SèrieThe Medieval Mediterranean

103 Obres Popularitat 29,762 (175 Membres) 521 Llibres 2 Ressenyes 4.0
Crusaders and Muslims in Twelfth-Century Syria per Maya Shatzmiller 5 exemplars1
The Administration of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily per Hiroshi Takayama 4 exemplars3
Iberia and the Mediterranean World of the Middle Ages: Studies in Honor of Robert I. Burns; Volume 1 Proceedings from Kalamazoo (Medieval Mediterranean: Peoples, Economies and Cultures, 400-1500) per Larry J. Simon 2 exemplars4
Pedro the Cruel of Castile 1350-1369 (The Medieval Mediterranean : Peoples, Economies and Cultures, 400-1453, Vol 6) per Estow 2 exemplars6
War & Society in the Eastern Mediterranean, 7th-15th Centuries per yaacov lev 2 exemplars9
Western Travellers to Constantinople: The West and Byzantium, 962-1204: Cultural and Political Relations (Medieval Mediterranean: Peoples, Economies and Cultures, 400-1500) per Krijnie Nelly Ciggaar 3 exemplars10
Health and Medicine in Early Medieval Southern Italy (Medieval Mediterranean, Vol 11) per Patricia Skinner 1 exemplars11
Depicting the Word: Byzantine Iconophile Thought of the Eighth and Ninth Centuries (The Medieval Mediterranean, V. 12) per Kenneth Parry 2 exemplars12
The miracles of St. Artemios : a collection of miracle stories by an anonymous author of seventh century Byzantium per Virgil S. Crisafulli 3 exemplars13
The Homilies of the Emperor Leo VI (Mediaeval Mediterranean) per Theodora Antonopoulou 4 exemplars14
The Reign of Leo VI (886-912): Politics and People (Medieval Mediterranean, V. 15) per Shaun Tougher 7 exemplars, 1 ressenya15
Alfonso X and the Cantigas de Santa Maria : a poetic biography per Joseph F. O'Callaghan 4 exemplars16
The trial of the Templars in Cyprus : a complete English edition per Anne Gilmour-Bryson 3 exemplars17
Urban and Rural Communities in Medieval France: Provence and Languedoc, 1000-1500 (Medieval Mediterranean, Vol 18) per Kathryn Reyerson 3 exemplars18
The Visigoths: Studies in Culture and Society (Medieval Mediterranean: Peoples, Economies and Cultures, 400-1500) per Ferreiro 1 exemplars20
Saladin in Egypt (Medieval Mediterranean) per yaacov lev 9 exemplars21
Negotiating Cultures: Bilingual Surrender Treaties in Muslim-Crusader Spain under James the Conqueror (The Medieval Medi per Robert I. Burns 3 exemplars22
Carmel in medieval Catalonia per Jill R. Webster 2 exemplars23
Fustat on the Nile: The Jewish Elite in Medieval Egypt (Medieval Mediterranean: Peoples, Economies and Cultures, 400-1500) per Bareket 1 exemplars24
True Citizens: Violence, Memory, and Identity in the Medieval Community of Perpignan, 1162-1397 (Medieval Mediterranean) per Philip Daileader 4 exemplars25
The Art of Conversion: Christianity and Kabbalah in the Thirteenth Century (Medieval Mediterranean) per Harvey J. Hames 3 exemplars26
The Early Palaeologan Renaissance 1261 - C. 1360: By Edmund Fryde (Medieval Mediterranean) per E. B. Fryde 5 exemplars27
Early Medieval Rome and the Christian West: Essays in Honour of Donald A. Bullough (Medieval Mediterranean) per Julia M. H. Smith 3 exemplars28
Contemporary Sources for the Fourth Crusade (The Medieval Mediterranean; Peoples, Economics and Cultures, 400 - 1500) per Alfred J. Andrea 4 exemplars29
The Rise of the Fatimids: The World of the Mediterranean and the Middle East in the Fourth Century of the Hijra, Tenth Century Ce (Medieval Mediterranean) per Michael Brett 8 exemplars30
The historiography of Islamic Egypt, c.950-1800 per Hugh Kennedy 1 exemplars31
Medieval Mediterranean Ports: The Catalan and Tuscan Coasts, 1100 to 1235 (Medieval Mediterranean) per Silvia Orvietani Busch 1 exemplars32
Byzantine Constantinople: Monuments, Topography and Everyday Life (Medieval Mediterranean) per Nevra Necipoglu 10 exemplars33
The Armenian Kingdom and the Mamluks: War and Diplomacy During the Reigns of Het'Um II (1289-1307) (Medieval Mediterrane per Angus Donal Stewart 5 exemplars34
The Image of the Virgin Mary in the Akathistos Hymn per Leena Mari Peltomaa 3 exemplars35
A Byzantine Book on Dream Interpretation: The Oneirocriticon of Achmet and Its Arabic Sources (Medieval Mediterranean) per Maria Mavroudi 3 exemplars36
The Society of Norman Italy per G. A. Loud 12 exemplars38
Towns and Material Culture in the Medieval Middle East (Medieval Mediterranean) per yaacov lev 1 exemplars39
Beyond the Market: Transactions, Property and Social Networks in Monastic Galicia, 1200-1300 (Medieval Mediterranean) per Reyna Pastor 1 exemplars40
Reconstructing the reality of images : Byzantine material culture and religious iconography (11th-15th centuries) per Maria G. Parani 5 exemplars, 1 ressenya41
Literacy, Education and Manuscript Transmission in Byzantium and Beyond (Medieval Mediterranean) per Catherine Holmes 3 exemplars42
Transforming the State: King, Court and Political Culture in the Realms of Aragon, (1213-1387) (Medieval Mediterranean) per Marta Vanlandingham 1 exemplars43
Byzantium in the Year 1000 (Medieval Mediterranean) per Paul Magdalino 14 exemplars45
The ||former Jews of this kingdom : Sicilian converts after the expulsion, 1492-1516 per N. Zeldes 1 exemplars46
Pope Innocent III (1160/61-1216): To Root Up and to Plant per John C. Moore 18 exemplars47
The New Solomon: Robert of Naples (1309-1343) and Fourteenth-Century Kingship (Medieval Mediterranean) per Samantha Kelly 8 exemplars48
Byzantine Authors: Literary Activities and Preoccupations : Texts and Translations Dedicated to the Memory of Nicolas Oikonomides (Medieval Mediterranean) per John W. Nesbitt 11 exemplars49
John of Ibelin: Le Livre Des Assises (Medieval Mediterranean) per P. W. Edbury 5 exemplars50
The Mamluks in Egyptian and Syrian Politics and Society (Medieval Mediterranean) per Michael Winter 7 exemplars51
Jews, Muslims, and Christians in and Around the Crown of Aragon: Essays in Honour of Profesor Elena Lourie (Medieval Mediterranean) per Elena Lourie 9 exemplars52
Building Legitimacy: Political Discourses and Forms of Legitimacy in Medieval Societies (Medieval Mediterranean) per Isabel Alfonso 2 exemplars53
On the Beliefs of the Greeks: Leo Allatios and Popular Orthodoxy (Medieval Mediterranean) per Karen Hartnup 4 exemplars54
Contra Patarenos per Hugh Eteriano 4 exemplars55
Pope, Church And City: Essays In Honour Of Brenda M. Bolton (Medieval Mediterranean) per Frances Andrews 1 exemplars56
Joy-bearing grief: tears of contrition in the writings of the early Syrian and Byzantine fathers per Hannah Hunt 5 exemplars57
The Unknown Neighbour: The Jew in the Thought of Isidore of Seville per Wolfram Drews 5 exemplars59
Die Deutsche Einwanderung Nach Florenz Im Spatmittelalter (Medieval Mediterranean) (German Edition) per Lorenz Böninger 1 exemplars60
Reading Michael Psellos (The Medieval Mediterranean) per Charles Barber 6 exemplars61
The Age of the DROMON: The Byzantine Navy ca 500-1204 (The Medieval Mediterranean) per John H. Pryor 24 exemplars62
The Transformation of the Laity in Bergamo, 1265-c.1400 (Medieval Mediterranean) per Roisin Cossar 2 exemplars63
Admiralty and Maritime Laws in the Mediterranean Sea (ca. 800-1050): The Kitaab Akriyat al-Sufun vis-a-vis the Nomos Rhodion Nautikos (Medieval Mediterranean) per Hassan Salih Khalilieh 3 exemplars64
Order Out of Chaos: Patronage, Conflict and Mamluk Socio-Political Culture, 1341-1382 (The Medieval Mediterranean) per J. Van Steenbergen 4 exemplars65
Popular government and oligarchy in Renaissance Italy per Christine Shaw 2 exemplars66
Angelus Pacis: The Legation of Cardinal Giovanni Gaetano Orsini, 1326-1334 (Medieval Mediterranean) per Beattie 5 exemplars67
Le commerce du coton en Miterran a la fin du Moyen Age per Jong-Kuk Nam 3 exemplars68
The Persecution of the Jews and Muslims of Portugal (Medieval Mediterranean) per Soyer 14 exemplars69
The Material and the Ideal: Essays in Medieval Art and Archaeology in Honour of Jean-Michel Spieser (The Medieval Mediterranean) (Medieval Mediterranean: Peoples, Economies and Cultures, 400-1500) per Anthony Cutler 15 exemplars70
Le Sucre: Production, Commercialisation Et Usages Dans La Mediterranee Medievale (The Medieval Mediterranean) (French Edition) per Mohamed Ouerfelli 2 exemplars71
The Templar Order in North-west Italy, (1142-c.1330) (The Medieval Mediterranean) per Elena Bellomo 6 exemplars72
Cross, Crescent and Conversion: Studies on Medieval Spain and Christendom in Memory of Richard Fletcher (The Medieval Mediterranean) per Simon Barton 12 exemplars73
Diplomatics in the Eastern Mediterranean 1000–1500 : Aspects of Cross-Cultural Communication per Alexander D. Beihammer 5 exemplars74
Jean Geometre: Poemes En Hexametres Et En Distiques Elegiaques: Edition, Traduction, Commentaire (Medieval Mediterranean) (Medieval Mediterranean: ... and Cultures, 400-1500) (French Edition) per Emilie Opstall 2 exemplars75
The Social Structure of the First Crusade (The Medieval Mediterranean) per Conor Kostick 8 exemplars76
Will, Action and Freedom: Christological Controversies in the Seventh Century (The Medieval Mediterranean) (Medieval Mediterranean: Peoples, Economies and Cultures, 400-1500) per Cyril Hovorun 8 exemplars77
Ficino, Pico and Savonarola: the evolution of humanist theology 1461/2-1498 per Amos Edelheit 6 exemplars78
Naviguer, Commercer, Gouverner - Economie Maritime Et Pouvoirs a Venise (XVe-XVIie Siecles) per Claire Judde de Larivière 6 exemplars79
Marble Past, Monumental Present : Building with Antiquities in the Mediaeval Mediterranean per Michael Greenhalgh 4 exemplars80
Between Judaism and Christianity (Medieval Mediterranean: Peoples, Economies and Cultures, 400-1500) per Katrin Kogman-Appel 8 exemplars81
The Image of Edessa per Mark Guscin 11 exemplars82
Communities and Crisis: Bologna During the Black Death (Medieval Mediterranean) per Shona Kelly Wray 4 exemplars83
Domestic Settings: Sources on Domestic Architecture and Day-to-Day Activities in the Crusader States per Adrian J. Boas 5 exemplars84
The Career and Writings of Demetrius Kydones: A Study of Fourteenth-Century Byzantine Politics, Religion and Society per Judith R. Ryder 4 exemplars85
Studies in the Archaeology of the Medieval Mediterranean per James G. Schryver 2 exemplars86
Arms and Armour of the Warrior Saints (Medieval Mediterranean) per Piotr L. Grotowski 6 exemplars87
The Letter of Love and Concord (Medieval Mediterranean) per Zaroui Pogossian 5 exemplars88
The Cronaca di Partenope: An Introduction to and Critical Edition of the First Vernacular History of Naples ( [1350]) per Samantha Kelly 6 exemplars89
The Latin Renovatio of Byzantium: The Empire of Constantinople 1204-1228 per Filip van Tricht 4 exemplars90
Philippe de Mézières and his age : piety and politics in the fourteenth century per Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski 3 exemplars91
Byzantine religious culture studies in honor of Alice-Mary Talbot per Denis Sullivan 5 exemplars92
Trading Conflicts: Venetian Merchants and Mamluk Officials in Late Medieval Alexandria (Medieval Mediterranean) per Georg Christ 4 exemplars93
Southern Italy in the Late Middle Ages (Medieval Mediterranean) per Eleni Sakellariou 3 exemplars94
Byzantine Epirus: A Topography of Transformation: Settlements of the Seventh-Twelfth Centuries in Southern Epirus and Aetoloacarnania, Greece (The ... Peoples, Economies and Cultures, 400-1500) per Myrto Veikou 2 exemplars95
Datini, Majorque et le Maghreb (14e-15e siecles) : reseaux, espaces Mediterraneens et strategies marchandes per Ingrid Houssaye Michienzi 5 exemplars96
Honorius III et l'Orient (1216-1227): Étude et publication de sources inédites des Archives vaticanes (ASV) (Medieval Mediterranean) (French Edition) per Pierre-Vincent Claverie 3 exemplars97
Court ceremonies and rituals of power in Byzantium and the medieval Mediterranean : comparative perspectives per Alexander Beihammer 7 exemplars98
The anxieties of a citizen class : the miracles of the true cross of San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice 1370-1480 per Kiril Petkov 3 exemplars99
The Gattilusio Lordships and the Aegean World 1355-1462 (Medieval Mediterranean) per Christopher Wright 5 exemplars100
Diverging paths? : the shapes of power and institutions in medieval Christendom and Islam per John Hudson 7 exemplars101
The Old French William of Tyre per Philip Handyside 4 exemplars103
The Byzantine Turks, 1204-1461 (Medieval Mediterranean) per Rustam Shukurov 7 exemplars105
From Constantinople to the frontier : the city and the cities per Nicholas S. M. Matheou 5 exemplars106
Mattʿēos Uṙhayecʿi and his chronicle history as apocalypse in a crossroads of cultures per Tara 6 exemplars108
The Benefits of Peace: Private Peacemaking in Late Medieval Italy (Medieval Mediterranean) per Glenn Kumhera 2 exemplars109
Venice and Its Neighbors from the 8th to 11th Century: Through Renovation and Continuity (Medieval Mediterranean) per Sauro Gelichi 2 exemplars111
The Concept of the Elect Nation in Byzantium (Medieval Mediterranean) per Eshel Shay 3 exemplars113
HOROSCOPE OF EMPEROR BALDWIN II : political and sociocultural dynamics in latin-byzantine... constantinople per Filip van Tricht 2 exemplars114
Crusading in Art, Thought and Will (Medieval Mediterranean) per Matthew E. Parker 1 exemplars115
Warriors, Martyrs, and Dervishes: Moving Frontiers, Shifting Identities in the Land of Rome 13th-15th Centuries (Medieval Mediterranean) per Buket Kitapçı Bayrı 5 exemplars119