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On Aggression per Konrad Lorenz 940 exemplars, 11 ressenyesUP247
The English Language per C. L. Wrenn 40 exemplars
Archaeology and society; reconstructing the prehistoric past per Grahame Clark 92 exemplarsUP1
Form and Meaning in Drama per H. D. F. Kitto 81 exemplarsUP2
Greek Political Theory per Sir Ernest Barker 101 exemplars, 2 ressenyesUP3
A history of political thought in the sixteenth century per J. W. Allen 66 exemplarsUP4
An Introduction to the French Poets: Villon to the Present Day per Geoffrey Brereton 19 exemplarsUP5
An Introduction to Social Psychology per William McDougall 42 exemplarsUP6
Landmarks in Russian Literature per Maurice Baring 26 exemplarsUP7
Mysticism per Evelyn Underhill 1,056 exemplars, 7 ressenyesUP8
Plato: The Man and His Work per A. E. Taylor 258 exemplars, 3 ressenyesUP9
Relativity: The Special and General Theory per Albert Einstein 4,487 exemplars, 32 ressenyesUP10
The Sacred Wood per T. S. Eliot 350 exemplars, 7 ressenyesUP11
The Course of German History: A Survey of the Development of German History since 1815 per A. J. P. Taylor 238 exemplars, 3 ressenyesUP37
From the Gracchi to Nero per H. H. Scullard 754 exemplars, 14 ressenyesUP56
Maps and Diagrams, Their Compilation and Construction per Francis John Monkhouse 48 exemplars, 1 ressenyaUP75
The Medieval Centuries per Denys Hay 74 exemplarsUP77
From Vienna to Versailles per L. C. B. Seaman 98 exemplars83
The frontiers of drama per Una Mary Ellis-Fermor 6 exemplars92
The language of Shakespeare's plays per B. Ifor Evans 13 exemplarsUP113
The skin of the earth per A. Austin Miller 3 exemplarsUP117
The World We Have Lost: England before the Industrial Age per Peter Laslett 243 exemplars167
The Development of Shakespeare's Imagery per Wolfgang Clemen 50 exemplarsUP171
The Idea of Politics: The Uses of Power in Society per Maurice Duverger 66 exemplars, 3 ressenyes173
Shakespeare, Our Contemporary per Jan Kott 308 exemplars, 3 ressenyes198
Atmosphere, Weather and Climate per Roger Graham Barry 132 exemplars208
Titus Andrònic per William Shakespeare 2,748 exemplars, 47 ressenyes254
Integrated Models in Geography (University Paperbacks) per Richard J Chorley 8 exemplarsUP260
Timon d'Atenes per William Shakespeare 1,380 exemplars, 25 ressenyes274
Chaucer's early poetry per Wolfgang Clemen 15 exemplarsUP276
The Poems per William Shakespeare 302 exemplars283
A bon fi, tot li és camí per William Shakespeare 2,258 exemplars, 30 ressenyes285
Antony and Cleopatra per William Shakespeare 5,566 exemplars, 59 ressenyesUP286 / 206
Juli Cèsar per William Shakespeare 12,640 exemplars, 110 ressenyes287
Ricard II per William Shakespeare 4,218 exemplars, 54 ressenyes292
A History of the Medieval Church: 590-1500 per Margaret Deanesly 275 exemplars, 2 ressenyes320
Map projections per George P. Kellaway 3 exemplarsUP342
The Origin of Continents and Oceans per Alfred Wegener 106 exemplars361
Romantic Tradition in Germany: An Anthology (German Edition) per Ronald Taylor 4 exemplarsUP367
Introduction to geomorphology per Alistair F. Pitty 5 exemplarsUP378
Shakespeare and the Confines of Art per Philip Edwards 7 exemplars394
Els Dos cavallers de Verona per William Shakespeare 1,888 exemplars, 27 ressenyes452
An Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Historians per Roderick Floud 60 exemplars, 1 ressenya458
The Victorians per Laurence Lerner 13 exemplars641
Aspects of European History 1789-1980 (University Paperbacks) per Stephen J. Lee 48 exemplars, 1 ressenya764
Hamlet per William Shakespeare 33,251 exemplars, 292 ressenyes800

Col·leccions i seleccions

La geografía y los modelos socio-económicos per Richard J Chorley 12 exemplarsUP249
La Comèdia dels errors per William Shakespeare 3,413 exemplars, 51 ressenyes251
Physical and information models in geography; parts I, II, and V of Models in geography per Richard J Chorley 6 exemplarsUP265
Cimbelí per William Shakespeare 1,769 exemplars, 29 ressenyesUP271
La Tempesta per William Shakespeare 13,978 exemplars, 172 ressenyes284
Enric VI : segona part per William Shakespeare 969 exemplars, 27 ressenyes288
Enric V per William Shakespeare 6,107 exemplars, 54 ressenyes290
Introduction to fluvial processes per Richard J Chorley 4 exemplars407


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