SèrieThe St. Thomas Poetry Series

24 Obres Popularitat 76,986 (23 Membres) 38 Llibres 2 Ressenyes 3.3
Crossword: A woman's narrative per Margo Swiss 1 exemplars
Practising death per Mia Anderson 1 exemplars
Devil's punch bowl per John Terpstra 1 exemplars
The Weight of Flames (St. Thomas Poetry Series) per Bernadette Rule 1 exemplars
Benedict abroad per Richard Outram 3 exemplars
The dark side of the moon per Gail Fox 1 exemplars
In the beginning and other poems per W. J. Keith 1 exemplars
Corona Radiata per Alice Major 1 exemplars
The Salvation of Desire per Barry Dempster 1 exemplars
With averted vision per Hannah Main-van der Kamp 2 exemplars
Hugh Anson-Cartwright, bookseller : a celebration per David A. Kent 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Poetry and Spiritual Practice: Selections From Canadian Poets (St. Thomas Poetry Series) per Susan McCaslin 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Wonders at the Corner per Suzanne Collins 1 exemplars
Schooled in Salt [Poetry] per Leif E. Vaage 0 exemplars
The eternities per Marianne Bluger 2 exemplars
Poetry as liturgy : an anthology by Canadian poets per Margo Swiss 5 exemplars
Swim class and other poems per George Whipple 1 exemplars
Slow Sunday on the Malaspina Strait per Hannah Main-van der Kamp 1 exemplars
Poetria nova / Lee Johnson. per Lee M Johnson 1 exemplars
The disarmed heart per Susan McCaslin 1 exemplars
In the Company of All : Prayers from Sunday mornings at St Cuthbert’s per John Terpstra 2 exemplars30
Second gaze per Margo Swiss 1 exemplars
Wild Hope per John Terpstra 1 exemplars
Poems for a birthday : in celebration of the birhday of Hugh Anson-Cartwright b. 22 November 1930 1 exemplars


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