Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

Aquest grup està oficialment inactiu. Són coses que passen. Si vols reviscolar aquest grup o bé crear-ne un de nou sobre el mateix tema mira aquesta pàgina.

This group will explore issues in aesthetics and philosophy of art from all perspectives: philosophy, psychology, anthropology, art criticism, art history, musicology, etc. Issues include what is art? aesthetic experience, history of aesthetics, does art give us knowledge?, theory of metaphor, theory of intepretation, evaluation of art, taste, the nature of realism, beauty, ugliness, aethetic properties, art and politics, art theory, pragmatist aesthetics, analytic aesthetics. Anything covered in the American Society for Aesthetics meetings, the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, the British Journal of Aesthetics, or the Journal of Aesthetic Education would be appropriate.

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