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Autor d'aquesta sèrie: Michael Hatcher

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Are We Moving Away from the Cross of Christ? per William S. Cline 8 exemplars1988
Bellview' 90-What Does God Authorize in Worship? per Bobby Liddell 2 exemplars1990
Bellview '91-The Church Triumphant per Bobby Liddell 2 exemplars1991
Current Crises Challenging the Church (Seventeenth Annual Bellview Lectures) per Bobby Lidell ed. 1 exemplars1992
God's Pattern for Christian Living per Bobby Liddell 4 exemplars1993
Changes in the Church of Christ : nineteenth annual Bellview lectures, Pensacola, Florida, June 11-15, 1994 per Bobby Liddell 7 exemplars1994
The Doctrine of Christ Versus the Doctrines of Men (Twentieth Annual Bellview Lectures) per Michael Hatcher 3 exemplars1995
Bellview: '96-Preaching God's Demands per Michael Hatcher 3 exemplars1996
Leadership per Michael Hatcher 8 exemplars1997
Christian fellowship per Michael Hatcher 5 exemplars1998
Worldliness per Michael Hatcher 6 exemplars1999
Sad Statements of the Bible per Michael Hatcher 4 exemplars2000
Encouraging Statements of the Bible (Twenty-Sixth Annual Bellview Lectures) per Michael Hatcher 4 exemplars2001
Beatitudes (2002 Bellview Lectures) per Michael Hatcher 1 exemplars2002
Great Old Testament Questions per Michael Hatcher 3 exemplars2003
Great New Testament questions per Michael Hatcher 3 exemplars2004
The Blight of Liberalism per Michael Hatcher 3 exemplars2005
Major Prophets: 33rd Annual Bellview Lectures 1 exemplars2008
Back to the Bible (35th Annual Bellview Lectures) per Michael Hatcher 1 exemplars2010


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