For BookMooch members: a purely informal group on using BookMooch, or meeting up with LTers who Mooch books, and Moochers who LibraryThing.

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For shipping labels (US), use Pirate Ship! It's so much easier than going to the post office.6 no llegits / 6dkhiggin, juliol 2021
Farewell13 no llegits / 13MsMixte, gener 2021
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Tired of No communication20 no llegits / 20Jaw1LA, setembre 2014
Jackson Elementary (Tulsa) Book Drive3 no llegits / 3rainbowgirl28, setembre 2014
Problems...15 no llegits / 15cammykitty, agost 2014
An LT meet-up in a used book store2 no llegits / 2jjmcgaffey, agost 2014
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Having Problems with Bookmooch.com115 no llegits / 115Jaw1LA, juny 2014
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How to tell how long a books been on my wishlist?3 no llegits / 3WildMaggie, febrer 2014
Looking to mooch1 no llegit / 1BONS, febrer 2014
Most wishlisted books?11 no llegits / 11carod, febrer 2014
Challenge: MOOCHED & READ in 2014 - suggestion9 no llegits / 9RidgewayGirl, gener 2014
Helping out an Australian LTer through BM1 no llegit / 1normandie_m, desembre 2013
I want to mooch 25 children's books....anyone want to help me out?6 no llegits / 6razzamajazz, novembre 2013
Looking to spend 25+ points on children's picture books1 no llegit / 1EmScape, novembre 2013
Points donation5 no llegits / 5cdnbookworm, octubre 2013
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International Postage Online7 no llegits / 7Bjace, octubre 2013
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Seen John's new "recent books" innovation?9 no llegits / 9carod, juliol 2013
US moochers: Is anyone familiar with M-bags?20 no llegits / 20rainbowgirl28, juliol 2013
The New & Improved BookMooch Down?? Thread15 no llegits / 15carod, juny 2013
Is BookMooch Slowly Dying?178 no llegits / 178MyriadBooks, juny 2013
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7-Dr Who Pocket Novels. Anyone Interested ?4 no llegits / 4Gerri007, abril 2013
Want to swap BookMooch points for PaperBackSwap points8 no llegits / 8Sandydog1, abril 2013
USPS International Rates going way UP for 201319 no llegits / 19sporcloid, març 2013
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Books for Keeps, Part 2196 no llegits / 196amysisson, juliol 2012
Sword & Citadel : The Second Half of 'The Book of the New Sun' by Gene Wolfe2 no llegits / 2KAzevedo, juliol 2012
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