Col·lecció editorialMalone Society Reprints and Collections


The Battle of Alcazar 1594 (Malone Society Reprint) per George Peele 2 exemplars1
The history of Orlando Furioso per Robert Greene 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya2
The Interlude of Johan the Evangelist (Classic Reprint) per W. W. Greg 3 exemplars3
The interlude of Wealth and Health (Malone Society Reprint) per W. W. Greg 2 exemplars4
King Leir per Anonymous 16 exemplars5
Malone Society Collections, Vol. I, Part i per Malone Society 5 exemplars, 1 ressenya6
The interlude of Calisto and Melebea per John Rastell 2 exemplars7
The tragedy of Locrine, 1595 per W. S. 8 exemplars8
The First Part of the Life of Sir John Oldcastle per Anthony Munday 6 exemplars9
The tragical reign of Selimus per Robert Greene 8 exemplars10
The Old Wives' Tale per George Peele 22 exemplars, 1 ressenya11
Malone Society Collections, Vol. I, Part ii per Malone Society 3 exemplars12
The play of Patient Grissell per John Phillip 1 exemplars13
The Virtuous Octivia, 1598 per Samuel Brandon 1 exemplars15
A critical edition of Anthony Munday's Fedele and Fortunio per Anthony Munday 5 exemplars, 1 ressenya16
The Second Maiden's Tragedy per William Shakespeare 82 exemplars17
Malone Society Collections, Vol. I, Part iii, per W. W. Greg 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya18
The arraignment of Paris, 1584 per George Peele 5 exemplars, 1 ressenya19
Tom Tyler and his wife per G. C. Moore Smith 2 exemplars20
The Wounds of Civil War (Regents Renaissance Drama) per Thomas Lodge 14 exemplars, 1 ressenya21
A knack to know an honest man. 1596 per John S. Farmer 3 exemplars, 1 ressenya22
The Birth of Hercules per R. Warwick Bond 2 exemplars23
Appius and Virginia per Richard Bower 2 exemplars24
King Edward the First per George Peele 6 exemplars, 1 ressenya25
George-a-Greene the pinner of Wakefield, 1599 per Robert Greene 4 exemplars26
The tragedy of Caesar's revenge per Frederick S. Boas 1 exemplars27
Sir Thomas More per Anthony Munday 95 exemplars, 3 ressenyes28 A,B
Malone Society Collections, Vol. I, Parts iv and v per Malone Society 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya29
The Two Angry Women of Abingdon per Henry Porter 7 exemplars31
The Weakest Goeth to the Wall per Anonymous 3 exemplars32
Wily Beguilde per William Haughton 4 exemplars33
Englishmen For My Money; or, A Woman Will Have Her Will per William Haughton 9 exemplars34
The resurrection of our Lord per Anonymous 2 exemplars35
Clyomon and Clamydes per Anonymous 4 exemplars36
Look about you (Malone Society reprints) per Henry Chettle 8 exemplars37
A Larum for London per Robert Wilson 6 exemplars38
The contention between liberality and prodigality, 1602 per Anonymous 3 exemplars39
Wit of a woman. 1604 per William Haughton 4 exemplars40
Malone Society Collections, Vol.II, Part i per W. W. Greg 2 exemplars41
The Tragedy of Mariam, the Fair Queen of Jewry: with The Lady Falkland: Her Life, by One of Her Daughters per Elizabeth Cary 173 exemplars42A
The Cobler's Prophecy, 1594 (Classic Reprint) per Robert Wilson 2 exemplars43
The Pedlar's Prophecy per John S. Farmer 1 exemplars44
Gesta Grayorum: Or, The history of the high and mighty prince, Henry Prince of Purpoole, Anno Domini, 1594 per Anonymous 3 exemplars45
The tragedie of Tancred and Gismund per Robert Wilmot 2 exemplars46
The Tragedy of Tiberius, 1607 [aka The Tragedy of Claudius Tiberius Nero per W. W. Greg 1 exemplars47
The Welsh embassador per Thomas Dekker 5 exemplars48
Every Man out of his Humour per Ben Jonson 25 exemplars49
James the Fourth (Revels Plays) per Robert Greene 27 exemplars, 1 ressenya50
Antonio and Mellida: & Antonio's revenge, (The Malone society reprints) per John Marston 2 exemplars51
An account of the Christmas prince, as it was exhibited in the University of Oxford, in the year 1607. [Here wrongly asc per Anonymous 3 exemplars52
Two Elizabethan Stage Abridgements: The Battle of Alcazar and Orlando Furioso Double volume (Malone Society Reprints) per W. W. Greg 2 exemplars53
John a Kent & John a Cumber per Anthony Munday 8 exemplars54
Malone Society Collections, Vol.II, Part ii per W. W. Greg 3 exemplars55
Edward II per Christopher Marlowe 528 exemplars, 8 ressenyes57
The comical History of Alphonsus, king of Arragon per Robert Greene 2 exemplars, 1 ressenya58
Believe As You List per Philip Massinger 12 exemplars60
Edmond Ironside or, War Hath Made All Friends per Anonymous 29 exemplars, 1 ressenya61
Fair Em per W. W. Greg 12 exemplars, 1 ressenya62
The parliament of love per Philip Massinger 2 exemplars63
The blind beggar of Alexandria, (The Malone Society reprints) per George Chapman 1 exemplars64
Thomas of Woodstock: or King Richard the Second, Part One per Samuel Rowley 23 exemplars66
The true tragedy of Richard the Third, 1594 (Malone Society) per W. W. Greg 1 exemplars67
The two noble ladies (Malone Society) per Rebecca Garrett Rhoads 1 exemplars68
An edition of the Rare triumphs of love and fortune per John Isaac Owen 2 exemplars69
King Johan per John Bale 8 exemplars70
Malone Society Collections, Vol.II, Part iii per W. W. Greg 3 exemplars71
A Looking Glass for London and England (Malone Society Reprint Series) per Thomas Lodge 12 exemplars, 1 ressenya72
The Launching of the Mary per Walter Mountfort 1 exemplars73
Campaspe per John Lyly 7 exemplars75
If you know not me you know nobody, part 1 (The Malone Society reprints) per Thomas Heywood 2 exemplars77
If you know not me you know nobody, part 2 (The Malone Society reprints) per Thomas Heywood 1 exemplars78
John of Bordeaux, or The Second Part of Friar Bacon (Malone Society) per Henry Chettle 1 exemplars79
The soddered citizen per John Clavell 1 exemplars80
The trial & flagellation, with other studies in the Chester cycle per Chester plays., 2 exemplars81
The most virtuous & godly Susanna by Thomas Garter, 1578 per Thomas Garter 1 exemplars82
Jack Juggler per W. W. Greg 3 exemplars74, 83
An Humorous Day's Mirth: by George Chapman (Revels Plays) per George Chapman 6 exemplars85
Arden of Faversham per Anonymous 126 exemplars, 3 ressenyes86
Mother Bombie per John Lyly 13 exemplars, 1 ressenya87
The Spanish Tragedy per Thomas Kyd 740 exemplars, 10 ressenyes56, 88
The Witch per Thomas Middleton 31 exemplars, 1 ressenya89
Gentleness and nobility (Malone Society Reprint) per John Heywood 0 exemplars90
Law tricks, 1608 (The Malone Society reprints) per John Daye 3 exemplars, 1 ressenya91
Demetrius and Enanthe, being The humorous lieutenant, a play, per John Fletcher 5 exemplars92
The tragedy of Hoffman; or, A reuenge for a father [by H. Chettle] per Henry Chettle 9 exemplars93
Bonduca per John Fletcher 6 exemplars94
The moral play of Wit and Science, and early poetical miscellanies (Shakespeare Society Publications 37) per John Redford 2 exemplars, 1 ressenya95
The Conflict of Conscience per Nathaniel Woodes 4 exemplars96
When you see me, you know me. Or the famous Chronicle Historie of king Henrie the Eight, with the birth ... of Edward Prince of Wales, etc. [A play in verse and prose.] per Samuel Rowley 5 exemplars97
The captives; or, The lost recovered. per Thomas Heywood 4 exemplars98
Honourable Entertainments per Thomas Middleton 5 exemplars99
The Poor Man's Comfort (Globe Quartos) per Robert Daborne 4 exemplars100
Malone Society Collections III (A Calendar of Dramatic Records in the Books of the Livery Companies of London 1485-1640) per D. J. Gordon 4 exemplars101
Dick of Devonshire (Malone Society) per J. G. McManaway 2 exemplars102
July and Julian per Giles E. Dawson 1 exemplars103
History of Jacob and Esau per Anonymous 2 exemplars104
Malone Society Collections IV per F. P. Wilson 4 exemplars105
The life and death of Jack Straw, 1594 (Malone Society) per Anonymous 4 exemplars106
Damon and Pithias per Richard Edwards 8 exemplars, 2 ressenyes107
The fatal marriage per Brigid Younghughes 2 exemplars108
The lady mother per Henry Glapthorne 4 exemplars109
The Telltale (Malone Society) per John Daye 1 exemplars110
Malone Society Collections, Vol. V per F. P. Wilson 3 exemplars111
The marriage of Wit and Science per Arthur Brown 2 exemplars113
The bloody banquet 1639. [Prepared by Samuel Schoenbaum] per Thomas Dekker 8 exemplars114
The fair maid of the exchange, 1607 per Thomas Heywood 7 exemplars116
The interlude of vice: (Horestes) 1567 (The Malone Society reprints) per John Pikering 4 exemplars117
A knack to know a knave. 1594 per G. R. Proudfoot 6 exemplars118
The miseries of inforst marriage Playd by his Maiesties Seruants. By George Wilkins per George Wilkins 4 exemplars119
The downfall of Robert, Earl of Huntingdon, 1601 (The Malone Society reprints) per Anthony Munday 12 exemplars120
The VVisdome of Doctor Dodypoll per Anonymous 7 exemplars121
The death of Robert, Earl of Huntingdon: 1601 (The Malone Society reprints) per Anthony Munday 10 exemplars122
Malone Society Collections, Volume VII: Records of Plays and Players in Kent, 1450-1642 per Giles E. Dawson 3 exemplars123
Lusty Juventus: the Tudor Facsimile Texts per R. Wever 8 exemplars124
The Marriage between Wit and Wisdom per Trevor N. S. Lennam 5 exemplars125
The hogge hath lost his pearl per Robert Tailor 5 exemplars126
Johan Johan the husband per John Heywood 5 exemplars127
The couragious Turke and The Raging Turke per Thomas Goffe 2 exemplars128
A Yorkshire Tragedy per Thomas Middleton 16 exemplars129
Malone Society Collections, Volume VIII: Records of Plays and Players in Lincolnshire, 1300-1585 per Stanley J. Kahrl 4 exemplars130
The famous history of Captain Thomas Stukeley (Malone Society Reprints) per William Haughton 5 exemplars131
The faithful friends per G. M. Pinciss 4 exemplars132
The play of the weather per John Heywood 12 exemplars133
Malone Society Collections, Vol. IX per G. R. Proudfoot 4 exemplars134
The Wasp : or, Subject's precedent per J. W. Lever 3 exemplars135
Malone Society Collections, Volume X: Dramatic Records in the Declared Accounts of the Office of Works, 1560-1640 per Malone Society. 3 exemplars136
The escapes of Jupiter per Thomas Heywood 3 exemplars137
A play of love, 1534 (Malone Society Reprint) per John Heywood 3 exemplars138
Timon, a play (Shakespeare Society Publications 11) per Alexander Dyce 3 exemplars139
Sir John van Olden Barnavelt per John Fletcher 5 exemplars140
Malone Society Collections, Volume XI: Records of Plays and Players in Norfolk and Suffolk, 1330-1642 per David Galloway 3 exemplars141
The Captive lady per A. R. Braunmuller 3 exemplars142
Malone Society Collections, Vol. XII per G. R. Proudfoot 4 exemplars143
The Pardoner and the Friar 1533 and The Four Ps ?1544 per John Heywood 3 exemplars144, 145
Enric VI : segona part per William Shakespeare 871 exemplars, 23 ressenyes146
Malone Society Collections, Volume XIII: Jacobean and Caroline Revels Accounts, 1603-1642 per W. R. Streitberger 5 exemplars147
The Lost Lady per Sir William Berkeley 5 exemplars148
Malone Society Collections, Vol. XIV per Suzanne Gossett 6 exemplars149
The queen of Corsica per Francis Jaques 6 exemplars150
A Game at Chess per Thomas Middleton 59 exemplars151
Two Moral Interludes: Witty and Witless by John Heywood and Like Will to Like by Ulpian Fulwell (Malone Society Reprints) per Peter Happé 8 exemplars153
Tom a Lincoln per G. R. Proudfoot 10 exemplars154
Malone Society Collections XV per Nigel Bawcutt 6 exemplars155
Hymen's Triumph (Malone Society Reprints) per Samuel Daniel 6 exemplars156
El Somni d'una nit d'estiu per William Shakespeare 17,764 exemplars, 169 ressenyes157
Dramatic Works by William Cavendish (Malone Society Reprints) per William Cavendish 4 exemplars158
The Shepherds' Paradise (Malone Society Reprints) per Walter Montagu 8 exemplars159
The Taming of a Shrew: The 1594 Quarto (The New Cambridge Shakespeare: The Early Quartos) per Anonymous 20 exemplars, 1 ressenya160
Galatea (Revels Student Editions) per John Lyly 15 exemplars161
The Country Captain per William Cavendish 6 exemplars162
Romeo and Juliet 1597 (Malone Society Reprints) per William Shakespeare 11 exemplars163
The Wisest Have Their Fools About Them (Malone Society Reprints) per Elizabeth Baldwin 9 exemplars164
Hengist, King of Kent, or The Mayor of Quinborough per Thomas Middleton 14 exemplars167
Common conditions per Roberta Barker 5 exemplars168
Els dos nobles cosins per William Shakespeare 459 exemplars, 11 ressenyes169
Guy of Warwick 1661 (Malone Society Reprints) per Helen Moore 5 exemplars170
Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth 1598 (Malone Society Reprints) per Anonymous 7 exemplars, 1 ressenya171
The Tamer Tamed (RSC Classics) per John Fletcher 74 exemplars, 1 ressenya172
The Trial of Treasure: By Anonymous (Malone Society) per William Wager 8 exemplars173
The Emperor's Favourite per Siobhan Keenan 5 exemplars174
Collections. Volume XVI per Eugene Giddens 7 exemplars175
The Honest Man's Fortune (The Malone Society) per John Fletcher 5 exemplars176
The Humorous Magistrate (Arbury MS.) per Margaret Jane Kidnie 4 exemplars177
The Humorous Magistrate (Osborne MS.) per Jacqueline Jenkins 3 exemplars178
Tide Tarrieth No Man (Malone Society) per George Wapull 5 exemplars179
Two Lamentable Tragedies (The Malone Society) per Robert Yarington 7 exemplars180
Soliman and Perseda 1592/93 (Malone Society Reprints) per Thomas Kyd 13 exemplars181
Collections XVII (The Malone Society MUP) per Eugene Giddens 4 exemplars182
The tragedy of Antigone : 1631 per Thomas May 6 exemplars183
The twice-chang'd friar per John Newdigate 4 exemplars184
Designs by Inigo Jones for masques & plays at court;: A descriptive catalogue of drawings for scenery and costumes mainly in the collection of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, K.G., per Inigo Jones 5 exemplarsunnumbered, 1924

Col·leccions i seleccions

Ifigènia a Àulida. per Euripides 334 exemplars, 7 ressenyes14
The love of King David and fair Bethsabe per George Peele 11 exemplars30
Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay per Robert Greene 63 exemplars, 2 ressenyes59
The Massacre at Paris per Christopher Marlowe 31 exemplars, 1 ressenya65
Ralph Roister Doister per Nicholas Udall 28 exemplars, 1 ressenya76
Charlemagne; or, The distracted emperor per George Chapman 1 exemplars84
El Rei Enric IV : segona part per William Shakespeare 2,268 exemplars, 28 ressenyes152
Sappho and Phao, 1584 per John Lyly 6 exemplars165
Titus Andrònic per William Shakespeare 2,402 exemplars, 40 ressenyes166