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Progressives and Conservatives: Here is a place where you can meet, argue, discuss, throw imaginary tantrums, ask questions of each other and share a virtual beer or coffee together.

Simple rules: attack ideas, not people. Be honest. Let others be honest. Be a gracious guest. Try to learn something. Be informative. Don't jerk your knees. Assume that the people who disagree with you are intelligent, but they just need more information to be Truly Enlightened.

If you want to know how to do things like post pictures or links, see the Nuts and Bolts thread here. Feel free to contribute to that.

And have fun.

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Domestic Terrorism (2)104 per llegir / 104lriley, Avui 3:42pm
Trump: pardon me?86 per llegir / 86Molly3028, Avui 3:21pm
Biden-Harris Transition95 per llegir / 95margd, Avui 9:03am
SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (17)46 per llegir / 46margd, Avui 8:58am
Deranged Republicans blame anti-fascists for coup attempt26 per llegir / 26Molly3028, Avui 7:42am
TRAITOR TRUMP142 per llegir / 142John5918, Ahir 11:17pm
Constitution and Norms under Attack: Military, Judiciary, Administration, Congress, International 354 per llegir / 54John5918, Ahir 11:14pm
Documenting the Last 240 Hours20 per llegir / 20Limelite, Ahir 11:12pm
"Information" in the Time of Trump #4100 per llegir / 100kiparsky, Ahir 8:03pm
Quotations 3107 per llegir / 1072wonderY, Ahir 3:39pm
Journalism: a dangerous job, and oft well done (5)11 per llegir / 11John5918, Ahir 11:05am
VP Michael Pence (He-who-would-be-king)104 per llegir / 104margd, divendres 5:11pm
Black in America, V15 per llegir / 15LolaWalser, divendres 3:52pm
I Was In Philadelphia Watching Fraud Happen156 per llegir / 156kiparsky, divendres 1:20pm
Something, anything GOOD 239 per llegir / 39Molly3028, divendres 5:24am
Climate change issues, prevention, adaptation 7138 per llegir / 138margd, divendres 4:57am
Crafting Immigration Policy in America 53 per llegir / 3John5918, dijous 11:15pm
COVID-19 - social and political fallout (6)37 per llegir / 37John5918, dijous 11:07pm
Cognitive Function Meme Fun!133 per llegir / 133Limelite, dijous 6:00pm
Humor from both sides of the aisle (2)152 per llegir / 152Limelite, dijous 5:02pm
Republican Hypocrisy and Double Standards Commence16 per llegir / 16Limelite, dijous 2:30pm
Impeachment II -- It's On31 per llegir / 312wonderY, dijous 2:25pm
Righteous Republicans 395 per llegir / 95margd, dijous 10:17am
What Happens To a Dead Elephant?25 per llegir / 25Molly3028, dijous 6:33am
NAFTA renegotiation (and other trade issues) #2123 per llegir / 123margd, dijous 6:23am
Entry into force of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty on 22 January 20213 per llegir / 3John5918, dimecres 10:43pm
Democratic Leaders Move on Trump's Removal20 per llegir / 20prosfilaes, dimecres 7:34pm
Trump's Truthiness (2)7 per llegir / 7margd, dimecres 7:34am
81 Million people need to email tRUMP this:5 per llegir / 5mamzel, dimarts 3:25pm
Israel #324 per llegir / 24John5918, dimarts 8:20am
Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! - Giuliani’s Clown Act111 per llegir / 111margd, dilluns 2:41pm
Trumpian 'New Lows' 556 per llegir / 56margd, dilluns 1:55pm
The Genius of Gwyneth Paltrow19 per llegir / 19Conkie, dilluns 2:12am
Extinction countdown 2, unfortunately138 per llegir / 138John5918, dilluns 12:14am
Donald Trump: mentally, physically, temperamentally compromised #793 per llegir / 93Limelite, diumenge 9:54pm
Gallup Poll ~ Most Admired Man21 per llegir / 21Limelite, diumenge 6:36pm
Impeach, Indict, 25th Amendment, Vote--REPEAT! 688 per llegir / 882wonderY, diumenge 8:14am
Which allies has Trump insulted and alienated?59 per llegir / 59John5918, gener 9
Georgia runoff for US senate seats: Jan 5, 2021 (2)30 per llegir / 30margd, gener 9
Legal Action Against the Trumps115 per llegir / 115margd, gener 9
Iran again. (2)35 per llegir / 35margd, gener 9
US Election Unleashes Bigots & Bullies (4)144 per llegir / 144Limelite, gener 8
Journalism: a dangerous job, and oft well done (4)183 per llegir / 183margd, gener 8
2020: November election and beyond... (XVI)110 per llegir / 110proximity1, gener 8
Domestic Terrorism171 per llegir / 171davidgn, gener 7
Systemic racism, anti-racism, black experience : the books167 per llegir / 167southernbooklady, gener 7
Michigan: Computer "glitch" wrongly gives victory to Democrat.217 per llegir / 217margd, gener 7
Should Republican Insurrectionist House Members Be Unseated2 per llegir / 2davidgn, gener 6
Documenting "TRUMP VIOLENCE" against People, not Property II47 per llegir / 47Limelite, gener 6
January 6, 202130 per llegir / 30LolaWalser, gener 6
Mitch McConnell33 per llegir / 33kiparsky, gener 6
Fraud database218 per llegir / 218Limelite, gener 6
What books will/should be in the Trump Presidential Library?12 per llegir / 12davidgn, gener 6
Rubicon MAGA version97 per llegir / 97KAzevedo, gener 5
DOCUMENTING 2020 Election and Voter Fraud60 per llegir / 60MsMixte, gener 5
Measles, Vaccination, Choice, Public Health Options118 per llegir / 118margd, gener 5
What Trump Did When You Weren't Looking44 per llegir / 44margd, gener 5
SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (16)152 per llegir / 152margd, gener 5
Georgia runoff for US senate seats: Jan 5, 2021158 per llegir / 158margd, gener 5
Lisa Page, genius7 per llegir / 72wonderY, gener 4
De-Trumpification of America19 per llegir / 19margd, gener 3
Trump's Nominees & Hirees, contd. III142 per llegir / 142margd, gener 3
Russian Cyberattack on National Defense23 per llegir / 23davidgn, gener 2
Fox News is now leftist115 per llegir / 115John5918, gener 2
Dealing with the dishonorable and the inconvenient115 per llegir / 115John5918, desembre 31, 2020
Brexit! Part 540 per llegir / 40Limelite, desembre 31, 2020
Black Writers list5 per llegir / 5John5918, desembre 31, 2020
2020 Hellscape Bingo36 per llegir / 36margd, desembre 31, 2020
Taiwan2 per llegir / 2margd, desembre 31, 2020
Hail Mary/Electoral rules218 per llegir / 218Earthling1, desembre 30, 2020
2020 Lists12 per llegir / 12John5918, desembre 29, 2020
"Women's Studies" the intellectual Wasteland...3 per llegir / 3Earthling1, desembre 29, 2020
Ghislaine Maxwell21 per llegir / 21margd, desembre 29, 2020
The Rose Garden Massacre 2020 (2) cont.74 per llegir / 74Limelite, desembre 28, 2020
On the potential pardoning of Snowden.9 per llegir / 9lriley, desembre 25, 2020
America first is not America alone46 per llegir / 46kiparsky, desembre 23, 2020
Just for fun:8 per llegir / 8Limelite, desembre 23, 2020
GoodReads vs LibraryThing23 per llegir / 23Earthling1, desembre 23, 2020
SolarWinds cyberattack3 per llegir / 3Earthling1, desembre 21, 2020
Bill Barr, AG, Dept of Justice108 per llegir / 108Limelite, desembre 21, 2020
2021 American Renaissance33 per llegir / 33John5918, desembre 20, 2020
American Left Has Embraced Racism4 per llegir / 4Limelite, desembre 20, 2020
Apparently it is either President Biden - or President Pelosi. Please Jebus.10 per llegir / 10lriley, desembre 20, 2020
Boeing45 per llegir / 45John5918, desembre 19, 2020
Invasive Species, Fellow Travelers, Zoonoses26 per llegir / 26margd, desembre 19, 2020
The trap of 'bipartisanship'16 per llegir / 16lriley, desembre 19, 2020
You're being played24 per llegir / 24Earthling1, desembre 19, 2020
Scandal Watch XI35 per llegir / 35Limelite, desembre 18, 2020
Leftists are not afriad of monsters. But as there are few leftists around, let's focus on liberals.23 per llegir / 23proximity1, desembre 18, 2020
HACKED. By Russia.1 per llegir / 1margd, desembre 17, 2020
COVID-19 - social and political fallout (6)161 per llegir / 161lriley, desembre 17, 2020
Russia: international moves, West responses, Putin's revenge & future 275 per llegir / 75margd, desembre 16, 2020
How the Media Wants You To Think27 per llegir / 27bohemima, desembre 16, 2020
Good luck to Marcia Fudge. Welcome to Nina Turner.8 per llegir / 8JGL53, desembre 15, 2020
Lefties are so cute, how they think the monsters they create won’t eat them.234 per llegir / 234Earthling1, desembre 14, 2020
TIME ~ Man of the Year36 per llegir / 36Limelite, desembre 13, 2020
2020: November election and beyond... (XV)162 per llegir / 162proximity1, desembre 13, 2020
Market forces at their deadliest1 per llegir / 1John5918, desembre 13, 2020
Disinfect, sanitize, fumigate, deodorize. Hell yes.2 per llegir / 2Limelite, desembre 12, 2020
The TX Lawsuit and AG Paxton13 per llegir / 13Limelite, desembre 12, 2020
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