SèrieUndergraduate Texts in Mathematics

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An Accompaniment to Higher Mathematics per George R. Exner 25 exemplars
Advanced Calculus: A Geometric View per James J. Callahan 14 exemplars
Algebra per L. E. Sigler 6 exemplars
Algebraic Combinatorics: Walks, Trees, Tableaux, and More per Richard P. Stanley 10 exemplars
Analysis by Its History per Ernst Hairer 48 exemplars
Applied Abstract Algebra per Rudolf Lidl 20 exemplars
Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis per Thomas S. Shores 39 exemplars
Applied Partial Differential Equations per J. David Logan 36 exemplars
The Art of Proof: Basic Training for Deeper Mathematics (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) per Matthias Beck 14 exemplars
Aspects of Calculus per Gabriel Klambauer 5 exemplars
Basic Concepts of Algebraic Topology per F.H. Croom 15 exemplars
Basic Elements of Real Analysis per Murray H. Protter 16 exemplars
Basic Topology per Mark Anthony Armstrong 99 exemplars
Beginning Functional Analysis per Karen Saxe 22 exemplars
A Brief on Tensor Analysis per James G. Simmonds 38 exemplars
Calculus I per Jerrold Marsden 22 exemplars
Calculus II per Jerrold Marsden 19 exemplars
Calculus III per Jerrold Marsden 29 exemplars
Calculus of Several Variables per Serge Lang 42 exemplars
Calculus Two: Linear and Nonlinear Functions per Francis J. Flanigan 19 exemplars
Calculus with applications and computing per Peter D. Lax 6 exemplars
Calculus: A Liberal Art per W.M. Priestley 16 exemplars
Calculus: An Historical Approach per William McGowen Priestley 10 exemplars
Combinatorial Optimization for Undergraduates per L. R. Foulds 5 exemplars
Combinatorics and Graph Theory per John M. Harris 49 exemplars
Complex Analysis per Joseph Bak 48 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Complex Analysis per Theodore W. Gamelin 51 exemplars
Computing the Continuous Discretely: Integer-point Enumeration in Polyhedra per Matthias Beck 14 exemplars
A Concrete Introduction to Higher Algebra per Lindsay N. Childs 63 exemplars
Conics and Cubics: A Concrete Introduction to Algebraic Curves per Robert Bix 21 exemplars
Constructive Combinatorics per Dennis Stanton 14 exemplars
Counting: The Art of Enumerative Combinatorics per George E. Martin 12 exemplars
A Course in Calculus and Real Analysis per Sudhir R. Ghorpade 18 exemplars
A Course in Modern Geometries (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) per Judith N. Cederberg 37 exemplars
A Course in Multivariable Calculus and Analysis per Sudhir R. Ghorpade 10 exemplars
Difference Equations: From Rabbits to Chaos per Paul Cull 13 exemplars
Differential Equations: An Introduction with Mathematica per Clay C. Ross 14 exemplars
Discrete Mathematics: Elementary and Beyond per László Lovász 50 exemplars
Discrete Probability per Hugh Gordon 11 exemplars
Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus per Kenneth A. Ross 151 exemplars
Elementary Number Theory: Primes, Congruences, and Secrets: A Computational Approach per William Stein 17 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Elementary Probability Theory per Kai Lai Chung 60 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
Elementary Stability and Bifurcation Theory per Gerard Iooss 9 exemplars
Elementary Topics in Differential Geometry per John A. Thorpe 26 exemplars
Elements of Algebra per John Stillwell 43 exemplars
Elements of Number Theory per John Stillwell 24 exemplars
Explorations in Monte Carlo Methods per Ronald W. Shonkwiler 5 exemplars
Factorization and Primality Testing per David M. Bressoud 22 exemplars
A Field Guide to Algebra per Antoine Chambert-Loir 11 exemplars
Finite Markov Chains per John G. Kemeny 20 exemplars
Finite-Dimensional Vector Spaces per Paul R. Halmos 175 exemplars
A First Course in Analysis per George Pedrick 8 exemplars
A First Course in Calculus per Serge Lang 86 exemplars
A First Course in Differential Equations per J. David Logan 21 exemplars
A First Course in Real Analysis per Sterling K. Berberian 8 exemplars
A First Course in Real Analysis per Murray H. Protter 40 exemplars
A First Course in the Mathematical Foundations of Thermodynamics per David R. Owen 2 exemplars
The Foundations of Geometry and the Non-Euclidean Plane per G.E. Martin 14 exemplars
The Four Pillars of Geometry per John Stillwell 57 exemplars
From Fermat to Minkowski: Lectures on the Theory of Numbers and Its Historical Development per Winfried Scharlau 19 exemplars
Functions of Several Variables per Wendell Fleming 31 exemplars
The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra per Benjamin Fine 11 exemplars
General Topology per Jacques Dixmier 11 exemplars
Geometric Constructions per George E. Martin 15 exemplars
The Geometry of Spacetime: An Introduction to Special and General Relativity per James J. Callahan 37 exemplars
Geometry: A Metric Approach with Models per Richard S. Millman 12 exemplars
Geometry: Euclid and Beyond per Robin Hartshorne 63 exemplars
Geometry: Plane and Fancy per David A. Singer 5 exemplars
Glimpses of Algebra and Geometry per Gabor Toth 21 exemplars
Groups and Symmetry per Mark Anthony Armstrong 73 exemplars
The Heritage of Thales per W.S. Anglin 17 exemplars
Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms: An Introduction to Computational Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra per David A. Cox 116 exemplars
Inside Calculus per George R. Exner 13 exemplars
Integers, Polynomials, and Rings: A Course in Algebra per Ronald S. Irving 4 exemplars
Intermediate Calculus per Murray H. Protter 19 exemplars
Intermediate Real Analysis per Emanuel Fischer 2 exemplars
Introduction to Analytic Number Theory per Tom M. Apostol 123 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Introduction to Boolean Algebras per Steven Givant 16 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Introduction to Calculus and Classical Analysis per Omar Hijab 15 exemplars
Introduction to Coding and Information Theory per Steven Roman 11 exemplars
An Introduction to Complex Function Theory per Bruce P. Palka 13 exemplars
Introduction to Cryptography per Johannes Buchmann 54 exemplars
An Introduction to Difference Equations per Saber Elaydi 34 exemplars
Introduction to Linear Algebra per Serge Lang 52 exemplars
An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography per Jeffrey Hoffstein 51 exemplars
Introduction to Mathematical Logic: Set Theory - Computable Functions - Model Theory per Jerome Malitz 15 exemplars
Introduction to Partial Differential Equations per Peter J. Olver 16 exemplars
An Introduction to Wavelets Through Linear Algebra per Michael W. Frazier 15 exemplars
The Joy of Sets: Fundamentals of Contemporary Set Theory per Keith Devlin 64 exemplars
The Laplace Transform: Theory and Applications per Joel L. Schiff 20 exemplars
Lecture Notes on Elementary Topology and Geometry per I. M. Singer 36 exemplars
Limits: A New Approach to Real Analysis per Alan F. Beardon 9 exemplars
Linear Algebra per Peter Petersen 5 exemplars
Linear Algebra per Klaus Janich 45 exemplars
Linear Algebra per Larry Smith 42 exemplars
Linear Algebra per Peter Petersen 1 exemplars
Linear Algebra per Serge Lang 133 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Linear Algebra Done Right per Sheldon Axler 304 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Linear Algebra Through Geometry per Thomas Banchoff 36 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
Linear Algebra: An Introduction to Abstract Mathematics per Robert J. Valenza 25 exemplars
Linear Algebra: An Introductory Approach per Charles W. Curtis 84 exemplars
Linear Optimization The Simplex Workbook per Glenn H. Hurlbert 2 exemplars
Mathematical Analysis: An Introduction per Andrew Browder 26 exemplars
Mathematical Biology: An Introduction with Maple and Matlab per Ronald W. Shonkwiler 6 exemplars
Mathematical Expeditions per Reinhard Laubenbacher 25 exemplars
Mathematical Logic per H.-D. Ebbinghaus 58 exemplars
Mathematical Masterpieces: Further Chronicles by the Explorers per Art Knoebel 9 exemplars
Mathematical Reflections : In a Room with Many Mirrors per Peter Hilton 28 exemplars
Mathematical Vistas : From a Room with Many Windows per Peter Hilton 21 exemplars
Mathematics and Its History per John Stillwell 166 exemplars
Mathematics: A Concise History and Philosophy per W.S. Anglin 19 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Measure, Topology, and Fractal Geometry per Gerald A. Edgar 50 exemplars
Naive Lie Theory per John Stillwell 48 exemplars
Naive Set Theory per Paul R. Halmos 283 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Notes on Set Theory per Yiannis Moschovakis 25 exemplars
Numbers and Geometry per John Stillwell 31 exemplars
Numerical Mathematics per Günther Hämmerlin 9 exemplars
Optimization Techniques: An Introduction per L. R. Foulds 4 exemplars
Ordinary Differential Equations per William A. Adkins 13 exemplars
The Pleasures of Probability per Richard Isaac 37 exemplars
Problems and Solutions for Undergraduate Analysis per Rami Shakarchi 21 exemplars
Projective Geometry per Pierre Samuel 8 exemplars
Rational Points on Elliptic Curves per Joseph H. Silverman 73 exemplars
Reading, Writing, and Proving: A Closer Look at Mathematics per Ulrich Daepp 37 exemplars
Real Mathematical Analysis per Charles Chapman Pugh 58 exemplars
The Real Numbers: An Introduction to Set Theory and Analysis per John Stillwell 14 exemplars
Rings, Fields, and Vector Spaces: An Introduction to Abstract Algebra via Geometric Constructibility per B.A. Sethuraman 7 exemplars
Second Year Calculus: From Celestial Mechanics to Special Relativity per David M. Bressoud 49 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Short Calculus: The Original Edition of "A First Course in Calculus" per Serge Lang 11 exemplars
Topics in the Theory of Numbers per Pál Erdős 15 exemplars
Topological Spaces: From Distance to Neighborhood per Gerard Buskes 17 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Topology per Klaus Janich 59 exemplars
Topology of Surfaces per L.Christine Kinsey 17 exemplars
Transformation Geometry: An Introduction to Symmetry per George E. Martin 22 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Undergraduate Algebra per Serge Lang 46 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Undergraduate Analysis per Serge Lang 49 exemplars
Understanding Analysis per Stephen Abbott 144 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
Vector Analysis per Klaus Janich 24 exemplars
Why Math? per R.D. Driver 12 exemplars


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