SèrieStudies in Contemporary Thailand

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The rise and fall of the Thai absolute monarchy : foundations of the modern Thai state from feudalism to peripheral capitalism per Chaiyan Rajchagool, 2 exemplars2
Making revolution : the insurgency of the Communist Party of Thailand in structural perspective per Thomas A. Marks 4 exemplars3
Thai Tourism : Hill Tribes, Islands and Open-Ended Prostitution (Studies in Contemporary Thailand) per Erik Cohen 7 exemplars4
WHOSE PLACE IS THIS? Malay Rubber Producers and Thai Government Officials in Yala (Studies in Contemporary Thailand No. 5) per Andrew Cornish 3 exemplars5
CENTRAL AUTHORITY AND LOCAL DEMOCRATIZATION IN THAILAND. A Case Study from Chachoengsao Province (Studies in Contemporary Thailand No. 6) per Michael H. Nelson 3 exemplars6
Traditional T'ai arts in contemporary perspective / editors, Michael C. Howard, Wattana Wattanapun, Alec Gordon per Michael C. Howard 3 exemplars7
Fishermen No More? Livelihood and Environment in Southern Thai Maritime Villages (Studies in Contemporary Thailand No. 8) per Olli-Pekka Ruohomäki 3 exemplars8
Chinese Vegetarian Festival in Phuket: Religion, Ethnicity and Tourism on a Southern Thai Island (Studies in contemporary Thailand, 9) per Erik H. Cohen 4 exemplars9
Politics of Ruins and the Business of Nostalgia per Maurizio Peleggi 3 exemplars10
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN : Challenges and Opportunities (Studies in Contemporary Thailand, 11) per Philip Dearden 2 exemplars11
Thailand's rice bowl : perspectives on agricultural and social change in the Chao Phraya Delta per Thippawal Srijantr. 2 exemplars12
Spirits and Souls: Gender and Cosmology in an Isan Village in Northeast Thailand. per Stephen Sparkes 3 exemplars13
Khor Jor Kor: Forest Politics in Thailand per Oliver Pye 2 exemplars14
VISIONS OF A NATION: Public Monuments in Twentieth-Century Thailand (Studies in Contemporary Thailand, 15) per Ka F. Wong 1 exemplars15
Bangkok Foodscapes: Public Eating, Gender Relations, and Urban Change per Gisèle Yasmeen 4 exemplars16
Militia Redux, Or sor and the Revival of Paramilitarism in Thailand per Desmond Ball 4 exemplars17
Child Labour and Child Prostitution in Thailand: Changing Realities (Studies on Contemporary Thailand 18) per Simon Baker 2 exemplars18