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Welcome to the group that discusses, shares, recommends, and provides insight into the world of illustration and comic/graphic novel art. This can also include original art and those amazing artists that invision and create it! What are some of my favorites you may ask? Bernie Wrightson, Charles Vess, W. M. Kaluta, Michael Golden, Frank Cho, Don Rosa, Frazetta... just to name a few. So pull up a chair and share what's on your mind, who are your favorites (artists, stories, series, companies, covers... fill in the blank)..... Thanks for stopping by and joining!! ~illustrationfan

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San Diego Comic-Con3 per llegir / 3johnnyapollo, juliol 2009
New Fleskes Books4 per llegir / 4Powerslave214, juliol 2009
Ellie Frazetta1 per llegir / 1illustrationfan, juliol 2009
Illustration Magazine2 per llegir / 2dinoboy, juny 2009
Ones That Got Away3 per llegir / 3johnnyapollo, juny 2009
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William Stout's Prehistoric Life Murals6 per llegir / 6Powerslave214, maig 2009
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RIP, Jose "Pepe" Gonzalez, Warren Vampirella Artist3 per llegir / 3johnnyapollo, març 2009
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100 Greatest Comic Artists18 per llegir / 18schteve, març 2009
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Most Underrate Comic Artists10 per llegir / 10johnnyapollo, febrer 2009
The Drink and Draw Social Club Book5 per llegir / 5johnnyapollo, febrer 2009
Fanzines16 per llegir / 16arthurfrayn, gener 2009
Favorite Comic Artists26 per llegir / 26SeaBill1, gener 2009
Favorite Portfolios13 per llegir / 13illustrationfan, gener 2009
Favorite Illustrators30 per llegir / 30jahn, gener 2009
Andrew Wyeth, renowned American painter, dies2 per llegir / 2arthurfrayn, gener 2009
World's Worst Comic Book Museum2 per llegir / 2arthurfrayn, gener 2009
Edd Cartier 1914-20083 per llegir / 3johnnyapollo, gener 2009
J.C. Leyendecker: The Great American Illustrator DVD8 per llegir / 8arthurfrayn, gener 2009
Arthur Adams on the Hulk4 per llegir / 4arthurfrayn, gener 2009
Favorite Comic Book/Graphic Novel cover11 per llegir / 11illustrationfan, desembre 2008
How About Favorite Humor Artists?7 per llegir / 7dinoboy, desembre 2008
Favorite Frazetta Paintings5 per llegir / 5johnnyapollo, desembre 2008
Classic cover comic list6 per llegir / 6johnnyapollo, desembre 2008
Seduction of the Innocent (SOTI), Parade of Pleasure (POP) topics1 per llegir / 1illustrationfan, desembre 2008
And while we're on the subject -favorite Frazetta stories4 per llegir / 4dinoboy, desembre 2008
David Apatoff's Illustration Art Blog2 per llegir / 2johnnyapollo, desembre 2008
Adam Hughes demo at a convention3 per llegir / 3arthurfrayn, desembre 2008
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