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The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll per Lewis Carroll 4,263 exemplars, 29 ressenyes
La cartoixa de Parma per Stendhal 4,257 exemplars, 73 ressenyesisbn
Prínceps de Maine, reis de Nova Anglaterra per John Irving 11,531 exemplars, 156 ressenyesisbn
The Collected Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe per Edgar Allan Poe 579 exemplars, 6 ressenyes
El Comte de Montecristo per Alexandre Dumas 24,409 exemplars, 411 ressenyesisbn
The Daniel J. Boorstin Reader per Daniel Boorstin 51 exemplars
Ivanhoe per Sir Walter Scott 12,533 exemplars, 118 ressenyes
Jane Eyre per Charlotte Brontë 56,884 exemplars, 894 ressenyes
The Knight of Maison-Rouge: A Novel of Marie Antoinette per Alexandre Dumas 560 exemplars, 6 ressenyesisbn
Letters from the Editor: The New Yorker's Harold Ross per Harold Ross 128 exemplars, 1 ressenya
The Life and Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson per Thomas Jefferson 554 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
Mansfield Park per Jane Austen 21,775 exemplars, 352 ressenyesisbn
Memorias de Adriano per Marguerite Yourcenar 5,267 exemplars, 122 ressenyesisbn
Middlemarch per George Eliot 17,114 exemplars, 324 ressenyesisbn
New Grub Street per George Gissing 1,414 exemplars, 22 ressenyesisbn
Orgull i prejudici per Jane Austen 77,616 exemplars, 1,337 ressenyes
The Selected Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson per Ralph Waldo Emerson 488 exemplars, 2 ressenyesisbn
Teresa dels Urbervilles : una dona pura, fidelment presentada per Thomas Hardy 18,601 exemplars, 241 ressenyes
Guerra i pau per Leo Tolstoy 27,694 exemplars, 427 ressenyesG1
The Way We Live Now per Anthony Trollope 2,757 exemplars, 56 ressenyesisbn
The Life of Samuel Johnson per James Boswell 3,782 exemplars, 40 ressenyesG2
Les Misérables per Victor Hugo 25,280 exemplars, 327 ressenyesG3
Vidas Paralelas per Plutarch 2,385 exemplars, 30 ressenyesG5
The Life and Writings of Abraham Lincoln per Abraham Lincoln 182 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG20
The complete works and letters of Charles Lamb per Charles Lamb 96 exemplarsG24
History of the Conquest of Mexico and History of the Conquest of Peru per William H. Prescott 415 exemplars, 2 ressenyesG29
A History of Greece per J. B. Bury 587 exemplars, 10 ressenyesG35
The Stoic and Epicurean philosophers; the complete extant writings of Epicurus, Epictetus, Lucretius, Marcus Aurelius per Whitney J. Oates 202 exemplars, 2 ressenyesG45
A New Anthology of Modern Poetry per Selden Rodman 115 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG46
The English Philosophers from Bacon to Mill per Edwin A. Burtt 451 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG47
Ulisses per James Joyce 23,336 exemplars, 334 ressenyesG52
The Wandering Jew per Eugène Sue 298 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG53
Nine Plays per Eugene O'Neill 439 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG55
The Poems, Prose and Plays of Alexander Pushkin per Alexander Pushkin 169 exemplarsG62
Moby Dick per Herman Melville 34,089 exemplars, 520 ressenyesG64
Gargantua i Pantagruel per François Rabelais 4,900 exemplars, 49 ressenyesG65
Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural per Herbert A. Wise 619 exemplars, 11 ressenyesG72
City of God per Saint Augustine 5,966 exemplars, 36 ressenyesG74
An Encyclopedia of Modern American Humor per Bennett Cerf 178 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG81
Great ages and ideas of the Jewish people per Leo W. Schwarz 235 exemplars, 3 ressenyesG85

Col·leccions i seleccions

Snopes: The Hamlet, The Town, The Mansion (Modern Library) per William Faulkner 406 exemplars, 4 ressenyesisbn
Complete Poems of Keats and Shelley per John Keats 309 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG4
Twelve Famous Plays of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century per Bennett A. Cerf 138 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG10
Ivanhoe / Kenilworth / Quentin Durward per Sir Walter Scott 78 exemplarsG12
The Iliad / The Odyssey per Homer 5,478 exemplars, 49 ressenyesG19
Sixteen Famous American Plays per Bennett Cerf 176 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG21
Thirty Famous One-Act Plays per Bennett Cerf 106 exemplars, 2 ressenyesG22
The Origin of Species / The Descent of Man per Charles Darwin 674 exemplars, 5 ressenyesG27
The Moonstone and The Woman in White per Wilkie Collins 112 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG33
The Complete Novels and Selected Tales of Nathaniel Hawthorne per Nathaniel Hawthorne 346 exemplars, 2 ressenyesG37
The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud per Sigmund Freud 880 exemplars, 4 ressenyesG39
Sense and Sensibility / Pride and Prejudice / Mansfield Park / Emma / Northanger Abbey / Persuasion per Jane Austen 1,457 exemplars, 12 ressenyesG58
Sixteen Famous British Plays per Bennett Cerf 108 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG63
Three famous murder novels per Bennett Cerf 42 exemplarsG66
101 Years' Entertainment: The Great Detective Stories 1841-1941 per Ellery Queen 98 exemplars, 1 ressenyaG69
Basic Writings of Nietzsche per Friedrich Nietzsche 2,324 exemplars, 8 ressenyesG80
Sixteen Famous European Plays per Bennett A. Cerf 84 exemplarsG71
Medieval epics : Beowulf; The Song of Roland; The Nibelungenlied; The Poem of the Cid. per William Alfred 207 exemplarsG87


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