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1957 Lecture Outlines: The Great Commission per Freed-Hardeman College Associates 1 exemplars1957
1960 Lecture Outlines: A Changeless Gospel in a Changing World per Freed Hardeman Lectures 1 exemplars1960
Building for Christ : 1962 lecture outines per Freed-Hardeman University 1 exemplars1962
1964 Lecture Outlines "The Church on the March" Freed-Hardeman College per Freed-Hardeman University 1 exemplars1964
1967 Lecture Outlines: Freedom By Truth per Freed-Hardeman College Associates 1 exemplars1967
1968 Lecture Outlines: Proclaiming the Unchanging Faith per Freed-Hardeman College Associates 1 exemplars1968
The Church Faces Liberalism per Thomas B. Warren 26 exemplars1970
The Church of Christ - Essential, All-Sufficient, Indestructible, Perpetually Relevant per Thomas B. Warren 21 exemplars1971
The Bible Versus Liberalism per Willie A. Bradfield 21 exemplars1972
Jesus Christ the Son of God per William Woodson 29 exemplars1973
The Church and Fellowship per William Woodson 20 exemplars1974
The Church Today: Current Issues, Problems, and Challenges per William Woodson 17 exemplars1975
Freedom: Heritage, Accomplishments, and Prospects in Christ per William Woodson 25 exemplars1976
A Plea for Fundamentals per William Woodson 18 exemplars1977
The Future of the Church per William Woodson 16 exemplars1978
The Living and Abiding Word per William Woodson 15 exemplars1979
Eternal Truths per William Woodson 14 exemplars1980
Church Growth - A Blueprint for Stronger Churches (Freed-Hardeman College 1981 Lectures) per William Woodson 11 exemplars1981
World Evangelism At Home and Abroad per Freed-Hardeman University 13 exemplars1982
The Church of Tomorrow: Horizons and Destiny per Winford Claiborne 17 exemplars1983
Everyday Christianity per Winford Claiborne 16 exemplars1984
Just a Christian per Winford Claiborne 17 exemplars1985
Ethics for daily living per Winford Claiborne 16 exemplars1986
Grace Abounding (Freed-Hardeman Lectures, 1987) per Winford Claiborne 19 exemplars1987
Love for God and His Word : 1988 Freed-Hardeman College Lectureship, Henderson, Tennessee per Winford Claiborne 13 exemplars1988
Glory to God: Through Christian Living and Through Preaching per Winford Claiborne 4 exemplars1989
Giving a Reason for Our Hope Freed-hardeman Lectures 1990 per Freed-Hardeman University 10 exemplars1990
Advancing Christianity per Winford Claiborne 7 exemplars1991
Building Stronger Christian Families per Winford Claiborne 14 exemplars1992
Christ in You, the Hope of Glory per Winford Claiborne 8 exemplars1993
Worship in Spirit and Truth 1994: Fifty-Ninth Annual Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship Henderson, Tennessee per David L. Lipe, Ed 10 exemplars1994
Family, church, and society restoration and renewal : 1995 Freed-Hardeman University lectureship per David Lipe 9 exemplars1995
Settled in Heaven: Applying the Bible to Life per David Lipe 7 exemplars1996
The Great I Am: Our Unsearchable God per David L. Lipe 9 exemplars1997
At His Coming per David Lipe 8 exemplars1998
Hearing Wisdom's Voice: Proverbs at the Millennium per David Lipe 12 exemplars1999
Receiving God’s Righteousness: Grace and Glory in Romans per David L. Lipe 12 exemplars2000
New Beginnings: God, Man, and Redemption in Genesis per David Lipe 14 exemplars2001
Exalting Christ In The Church: Unsearchable Riches In Ephesians and Colossians per David L. Lipe 14 exemplars2002
When We Hurt: Tragedy and Triumph in Job per David L. Lipe 8 exemplars2003
Opening Our Eyes to Jesus: From Darkness to Light in Acts per David Lipe 13 exemplars2004
A Light to the Nations: Judgment and Hope in Isaiah per David L. Lipe 13 exemplars2005
A Call to Faithfulness: Better Things in Hebrews per David L. Lipe 11 exemplars2006
Hear O Israel: Preserving a Godly Heritage in Deuteronomy per David L. Lipe 13 exemplars2007
Behold the Lamb: John’s Gospel of Belief per David L. Lipe 13 exemplars2008
Crying Out to God: Prayer and Praise in the Psalms per David L. Lipe 8 exemplars2009
FH '10-Perfecting God's People per David L. Lipe 6 exemplars2010
Proclamation and Promise: Major Themes in the Minor Prophets per David Lipe 17 exemplars2011
FH '12 The Behavior of Belief per David Lipe 6 exemplars2012
We will serve the Lord : conquest and deliverance in Joshua and Ruth per David L. Lipe 9 exemplars2013
FH '14-The Patience of Hope per David L. Lipe 5 exemplars2014
FH '15- Give Us a King per David Lipe 2 exemplars2015
2016 Freed-Hardeman Lectures: In My Place - The Servant Savior in Mark (Freed-Hardeman Annual Bible Lectures Book 80) per Tom L. Childers 5 exemplars2016
FH '17-Identity in Crisis: Daniel's Vision For the Future per Douglas Y. Burleson 4 exemplars2017
Freed-Hardeman University 2018 Lectures: Entrusted with the Faith per Freed-Hardeman University 2 exemplars2018
FH '19-Out of Egypt: Liberation and Covenant in Exodus per Douglas Y.--ED Burleson 3 exemplars2019
FH '20-Our Place in His Story: Remembering the Past, Anticipating the Future per Douglas Y. Burleson 2 exemplars2020
Encountering Ecclesiastes: Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World: 2021 Freed-Hardeman University Lectures per Doug Burleson 3 exemplars2021
FH '22-The Compassion of Christ in Luke per Douglas Y.--ED Burleson 1 exemplars2022
FH '23-Restoring God's People in Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther per Douglas Burleson 3 exemplars2023


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