Col·lecció editorialCompanion Library


Les Aventures d'en Huckleberry Finn per Mark Twain 38,652 exemplars, 489 ressenyes
Andersen's Fairy Tales {Companion Library} per Hans Christian Andersen 22 exemplars
La Crida del bosc per Jack London 16,902 exemplars, 288 ressenyes
A Garland for Girls. Companion Library Series 0 exemplars
Grimm's Fairy Tales {Companion Library} per Jacob Grimm 9 exemplars
Viatges de Gulliver per Jonathan Swift 15,449 exemplars, 148 ressenyes
The Jungle Book {Companion Library} per Rudyard Kipling 17 exemplars
Just So Stories {Companion Library} per Rudyard Kipling 2 exemplars
Kidnapped {Companion Library} per Robert Louis Stevenson 30 exemplars
Little Men per Louisa May Alcott 7,130 exemplars, 57 ressenyes
Little Women per Louisa May Alcott 24,186 exemplars, 389 ressenyes
The Prince and the Pauper {Companion Library} per Mark Twain 38 exemplars
Robinson Crusoe per Daniel Defoe 21,596 exemplars, 290 ressenyes
The Story of King Arthur and His Knights (Companion Library) per Howard Pyle 42 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Toby Tyler or, Ten Weeks with a Circus {Companion Library} per James Otis 22 exemplars
L'illa del tresor per Robert Louis Stevenson 26,996 exemplars, 363 ressenyes
El Vent entre els salzes per Kenneth Grahame 20,304 exemplars, 304 ressenyes
The Wizard of Oz {Companion Library} per L. Frank Baum 4 exemplars

Col·leccions i seleccions

Andersen's Fairy Tales / Grimm's Fairy Tales {Companion Library} per Companion Library 85 exemplars, 3 ressenyes
Companion Library: Arabian Nights / Aesop's Fables per Companion Library 88 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Companion Library: Black Beauty / The Call of the Wild per Companion Library 141 exemplars
Companion Library: A Dog of Flanders / Tom Sawyer Abroad per Mark Twain 79 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Companion Library: Five Little Peppers and How They Grew / Alice In Wonderland per Companion Library 111 exemplars
Companion Library: Gulliver's Travels / Treasure Island per Companion Library 97 exemplars
Companion Library: Heidi / Hans Brinker per Companion Library 92 exemplars
Companion Library: The Jungle Books / The Wizard of Oz per Companion Library 131 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Companion Library: The Little Lame Prince / The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood per Companion Library 70 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Little Women/Good Wives/Little Men per Louisa May Alcott 293 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
Companion Library: Pinocchio / King Arthur and His Knights per Companion Library 68 exemplars
Companion Library: The Prince and the Pauper / Just So Stories per Companion Library 67 exemplars
Companion Library: The Prince and the Pauper / The Wizard of Oz per Companion Library 14 exemplars
Companion Library: Robinson Crusoe / The Swiss Family Robinson per Companion Library 112 exemplars
Companion Library: Tanglewood Tales / The Wind in the Willows per Companion Library 73 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Companion Library: Toby Tyler / Rip Van Winkle per Companion Library 28 exemplars
Companion Library: Tom Sawyer, Detective / Kidnapped per Companion Library 79 exemplars
Companion Library: A Wonder Book / Nonsense Books per Companion Library 32 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Companion Library Multiple Volumes per Companion Library 18 exemplars


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