SèrieWhitman Tell-A-Tale Books

306 Obres Popularitat 5,019 (1,601 Membres) 3,795 Llibres 37 Ressenyes ½ 3.8
1 Boy Lives in My House per Florence Meiman White 2 exemplarsBIG Tell-a-Tale
ABC: A Tale of a Sale per Joyce Hovelsrud 29 exemplars
ABC: Andy and Betsy at the Circus per Violet Friedel 5 exemplars906
Animal Jingles (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #837) per Georgiana 2 exemplars837
Animal Train (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Elizabeth Roberts 43 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Around and About Buttercup Farm per Patricia Lynn 9 exemplars
A B C per Virginia Tiffany 5 exemplarsBIG Tell-a-Tale
A B C (Tell-A-Tale Books) per Jane Flory 2 exemplars2658
Barbie and Skipper Go Camping per Eileen Daly 6 exemplars
Beany Cecil Captured for the Zoo per Bob Clampett 1 exemplars
The Beloved Son (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff 25 exemplars
Benjamin Brownie and the Talking Doll per Geraldine Ross 10 exemplars2516
Benji the Detective per Jean Lewis 9 exemplars
Benny the Bus (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #846) per Gladys M. Horn 4 exemplars846
Beware of the Dog [Whitman #2510] per Christine Woyke 5 exemplars2510
Big Albert Moves In [Whitman #2533] per Walt Disney World Florida 5 exemplars2533
Big Little Kitty per Jan D. Biggers 12 exemplars
The Big Red Pajama Wagon (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Mary Elting 7 exemplars
The Big Whistle ( Whitman Tell-a-tale Books) per Ann Tompert 6 exemplars
Bingo (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Daphne Hogstrom 12 exemplars
The Box of Important Things (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Ann Hellie 4 exemplars
Bozo the Clown: King of the Ring per Al White 5 exemplars
A Brown Puppy and A Falling Star (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Elizabeth Ross 31 exemplars
Buffy and the New Girl per Gladys Baker Bond 15 exemplars
Bugs Bunny Hangs Around (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Nancy Hoag 10 exemplars
Bugs Bunny in Party Pest per William Johnston 21 exemplars
Bugs Bunny in Something Fishy per Alfred Abranz 28 exemplars
Bugs Bunny Keeps a Promise (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Ralph Heimdahl 7 exemplars
Bugs Bunny's Big Invention per Ralph Heimdahl 9 exemplars
Bugs Bunny's Birthday Surprise per Theresa Anderson 20 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Bunny Button (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Revena 14 exemplars
Butterfly per Eileen Daly 13 exemplars, 1 ressenya
By the Sea per Anne Welsh Guy 11 exemplarsBIG Tell-a-Tale
Captain Kangaroo's Picnic per Mary Voell Jones 9 exemplars
Casey the Clumsy Colt per Mabel Watts 8 exemplarsBIG Tell-a-Tale
A Child's Friend (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Robbie Trent 29 exemplars
A Child's Ten Commandments (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Jo B. Regan 8 exemplars
Chitter Chatter (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #889) per Isobel Read 2 exemplars, 1 ressenya889
Christopher John's Fuzzy Blanket per Dorothy Haas 3 exemplars
Christopher's "Hoppy" Day (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Edith F. Elliot 1 exemplars
Cinnamon Bear per Alice Hanson 3 exemplars
Circus Alphabet per Patric Hudson 16 exemplars2531
The Circus Train [Whitman Tell-a-Tale] per Jessie M. Knittle 30 exemplars, 1 ressenya890
Columbus the Exploring Burro per Benjamin Brewster 6 exemplars
Corey Baker of "Julia" and his Show and Tell (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Gladys Baker Bond 5 exemplars
Cousin Matilda and the Foolish Wolf per Joanna Cole 4 exemplars
Cradle Rhymes [Whitman Tell-a-Tale] per Gladys M. Horn 3 exemplars894
Dale Evans & Buttermilk per Rose Welden 5 exemplars
Daniel's New Friend (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Hildred Bach 14 exemplars
Davy Plays Football (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Sylvia Peake 3 exemplars
The Day You Were Born per Evelyn Swetnam 14 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Diddle Daddle Duckling (tell-a-tale) per Grace Irene Bennett 6 exemplars
Dodo, the Little Wild Duck [Whitman Tell-a-Tale] per Carlton A. Scheinert 1 exemplars891
Donald Duck's Lucky Day per Walt Disney 14 exemplars
Donald Duck: Full Speed Ahead per Milt Banta 6 exemplars
Donny and Marie: The State Fair Mystery per Eileen Daly 6 exemplars
Dr. Goat (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Georgiana 10 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
Eloise and the Old Blue Truck (Whitman Tell-A-Tale) per Kennon Graham 8 exemplars
The Elves and the Shoemaker [Tell-a-Tale #2617] per Hilda Miloche 15 exemplars2617
Ernie's Telephone Call per Ray Sipherd 9 exemplars
Especially from Thomas (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Dorothy Haas 8 exemplars
Farm A B C (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #2468) per Patricia Lynn 25 exemplars2468
Farmer John (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #838) per Jane Flory 3 exemplars838
Fawn Baby per Gladys Baker Bond 11 exemplarsBIG Tell-a-Tale
Fire Dog (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Lee Julian 17 exemplars
The Flintstones at the Circus per Jean Lewis 5 exemplars
The Flintstones: Picnic Panic per Jean Lewis 8 exemplarsBIG Tell-a-Tale
Fluffy and the Flyaway Fly per Vada F. Carlson 8 exemplarsBIG Tell-a-Tale
The Flying Sunbeam (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #849) per D.N. Fairbairn 4 exemplars849
Four to Get Ready per Florence Laughlin 5 exemplars
Franky the Fuzzy Goat (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #820) per Gladys M. Horn 2 exemplars820
Frisker (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Mary Lauer Nowak 27 exemplars
Funny Friends in Mother Goose Land (A Tell-A-Tale Book) per Pam Ford 1 exemplars
Fury [Whitman #2611] per Dorothy Haas 2 exemplars2611
Fuzzy Dan (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #2675) per Jane Whitehead 6 exemplars2675
Fuzzy Joe Bear (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Gladys M. Horn 4 exemplars
Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #935) per Elizabeth Tedder 2 exemplars935
Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny (1943, Whitman Tell-a-Tale #901) per Louise Rowe 1 exemplarsFuzzy Wuzzy - 901
Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny (1944, Whitman Tell-a-Tale #933) per Pat Sanchez 1 exemplars933
Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny (1947, Whitman Tell-a-Tale #939) per Anne Scheu Berry 1 exemplars939
Fuzzy Wuzzy Puppy (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #938) per Florence Sarah Winship 3 exemplars938
Gene Autry Goes to the Circus per John Ushler 2 exemplars
Gentle Ben and the Pesky Puppy per Jean Fiedler 8 exemplars
The Gingerbread Man (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Patricia Martin Zens 32 exemplars
The Gingerbread Man [Whitman #2504] per Zillah Lesko 12 exemplars2504
The Gingerbread Man [Whitman #2596] per Sari 18 exemplars2596
The Good Night Book [Whitman Tell-a-Tale] per Lynn Wells 20 exemplars2487
Goodbye, Tonsils (Whitman BIG Tell-a-Tale) per Anne Welsh Guy 33 exemplars
Grandpa's Policemen Friends per Bernice Frankel 8 exemplars
The Great Fort per Nancy Garber 5 exemplars
Gumby and Gumby's Pal Pokey To The Rescue per Jean Lewis 6 exemplars
Gumby and Gumby's Pal Pokey per Betty Biesterveld 1 exemplars
Hanna-Barbera's Pebbles Flintstone's A. B. C.'s per Eileen Daly 4 exemplars
Hanna-Barbera's Ricochet Rabbit: Showdown at Gopher Gulch Bakery per Patrick Hagen 4 exemplars
Happily, Bumpily, Noisily per Rosa C. Bova 3 exemplars
The Happy Book (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Patricia Martin Zens 19 exemplars
Have You Seen a Giraffe Hat? [Whitman #2535] per Irma Joyce 21 exemplars2535
Hello, Joe [Whitman Tell-A-Tale] per Ruth Stempel 12 exemplars
Hello, Rock (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #2523) per Roger Bradfield 45 exemplars, 1 ressenya2523
Hey! Let's Go! (Whitman BIG Tell-a-Tale #2432) per Joan Potter Elwart 2 exemplars2432
Hi! Cowboy (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #847) per Gladys M. Horn 1 exemplars847
Ho-Hum [Whitman Tell-A-Tale] per Patricia Lynn 12 exemplars
Hooray for Lassie! per Marion Borden 18 exemplars
Hoppity Hooper vs. Skippity Snooper [Whitman #2552] per Jean Lewis 1 exemplars2552
A Horse for Charlie per Ann Tompert 22 exemplars
How Big Is A Baby? [Whitman Tell-a-Tale #2601] per Virginia C. Holmgren 21 exemplars2601
How Does My Garden Grow? per William Benton 9 exemplars
How to Be a Grouch, by Oscar the Grouch per Caroll Spinney 83 exemplars, 3 ressenyes
Howdy Doody and the Magic Lamp per Jerry (illustrated by Mel Crawford) Coppersmith 3 exemplars
The Invention of Paper per Daniel Wilcox 27 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Ivan Tors' Daktari Judy and the Kitten per Jean Fiedler 6 exemplars
Jean Ellen Learns to Swim (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Evelyn Swetnam 9 exemplars
Jerry and Dr. Dave per Marion Borden 9 exemplars2601
Jim Jump (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Betty Ren Wright 14 exemplars
Johnny Appleseed : an American Legend (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Solveig Paulson Russell 37 exemplars
Johnny Go Round (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Betty Ren Wright 17 exemplars
The Jumpy, Humpy, Fuzzy, Buzzy Animal Book per Douglas Davis 1 exemplars
Katy Did per Jean Conder Soule 12 exemplars
I Know What A Farm Is per Jean Fiedler 16 exemplars
Kobo the Koala Bear per Marjory Schwalje 11 exemplars
Lassie and the Cub Scout per Florence Michelson 15 exemplars
Lassie and the Deer Mystery per Jean Fiedler 10 exemplars
Lassie and the Fire Fighters per Florence Michelson 10 exemplars
Lassie and the Kittens per Ena Klemetti Grant 32 exemplars
Lassie Finds a Friend per Theresa Anderson 18 exemplars
Lassie the Busy Morning; Tell-A-Tale, No. 2484 per Jean Lewis 13 exemplars2484
Lassie's Brave Adventure per Bob Bartram 11 exemplars
Learning to count with twelve elves (Whitman book) per Joanne Wylie 18 exemplars
Let Me See per Mary L. Hilt 6 exemplars
Let's Play per Georgiana 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Let's visit the farm per Virginia Cunningham 1 exemplars
I Like the Farm (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Nancy Hoag Wolff 6 exemplars, 1 ressenya
I Like To See: A Book about the Five Senses per Jean Tymms 16 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
Little Bear and the Beautiful Kite per Janice May Udry 10 exemplars
Little Black Sambo [Whitman Tell-a-Tale] per Helen Bannerman 32 exemplars, 1 ressenya2661
The Little Boy from Shickshinny (Whitman BIG Tell-a-Tale #2404) per Frank Anders 7 exemplars, 1 ressenya2404
Little Chuff Chuff and Big Streamliner (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Robert Barr Jr. 4 exemplars
Little Henry to the Rescue per Eleanor Graham 5 exemplars
Little Joe's Puppy per Dorothy Haas 7 exemplars
Little Lulu and the Birthday Mystery per Arnold Drake 3 exemplars
The Little Pony (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Mary Alice Hawley 8 exemplars
The Little Red Bicycle [Tell-a-Tale Books 922] per Dorothy Urfer King 35 exemplars, 1 ressenya922
Little Red Hen (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Beth Wilson 24 exemplars
Little Red Riding Hood (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per June Goldsborough 42 exemplars, 1 ressenya
I Live in the City A B C (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Lou Moore 32 exemplars
Lucky Four Leaf Clover [Whitman Tell-A-Tale] per Rosalind Lane Antonie 3 exemplars
The Magic Clothes Basket per Sharon Thomas 7 exemplars
The Magic Zoo or How to Have Fun Telling Time per Patricia Mowers 13 exemplars
Marge's Little Lulu Has an Art Show per Marjorie Henderson Buell 11 exemplars
Marge's Little Lulu Uses Her Head per Marjorie Henderson Buell 7 exemplars
Maria : Everybody Has a Name per Dorothy Haas 11 exemplars
Matilda, MacElroy and Mary (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #836) per Jessie Home Fairweather 4 exemplars836
Mattel's Liddle Kiddles - (A Counting Book) per Eileen Daly 8 exemplars
Me Too! (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Stella Williams Nathan 14 exemplars
MGM's Tom and Jerry in Model Mice per Harvey Eisenberg 17 exemplars
MGM's Tom and Jerry in Tom's Happy Birthday per Harvey Eisenberg 19 exemplars, 3 ressenyes
Mickey Mouse and the Really Neat Robot per Walt Disney 9 exemplars
Miss Sniff the Fuzzy Cat (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Jane Curry 17 exemplars
The More the Merrier (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Florence Michelson 26 exemplars
Mother Goose per Lucille Wallace 2 exemplars
Mother Goose per Charles Clement 20 exemplars
Mushmouse and Punkin Puss: The Country Cousins per Jay Freeman 1 exemplars
My Color Game (Whitman BIG Tell-a-Tale #2436) per Evelyn M. Begley 13 exemplars2436
My Little Book About Flying per Kennon Graham 8 exemplars
My Little Book About Our Flag per Jan Mrowski 22 exemplars
My Little Book of Boats per Mariellen Hanrahan 15 exemplars
My Little Book of Dinosaurs per Eileen Daly 42 exemplars
My Little Book of Horses per Jane Dwyer Walrath 28 exemplars2466-32
My Little Book of Trains per Mariellen Hanrahan 36 exemplars
My Special House (Whitman BIG Tell-a-Tale #2434) per Jean Fiedler 3 exemplars2434
Nibbler (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Mabel Watts 19 exemplars
Noah and the Ark per DeVere Ramsay 18 exemplars
Nobody's Puppy (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Patricia Lynn 13 exemplars
Not Quite Three per Helen Wolf 5 exemplars
Nursery Rhymes per Louise Altson 11 exemplars2511
The Ocean Blues per Jean Lewis 1 exemplarsBIG - 2405
The Old Woman and Her Pig (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per W. T. Mars 11 exemplars
Once I Had a Monster per Ann Hellie 14 exemplars
Once Upon a Windy Day (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Jane Flory 5 exemplars
One Hundred and One Dalmations (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per James Fletcher 17 exemplars
Pals (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #2455) per Melissa Dow Funk 15 exemplars, 1 ressenya2455
A Parade for Chatty Baby per Marjory Schwalje 7 exemplars
Pebbles Flinstone's ABC's per Hanna-Barbera 1 exemplars
Peppermint per Dorothy Grider 63 exemplars, 3 ressenyes848
A Pet at the Zoo per Marjory Schwalje 12 exemplarsBIG Tell-a-Tale
Peter Picket Pin (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Florella Rose 4 exemplars
Peter Potamus Meets the Black Knight per Jay Freeman 7 exemplars
Peter Rabbit per Jack & Louise Myers 3 exemplars
Peter's Pencil - Tell a Tale (Tell A Tale) per Paula Hurley Butler 6 exemplars
Petunia (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Alice Sankey 6 exemplars, 1 ressenya
The Pink Panther Rides Again per Kennon Graham 9 exemplars
Pom Pom the Fuzzy Dog (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Virginia Cunningham 1 exemplars
Pony per Erva Loomis Merow 11 exemplars
The Pony Who Couldn't Say Neigh per Marjory Schwalje 14 exemplars
Prayers for Boys and Girls (Tell-A-Tale Books) per Alison Cummings 37 exemplars
A Prickly Tale (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #2527) per Evelyn M. Begley 9 exemplars2527
The Princess Who Never Laughed per Marcia Granewald. 3 exemplars
Pussy Cat's Secret (Whitman Tell-A-Tale) per Mary Elting 6 exemplars, 1 ressenya895
Quiet Quincy and the Delivery Truck (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Polly G. Kemp 9 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Raggedy Andy's Treasure Hunt per Marjory Schwalje 14 exemplars
Raggedy Ann and Andy on the Farm per Eileen Daly 8 exemplars
Raggedy Ann and the Tagalong Present: a story about sounds per Marjory Schwalje 34 exemplars
Raggedy Ann's Cooking School per Marjory Schwalje 14 exemplars
Rinty and Pals for Rusty per Dee Francis 4 exemplars
The Road Runner and the Bird Watchers per Jean Lewis 7 exemplars
Roy Rogers and the Sure 'Nough Cowpoke per Elizabeth Beecher 4 exemplars
Roy Rogers at Lane Ranch per J. M. La Grotta 6 exemplars
Roy Rogers' surprise for Donnie per Alice Sankey 4 exemplars
The Rubbles and Bamm-Bamm: Problem Present per Mary Carey 7 exemplars
Ruff and Reddy Go to a Party [Whitman #2608] per Hanna-Barbera Enterprises 7 exemplars, 1 ressenya2608
Runaway Ginger [Whitman Tell-a-Tale] per Mary Elting 6 exemplars
The Runaway Pancake (Whitman Tell-a-Tale Book #2465) per Ben D. Williams 26 exemplars
The Sailboat That Ran Away (Tell-a-Tale #842) per Madye Lee Chastain 4 exemplars842
See-It Goes! per George Wilde 9 exemplars
Sleeping Beauty per Norm McGary 27 exemplars
Sneezer (Top Top Tales) per Estelle McInnes Upson 9 exemplars
Socks (Whitman Tell-A-Tale) per Betty Molgard Ryan 8 exemplars
Solomon Shag (Whitman BIG Tell-a-Tale) per Daphne Doward Hogstrom 20 exemplars
Somebody Forgot per Gladys M. Horn 2 exemplars
Someplace for Sparky (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Bernadine Beatie 12 exemplars
A Special Pet per Marjory Schwalje 7 exemplars
A Special Place for Jonny (Whitman BIG Tell-a-Tale #2433) per Dorothy Haas 3 exemplars2433
Speckles and the Triplets [Whitman Tell-a-Tale #874] per Mary Elting 6 exemplars874
Splish, Splash, and Splush per Donna Lugg Pape 20 exemplars
The Spotted Dotted Puppy (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Steffi Fletcher 9 exemplars
Stop That, Kitty Cat! per Irma Joyce 3 exemplars
Surprise for Howdy Doody per Edward Kean 3 exemplars
Surprise in the Barn per Jane Flory 9 exemplars
Susan and the Rain (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Madye Lee Chastain 4 exemplars
Tall Tree, Small Tree (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #2534) per Mabel Watts 9 exemplars2534
Teena and the Magic Pot per Louise Myers 7 exemplars
A Teeny-Tiny Tale per Ben D. Williams 10 exemplars
Tell-a-Tale Book-Grandpa's Policemen Friends per Bernice Frankel 3 exemplars
Tell-a-Tale-Donald Duck's Lucky Day per Walt Disney 2 exemplars
Thin Arnold ( a Whitman Tell-A-tale Book ) per Joan Chase Bacon 5 exemplars
This Little Pony per Dorothy Haas 11 exemplars
The Three Bears per Jacob Grimm 50 exemplars
The Three Bears per Sari 8 exemplars
The Three Bears [Whitman Tell-a-Tale] per Solveig Paulson Russell 30 exemplars, 1 ressenya
The Three Little Pigs per Hilda Miloche 19 exemplars
Three Little Pigs (A Giant Tell-A-Tale Book) per Whitman Publishing 2 exemplars
Three Little Pigs (tell-A-tale #2461-35) 1 exemplars2461
The Three Little Pigs (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Louise W. Myers 6 exemplars
The Three Little Pigs (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Ben D. Williams 7 exemplars
THREE LITTLE PIGS, THE, Tell-A-Tale Books, #2547 3 exemplars2547
Timothy Tinker: The Wonderful Oilcan per Mabel Watts 5 exemplars
Tiny Tots 1 2 3 per Marjorie Murray 9 exemplars
Toby the Rock Hound (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Jane Dwyer Walrath 3 exemplars
Toby Zebra and the Lost Zoo per Donna Lugg Pape 9 exemplars
Tommy and Timmy per Alice Sankey 6 exemplars
Tommy on the Farm [Whitman # ] per Solveig Paulson Russell 11 exemplars
Tommy Tractor (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #881) per G.E. McPherson 7 exemplars881
Too Many Kittens per Mabel Watts 20 exemplars
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse [Whitman #2561] per Carl Hauge 13 exemplars2561
Toy Party, The per Til B. Christopher 2 exemplars
Train Coming! per Betty Ren Wright 52 exemplars
Trumpet per Patricia Lynn 6 exemplars
Try Again, Sally! per Florence Laughlin 13 exemplars
Tuffy the Tugboat (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #880) per Alice Sankey 10 exemplars880
Tweety per Fred Abranz 18 exemplars
Tweety and Sylvester at the farm (A Tell-a-tale reader) per Cecily Ruth Hogan 12 exemplars
Two Kittens, Stitchery by Virginia Tiffany per Marjory Schwalje 15 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Two Stories About Chap and Chirpy per Gladys Baker Bond 23 exemplars
Two Stories About Lollipop per Luann Stull Bell 4 exemplars
Two Stories About Ricky [Whitman #2601] per Bernice Frankel 2 exemplars2601
Two Stories About Wags [Whitman #2544] per Betty Biesterveld 5 exemplars2544
The Two Too Twins (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #2543) per Lee Priestley 11 exemplars
Uncle Wiggily and the Alligator per Howard R. Garis 9 exemplars
Under the Saskatoon Tree [Whitman #2543] per Solveig Paulson Russell 7 exemplars2543
The Very Best of Friends per Steffi Fletcher 30 exemplars
Waldo, the Jumping Dragon [Whitman #2543] per Dave Detiege 8 exemplars2543
I Walk to the Park per Marjory Schwalje 16 exemplars2616
Walt Disney Productions Winnie-The-Pooh And The Unbouncing Of Tigger (Whitman Tell-A-Tale #2426-2) per A.A.; Walt Disney Studios Milne 5 exemplars2426
Walt Disney's Donald Duck and Chip 'n' Dale per Stan Walsh 15 exemplars
Walt Disney's Goofy and His Wonderful Cornet per Homer Brightman 4 exemplars
Walt Disney's The Mouseketeers Tryout Time per Revena 8 exemplars
Walt Disney's Bear Country per Betty Ren Wright 18 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Walt Disney's Beaver Valley: A True-Life Adventure per Betty Ren Wright 22 exemplars
Walt Disney's Donald Duck and the New Birdhouse per Dick Moores 10 exemplars2589
Walt Disney's Donald Duck in Frontierland per Revena 7 exemplars
Walt Disney's Donald Duck on Tom Sawyer's Island per Dorothea J. Snow 21 exemplars
Walt Disney's Goofy and the Tiger Hunt per Dick Moores 3 exemplars
Walt Disney's Lady (A Tell-A-Tale Book) per Allan Hubbard 41 exemplars
Walt Disney's Mary Poppins per Homer Brightman 32 exemplars
Walt Disney's Pinocchio per Disney Press 78 exemplars
Walt Disney's Pluto per Revena 19 exemplars
Walt Disney's Swiss Family Duck (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #2589) per Patrick Hagen 4 exemplars2589
Walt Disneys Wild Animal Babies per Mary Schuchmann 5 exemplars
The Waltons: Elizabeth and the Magic Lamp (A Tell-A-Tale Book) per Charlotte Graham 9 exemplars
We Talk with God: Special Prayers for Boys and Girls per Faith Oliver Burdick 7 exemplars
What Makes My Cat Purr? per Ann Tompert 33 exemplars
Where Timothy Lives (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Betty Ren Wright 14 exemplars
Whoa, Joey! per Daphne Hogstrom 28 exemplars
Why Do You Love Me? per Mabel Watts 16 exemplars
Why Roosty Sang Cock-a-Doodle Doo (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #892) per Marguerita Page 1 exemplars892
Willy Woo-oo-oo per Betty Ren Wright 17 exemplars
Winnie The Pooh: The Blustery Day (Tell-A-Tale) per A. A. Milne 59 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Winnie-the-Pooh and Eeyore's House per A. A. Milne 32 exemplars
Wonderful Tony (Whitman Tell-a-Tale #871) per Marguerita Page 6 exemplars871
Woody Woodpecker Shoots the Works per Walter Lantz 26 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Woody Woodpecker's Peck of Trouble per Walter Lantz 13 exemplars
Woody Woodpecker's Pogo Stick Adventures (Tell-a-Tale Book) per Walter Lantz 14 exemplars
Wrong-Way Howie Learns to Slide (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Sylvia Peake 2 exemplars
Yippee Kiyi per Florella Rose 1 exemplars
Yogi Bear and the Super Scooper (Whitman Tell-a-Tale) per Nancy Hoag 6 exemplars
Zoo Friends are at Our School Today! per Mabel Watts 8 exemplars

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