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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

TemaTemaMissatgesÚltim missatge 
Home page - tags display wrongly33 no llegits / 33njcur, Avui 2:11pm
TinyCat: Extra "No Name" Patron appears in count3 no llegits / 3kristilabrie, Avui 1:42pm
Android app keeps crashing9 no llegits / 9kristilabrie, dilluns 1:22pm
CK items not showing on the Finnish LT "Your books" page5 no llegits / 5kristilabrie, dilluns 1:13pm
On This Day, January 22 a link to empty author page4 no llegits / 4kristilabrie, dilluns 1:02pm
error using power edit on the "from where" field42 no llegits / 42kristilabrie, dilluns 12:46pm
Spelling error4 no llegits / 4knerd.knitter, dilluns 10:35am
Searching your books when words are common in fields other than title and author8 no llegits / 8kristilabrie, dijous 12:41pm
Standard Deviation note on Zeitgeist > Members page1 no llegit / 1Nevov, dimecres 4:17am
Column display messed up in Your Collections, on home screen4 no llegits / 4kristilabrie, gener 18
Tags broken14 no llegits / 14kristilabrie, gener 18
Cannot delete certain author CK even on the relevant language site2 no llegits / 2lilithcat, gener 17
Incorrect work details4 no llegits / 4MarthaJeanne, gener 17
Unable to find supposed duplicate copy4 no llegits / 4cns1000, gener 15
Wrong url in MARC import confirmation message3 no llegits / 3timspalding, gener 14
"Show/hide broken sources" toggle not working15 no llegits / 15Nevov, gener 14
Dates in titles not displaying correctly in CK6 no llegits / 6kristilabrie, gener 14
Tag Names with an Ampersand (&) Malfunctioning46 no llegits / 46kristilabrie, gener 13
Show/hide broken sources not working?4 no llegits / 4lesmel, gener 12
Flagged reviews on the main page malformed11 no llegits / 11FAMeulstee, gener 12
LibraryThing Roulette5 no llegits / 5kristilabrie, gener 12
Private (feature is in development)21 no llegits / 21Seayla2020, gener 11
module: lists you've favorited4 no llegits / 4kristilabrie, gener 11
Accented letters deleted in LOC records searched from ISBN2 no llegits / 2MarthaJeanne, gener 11
Broken Search from Language Statistics9 no llegits / 9aspirit, gener 11
Cancel Edit in existing Talk post clears input text in New Post edit box as well1 no llegit / 1thorold, gener 11
Erroneous Corsair's Crossbones31 no llegits / 31kristilabrie, gener 11
Fatal error10 no llegits / 10kristilabrie, gener 11
Can't access some Awards pages4 no llegits / 4conceptDawg, gener 10
Tags with special characters not working8 no llegits / 8kristilabrie, gener 10
Series Author52 no llegits / 52Nevov, gener 6
Cannot make relationships "there is no work with that reference number"26 no llegits / 26kristilabrie, gener 6
Source no longer working3 no llegits / 3ccatalfo, gener 6
Problem Subheading Charts and Links in LC Class BL1100-17103 no llegits / 3kristilabrie, gener 6
Legacy Libraries - People - memory exhausted error4 no llegits / 4cns1000, gener 5
Add Books not working14 no llegits / 14kristilabrie, gener 5
LibraryThing App - Catalog search with 3 letters fails6 no llegits / 6kristilabrie, gener 5
Common Knowledge Editing3 no llegits / 3Nevov, gener 5
Pb combinaison ? Impossible to combine17 no llegits / 17kristilabrie, gener 4
Some Author Names import incorrectly from Library of Congress15 no llegits / 15bnielsen, gener 4
Cannot add new books3 no llegits / 3MarthaJeanne, gener 4
Edit the Division not saving11 no llegits / 11DuncanHill, gener 3
Cannot Export to Excel3 no llegits / 3kristilabrie, gener 3
Information for covers in Charts and Graphs not correct12 no llegits / 12PawsforThought, gener 1
Published Reviews - Badge Bug (?)12 no llegits / 12Bushwhacked, gener 1
Work page confusion3 no llegits / 3false-knight, desembre 31, 2021
Awards and Honors field looks very strange55 no llegits / 55bergs47, desembre 31, 2021
Impossible to create relationship beetwen 3 books (contains)2 no llegits / 2JMK2020, desembre 30, 2021
z39.50 - New Jersey State Library19 no llegits / 19bnielsen, desembre 30, 2021
Problem with entering CK from my list of books (Table) / Detail book page CK2 no llegits / 2andyl, desembre 29, 2021
Spam profiles not disappearing after being flagged27 no llegits / 27gilroy, desembre 28, 2021
Numbers not displaying in tag cloud5 no llegits / 5kristilabrie, desembre 27, 2021
App scanner stopped working on both mobiles7 no llegits / 7kristilabrie, desembre 27, 2021
Author gender in Stats/Memes is not working13 no llegits / 13kristilabrie, desembre 27, 2021
Spammer removed but spam post still present27 no llegits / 27kristilabrie, desembre 27, 2021
Missing article in title5 no llegits / 5SandraArdnas, desembre 27, 2021
Work-to-work relationships after combining9 no llegits / 9MarthaJeanne, desembre 24, 2021
Name creation/combination8 no llegits / 8AnnieMod, desembre 23, 2021
Can't Remove Issues54 no llegits / 54jasbro, desembre 22, 2021
Same work but not being recognised as the same5 no llegits / 5kristilabrie, desembre 22, 2021
Titles button on Tagged Works page broken8 no llegits / 8kristilabrie, desembre 22, 2021
Two works created11 no llegits / 11norabelle414, desembre 21, 2021
Connection News: 'books recently added' Option not Working9 no llegits / 9surly, desembre 20, 2021
Talk change style display6 no llegits / 6conceptDawg, desembre 20, 2021
Broken link to Tags page3 no llegits / 3kristilabrie, desembre 20, 2021
Embedded Links on Talk2 no llegits / 2kristilabrie, desembre 20, 2021
"Vous et Nul Autre" is now literally that - and only that5 no llegits / 5MarthaJeanne, desembre 20, 2021
Starting group but post not showing18 no llegits / 18norabelle414, desembre 17, 2021
Freeman, Marya7 no llegits / 7kmmsb459, desembre 15, 2021
Titles Recently Added stuck in one mode10 no llegits / 10MarthaJeanne, desembre 15, 2021
Book not showing up on author page5 no llegits / 5LascaSartoris, desembre 13, 2021
Translatable text on Post a Giveaway form2 no llegits / 2kristilabrie, desembre 7, 2021
author division problem35 no llegits / 35PlaidStallion, desembre 4, 2021
Bad URL generated in Helpers Log4 no llegits / 4Nevov, desembre 3, 2021
Dividing author problem4 no llegits / 4timspalding, desembre 2, 2021
Add Books from Israel Union List4 no llegits / 4bnielsen, desembre 2, 2021
LC Classification subheads inaccurately captured5 no llegits / 5newcrossbooks, novembre 30, 2021
PR (English Language & Lit) still mostly missing from LCC pages9 no llegits / 9HeathMochaFrost, novembre 30, 2021
audible.com covers don't post with coverthing13 no llegits / 13kristilabrie, novembre 30, 2021
Can't make previously-divided author a single author27 no llegits / 27amanda4242, novembre 29, 2021
Searching for a Street Address or Venue Name on the Local Page is Broken4 no llegits / 4conceptDawg, novembre 29, 2021
Incorrect, Thumbed Down Description Showing on TinyCat3 no llegits / 3kristilabrie, novembre 29, 2021
"Add to Your books" and "Add to wishlist" Fails3 no llegits / 3kristilabrie, novembre 29, 2021
SantaThing banner won't go away7 no llegits / 7timspalding, novembre 28, 2021
Touchstone not working11 no llegits / 11jjwilson61, novembre 28, 2021
Google Ngram escaping special characters3 no llegits / 3timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
My most interesting topic, started in 19696 no llegits / 6timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
Tags not combined, after combination proposal met threshold and was closed6 no llegits / 6timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
Weirdness on recalculating author name4 no llegits / 4timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
Null picture4 no llegits / 4timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
Move all links to the combined author6 no llegits / 6timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
On this Day - see all events shows wrong date3 no llegits / 3timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
ER box missing from work pages10 no llegits / 10timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
Bad Data Message When Looking at Authors in Android App2 no llegits / 2timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
Recent Member Recommendations10 no llegits / 10chwiggy, novembre 27, 2021
“Authors” entry not recognizing the letter i3 no llegits / 3timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
Bug bug!5 no llegits / 5timspalding, novembre 27, 2021
Green Stars Not Showing - Broken Icon11 no llegits / 11fuzzi, novembre 26, 2021
Work combination results in works showing as "zero copy" on list pages5 no llegits / 5timspalding, novembre 25, 2021
Description Flaggers badge isn't being awarded5 no llegits / 5lemontwist, novembre 25, 2021
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