Col·lecció editorialHeritage of Literature

Creatures of the wilds / selected by E.W. Parker ; edited by W.A. Jepson per Ernest Walter Parker 1 exemplarsA2
The poets' way : stage II per E. W. Parker 9 exemplarsA12
South: The Story of Shackleton's 1914-1917 Expedition (Heritage of Literature Series. Section A. no. 28.) per Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton c.v.o 1 exemplarsA28
Jim Davis per John Masefield 142 exemplars, 1 ressenyaA33
The Thirty-Nine Steps per John Buchan 5,280 exemplars, 185 ressenyesA41
Night Cargoes ... Illustrated by Alma K. Lee (Heritage of Literature Series. Section A. no. 48.) 0 exemplarsA48
Seven one-act plays (Heritage of literature series, section A-no.53) per A.J. Merson 2 exemplarsA53
Modern One-Act Plays. Edited by P. Wayne (Heritage of Literature Series. section B. no. 4.) per Philip Arthur Wayne 1 exemplarsB4
Out of the Silent Planet (Heritage of Literature) per C. S. Lewis 4 exemplarsB87
England under Queen Anne per George Macaulay Trevelyan 16 exemplars
Al vostre gust per William Shakespeare 7,302 exemplars, 73 ressenyes
Últimes notícies per Evelyn Waugh 3,714 exemplars, 81 ressenyes
From "Lord Jim" to "Billy Liar" (Heritage of Literature) per B. Gaskin 1 exemplars
Viatges de Gulliver: Viatge a Lilliput ; Viatge a Brobdingnac / Jonathan Swift ; traducció i pròleg de J. Farran i Mayoral per Jonathan Swift 1,427 exemplars, 13 ressenyes
Gun, The (Heritage of Literature S.) per C. S. Forester 0 exemplars
The Heritage of Literature Series per A.J. Merson 1 exemplars
El Hòbbit, o viatge d'anada i tornada per J. R. R. Tolkien 91,723 exemplars, 1,164 ressenyes
The Lady With a Lamp (Florence Nightingale) The Heritage of Literature per Reginald Berkeley 8 exemplars
Modern Prose A Miscellany (The Heritage of Literature Series) per R. W. Jepson, ed. 1 exemplars
Modern Short Stories (Heritage of Literature) per S. H. Burton 14 exemplars
Nine One-act Plays (Heritage of Literature) per P. Walsh 2 exemplars
The Royal Hunt of the Sun per Peter Shaffer 264 exemplars, 4 ressenyes
Science Fiction per S. H. Burton 7 exemplars
Selection from Shaw's Prefaces (Heritage of Literature) per George Bernard Shaw 3 exemplars
Short Stories by Modern Writers per R. W. Jepson 7 exemplars
Typhoon and Other Stories [Heritage of Literature] per Joseph Conrad 5 exemplars
Under the Southern Cross, etc (Heritage of Literature Series.) per Stanley Eden Greville 1 exemplars
Verse for you (Heritage of literature series, section B-no.35) per J. G. Brown 0 exemplars
Verse for you (Heritage of literature series, sectionB-no.36) per J. G. Brown 1 exemplars
The Winslow Boy per Terence Rattigan 168 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
Witch, and other stories (The Heritage of literature series) per George Mackay Brown 5 exemplars

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