Col·lecció editorialCornerstones Literacy Library

A New Duck: My First Look at the Life Cycle of a Bird per Pamela Hickman 24 exemplarsbook 3
Then and Now (First Flight Books Level One) per Richard Thompson 8 exemplarsbook 4
Fishes in the Ocean per Maggee Spicer 7 exemplarsbook 6
A Crowded Ride in the Countryside per Frank B. Edwards 14 exemplars, 1 ressenyabook 7
One Gray Mouse per Katherine Burton 204 exemplarsbook 8
The Big Storm per Rhea Tregebov 39 exemplarsbook 9
Franklin Wants A Pet per Paulette Bourgeois 887 exemplars, 5 ressenyesbook 10
Big Sarah's Little Boots per Paulette Bourgeois 384 exemplars, 8 ressenyesbook 11
Sadie and the Snowman per Allen Morgan 925 exemplars, 14 ressenyesbook 12
What's That Noise? per Michele Lemieux 49 exemplars, 1 ressenyabook 13
The House That Jack's Friends Built (Pair-It Premier) per Gare Thompson 37 exemplarsbook 15
Animal Homes per Natalie Tucker 21 exemplars, 1 ressenyabook 16
A Pet for You (Pair-It Books) per Katherine Mead 14 exemplarsbook 17
The Missing Pet (Pair-It Books) per Katherine Mead 20 exemplarsbook 18
A Family of Five per Gare Thompson 20 exemplarsbook 19
A Walk in the Rain per Sarah Vazquez 18 exemplarsbook 20
Bats at Bat per Christine Price 12 exemplarsbook 21
The Amazing Fish per Christine Price 48 exemplarsbook 23
Dinosaur Show and Tell per Ellen Keller 38 exemplars, 2 ressenyesbook 24