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Pinoy readers and readers of Pinoy books are welcome to come in, have a cup of barako, and talk about their favorite Filipino books and authors. All discussions welcome, whether the topic's Bob Ong or Jose Rizal.

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Libraries in Shopping Malls?4 no llegits / 4anikins, novembre 2007
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Issues surrounding media's role in the modern world: recommendations, please11 no llegits / 11eyelesbarrow, novembre 2007
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Favorite literary characters?5 no llegits / 5bastardmoon, setembre 2007
Which Bookstore do you prefer?9 no llegits / 9mamu, setembre 2007
Favorite character introduction?3 no llegits / 3dancerinthedark, setembre 2007
What is your most valuable book?1 no llegit / 1dancerinthedark, setembre 2007
An attempt to increase # of posts: How are your books organized in the shelf?5 no llegits / 5inkdrinker, setembre 2007
manila intl book fair '0715 no llegits / 15eldritch00, setembre 2007
Owned but unread, read but not owned?2 no llegits / 2eldritch00, setembre 2007
Powerbook's Anniversary Sale11 no llegits / 11shewhowearsred, agost 2007
What was the first book you read/owned?20 no llegits / 20shewhowearsred, agost 2007
MAC ARTHUR: new book by bob ong3 no llegits / 3alenurd, agost 2007
PinoyThing will soon be 1 year old!2 no llegits / 2loiscastillo, agost 2007
Dusk, Sionil Jose1 no llegit / 1urduha, maig 2007
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How to succeed in running a book shop?4 no llegits / 4aeosdur, desembre 2006
Kwentong Tambay (Nicanor David Jr.)2 no llegits / 2anikins, novembre 2006
text on Philippine history?13 no llegits / 13eldritch00, octubre 2006
Noli Me Tangere (Penguin Classics)8 no llegits / 8aeosdur, octubre 2006
Manila Bookfair... who's going?10 no llegits / 10julsitos2, setembre 2006
Welcome to PinoyThing... and new Filipino books4 no llegits / 4anikins, agost 2006
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