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If the first thing you did, when you heard about LibraryThing, was blog about it, then this is your place.

Share your blog or discuss books about blogs, blogs about books, or any blog you just might love.

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Harley Loco: Memoir of Living, Hair and Post Punk Contest1 no llegit / 1Cherylk, abril 2013
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2 giveaways on my blog1 no llegit / 1nicole, desembre 2012
2 winners by helping animals! International!1 no llegit / 1Books_n_Things, desembre 2012
Win Eyes to See by Joseph Nassise! International!1 no llegit / 1Books_n_Things, novembre 2012
Win Nightingale by Jennifer Estep! Ebook!1 no llegit / 1Books_n_Things, novembre 2012
Win A Private Duel with Agent Gunn by Jillian Stone. International!1 no llegit / 1Books_n_Things, novembre 2012
e – i – me – my, Oh!1 no llegit / 1DeniseMoreland, novembre 2012
Contest: Mystery Within a Mystery1 no llegit / 1PaleFirePress, novembre 2012
Giveaway! Three new releases Evison, Davenport, and Company....great fiction set1 no llegit / 1BlackSheepDances, novembre 2012
New Releases Giveaway!5 no llegits / 5TundraBooks, octubre 2012
International Giveaway of IF I LIE by Corrine Jackson!1 no llegit / 1chickey1981, octubre 2012
Win Death and the Girl Next Door by Darynda Jones! US only1 no llegit / 1Books_n_Things, octubre 2012
International Giveaway of Incarnate or pre-order of Asunder by Jodi Meadows and Signed bookplate (IN1 no llegit / 1chickey1981, octubre 2012
International Giveaway of SIGNED hard back copy of Venom by Fiona Paul!1 no llegit / 1chickey1981, setembre 2012
Giveaway: American Dervish1 no llegit / 1akreese, setembre 2012
Support National Buy a Book Day1 no llegit / 1graspingforthewind, setembre 2012
International Giveaway of Neverdark by C. S. Einfeld OR A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness1 no llegit / 1chickey1981, setembre 2012
Giveaway: Public Trust by J. M. Mitchell1 no llegit / 1RoseCityReader, agost 2012
Prize Pack Giveaway of all 4 of Antony John's Novels SIGNED (US only)1 no llegit / 1chickey1981, agost 2012
Giveaway: Michelle Moran's "The Second Empress"1 no llegit / 1k00kaburra, agost 2012
New Blog12 no llegits / 12LanceMorcan, agost 2012
"Toxic Positivity" In The Workplace1 no llegit / 1DeniseMoreland, agost 2012
International Giveaway for Night of the Purple Moon or Fear: A Gone Novel!1 no llegit / 1chickey1981, agost 2012
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Book Push contest for Bloggers1 no llegit / 1zachfortier, juliol 2012
International Giveaway of Insurgent by Veronica Roth and The Intern's Tale by Shawn Keenan!1 no llegit / 1chickey1981, juliol 2012
2 ebook giveaway! Any format!1 no llegit / 1Books_n_Things, juny 2012
Please consider helping us be considered for a $250K for the love of books and book lovers.1 no llegit / 1ijkahn, juny 2012
Looking for advice3 no llegits / 3amz310783, juny 2012
Giveway! UK book, Swedish translation, but available in US early via giveaway1 no llegit / 1BlackSheepDances, maig 2012
Socialpunk giveaway and review1 no llegit / 1gchristianson, abril 2012
Independent Book Blogger Awards1 no llegit / 1thebooklover1, abril 2012
Giveaway - Philippa Gregory's "The Lady of the Rivers"1 no llegit / 1k00kaburra, abril 2012
HUNGER GAMES and COOKBOOK FANS!1 no llegit / 1Kanellio, abril 2012
The Coldest Night By Robert Olmstead, new release giveaway1 no llegit / 1BlackSheepDances, abril 2012
Giveaway!1 no llegit / 1Wrighty, febrer 2012
Giveaway - Pure by Julianna Baggott1 no llegit / 1BookSpot, febrer 2012
Two book Giveaway: West of Here by Evison and Until the Next Time by Fox1 no llegit / 1BlackSheepDances, febrer 2012
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International Blogoversary Giveaway1 no llegit / 1SusieBookworm, desembre 2011
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VC Andrews Giveaway2 no llegits / 2nicole, desembre 2011
Book Bag and Books Giveaway1 no llegit / 1TundraBooks, novembre 2011
Giveaway: Eden by Tony Monchinski1 no llegit / 1SusieBookworm, novembre 2011
Thanksgiving Day Giveaway1 no llegit / 1Cherylk, novembre 2011
PubDate Giveaway!3 no llegits / 3TundraBooks, novembre 2011
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Three giveaways ending soon: Two books and a canvas print! LOW ENTRIES1 no llegit / 1BlackSheepDances, novembre 2011
Child Wonder, Roy Jacobsen giveaway, new release!1 no llegit / 1BlackSheepDances, novembre 2011
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New Online Booksharing Network - Reading Habit Community1 no llegit / 1ReadingHabit, octubre 2011
Jeremy Robinson Kindle Giveaway1 no llegit / 1Cherylk, octubre 2011
Win Shadow Series by Erin Kellison! International!1 no llegit / 1Books_n_Things, setembre 2011
Bookmark Giveaway!1 no llegit / 1billyburgess, setembre 2011
Win 1 of 3 copes of Help! For Writers by Roy Peter Clark 10/21 no llegit / 1theresjonesie, setembre 2011
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Win Signed Spider's Revenge!1 no llegit / 1Books_n_Things, setembre 2011
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