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AncoratPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!50 no llegits / 50amanda4242, desembre 7, 2023
AncoratGeneral help and topic title change requests149 no llegits / 149amanda4242, divendres 12:47pm
AncoratAnnouncements60 no llegits / 60Petroglyph, agost 2023
AncoratTips for Finding Requested Books19 no llegits / 19miss-jules, novembre 2023
Fiction Latin Monsters/Creatures1 no llegit / 1Fucoid, Avui 12:48pm
Adult Romance book. Man is sent into the mountains to find his missing ex-wife and child after a plane crash.1 no llegit / 1Lamdalib65, Avui 12:30pm
1983 YA Chapter book: Boy orphan? Forest Animals care for and can communicate with5 no llegits / 5ImShaunie, Avui 12:12pm
American Travel Book written in 1980s1 no llegit / 1alainrose, Avui 11:54am
Found: Searching for crime book4 no llegits / 4eclbates, Avui 11:52am
Found: 70s Mystery: Detective is sleepwalking killer5 no llegits / 5eclbates, Avui 11:49am
Fiction, adventure and romance, western 1800s, cult leader forces man to give his daughter as a wife1 no llegit / 1sinkingstars, Avui 11:14am
Mafia romance - Adult, part of the series mafia leader a bookstore owner1 no llegit / 1Swasan, Avui 10:13am
Adult book, Scotland, 19th century setting,1 no llegit / 1Vorobyey, Avui 8:13am
Romance1 no llegit / 1Oh-Jay, Avui 7:11am
Found: Country Journey: Elderly Man's Adventure4 no llegits / 4konallis, Avui 4:48am
Girl Furnishes Bedroom with Castoffs2 no llegits / 2MissSquish, Ahir 10:58pm
Two rich brothers (could be more idk) fall in love with two poor sisters (could be more)1 no llegit / 1ykwho53, Ahir 9:57pm
A young boy, a type of a bird, and the fight to save and keep said bird.2 no llegits / 2keachachu, Ahir 2:19pm
Found: Science fiction - future - Atlantis3 no llegits / 3Caramellunacy, Ahir 1:43pm
Children’s book about an owl teacher1 no llegit / 1auntykate, Ahir 5:33am
Need help finding a book2 no llegits / 2amanda4242, dissabte 11:29pm
Need help finding a book2 no llegits / 2amanda4242, dissabte 11:28pm
Reincarnation Romance Crime Thriller from 80's?1 no llegit / 1glormartin, dissabte 7:30pm
Art Gallery Book / Artist Collection Series Nature & the Human Body2 no llegits / 2lilithcat, dissabte 7:13pm
Found: book help3 no llegits / 3hthompski, dissabte 5:28pm
Kids Book - Involves brother and stepsister - family becomes game characters- fiction2 no llegits / 2MissSquish, dissabte 4:47pm
YA features trepanation1 no llegit / 1lucyblack9, dissabte 3:47pm
Help2 no llegits / 2lesmel, dissabte 3:42pm
YA Murder Mystery3 no llegits / 3bangchanseonyeondan, dissabte 2:36pm
Brothers one gets drafted they switch pregnant girlfriend2 no llegits / 2Zoe-Ada, dissabte 9:20am
Hades/lucifer type retelling romance novel3 no llegits / 3humouress, dissabte 3:33am
childrens/YA book about girl who can see the future and horses4 no llegits / 4humouress, dissabte 3:27am
Need help finding name of book6 no llegits / 6khutson0430, dissabte 2:40am
HELP! - teen romance, rivals...1 no llegit / 1vix54, dissabte 1:53am
Adult Fantasy (epic fantasy?) Multiple POVs17 no llegits / 178Jae8, divendres 8:11pm
YA Book2 no llegits / 2rarm, divendres 3:29pm
Teen Romance Book: Rivals, trip to England, switched phones, heroine POV, red hair boy!1 no llegit / 1vix54, divendres 2:09pm
Found: Gay Book about two boys running away from their homophobic town3 no llegits / 3mialynn2303, divendres 11:40am
Murder book, man named George ends up in Brazil2 no llegits / 2nixonclare, divendres 9:14am
Found: Nazis and WWII, Holocaust, some form of romance10 no llegits / 10spaceowl, divendres 9:08am
Found: A fantasy novel about a girl who is a triplet.The triplets are connected and if one dies they all die4 no llegits / 4juels, divendres 8:30am
Found: Book about a kid trapped in a library with a spooky blue light4 no llegits / 4JeffreM, divendres 5:55am
Looking for a book I read a long time ago1 no llegit / 1Lamdalib65, divendres 3:16am
Thriller/ Dystopian kids overtake facility4 no llegits / 4L1sa_33, divendres 2:40am
Adult Paranormal Romance about a shifter and a bisexual woman. Read about 2-5 years ago Woman was in a relationship wih3 no llegits / 3DuchessG, dijous 8:51pm
Help/ 1800s based murder mystery?1 no llegit / 1Spencer876, dijous 8:02pm
Military Motorcycle Romance1 no llegit / 1CjKcMp, dijous 4:27pm
Children’s novel about haunted house and garden.8 no llegits / 8Jlopez1171, dijous 1:58pm
Shifter Romance Rejected Mates2 no llegits / 2Jlopez1171, dijous 1:56pm
YA romance ghost story?2 no llegits / 2Jlopez1171, dijous 1:53pm
Found: Help / about woman's troubled childhood5 no llegits / 5ashlexinpearl, dijous 12:47pm
Lost love1 no llegit / 1K.D.Nugget, dijous 11:40am
Need help finding this book2 no llegits / 2lilithcat, dijous 8:50am
characters have strands of purple hair that symbolize how much magical power they had1 no llegit / 1goatbm, dijous 8:49am
Fiction book about a woman that abducts a baby from a hospital2 no llegits / 2Tropical-Library, dimecres 7:42pm
Looking for a fantasy series4 no llegits / 4Tropical-Library, dimecres 7:39pm
Found: Lion Shifter Romance4 no llegits / 4saskia17, dimecres 6:33pm
SciFi Fantasy Girl looking for mother1 no llegit / 1snaccpacc_, dimecres 11:52am
NA? Secret agent/mercenary romance story1 no llegit / 1wdhh947, dimecres 8:25am
YA novel from 70s or 80s, had shapeshifting woman/fox at the end1 no llegit / 1Lisl_Madeleine, dimecres 4:00am
Coming of age road trip with magic soap?2 no llegits / 2MissSquish, dimecres 12:27am
Children Chapter book series about girl finding a new realm6 no llegits / 6lowelibrary, dimarts 8:41pm
Historical fiction, Boy in Britain during WWII helps downed German pilot3 no llegits / 3Aquila, dimarts 8:26pm
Found: Children's picture book where girl brings father for Show and Tell.4 no llegits / 4slimikin, dimarts 6:58pm
Found: Children’s book:kid adopts star but has to return it9 no llegits / 9slimikin, dimarts 6:57pm
Book where MC fails destiny2 no llegits / 2Kathy_Moon, dimarts 12:31pm
Fantasy/SciFi wagon train migration6 no llegits / 6spaceowl, dimarts 10:15am
Teen aged book, very vague memories of it!6 no llegits / 6beyondthefourthwall, dimarts 5:46am
teen girl and family move to family lodge because dad lost job she falls in love they discover bootlegging buisness1 no llegit / 1Cyndi17717, dilluns 8:37pm
HELP FIND THIS BOOK PLEASE4 no llegits / 4lesmel, dilluns 7:48pm
woman's dead mother talks to her;3 sisters; restaurant2 no llegits / 2lesmel, dilluns 7:48pm
I can't for the life of me remember the name and author of a book-PLEASE HELP3 no llegits / 3lesmel, dilluns 7:48pm
fictional; african american; ghost2 no llegits / 2lesmel, dilluns 7:47pm
Encontrar um livro1 no llegit / 1CSW89, dilluns 11:23am
historical romance: Colorado, mountains, mining, fight over water rights1 no llegit / 1bjappleg8, dilluns 10:59am
Romcom ft perfumer from 90s/00s2 no llegits / 2juels, dilluns 10:41am
Girl finds friend ,loses friend,but hopes to find another?1 no llegit / 1Pandazankar, dilluns 10:02am
Found: Twin sister fiction. England. Psychological thriller. Murder. Front cover had a garden wall. Inherited apartment.3 no llegits / 3lilithcat, dilluns 9:22am
Found: Boy in another world human settlement meets original colonist girl and her robot4 no llegits / 4Sakerfalcon, dilluns 8:32am
Boy turns into a fairy, black and brown cover1 no llegit / 1Danianise, dilluns 7:04am
Janitors are the geniuses3 no llegits / 3sueelleker, dilluns 5:37am
Found: NA Murder Mystery Romance3 no llegits / 3MissSquish, dilluns 12:52am
Historical romance1 no llegit / 1sjpulle, febrer 18
Found: 1950s/60s kids’ book made into 80s/90s TV movie: Twins with special powers from a purple light4 no llegits / 4RensKnight, febrer 18
Disaster/end of the world4 no llegits / 4Mimibix, febrer 18
Drugged/Intoxicated Hero and a Fake Deflowered Female Lead1 no llegit / 1MoeshaL, febrer 18
YA fiction girl runs away1 no llegit / 1emmalineallen, febrer 18
cant remember name of book3 no llegits / 3keachachu, febrer 18
Medieval Romance novel4 no llegits / 4renniks, febrer 18
Missing son Dad searches for in a waterfront town2 no llegits / 2TUnder, febrer 18
Childhood friends - one is a psychopath/killer1 no llegit / 1brooksie101, febrer 18
Greek book1 no llegit / 1zylahanya, febrer 18
Women in prison in France2 no llegits / 2MissSquish, febrer 17
Found: Boy forest floor wall different world8 no llegits / 8Bernarrd, febrer 17
Lost book from early 1990's4 no llegits / 4LMA187, febrer 17
Fantasy/Romance (Erotica?) published prior to 20131 no llegit / 1lenajeraldine, febrer 17
Found: Middle Grade Book About Magic Bakery3 no llegits / 3imanerd24, febrer 17
Found: Girl stops pickles from dumping pickle juice into ice cream sea; Children's fiction3 no llegits / 3yeliahs, febrer 17
FMC from Greece - MMC rich, lots of brothers (not a RH)1 no llegit / 1starcatcher44, febrer 17
Rich woman poor man man is killed by mob1 no llegit / 1jessicamerry, febrer 17
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