SèrieCambridge Studies in Early Modern History

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Absolutism and Society in Seventeenth-Century France: State Power and Provincial Aristocracy in Languedoc per William Beik 17 exemplars1985
After the Deluge: Poland-Lithuania and the Second Northern War, 1655-1660 per Robert I. Frost 11 exemplars1993
Altopascio: A Study in Tuscan Rural Society, 1587-1784 per Frank McArdle 1 exemplars1978
The Armada of Flanders: Spanish Maritime Policy and European War, 1568-1668 per R. A. Stradling 13 exemplars1992
The Army of Flanders and the Spanish Road, 1567-1659: The Logistics of Spanish Victory and Defeat in the Low Countries' Wars per Geoffrey Parker 126 exemplars, 1 ressenya1972
Calvinist Preaching and Iconoclasm in the Netherlands 1544-1569 per Phyllis Mack Crew 13 exemplars1978
The Changing Face of Empire: Charles V, Phililp II and Habsburg Authority, 1551-1559 per M. J Rodríguez-Salgado 6 exemplars1988
Charles XI and Swedish Absolutism, 1660-1697 per A. F. Upton 5 exemplars1998
Chronicle Into History: An Essay on the Interpretation of History in Florentine Fourteenth-Century Chronicles (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) per Louis Green 1 exemplars1972
Classes, Estates and Order in Early-Modern Brittany per James B. Collins 3 exemplars1994
The continuity of feudal power : the Caracciolo di Brienza in Spanish Naples per Tommaso Astarita 5 exemplars1991
The Cost of Empire: The Finances of the Kingdom of Naples in the Time of Spanish Rule per Antonio Calabria 6 exemplars1991
Defiled Trades and Social Outcasts: Honor and Ritual Pollution in Early Modern Germany per Kathy Stuart 12 exemplars, 1 ressenya1999
The Duke of Anjou and the politique struggle during the wars of religion per Mack P. Holt 7 exemplars1986
The Dynastic State and the Army under Louis XIV: Royal Service and Private Interest 1661-1701 per Guy Rowlands 8 exemplars2002
Early Modern Democracy in the Grisons: Social Order and Political Language in a Swiss Mountain Canton, 1470-1620 per Randolph C. Head 6 exemplars1995
El Regne de València al segle XVII per James Casey 4 exemplars1979
The Emergence of the Eastern Powers, 1756-1775 per H. M. Scott 7 exemplars, 1 ressenya2001
The Emperor and his Chancellor per John M. Headley 3 exemplars1983
Filippo Strozzi and the Medici: Favor and Finance in Sixteenth-Century Florence and Rome (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) per Melissa Meriam Bullard 10 exemplars1980
France and the Estates General of 1614 per J. Michael Hayden 5 exemplars1974
French Finances 1770-1795: From Business to Bureaucracy (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) per J. F. Bosher 5 exemplars1970
From Madrid to Purgatory: The Art and Craft of Dying in Sixteenth-Century Spain per Carlos M. N. Eire 17 exemplars1995
Frontiers of Heresy: The Spanish Inquisition from the Basque Lands to Sicily per E. William Monter 8 exemplars, 1 ressenya1990
Henry IV and the Towns: The Pursuit of Legitimacy in French Urban Society, 1589-1610 per S. Annette Finley-Croswhite 7 exemplars1999
The King's Army: Warfare, Soldiers and Society during the Wars of Religion in France, 1562-76 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) per James B. Wood 10 exemplars1996
Kingship and Favoritism in the Spain of Philip III, 1598-1621 per Antonio Feros 6 exemplars2000
Labour, Science and Technology in France, 1500-1620 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) per Henry Heller 5 exemplars1996
Lille and the Dutch Revolt: Urban Stability in an Era of Revolution, 1500-1582 per Robert S. Duplessis 1 exemplars1991
The limits of royal authority : resistance and obedience in seventeenth-century Castile per Ruth Mackay 5 exemplars1999
Louis XIV and the Origins of the Dutch War per Paul Sonnino 6 exemplars1988
The Military Organisation of a Renaissance State: Venice c. 1400 to 1617 per M. E. Mallett 12 exemplars, 1 ressenya1984
Monarchies, States Generals and Parliaments: The Netherlands in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries per H. G. Koenigsberger 7 exemplars2001
Neighbourhood and Community in Paris, 1740-1790 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) per David Garrioch 7 exemplars1986
Neostoicism and the Early Modern State per Gerhard Oestreich 10 exemplars1982
The Nobility of Holland: From Knights to Regents, 1500-1650 per Henk F. K. van Nierop 25 exemplars1993
Noble Power during the French Wars of Religion : The Guise Affinity and the Catholic Cause in Normandy per Stuart Carroll 4 exemplars1998
The Old World and the New: 1492-1650 per J. H. Elliott 176 exemplars, 1 ressenya1970
The other Prussia : Royal Prussia, Poland and liberty, 1569-1772 per Karin Friedrich 6 exemplars, 1 ressenya2000
The Politics of Court Scandal in Early Modern England: News Culture and the Overbury Affair, 1603-1660 per Alastair Bellany 5 exemplars2002
The Princes of Orange: The Stadholders in the Dutch Republic per Herbert H. Rowen 21 exemplars1988
Prussian Society and the German Order: An Aristocratic Corporation in Crisis, 1410-1466 per Michael Burleigh 3 exemplars1984
The Quest for Compromise: Peacemakers in Counter-Reformation Vienna per Howard Louthan 6 exemplars1997
The Reformation and Rural Society: The Parishes of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach, 1528-1603 per C. Scott Dixon 4 exemplars1995
The Reformation of Community : Social Welfare and Calvinist Charity in Holland, 1572-1620 per Charles H. Parker 3 exemplars2006
Religious Toleration and Social Change in Hamburg, 1529-1819 per Joachim Whaley 10 exemplars1985
Renaissance and Revolt: Essays in the Intellectual and Social History of Early Modern France per John Hearsey McMillan Salmon 5 exemplars1987
Richelieu and Olivares per J. H. Elliott 98 exemplars1984
Richelieu's Army: War, Government and Society in France, 1624-1642 per David Parrott 22 exemplars, 2 ressenyes2001
Rome in the age of Enlightenment : the post-Tridentine syndrome and the Ancien Regime per Hanns Gross 5 exemplars1990
Rouen during the Wars of Religion per Philip Benedict 5 exemplars1981
Spanish Naval Power, 1589-1665: Reconstruction and Defeat per David C. Goodman 7 exemplars, 1 ressenya1997
State and Nobility in Early Modern Germany: The Knightly Feud in Franconia, 1440-1567 per Hillay Zmora 11 exemplars1997
The State, War and Peace: Spanish Political Thought in the Renaissance 1516-1559 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern History) per J. A. Fernández-Santamaria 7 exemplars1977
Turning Swiss: Cities and Empire 1450-1550 per Thomas A. Brady 9 exemplars1985
War, State and Society in Württemberg, 1677-1793 per Peter H. Wilson 14 exemplars1995