindy/LibraryCin's 2022 Reading Challenges142 no llegits / 142LibraryCin, dilluns 4:27pm
majkia drinks tea and reads145 no llegits / 145majkia, dilluns 4:20pm
April CATWoman: Women of Colo(u)r43 no llegits / 43Jackie_K, dilluns 3:36pm
SFFKit - June - Next book in a series (not #1)12 no llegits / 12fuzzi, dilluns 9:40am
June AlphaKIT - Q and C16 no llegits / 16LibraryCin, dilluns 12:24am
Jennifer's 2022 Category Challenge (japaul22)100 no llegits / 100NinieB, diumenge 9:35pm
Dogearedcopy's 22 in '2280 no llegits / 80Tanya-dogearedcopy, diumenge 8:47pm
pammab's 2022 challenge30 no llegits / 30DeltaQueen50, diumenge 7:30pm
Cheli's Mountainous Category Challenge for 202281 no llegits / 81cyderry, diumenge 7:29pm
Mystery Max looks for the best of the best in 202287 no llegits / 87mysterymax, diumenge 8:45am
June ScaredyKIT: Into the Wild9 no llegits / 9DeltaQueen50, dissabte 6:45pm
mathgirl40's 2022 category challenge117 no llegits / 117pammab, dissabte 5:29pm
Lori's (thornton37814) Cincinnati Tribute - thread 281 no llegits / 81thornton37814, dissabte 5:24pm
lavaturtle's 2022 Category Challenge52 no llegits / 52mathgirl40, maig 20
June ShakespeareCAT: The Roman plays / ancient history13 no llegits / 13LadyoftheLodge, maig 20
Kerry (avatiakh)'s goes to the movies again104 no llegits / 104lowelibrary, maig 17
Wytwavedarling Tries Again in 202298 no llegits / 98whitewavedarling, maig 17
lavaturtle reads comics in 202230 no llegits / 30lavaturtle, maig 16
staci426 gives it another try in 202231 no llegits / 31staci426, maig 14
Sally Lou's reading in 202277 no llegits / 77sallylou61, maig 12
BeebeeReads Steps Up in 202271 no llegits / 71beebeereads, maig 9
Tricia is going back to categories in 2022102 no llegits / 102Tess_W, maig 8
Soelo tries to spread out21 no llegits / 21soelo, maig 8
Cora's 2022 Challenge90 no llegits / 90Cora-R, maig 6
Joy’s 2022 Category Challenge30 no llegits / 30jlshall, maig 6
April Random Kit: April Showers48 no llegits / 48Robertgreaves, maig 5
Kathy's (kac522) Lucky22 Reading Challenges in 202295 no llegits / 95kac522, maig 3
Charl08 reads words with pictures in 2022 #2209 no llegits / 209charl08, maig 3
koalamom in 202227 no llegits / 27MissWatson, maig 2
April: What are we reading?54 no llegits / 54threadnsong, maig 1
April SFFKIT - Lifespans32 no llegits / 32threadnsong, maig 1
April ScaredyKIT Serial Killers27 no llegits / 27mstrust, maig 1
VivienneR reads the Language of Flowers part 2194 no llegits / 194VivienneR, maig 1
April's Final Cat Who Challenge 202272 no llegits / 72lowelibrary, maig 1
MissWatson enjoys her elevenses194 no llegits / 194MissWatson, maig 1
April AlphaKIT: L and J62 no llegits / 62dudes22, maig 1
April BingoDog reads31 no llegits / 31sallylou61, abril 29
April ShakespeareCAT: Hamlet28 no llegits / 28thornton37814, abril 29
April MysteryKIT- Noir and Hard-boiled72 no llegits / 72mstrust, abril 28
April AuthorCAT- Debut Authors45 no llegits / 45Robertgreaves, abril 26
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