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The California Mining Towns: A Series of Twelve Rare Early Views of Towns and Camps of the Gold Rush per Oscar Lewis 1 exemplars1
Over an absinthe bottle : a short story per W. C. Morrow 1 exemplars3.1
Poems per Nora May French 7 exemplars3.2
Selections from Prattle per Ambrose Bierce 1 exemplars3.3
Afoot to Yosemite : a sketch per John Muir 1 exemplars3.5
A night at Wingdam per Bret Harte 1 exemplars3.6
Contemporary California short stories 2 exemplars4
Coast and valley towns of early California per Book Club of California. 2 exemplars5
Six California tales per Book Club of California. 2 exemplars6
Pacific adventures 1 exemplars7
California on canvas per Book Club of California. 1 exemplars8
Guardians of the Pacific per Book Club of California. 1 exemplars9
A camera in the gold rush : a series of photographs of Pacific coast towns, camps and mining operations of pioneer days per Robert H. Vance 2 exemplars10
California poetry folios per Bruce Rogers 1 exemplars11
Letters of the Gold Discovery (Book Club of California Keepsake Series) per George P. Hammond 5 exemplars12
California "clipper" cards per Book Club of California. 1 exemplars13
Bonanza Banquets per Joseph Henry Jackson 8 exemplars, 3 ressenyes14
Pioneer western playbills per Frank L. Fenton 2 exemplars15
Attention, pioneers! per Bruce Rogers 1 exemplars16
Pictorial Humor of the Gold Rush (Book Club of California, 12 Keepsakes in slipcase) per Carl I. Wheat 2 exemplars17
Early Transportation in Southern California. per Robert J. Woods 5 exemplars18
The vine in early California 1 exemplars19
Treasures of California Collections (Book Club of California Keepsake Series) per Bruce Rogers 2 exemplars20
Resorts of California 3 exemplars21
Gold rush steamers per Book Club of California. 1 exemplars22
California sheet musci covers per Book Club of California. 1 exemplars23
Early California mail bag per Book Club of California. 1 exemplars24
Early California firehouses and equipment per Book Club of California. 1 exemplars25
A portfolio of Book Club printers, 1912-1962 per Book Club of California. 2 exemplars26
The California governmental seals per Kenneth M. Johnson 1 exemplars27
Early west coast lighthouses per Hartman. [from old catalog] Bache 1 exemplars28
The Panama Canal : the evolution of the Isthmian crossing per John Haskell Kemble 2 exemplars29
Early California trade cards per Book Club of California. 2 exemplars30
Homes of California Authors (Book Club of California Keepsake Series) per Book Club of California. 3 exemplars31
The pleasure of your company : RSVP per M.C. Nathan 1 exemplars32
Life and times of the Central Pacific Railroad per David F. Myrick 3 exemplars33
West coast expositions and galas per Book Club of California. 1 exemplars34
Historical Mining Certificates (Book Club of California Keepsake Series) per Albert Shumate 4 exemplars35
Cathay in Eldorado: the Chinese in California 1 exemplars36
Indians of California per U.S. Department of the Interior 10 exemplars37
Early theatres of California 1 exemplars38
Some unusual California magazines per Franklin Gilliam 1 exemplars39
Vignettes in California medicine 1 exemplars40
Early California stock certificates per Book Club of California. 2 exemplars41
Mountain passes and trails of California per Lawton Kennedy 1 exemplars42
California printing : a selected list of books which are significant or representative of a California style of printing 4 exemplars43
Seventy years : a checklist of Book Club publications, 1914-1983 per Book Club of California. 7 exemplars44
Breadbasket of the world : California's great wheat-growing era, 1860-1890 2 exemplars1984
Lithographic views of California towns, 1875-1889 per Book Club of California. 1 exemplars1985
Sports in California 1 exemplars1986
A Portfolio of Book Club printers, 1962-1987 : 75th anniversary keepsake per Albert Sperisen 3 exemplars1987
California's wayside inns : relics of stagecoach days per Oscar Lewis 8 exemplars, 1 ressenya1988
Chinese book arts and California = Chung-kuo shu i per Mary Tanenbaum 2 exemplars1989
California avifauna (Keepsake series) per Luis Felipe Baptista 3 exemplars1990
Early California trade catalogues per Michael A. (Introduction) LEDERER 1 exemplars1991
California and the Civil War, 1861-1865 1 exemplars1992
William F. Lewis : a San Francisco house builder per William Kostura 2 exemplars1993
Hand bookbinding in California : a keepsake in twelve parts for the members of the Book Club of California per Florian J. Shasky 7 exemplars1994
California flora per Elizabeth May McClintock 7 exemplars1995
California book illustrators : a keepsake in fourteen parts for the members of the Book Club of California 1996 per Gary F. Kurutz 5 exemplars1996
Twelve treasures from the Library of the Book Club of California /[edited by Barbara J. Land] per Barbara J. Land 2 exemplars1997
California Gold Rush Camps : A Keepsake in Fourteen Parts , The Book Club of California 1998 per Robert J. Chandler 5 exemplars1998
The bicentennial of lithography : a keepsake for the members of the Book Club of California per Michael Twyman 9 exemplars1999
Remembering Albert Sperisen per William P. Barlow, Jr. 4 exemplars1999a
Treasures of the Book Club Library. Part two per Jonathan Clark 2 exemplars2000
Fine hand bookbindings for Book Club of California publications : an exhibition at the Book Club of California, San Fran per Book Club of California. 4 exemplars2001
UP The RIVER: Steam Navigation Above Carquinez Strait. per David Hull 8 exemplars2002
Historic Trees of California, 1-13 Parts (The Book Club of California, Keepsake for 2003) per Deke Sonnichsen 6 exemplars2003
Treasures of the Book Club Library. Part three per Barbara J. Land 5 exemplars2004
California Bookplates A Keepsake For The Members Of The Book Club Of California per Robert Dickover 12 exemplars2005
Southern California travel posters, 1896-1965 per Victoria Dailey 2 exemplars2006
Northern California Travel Posters 1896-1960 per Victoria Dailey 3 exemplars2007
A delicious obsession : collecting the work of MFK Fisher : a centenary show of books, periodicals & ephemera from the collection of Randall Tarpey-Schwed on exhibition September 8-October 27, 2008 per Book Club of California. 1 exemplars2008
A Ladies' Dozen and a Gentleman: Early California Childrens' Books 1853-1913 (Book Club of California Keepsake for 2009) per Victoria Dailey 4 exemplars2009
Pacific Mail Steamships per Robert J. - Editor. Chandler 12 exemplars2011
The Book Club of California at One Hundred per Gary F. Kurutz 14 exemplars2012
French visitors to California before the Gold Rush per Jacques Perilhou 2 exemplars2013
Plate by plate : California recipes from the Gold Rush through "California cuisine" per Randall Tarpey-Schwed 1 exemplars2014
The California tradition in type design : edited by Robert Bringhurst & Peter Rutledge Koch per Robert Bringhurst 2 exemplars2015
Developing an image : photography, books, and the National Park Service, from the collection of Robert Bothamley per Richard Seibert 1 exemplars2016
Jack Stauffacher : a man for all seasons 1 exemplars2018

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An Itinerant House per Emma Frances Dawson 3 exemplars, 1 ressenya3.4


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