Col·lecció editorialGreat Books Readings for Discussion, 1954-1962 version


THE GREAT BOOKS ~ First Year Course ~ 9 books in slipcase (The Great Books, First Year Course ~ Readings for Discussion) per Great Books Foundation 25 exemplars1
The Great Books First Year Volume One Declaration of Independence/Plato: Apology; Crito/Sophocles: Antigone per Thomas Jefferson 15 exemplars1.1
Politics, book 1 per Aristotle 19 exemplars1.2
The Gospel According to St. Matthew; Epictetus, Discourses (selections) (Great Books Foundation First Year Course, III) per Great Books Foundation 3 exemplars1.3
El Príncep per Niccolò Machiavelli 24,274 exemplars, 264 ressenyes1.4
The Great Books First Year Volume Five 9 Shakespeare Macbeth 10 Milton Areopagitica (The Great Books Foundation) per Great Books Foundation 5 exemplars1.5
Democracy in America (selections); Communist Manifesto (Great Books Foundation First Year Course, VII) per Alexis de Tocqueville 11 exemplars1.7
Civil Disobedience; Walden (selections); The Death of Ivan Ilych (Great Books Foundation First Year Course, VIII) per Henry David Thoreau 11 exemplars1.8
The Great Books (11-Volume Set) (Readings for Discussion, Second Year Course) per Great Books Foundation 9 exemplars2
Ecclesiastes / Oedipus Rex / Oedipus at Colonus per Sophocles (Translated By Robert Fitzgerald)(The Gr 12 exemplars2.1
Odissea per Homer 36,016 exemplars, 461 ressenyes2.2
Meno - Ethics, Selections - Of the Nature of Things, Books I-III (The Great Books, Second Year, Volume Four) per Plato 3 exemplars2.3
Discourse on Method; Leviathan; Pensees Selections Great Books Foundation (the Western World)Number 6, Second Year Vol 9, 10, 11 per Elizabeth S & Toss Pascal (Haldane Hobbes, G.R.T. 7 exemplars2.6
Viatges de Gulliver per Jonathan Swift 18,073 exemplars, 167 ressenyes2.7
The Great Books Second Year Volume Eight 13 Rousseau On The Origin Of Inequality 14 Kant Perpetual Peace (The Great Books Foundation) per Jean-Jacques Rousseau 7 exemplars2.8
A Great Books Reader (The Great Books, Second Year, Supplement) per Great Books Foundation 5 exemplars2.11
The Great Books Foundation (readings for discussion, third year course box set volumes 1-10) per Great Books 22 exemplars3
Thucydides: History of the Peloponnesian War, Selections / Plato: Symposium per Thucydides 2 exemplars3.2
Rabelais: Gargantua & Pantagruel, Book I (The Great Books Foundation, Volume 4) per Francois Rabelais 1 exemplars3.4
The Great Books, Third Year, Vol. Five: Calvin - Institutes of the Christian Religion Selections, Shakespeare - King Lear per Editor 2 exemplars3.5
The Great Books Third Year - Volume Six: Novum Organum, Book 1; and Of Civil Government per Francis Bacon 8 exemplars3.6
Dostoyevsky: The Brothers Karamasov Selections / Freud: Origin and Development of Psychoanalysis per The Great Books Foundation 4 exemplars3.9
The Great Books 4th (Fourth) Year Course per Great Books 5 exemplars4
The Great Books Fourth Year Volume One Confucius : the Analect Selections; Plato : the Republic Books VI-VII per Confucius; Plato 2 exemplars4.1
Great Books: Lysistrata, Poetics & Elements of Geometry (Book I) (Fourth Year, Vol 2) per Aristophanes 7 exemplars4.2
The Great Books Fourth Year Volume Four : The Song of the Volsungs and the Nibelungs; St Thomas Aquinas : On truth and Falsity per St. Thomas Aquinas 5 exemplars4.4
The Great Books Fourth Year Volume Five -- Michel de Montaigne: selections from Essays; William Shakespeare: The Tempest per Michel de Montaigne 2 exemplars4.5
The Great Books Fourth Year Volume Six -- Locke and Hume: essays Concerning Human Understanding per John Locke 3 exemplars4.6
El Paradís perdut per John Milton 14,149 exemplars, 113 ressenyes4.7
The Great Books Fourth Year Volume Eight -- Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil; William James: Pragmatism per William Nietzsche;James 6 exemplars4.8
Fifth Year Course (Great Books Foundation Readings for Discussion), Vol. 1 per Aristotle Plato Euripidies 1 exemplars5.1
Eneida per Virgil 23,297 exemplars, 197 ressenyes5.2
The Great Books: Fifth ( 5th ) Year Course, vol. 3: The Little Flowers and On Man per Thomas Aquinas 4 exemplars5.3
The Great Books Fifth Year Volume Seven. 14 Woolman Journal. 16 Einstein Relativity (The Great Books) per Albert Einstein John Woolman, & Janet Whitney, (T 1 exemplars5.7
Moby Dick per Herman Melville 35,969 exemplars, 537 ressenyes5.8
Great Books Foundation Readings for Discussion Sixth Year Course Vol 2 1 exemplars6.2
Origin of species: Chapters I-VI, XV (The Great Books Foundation) per Charles Darwin 1 exemplars6.7
The Great Books, Seventh Year Course - Reading for Discussion (Volumes 1-14) per Great Book Foundation 4 exemplars7
The Great Books, Seventh Year, Volume 2: Bhagavad-Gita, Boethius; The Consolation of Philosophy per The Great Books Foundation 1 exemplars7.2
The Great Books: Eighth Year Course, Readings for Discussion (The Great Books Foundation, Volumes 1-8, Boxed Set) per Various Authors 12 exemplars8
The Great Books: Eighth Year Course: Aristotle, St. Paul, Galen per Aristotle 1 exemplars8.2
Physics: Book II / Epistle to the Romans / First Epistle to the Corinthians / On the Natural Faculties, books 1 & 3 per Aristotle 1 exemplars8.2
The Great Books Eight Year Volume Four 8 Harvey On The Motion Of The Heart And Blood 9 Descartes The Passions Of The Soul (The Great Books Foundation) per William Harvey 1 exemplars8.4
Readings for discussion : 9th- year course per Great Books Foundation 2 exemplars9
The Great Books Foundation, Vol. II: Herodotus, Plato, Aristotle 1 exemplars9.2

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