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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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AncoratPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!48 no llegits / 48ontograph, gener 6
AncoratGeneral help and topic title change requests102 no llegits / 102amanda4242, dimecres 12:08am
AncoratAnnouncements60 no llegits / 60Petroglyph, agost 23
AncoratTips for Finding Requested Books19 no llegits / 19miss-jules, dimecres 12:07am
Teen Suspense/Mystery/Thriller/Horror5 no llegits / 5bales1997, Avui 3:15am
Scary child’s book pre 1970 little girl disappears in night through hole in bedroom floor4 no llegits / 4emmilespdx, Avui 2:39am
Found: Fantasy glowing green shed twisted5 no llegits / 5elibecs, Ahir 11:11pm
post-apocalyptic/dystopian1 no llegit / 1bhmarie, Ahir 11:03pm
Boys girl best friend dies1 no llegit / 1amerzz, Ahir 10:54pm
Found: Book showing Theseus as a child5 no llegits / 5venomquartz, Ahir 9:10pm
YA Romance HS girl, senior lives in old RV1 no llegit / 1miss-jules, Ahir 8:28pm
Astrology/horoscope book4 no llegits / 4lowelibrary, Ahir 8:23pm
Middle grade book, girl loves the word gladiola5 no llegits / 5keachachu, Ahir 8:22pm
Fantasy, possibly Sci-fi2 no llegits / 2Aquila, Ahir 8:08pm
Found: Children's adventure/mystery old house, cat's eye stones, "yysguys"5 no llegits / 5beyondthefourthwall, Ahir 4:37pm
Been searching for years3 no llegits / 3juels, Ahir 11:31am
Bellend2 no llegits / 2juels, Ahir 11:19am
soviet science fiction novel3 no llegits / 3EvBal, Ahir 11:00am
Mystery storys book?5 no llegits / 5eclbates, Ahir 10:55am
doctor hero refuse to believe that heroine is sick2 no llegits / 2amanda4242, Ahir 10:47am
Forgot the book name5 no llegits / 5amanda4242, Ahir 10:47am
2000's YA fantasy?1 no llegit / 1sosolar, Ahir 6:29am
YA US pioneer fiction from 90s2 no llegits / 2rarm, Ahir 12:35am
Found: Kid’s book about a haunted castle3 no llegits / 3kmxexii, Ahir 12:33am
Fantasy, possibly Sci-fi1 no llegit / 1ladybookdragon, diumenge 9:12pm
YA fairytale retelling(?) from before 20081 no llegit / 1kminson, diumenge 7:48pm
Fantasy, girl in afterlife1 no llegit / 1klostermanden, diumenge 5:38pm
YA Fantasy Book8 no llegits / 8bell7, diumenge 5:12pm
Historical fiction1 no llegit / 1mammanikki, diumenge 4:58pm
True story about ghosts 60s or 70s era1 no llegit / 1dazdnconfused2, diumenge 4:45pm
Desperate for a title2 no llegits / 2lilithcat, diumenge 2:39pm
fantasy name keeper and huntress1 no llegit / 1aluendasmeeton, diumenge 4:43am
mystery/horror two sisters1 no llegit / 1aluendasmeeton, diumenge 4:37am
Romance in East Berlin2 no llegits / 2beesocks, diumenge 4:21am
Romance novel that may end with “ed”1 no llegit / 1romancelov3r, diumenge 2:09am
Looking for a book from my childhood3 no llegits / 3MissSquish, dissabte 8:46pm
Found: YA Thriller,Private school hunting party3 no llegits / 3Hunter_test, dissabte 8:12pm
Fantasy or Medievil setting Book4 no llegits / 4lilithcat, dissabte 5:25pm
Livro de romance juvenil com namoro falso.1 no llegit / 1Bruna.Oliveira, dissabte 5:07pm
Fiction set in London1 no llegit / 1Danav, dissabte 2:03pm
Thriller from the 90s1 no llegit / 1mjro2023, dissabte 11:14am
Children’s horse stable fire rescue1 no llegit / 1sweetsimplicity, divendres 4:38pm
Kid's book meningitis1 no llegit / 1peterpan3112, divendres 10:45am
Found: Read ages ago, YA fantasy, medieval3 no llegits / 3dena434, dijous 11:57pm
Children's short stories book a family1 no llegit / 1amemarson, dijous 5:02pm
Vintage children's about duck houses2 no llegits / 2MissSquish, dijous 4:52pm
Childrens Book about orphaned brother & sister hiding in NYC2 no llegits / 2MissSquish, dijous 4:28pm
Fiction, 2 sisters living isolated2 no llegits / 2MissSquish, dijous 4:22pm
Romance book1 no llegit / 1apple892, dijous 10:48am
YA Fantasy: House with personality that grows and changes9 no llegits / 9beyondthefourthwall, dijous 8:26am
Found: Children's Christmas Picture Book9 no llegits / 9beyondthefourthwall, dijous 4:48am
Nonfiction book about children in world war 21 no llegit / 1ArdenLee, dijous 4:45am
Fiction teen thriller, obsessive girl2 no llegits / 2juels, dimecres 11:39am
1980’s fiction book about perfume?3 no llegits / 3Amphol23, dimecres 4:52am
Genre Drama/Mystery: Young woman with friends in home at the sea early 1900’s5 no llegits / 5konallis, dimecres 4:11am
Australian novel2 no llegits / 2humouress, dimarts 11:56pm
Adult romance8 no llegits / 8miss-jules, dimarts 11:55pm
Latin American Story within a short story1 no llegit / 1hmnichols99, dimarts 8:41pm
Found: Post-war historical fiction3 no llegits / 3Isabella.Pacheco, dimarts 5:25pm
Future Sci-Fi Robot Book6 no llegits / 6Bargle5, dimarts 6:45am
Found: YA Slice of Life4 no llegits / 4Aquila, dimarts 12:17am
Argg! I started this and can't find it on my Kindle2 no llegits / 2amanda4242, novembre 20
Childrens picture book series - Day at a _____2 no llegits / 2keachachu, novembre 20
Book about adultery, read in 2013ish1 no llegit / 1Hope2286, novembre 20
WW2 German Signaller, Murder.3 no llegits / 3RosetheReader, novembre 20
I need help finding this book2 no llegits / 2lilithcat, novembre 20
80s/90s children's adventure book4 no llegits / 4RosetheReader, novembre 20
YA novel Fiction teenagers that can turn into animals1 no llegit / 1The_Dobhar_Chu, novembre 20
Kids picture book about bakery attached by a tunnel to an armory1 no llegit / 1theotherbay, novembre 20
Kids book: King rings bell with arrow to warn village of fire1 no llegit / 1theotherbay, novembre 20
Siblings transported to fantasy world though their TV set5 no llegits / 5wdg1969, novembre 20
Harlequin Romance ,artist hero, marriage of convenience3 no llegits / 3juels, novembre 20
Children's illustrated Halloween book pre-20001 no llegit / 1zenobe, novembre 20
Lonely Gator falls off Balcony book?1 no llegit / 1eliznhunt, novembre 19
Looking for a book for my child about siblings and a ghost cat4 no llegits / 4DisassemblyOfReason, novembre 19
Middle grade or YA mystery2 no llegits / 2DisassemblyOfReason, novembre 19
WWII spy thriller set in U.S.1 no llegit / 1thedarkman, novembre 18
Preteen/teen boy rival suburban gangs 1980s2 no llegits / 2RosetheReader, novembre 18
christian frontier romance1 no llegit / 1robinyew8, novembre 18
YA/MG elemental faerie book3 no llegits / 3jules001, novembre 18
Found: Invisible bookstore…maybe?3 no llegits / 3gfox79321, novembre 18
Older black woman younger European man1 no llegit / 1toywamoore, novembre 17
Found: Children's book on drawing stick people3 no llegits / 3Dauphine27, novembre 17
Historical romance traumatised heroine32 no llegits / 32mjreal, novembre 17
Middle Grade Fantasy Sisters turn into unicorns1 no llegit / 1donan, novembre 17
Gay romance1 no llegit / 1paulaone, novembre 17
Picture Book - Boy battles monster in Bathtub, "Sud" in title4 no llegits / 4Stevie555, novembre 17
Novel - Jesus story via trader1 no llegit / 1sfj2, novembre 17
Nonverbal boy's fantasy land3 no llegits / 3DisassemblyOfReason, novembre 17
Ancient Egypt6 no llegits / 6DisassemblyOfReason, novembre 17
Fantasy 2010-20151 no llegit / 1atomatomic777, novembre 17
Short old Romance set in Greece or Cyprus1 no llegit / 1desperatebooklover, novembre 16
Romance - Tough guy, dog lover, she may be a vet1 no llegit / 1DeeHoward, novembre 16
YA Male Protagonist Between 1998-2008 Wolf1 no llegit / 1hauntedvibesonly, novembre 16
Fiction romance book that I can’t remember1 no llegit / 1nolabiscuit, novembre 16
Found: Adult Historical Fiction Title Last 10 years3 no llegits / 3MargaretGrif, novembre 16
Hard Back Horror Anthology incl. stories by Edgar Allan Poe2 no llegits / 2rsenbanjo, novembre 16
Found: Art Book for Children, The Fifer by Manet painting on cover, read in the 90's11 no llegits / 11redreader82, novembre 15
can't remember title2 no llegits / 2lilithcat, novembre 15
Sci Fi story about a reincarnated man6 no llegits / 6cochranr95, novembre 15
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