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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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PinnedPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!20 per llegir / 20fuzzi, dimecres 10:15am
PinnedGeneral help and topic title change requests4 per llegir / 4amanda4242, Avui 5:48pm
PinnedAnnouncements32 per llegir / 32amanda4242, Avui 3:53pm
Humor book with pictures about ALIEN or TIME TRAVELING archaeologists who misinterpret everything on Earth3 per llegir / 3MerryMary, Avui 10:08pm
Horror: Alien who collects brains1 per llegir / 1hello10101, Avui 9:31pm
African American fiction or YA fiction about group of Black students in college1 per llegir / 1DKG20, Avui 8:00pm
YA Fantasy: Girl With Power of Illusion2 per llegir / 2leennnadine, Avui 7:20pm
Mother has an affair and sends son away3 per llegir / 3Baxter123, Avui 7:10pm
Found: H Police, h waitress: daughter of his late partner, h pregnant and a serial killer after her6 per llegir / 6Edward, Avui 6:09pm
Found: MC leaves life behind to live in a fishing village, causes trouble and then leaves3 per llegir / 3Edward, Avui 6:08pm
Unknown title of novel1 per llegir / 1OLUWATISE1997, Avui 5:37pm
Medieval knight has fever and can't remember his one-night stand5 per llegir / 5lilithcat, Avui 5:05pm
Found: Mystery novel: elderly women in historic old house5 per llegir / 5lowelibrary, Avui 4:40pm
90s Romance Set in Greece1 per llegir / 1MandaLB, Avui 3:37pm
Found: YA: Girl rescued by scientist from gov't facility3 per llegir / 3megbmore, Avui 3:01pm
Modern military romance1 per llegir / 1scd468579, Avui 12:49pm
Small town romance book series.2 per llegir / 2scd468579, Avui 12:41pm
Book that takes place in pioneer days and the present6 per llegir / 6smaryosst, Avui 9:02am
Love/Science Fictional Book-Young Adult, Forgot Title1 per llegir / 1Avrey, Avui 8:36am
Romance1 per llegir / 1fs90, Avui 6:04am
Pre-1970s, children's cautionary short stories, "Blue Moon Over the Mersey"2 per llegir / 2Tayahlea, Avui 3:58am
Old school book!1 per llegir / 1Vehnir, Avui 2:58am
Find a francophone novel or short story1 per llegir / 1mydarthkader, Avui 12:35am
realistic fiction(?) kid dies of heart condition, classmates throw paper planes2 per llegir / 2MissSquish, Ahir 11:54pm
Based in early 1900s man writing medical research paper married to patient1 per llegir / 1Carissalt84, Ahir 10:12pm
Time Travel Historical Romance1 per llegir / 1marta_jimenez, Ahir 9:17pm
Found: 1980's/70's. Fantasy, all mechanical/electrical things on earth stopped working, unicorn10 per llegir / 10Tropical-Library, Ahir 7:57pm
Children's(?) book about a cat and a bird. One dies in the end.1 per llegir / 1Shadow_of_the_Past, Ahir 7:29pm
Story about seven dimensions fantasy2 per llegir / 2shadrach_anki, Ahir 5:02pm
mercenary who has two stepchildren hired by an old woman in a wheelchair to avenge the death of her daughter in africa1 per llegir / 1jose.ortega.crespo, Ahir 4:08pm
YA 1960s - City girl stays with country relatives5 per llegir / 5lilithcat, Ahir 12:33pm
A book full of mental description2 per llegir / 2lilithcat, Ahir 12:29pm
Srory of a girl in New-York City, living in a cottage with a demon in her cellar ...1 per llegir / 1Dany1059, Ahir 11:57am
novela de mercenario contratado por señora en silla de ruedas1 per llegir / 1jose.ortega.crespo, Ahir 11:52am
hiking accident woman suspected of murder. She looses her arm1 per llegir / 1nurselobin, Ahir 10:33am
Short historical/fantasy story collection for girls 1950s-1980s1 per llegir / 1MaryMarshwiggle, Ahir 6:27am
best friends who saw each other again; Romance1 per llegir / 1CORVUSirus, Ahir 5:07am
Fantasy book series1 per llegir / 1Angiekp, Ahir 1:54am
young adult 1972- 197613 per llegir / 13EGBERTINA, Ahir 12:12am
ya fiction-girl is selected to compete for the crown, painter makes her ugly and she runs away PLEASE help!!!1 per llegir / 1TissaP991, dimecres 11:38pm
Set in 1800s? Orphan who becomes a governess8 per llegir / 8karen_seeto, dimecres 10:17pm
American student(?) in Spain, mangles language, humorous2 per llegir / 2Marse, dimecres 7:53pm
A boy named after George Washington1 per llegir / 1Thomas.Gabriel.White, dimecres 7:36pm
The girl that doesn’t talk1 per llegir / 14m4nd4, dimecres 6:37pm
50s-60s? Fic. story of pastor's 1st church, struggles w/congregation, wife dies in childbirth3 per llegir / 3rarm, dimecres 4:20pm
Romance(?)/thriller2 per llegir / 2juels, dimecres 2:51pm
Frontier post2 per llegir / 2rarm, dimecres 2:09pm
SciFi: Omnipotent Being Creates Universes, Stories of People Within30 per llegir / 30fuzzi, dimecres 10:18am
HR set in Scotland, queen, arrows, wall, arranged marriage (?)3 per llegir / 3bluecanary0, dimecres 10:01am
YA mix of chapter/GN girl with freckles that draws2 per llegir / 2Kathy_Moon, dimecres 7:57am
Heiress proposes marriage in name only to the illegitimate son of an English Lord4 per llegir / 4jangie77, dimecres 7:40am
Young Adult Fiction Book1 per llegir / 1vladshu, dimarts 11:35pm
Trying to find A Fiction Book/Novel I Read Years Ago.2 per llegir / 2Wes_Librairianson, dimarts 10:59pm
Second Chance Historical Romance1 per llegir / 1dauteroftsiyon, dimarts 10:39pm
Rural Slice of Life YA Fiction2 per llegir / 2MissSquish, dimarts 10:07pm
Children’s chapter book1 per llegir / 1Amelia1111, dimarts 6:54pm
Romance trilogy, third book-woman kidnapped after giving birth1 per llegir / 1anabanana1438, dimarts 6:44pm
Found: Fiction/Scifi/Fantasy3 per llegir / 3Trouthandler, dimarts 6:13pm
Little girl with dead parents by the ocean5 per llegir / 5DebraDawn, dimarts 5:52pm
Camelot trilogy about siblings6 per llegir / 6Madiha27, dimarts 5:28pm
YA 2021MC started fire as a kid, accidentally killed bully's cousin,bully disappears, MC tries to find her1 per llegir / 1Madiha27, dimarts 5:14pm
MG Fantasy/ Dystopia? Twins separated? Tank? Rescue? Village? dying lady? Read 2017-2019.1 per llegir / 1Madiha27, dimarts 5:13pm
MG Pandora Jars 2015-2018 fiction, kids, bad ppl, comic con?1 per llegir / 1Madiha27, dimarts 5:08pm
I need help finding the title or author2 per llegir / 2lorax, dimarts 4:03pm
I cant think of the title2 per llegir / 2lorax, dimarts 4:03pm
JuvFic, 1980s, SciFi/mystery, Two school friends meet in dreams2 per llegir / 2d_perlo, dimarts 3:56pm
Fantasy Sci Fi Zorcaras?2 per llegir / 2rarm, dimarts 2:03pm
Thriller about gifted teenagers attacked in Central Park1 per llegir / 1yellowpoussin, dimarts 2:02pm
YA mystery, five main characters, hidden tunnel to an island2 per llegir / 2DuncanHill, dimarts 12:42pm
Found: SF short story about a man who disappears into a box to escape from his awful wife4 per llegir / 4mdscott2001, dimarts 10:22am
Man and woman trapped in elevator fall in love and have an affair7 per llegir / 7KWharton, dimarts 4:03am
Juvenile: Norwegian smallcrofters circa emigration1 per llegir / 1juniperSun, dimarts 3:57am
Historical romance4 per llegir / 4poppyreads, dimarts 1:05am
YA novel - Gang of Five?1 per llegir / 1WindyH, dilluns 10:55pm
Historical Romance-Wild West3 per llegir / 3AAA-1, dilluns 8:13pm
Romance - soap opera star and police chief4 per llegir / 4AAA-1, dilluns 8:12pm
Romance novel about millionaire8 per llegir / 8AAA-1, dilluns 8:11pm
Romance/Mystery(?)2 per llegir / 2AAA-1, dilluns 8:09pm
YA Romance / guy was kidnapped as kid and girl work as stripper4 per llegir / 4AAA-1, dilluns 8:07pm
Book with both hero and heroine being single parents2 per llegir / 2AAA-1, dilluns 8:07pm
A historical romance set in England and Scotland(I think)2 per llegir / 2AAA-1, dilluns 8:06pm
Historical romance - regency6 per llegir / 6DeliaMaria, dilluns 3:46pm
Please help me remeber the name of the book I read before2 per llegir / 2juels, dilluns 3:18pm
Romance2 per llegir / 2juels, dilluns 3:09pm
Christmas romance4 per llegir / 4juels, dilluns 12:24pm
YA Historical Fiction 3 Irish Strangers Share Passage to London and Lives Reconnect1 per llegir / 1Driftwood1, dilluns 10:27am
please help me !!2 per llegir / 2MelissaHerbert, dilluns 6:23am
70's 80's Young Adult Book Set in Swiss Boarding School6 per llegir / 6jjb71, dilluns 1:05am
Found: boy grows up in church3 per llegir / 3issy_morley, dilluns 12:05am
orphan girl can picture lost things in her mind2 per llegir / 2MissSquish, dilluns 12:03am
Romance1 per llegir / 1mummalx, diumenge 11:20pm
Searching for a book2 per llegir / 2Marissa_Doyle, diumenge 8:51pm
Grandma is searching for a title...1 per llegir / 1Randa1983, diumenge 8:35pm
SciFi Book about a Teenager with Virtual Glasses1 per llegir / 1brandotang, diumenge 5:53pm
YA fantasy series — help, please!2 per llegir / 2Jessiekins, diumenge 5:15pm
Children's/teen girl survival story1 per llegir / 1ESchimmel, diumenge 4:48pm
sci-fi/horror1 per llegir / 1debbiemyers, diumenge 3:13pm
horror1 per llegir / 1debbiemyers, diumenge 3:10pm
sci-fi/horror1 per llegir / 1debbiemyers, diumenge 3:03pm
Horror1 per llegir / 1debbiemyers, diumenge 3:00pm
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