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149 Obres Popularitat 12,712 (692 Membres) 2,044 Llibres 2 Ressenyes 4.1
The charismatic figure as miracle worker per David Lenz Tiede 8 exemplars1
The form and function of the body of the Greek letter : a study of the letter-body in the non-literary papyri and in Paul the Apostle per John L. White 10 exemplars2
Toward a descriptive analysis of [einai] as a linking verb in New Testament Greek per Lane C. McGaughy 6 exemplars6
An Analysis of the lexicographic resources used by American Biblical scholars today per John Edward Gates 3 exemplars8
Rediscovering the traditions of Israel : the development of the traditio-historical research of the Old Testament, with special consideration of Scandinavian contributions per Douglas A. Knight 27 exemplars9
Are you the Christ? The trial narrative in the Gospel of Mark per John R. Donahue 19 exemplars10
[Mallon chrēsai]: first-century slavery and the interpretation of 1 Corinthians 7:21 per S. Scott Bartchy 27 exemplars, 1 ressenya11
The Pneumatikos-Psychikos Terminology (SBL Dissertation Series 12) per James S. Hanson 12 exemplars12
A Concise Coptic-English Lexicon per Richard Smith 97 exemplars13
The if-you form in Israelite law (Dissertation series ; no. 15) per Harry W Gilmer 8 exemplars15
The ark narrative, 1 Sam 4-6, 2 Sam 6 : a form-critical and traditio-historical study per Antony F. Campbell 8 exemplars16
Corpus of the Aramaic incantation bowls per Charles D. Isbell 7 exemplars17
Jeremiah : a study in ancient Hebrew rhetoric per Jack R. Lundbom 34 exemplars18
Justin Martyr and the Mosaic law per Theodore G. Stylianopoulos 9 exemplars20
Studies in Ancient Yahwistic Poetry per Frank Moore Cross 69 exemplars21
Early Jewish hermeneutic in Palestine per Daniel Patte 17 exemplars22
The Book of Thomas the Contender, from Codex II of the Cairo gnostic library from Nag Hammadi (CG II, 7) : the Coptic text, with translation, introd., and commentary per John Douglas Turner 6 exemplars23
Hebrews: The Intermediary World and Patterns of Perfection in Philo & Hebrews per Lala Kalyan Kumar Dey 1 exemplars25
Evidence of conflation in Mark? : A study in the synoptic problem per Thomas R. W. Longstaff 12 exemplars28
Responsibility for Evil in the Theodicy of IV Ezra (Dissertation series - Society of Biblical Literature; no. 29) per Alden Lloyd Thompson 8 exemplars29
Wisdom and cult : a critical analysis of the views of cult in the wisdom literatures of Israel and the ancient Near East per Leo G. Perdue 10 exemplars30
Orthodox and heretical perfectionism in the Johannine community as evident in the first epistle of John per John Bogart 12 exemplars33
Comparative philology and the text of Job : a study in methodology per Lester L. Grabbe 10 exemplars34
The city in ancient Israel per Frank S. Frick 14 exemplars36
A study of the language of love in the Song of Songs and ancient Egyptian poetry per John Bradley White 15 exemplars38
Literary Function of Possession in Luke-Acts per Luke Timothy Johnson 22 exemplars39
Theios aner in Hellenistic-Judaism : a critique of the use of this category in New Testament Christology per Carl R. Holladay 25 exemplars40
Moses in the Letter to the Hebrews per Mary Rose D'Angelo 12 exemplars42
The "Matthew-Luke Commentary" of Philoxenus: Text, Translation and Critical Analysis (SBL Dissertation Series 43) per Douglas J. Fox 13 exemplars43
Motive clauses in Hebrew law : Biblical forms and Near Eastern parallels per Rifat Sonsino 12 exemplars45
The Apocalypse of Adam : a literary and source analy[s]is per Charles W. Hedrick 12 exemplars46
Tradition and composition in the parables of Enoch per Winston David Suter 11 exemplars47
Markan public debate : literary technique, concentric structure, and theology in Mark 2:1-3:6 per Joanna Dewey 12 exemplars48
The Spirit in Galatia: Paul's Interpretation of Pneuma As Divine Power (SBL Dissertation Series 49) per David John Lull 3 exemplars49
The hymns of Qumran : translation and commentary per Bonnie Pedrotti Kittel 15 exemplars50
The Testament of Adam: An Examination of the Syriac and Greek Traditions (SBL Dissertation Series, No. 52) per Stephen Edward Robinson 8 exemplars52
The Letter of Peter to Philip: Text, Translation, and Commentary per Marvin W. Meyer 10 exemplars53
Loaves and Fishes: The Function of the Feeding Stories in the Gospel of Mark per Robert M. Fowler 15 exemplars54
Faith establishes the law per C. Thomas Rhyne 5 exemplars55
The Faith of Jesus Christ: The Narrative Substructure of Galatians 3:1-4:1 per Richard B. Hays 207 exemplars, 1 ressenya56
The Diatribe and Paul's Letter to the Romans (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Stanley Kent Stowers 17 exemplars57
Divine Impartiality: Paul and a Theological Axiom per Jouette M. Bassler 11 exemplars59
Johannine Christianity in conflict : authority, rank, and succession in the first farewell discourse per D. Bruce Woll 5 exemplars60
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit : the triadic phrase in Matthew 28:19b per Jane Schaberg 7 exemplars61
Death as departure : the Johannine descent-ascent schema per Godfrey C. Nicholson 9 exemplars63
Divine Man or Magician: Celsus and Origen on Jesus (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Eugene V. Gallagher 8 exemplars64
Galatians, dialogical response to opponents per Bernard Hungerford Brinsmead 4 exemplars65
Johannine Polemic: The Role of Tradition and Theology per Rodney A. Whitacre 10 exemplars67
Idol meat in Corinth : the Pauline argument in 1 Corinthians 8 and 10 per Wendell Lee Willis 16 exemplars68
Design for kingship : the deuteronomistic narrative technique in 1 Kings 3:4-15 per Helen A. Kenik 7 exemplars69
Artistry and faith in the Book of Judith per Toni Craven 9 exemplars70
The Household of God: The Social World of the Pastoral Epistles (SBL Dissertation Series, No. 71) per C. David Verner 24 exemplars71
Have the Promises Failed?: A Literary Analysis of 2 Baruch (SBL Dissertation Series 72) per Gwendolyn B. Sayler 4 exemplars72
Pauline Autobiography: Toward a New Understanding (Dissertation series / Society of Biblical Literature) per George Lyons 11 exemplars73
Hapax Legomena in Biblical Hebrew: A Study of the Phenomenon and Its Treatment Since Antiquity With Special Reference to Verbal Forms (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Frederick E. Greenspahn 11 exemplars74
The Editing of the Hebrew Psalter (Dissertation series / Society of Biblical Literature) per Gerald H. Wilson 30 exemplars76
The Economic and Social Origins of Gnosticism (SBL Dissertation Series 77) per Henry A. Green 8 exemplars77
The structure and meaning of Second Baruch per Frederick James Murphy 10 exemplars78
Biblical interpretation in the Gnostic Gospel of truth from Nag Hammadi per A. Jacqueline Williams 5 exemplars79
Not Like the Gentiles: Marriage Rules in the Letters of Paul (SBL Dissertation Series 80) per O. Larry Yarbrough 17 exemplars80
The Lion Becomes Man: The Gnostic Leontomorphic Creator and the Platonic Tradition (SBL Dissertation Series 81) per Howard M. Jackson 11 exemplars81
The print's first kiss : a rhetorical investigation of the implied reader in the Fourth Gospel per Jeffrey Lloyd Staley 12 exemplars82
Prose Sermons of the Book of Jeremiah 1 exemplars83
The prose sermons of the Book of Jeremiah : a redescription of the correspondences with Deuteronomistic literature in the light of recent text-critical research per Louis Stulman 7 exemplars83
Has the Lord Indeed Spoken Only Through Moses?: A Study of the Biblical Portrait of Miriam per Rita J. Burns 14 exemplars84
Micah and Isaiah : a form and tradition historical comparison per Gary Stansell 11 exemplars85
Actualization and interpretation in the Old Testament per Joseph W Groves 10 exemplars86
Kingship According to the Deuteronomistic History (SBL Dissertation Series 87) per Gerald Eddie Gerbrandt 16 exemplars87
Tradition history and the Psalms of Asaph per Harry Peter Nasuti 5 exemplars88
The Coherence of the Book of Micah: A Literary Analysis per David Gerald Hagstrom 12 exemplars89
The Mystery of the Kingdom of God (SBL Dissertation Series 90) per Joel Marcus 25 exemplars90
Sing, O barren one : a study in comparative Midrash per Mary Callaway 8 exemplars91
Response to the End of History: Eschatology Situation in Luke-Acts per John T. Carroll 9 exemplars92
When Kings Speak: Royal Speech and Royal Prayer in Chronicles per Mark A. Throntveit 6 exemplars93
The Confessions of Jeremiah: Their Interpretation and Their Role in Chapters 1-25 per Kathleen M. O'Connor 22 exemplars94
The Meaning of BRK "To Bless" in the Old Testament per Christopher Wright Mitchell 14 exemplars95
Context and meaning in Proverbs 25-27 per Raymond C. Van Leeuwen 13 exemplars96
Your Eyes Will Be Opened (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Dennis D. Buchholz 3 exemplars97
Malachi: The Divine Messenger per Beth Glazier-McDonald 20 exemplars98
Cracks in an earthen vessel : an examination of the catalogues of hardships in the Corinthian correspondence per John T. Fitzgerald 11 exemplars99
The disposal of impurity : elimination rites in the Bible and in Hittite and Mesopotamian literature per David P. Wright 15 exemplars101
Composition and tradition in the book of Hosea : a redaction critical investigation per Gale A. Yee 8 exemplars102
Cry to God in the Old Testament (Dissertation Series) per Richard Nelson Boyce 5 exemplars103
Invention, arrangement, and style : rhetorical criticism of Jude and 2 Peter per Duane Frederick Watson 17 exemplars104
Prayer, power, and the problem of suffering : Mark 11:22-25 in the context of Markan theology per Sharyn Echols Dowd 13 exemplars105
Property Rights in the Eighth-Century Prophets: The Conflict and Its Background per John Andrew Dearman 9 exemplars106
Sin in Valentinianism per Michel R. Desjardins 14 exemplars108
The Function of Apocalyptic and Wisdom Traditions in Romans 9-11 per E. Elizabeth Johnson 13 exemplars109
Meaning of Ruah at Qumran (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Arthur Everett Sekki 7 exemplars110
The Ascents of James : history and theology of a Jewish-Christian community per Robert E. Van Voorst 14 exemplars112
The Balaam traditions : their character and development per Michael S. Moore 11 exemplars113
The least of my brothers : Matthew 25, 31-46 : a history of interpretation per W. Sherman Gray 17 exemplars114
The utilization of 1 and 2 Chronicles in the reconstruction of Israelite history in the nineteenth century per Matt Patrick Graham 10 exemplars116
Versification and syntax in Jeremiah 2-25 : syntactical constraints in Hebrew colometry per Walter Theophilus Woldemar Cloete 11 exemplars117
The Reign and Rejection of King Saul: A Case for Literary and Theological Coherence per V. Philips Long 20 exemplars118
The Authenticity of the Pauline Epistles in the Light of Stylostatistical Analysis per Kenneth J. Neumann 3 exemplars120
Priest and Levite in Malachi per Julia M. O'Brien 10 exemplars121
Wealth and beneficence in the Pastoral Epistles : a "bourgeois" form of early Christianity? per Reggie M. Kidd 15 exemplars122
Isaiah, Ahaz, and the Syro-Ephraimitic Crisis per Stuart Irvine 14 exemplars123
A study of Job 4-5 in the light of contemporary literary theory per David W. Cotter 4 exemplars124
Achaemenid Imperial Administration in Syria-Palestine and the Missions of Ezra and Nehemiah (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per G. Kenneth Hoglund 11 exemplars125
Ezekiel 18 and the rhetoric of moral discourse per Gordon Matties 10 exemplars126
The Genre of Communal Lament in the Bible and the Ancient Near East (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Paul W. Ferris 6 exemplars127
By What Law? the Meaning of Nuos in the Letters of Paul (Society of Biblical Literature Dissertation Series; 128) per Michael Winger 5 exemplars128
Jerusalem in the book of Ezekiel : the city as Yahweh's wife per Julie Galambush 17 exemplars130
Metaphor and composition in 1 Peter per Troy W. Martin 6 exemplars131
Scripture within scripture : the interrelationship of form and function in the explicit Old Testament citations in the Gospel of John per Bruce G. Schuchard 9 exemplars133
Logos and Sophia: The Rhetorical Situation of 1 Corinthians per Stephen M. Pogoloff 11 exemplars134
The goddess Anat in Ugaritic myth per Neal H. Walls 15 exemplars135
Social Justice and Deuteronomy: The Case of Deuteronomy 15 per Jeffries M. Hamilton 12 exemplars136
Translation Technique in the Peshitta to Job: A Model for Evaluating a Text with Documentation from the Peshitta to Job (Society of Biblical Lit. Diss. Ser; 137) per Heidi M. Szpek 1 exemplars137
Chronological displacement in biblical and related literatures per David A. Glatt 5 exemplars139
Israel and the Book of the Covenant An Anthropological Approach to Biblical Law per Jay W. Marshall 14 exemplars140
Gardens in Babylon : narrative and faith in the Greek legends of Daniel per Marti J. Steussy 7 exemplars141
Wealth and Poverty in the Instruction of Amenemope and the Hebrew Proverbs: A Comparative Case Study in the Social Location and Function of Ancient Near Eastern Wisdom Literature per Harold C. Washington 8 exemplars142
Restoring the diaspora : discursive structure and purpose in the Epistle of James per Timothy B. Cargal 17 exemplars144
Follow me! : disciples in Markan rhetoric per Whitney Taylor Shiner 9 exemplars145
The Narrative Function of the Holy Spirit as a Character in Luke-Acts per William H. Shepherd 22 exemplars147
The songs of ascents (Psalms 120-134) : their place in Israelite history and religion per Loren D. Crow 14 exemplars148
The Formation of the Book of the Twelve: A Study in Text and Canon per Alan Barry Jones 9 exemplars149
Proverbs 1-9: A Study of Inner-Biblical Interpretation per Scott L. Harris 17 exemplars150
Despising Shame: Honor Discourse and Community Maintenance in the Epistle to the Hebrews per David Arthur Desilva 29 exemplars152
The Vision of Transformation: The Territorial Rhetoric of Ezekiel 40-48 per Kalinda Rose Stevenson 20 exemplars154
The Death of Herod: The Narrative and Theological Function of Retribution in Luke-Acts per Jr. O. Wesley Allen 13 exemplars158
We have heard with our ears, O God : sources of the communal laments in the Psalms per Walter C. Bouzard 6 exemplars159
Honor, shame, and the rhetoric of 1 Peter per Barth L. Campbell 8 exemplars160
Remember the Former Things: The Recollection of Previous Texts in Isaiah 40 55 per Patricia Tull Willey 19 exemplars161
Following in His Steps: Suffering, Community, and Christology in 1 Peter per Steven Richard Bechtler 16 exemplars162
The covenant renewal in Ezra-Nehemiah, (Neh 7:72b-10:40) : an exegetical, literary, and theological study per Michael Duggan 8 exemplars164
Shame and Honor in the Book of Esther per Timothy S. Laniak 16 exemplars165
Rest as a Theological Metaphor in the Epistle to the Hebrews and the Gospel of Truth: Early Christian Homiletics of Rest per Judith Hoch Wray 4 exemplars166
Church and Community Conflicts: The Relationships of the Thessalonian, Corinthian, and Philippian Churches with Their Wider Civic Communities per Craig Steven de Vos 13 exemplars168
Into the temple courts : the place of the synagogues in the Second Temple period per Donald D. Binder 18 exemplars169
The Endangered Promises: Conflict in Mark (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Birger Albert Pearson 8 exemplars171
Christology and a modern pilgrimage : a discussion with Norman Perrin per Norman Perrin 12 exemplars172
Court Oracles in the Psalms per Scott R. A. Starbuck 9 exemplars172
The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles (NHC 6.1) : allegory, ascent, and ministry in the wake of the Decian persecution per Andrea Lorenzo Molinari 4 exemplars174
From a Broken Covenant to Circumcision of the Heart: Pauline Intertextual Exegesis in Romans 2: 17-29 per Timothy W. Berkley 5 exemplars175
God, Israel, and the Gentiles: Rhetoric and Situation in Romans 9-11 per Johann D. Kim 6 exemplars176
In dialogue with another gospel? : the influence of the Fourth Gospel on the Passion narrative of the Gospel of Luke per Mark A. Matson 11 exemplars178
The myth of the historical Jesus and the evolution of consciousness per Hal Childs 18 exemplars179
The Tyranny of Resolution: I Corinthians 7:-17-24 per Brad Ronnell Braxton 4 exemplars181
Literary development of John 13-17 : a chiastic reading per Wayne Brouwer 5 exemplars182
A Reassessment of Biblical Elohim (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Joel S. Burnett 11 exemplars183
The risen crucified Christ in Galatians per Robert A. Bryant 3 exemplars185
The Impurity Systems of Qumran and the Rabbis: Biblical Foundations (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Hannah K. Harrington 7 exemplars
The Kingship of Jesus: Composition and Theology in Mark 15 (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Frank J. Matera 8 exemplars
The Obedience of Faith, the Eschatological People of God & the Purpose of Romans (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per James C. Miller 5 exemplars
Studies in the Form of Sirach 44-50 (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) per Thomas R Lee 5 exemplars


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