Bookshelf of the Damned

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From Charles Fort to Whitley Streiber, Yuri Gellar to James Randi, Montague Summers to Katharine Briggs, Ivan T. Sanderson to Erik von Daniken - ufology, alchemy, cryptozoology, parapsychology, skepticism, magick, chieromancy, herbology, New Age, the Old Ones, phenomena, anomalies, witchery, the paranormal, the supernatural, quantum mechanics, creative physics, Discordia, spiritualism, astrology, ancient astronauts, the Fair Folk, and everything else that dwells at the borders of science and religion, where truth and fancy meet --

For everyone who's ever dreamed of finding a copy of the Necronomicon in a dusty basement - or even just a copy of The Lesser Key of Solomon --

We're off the edge of the map here, mate. Unless you happen to have a copy of Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings. In which case, would you be willing to trade? I have some lovely Time-Life "Mysteries of the Unknown" volumes here.

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