Col·lecció editorialSesame Books

Some Poems per W. H. Auden 16 exemplars
Sons of the Mistral per Roy Campbell 12 exemplars
Time Passes, and Other Poems per Walter De la Mare 2 exemplars
No More Ghosts: Selected Poems per Robert Graves 12 exemplars
The Waste Land and Other Poems per T. S. Eliot 3,867 exemplars, 28 ressenyes
Common Joys and Other Poems per W. H. Davies 7 exemplars
1914 and Other Poems per Rupert Brooke 138 exemplars, 2 ressenyes
The ship of death, and other poems per D. H. Lawrence 17 exemplars
The Silent Pool and Other Poems per Harold Monro 4 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Season and Festival per Herbert Edward Palmer 3 exemplars
A selection of poems per Ezra Pound 11 exemplars
Thirty-Five Poems per Herbert Read 10 exemplars
Poems Old & New per Edith Sitwell 13 exemplars
Poems Newly Selected per Siegfried Sassoon 7 exemplars
The Trumpet and other Poems. per Edward Thomas 7 exemplars
Selected Poems per Louis MacNeice 103 exemplars
Selected Poems per Stephen Spender 85 exemplars, 1 ressenya
Selected Poems per Robert Bridges 5 exemplars