Col·lecció editorialUniversity of Knowledge

Autor d'aquesta sèrie: Glenn Frank

The Earth Before Man: The Story of How Things Began per Fay-Cooper Cole 13 exemplars1
The Story of Man: His Earliest Appearance and Development to the Portals of History per Mabel Cook Cole 10 exemplars2
The Dawn of Civilization and Life in the Ancient East per Robert Martin Engberg 12 exemplars3
Selected Readings from Much-Loved Books (University of Knowledge) per William Lyon Phelps 13 exemplars4
History of the World From Ancient Crete to the End of the Middle Ages per Waldo H. Dubberstein 9 exemplars5
History of the World From the Renaissance to Napoleon (University of Knowledge) per Elizabeth Warren 7 exemplars6
History of the World From the Congress of Vienna to the Fall of Shanghai per Elizabeth Warren 4 exemplars7
The History of World Literature (University of Knowledge) per Walter Blair 15 exemplars8
The World We Live In and The People We Live With, Travel per Warner Mason 3 exemplars9
The World We Live In and the People We Live With, More Travel: Treasures of Travel in Europe per Mason Warner 6 exemplars10
The World We Live In and the People We Live With, Still More Travel: Marvels of Asia and the Orient per Mason Warner 5 exemplars11
Great Leaders, men and women who influenced their times per Franklin J. Meine 9 exemplars12
Great inventors and their inventions, (University of Knowledge) per John A. Maloney 8 exemplars13
The Story of Engineering (University of Knowledge) per Joseph Gardner Bennett 4 exemplars14
The Marvels of Modern Industry: The Story of the Machine Age (The University of Knowledge Wonder Books) per William Norman Mitchell 5 exemplars15
Music and its Makers: The Story of Musical Expression per Wesley La Violette 7 exemplars16
Trailing Animals Around the World: The University of Knowledge Wonder Books per Charles Seevers 4 exemplars17
Earth and Sky Marvels of Astronomy (The University of Knowledge Wonder books) per Clarence Smith 3 exemplars18
Exploring the Mysteries of Physics and Chemistry per Alden Countryman 6 exemplars19
The Story of Living Plants: Their Uses and How They Grow per Charles E. Olmsted 7 exemplars20
Art in ancient times: Prehistoric Egypt, Near East, Greece and Rome (The University of knowledge wonder books) per Joseph Pijoan 10 exemplars21
An Outline History of Art, Volume II, Art of the Middle Ages in Europe, of Islam, in the Far East, and of the American Indians per Joseph Pijoan 12 exemplars22
Art in the Modern World: European Renaissance, Baroque, Modern Art per Joseph Pijoan 13 exemplars23
Amazing Facts in a Remarkable World (University of Knowledge) per Vincent Starrett 4 exemplars24